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Sun, May 31, 2015 – Day 304 – A cyst broke

I figured out what has been happening here recently. A few days ago, I woke up to something that I thought was acid reflux or something. It is apparently some sort of cyst that burst in the upper right side of my neck. Eeeeew! I feel so much better now though after a tough spell. What the hell was that thing? I went through earaches and a headache… well, it is all documented here. It feels like pressure is relieved there now. There is a void where it was. The stiffness and right side tooth pain is over. I guess my immune system mopped up the mess inside there that it must have been.

I have been reviewing sci.med.diseases.lyme . If you don’t have an nntp newsreader, you should get a free one. It is a great resource. Maybe it is just me being geeky. Here is one such gem from there May 21…


“Summary There is increasing concern that most current published research findings are false. The probability that a research claim is true may depend on study power and bias, the number of other studies on the same question, and, importantly, the ratio of true to no relationships among the relationships probed in each scientific field. In this framework, a research finding is less likely to be true when the studies conducted in a field are smaller; when effect sizes are smaller; when there is a greater
number and lesser preselection of tested relationships; where there is greater flexibility in designs, definitions, outcomes, and analytical modes; when there is greater financial and other interest and prejudice; and when more teams are involved in a scientific field in chase of statistical significance. Simulations show that for most study designs and settings, it is more likely for a research claim to be false than true. Moreover, for many current scientific fields, claimed research findings may often be simply accurate measures of the prevailing bias. In this essay, I discuss the implications of these problems for the conduct and
interpretation of research.”

No financial preference here, or is there? Even though we are open sourced to get the ball rolling, I would love to have braggin’ rights and a Nobel Prize. So definitely prove me wrong here. I’ll just say you are prejudiced. lulz “Wild Apple Leaves cure Cancer!!!” Make the most outlandish claim possible. “Successful arthritis and common cold cure also found to cure Chronic Lyme Disease and Cancer.” Bring it on! You know it is a total trainwreck when the latest study is that studies are wrong. These pinheads are going nowhere in a leather upholstered azz plant position of superior inferiority. They say they spent 2.3 trillion to do nothing last year. Gee, wonder why? Now we have a study showing it may have been better to take a blowtorch to the cash drawer and cut out the middlemen. Let’s strain the babies out of that flood of bathwater doctors will clamber to surf on.

At that lyme newsgroup, there is another study of the seasonal activity of black legged ticks in northern California. They come out when the rain starts in November. They are preaching to the choir here. Rainy days in June bring them out in force here. The peak infectious season there is May through July they say. I concur here too, although nobody tests, so nobody would ever know. We had two infections at least within a week, but the Wild Apple Leaves made the bugs keel and drop off somewhere. A week after, a doctor found no evidence of where they were attached. There is another paper on infectious causes of stroke. We know that first hand. It happened to me 8 years and two weeks ago. Now there is a paper. I do put stock in the study that all studies are bullshzt. I studied the sources. Standard engineering due diligence we call it, like the kind that finally took Bre-X down. Duh!!! This ain’t Monsanto cherry picked narrower than one Planck Length Bought bullshzt by a couple Party School Ph.D.’s that is so common these days.

We are privy to a lot of unknown information now that really helps us parse studies for what is really happening, like the whole biofilm erosion process. We know why immunosuppressive therapies are not a sustainable solution. The short term statistical gain shows that by killing the patient’s immune system, it no longer causes any problems… or good either. They can ignore the good part because it no longer will exist. Fzckin’ boneheads, we think. It doesn’t take a degree in rocket surgery to figure that one out. That was bought by the immune system killer drug manufacturers, and/or some really dumb fzcks.

We know that chronic disease has been around a lot longer. The worms have been around for 6,000 years hiding it. Well, surprise! This shzt has been here since before we have. Now you are going to need engineers to burn down that shzthouse dumbfzcks have been building since that day after Eve ate the Apple. Now they say the CDC is caught up in a huge influence peddling scam for money. I guess they have been dead or in Edmonton as we say here. This is news? Preaching to the choir is good practice though… Teenage Stroke Linked to Lyme.


Back pain is a common symptom among patients presenting to the acute medical unit. We describe the case of a 55-year-old man with a brief history of fatigue and severe back pain, unresponsive to escalating doses of opiate analgesia. Blood tests and imaging studies were unremarkable and a functional diagnosis was considered. Several weeks into his admission he
developed a lower motor neurone facial nerve palsy. He was treated with antibiotics for an incidental finding of a hospital-acquired pneumonia on imaging, which remarkably led to the resolution of his facial palsy and allowed a dramatic reduction in analgesia. This triggered further investigations; identifying Lyme neuroborreliosis as the cause of his symptoms.

Time after time, the bell is being rung. We have a new better way to address lyme without antibiotics, and more than just that it seems. Wild Apple Leaf takes a long time, but it is sustainable. You may be different, but then again, I was likely the worst case scenario. “Paige Larkin, Yolanda (Foster)’s best friend, who also has Lyme disease, added: “We need to make Lyme disease easy to diagnose and simple to cure – and I hope we can do that quickly.”” We thought we had that all, but as a test, it turns out there maybe be false positives from other non-Lyme nematodes. The other implication is that control actually has undiagnosed Lyme. Who would know though? We have a backup in blood microscopy. When the cure is this cheap and simple and benign, it is like Cimax, the Lung Cancer Vaccine from Cuba; Just treat everybody when it costs $1 a dose. It is frustrating that I see people suffering from Lyme Fog, knowing full well that is the first thing to clear up in like 72 hours with Wild Apple Leaf. There is that pseudo pneumonia effect too which salts of potassium treat to alleviate fast. Before, we just took high dose Vitamin C. The Potash is what really kicked that into overdrive though. You realize all that biofilm will take a long time to dissolve. How long? Not sure, but at least I made it to day 304. It is still dissolving as we type since I tried some high power old stock on the shelf here for that lingering earache above where that cyst blew up. The particular leaves it was made from went a little moldy before drying completely, but they are a bit more powerful for some reason.

No Fzckin' 1We have nothing for this in Canada, and you have to stay away from doctors because they will just commit you. It was a blessing in disguise. We found the entire system was totally broken, contaminated, dysfunctional, and corrupt. Our track record with apple leaves is 5 for 5 chronic diseases and their’s was 0 for 5. It has taken 60 years to screw up this bug bitten body. It might take a year to get it fixed, or even just stop the root cause. Stay the course anyway. That is my mantra.

Sure, there is no “I” in eng1neers, but there is a No. Fzckin’ 1!!! Ask Neil Armstrong… lulz. Yep. I started this, and I’m gonna finish it. There already has come hell AND high water. Canada is in denial with the largest swarms of bugs in the world. Bugs are where it all comes from. Turns out the little buggers have a Lyme Epidemic (now Powassan) themselves. What would you do with such a psycho criminal that still denies it given those facts? I think they need a heapin’ helpin’ of some Wild Apple Leaf Salad Hospitality! Y’all come back now, y’hear? For now, I’ll try to keep my several dozen quadrillion lil’ friends at bay… I after all, did cut a deal with them. I’m not going to renege. I told them I’ll get them outta this pickle alive if they can get me out, where they have a multi trillion dollar bounty on their lil’ head. Fzck the humans though if they don’t wanna know. lulz


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Sat, May 30, 2015 – Day 303 – We’re so dumb

Don’t feel bad. Science only knows 2 million out of an estimated 10 million species. There are 76 known nematode human parasite species. Those are the known ones. Wild Apple Leaf forces some that God only knows to come out of you. Do a PhD.

In my new email sig, I wrote, “Nematodes, like Humans, are a tube animal. A Human can have an azzhole at both ends though!” lulz I thought it was funny anyways. A little worm humour there… There is so much we don’t know. That is why one gets very suspicious when doctors say there is no need to audit their entire shztshow. Big Red Flag there. When we audited them, their track record alone speaks for itself. They are a bottomless money pit with mimimal results to show for it.

McMaster University in Canada did the same review at great expense to say exactly the same thing, and they didn’t even touch on the Lyme Intentional Ignorance fraud. The only way a bug borne illness won’t bankrupt the system in Canada is to fraudulently ignore it, because the bugs in Canada, especially up north, are in Biblical swarm numbers. Dragonflies up there grow so large eating bugs they can barely get airborne anymore. Your faithful scribe here thinks he has an alternative, but they don’t want to know about it. “Leave the criminal fraud to us. We’re the experts at it.” I just started flipping over rocks for a trial business plan, and lookee what slithered out! It hugged my cane like a Rod of Asclepius. Getcher slitherin’ azz off my rod, Skippy! But then what?

Rod_of_Asclepius.svgWell, we could try that nifty.u wrapped text feature by left aligning the image with wrap enabled. I was gonna say the lil’ guinea worm to the left is where that came from. They would extract them by rolling them on a stick over a period of days/weeks in Asclepian Temples. Lovely. I prefer the Wild Apple Leaf stinkbomb, an’ let God sort ’em out method, obviously. lulz

I just keep hacking away at that tough biofilm a few cells at a time it seems. These worms build them to last, and can sense MAST Cells responding to an injury and co-opt them. Then you have old biofilm in scar tissue it seems. That is what it feels like it is that its undoing. Old scars get narrower, but you can feel it working. Not as bad as the injury, but you just know where that is. lol At least trying gives you a warm fuzzy that you are doing something and it is working. Now I wish the legs would catch up to the typing end. Give them time I hope. Otherwise we’ll have to pay for a new Bullshzt-o-Meter when the springs fly outta this one.

We noticed the bugs liked new moon to get active here. I caught a few then. A couple large glofball sized spiders outside that second floor window here are building the shields up defences for the hornet pizz biofilm on my porthole to the world. It feels like the ISS here as they leech off my net wifi. Baztardz! lol Funny lil’ baztardz though, so leech on. If you wanted to build a nanomachine to take over the world, I would start ripping off worms. They already know how to clock us any time they want. Just give him one of those diseases they don’t know about, which is most of them here. 20% may be honours in Arts where 100% of bullshzt equals Genius, 9 times outta ten an’ twice on Sundays! We call it FIAL! Gotta know that lingo to reach ’em….

When we first surmised that biofilms were a kind of distributed brain, we were using an analogy. The more evidence we got, the more it seemed to be more than an analogy. It would offer an explanation as to how human nematode parasites in such volume can escape detection by all medical science until now. They are intelligent enough to know all attempts to detect them and hide. To do that, they would need to have intelligence on par or exceeding that of a human. When Wild Apple Leaf skunked them out, and we went looking for answers why, the medical community turned out to be the worms’ bztch, and a decidedly low bar of intelligence to clear. Way to go, worms. We’ve had these people telling us they are so intelligent for so long, they have had the keys to Fort Knox for longer than Bernie Madoff. Huge embarrassment. Point that out the next time some medical pro challenges your intellect. “Yeah, at least *I* haven’t been swindled for 6,000 Years, and in my *alleged* core area of expertise, azzholes!!!” So the official response so far? Salad is poison.

Here is a new thing I am trying…. Take one WalMart GMO poison foil wrapped Baking Potato, 350 F in an electric frying pan, puncture it so it doesn’t explode eventually here, and test for tender with fork until it is ready. Then eat with Potassium Gluconate and KCL Plant Ash to flush out the Glyphosate Weedkiller. Butter an’ sour cream I have to finish up. We’ll see if it digs into another layer of biofilm with the Wild Apple leaf. Potato Skin is a good dietary source of hydrogen cyanide. I expect it to hurt, but as we have found, no pain, no gain to the biofilm cleanup regimen, even 303 days in. I have about 59.5 years of it to get out… I am back to 50 years ago so far. My old biofilm at the lower back of my spine from anklosing spondylitis is stubborn on the sides I can feel. The muscles are rebuilding around where it was previously fused for about 40 years there. It was like a solid mass of biofilm bone that is slowly being eroded. Stay the course I guess.

I just wonder what that earache is? Had it again this AM so took an ibuprofen. I haven’t had earaches since I was a kid, but your glands swell a bit on the same side. One single Mump is being revisited, so it may have healed with a biofilm in it. Wish we had ibuprofen back then for sure. That is really one great medical advance at least. Maybe it is just the full moon here. Very glad to know about MAST cells which solves a mystery how biofilm knows to form where you are injured. It uses MAST cells to its advantage apparently like we use concrete mix in construction. MAST cells for the uninitiated are Immune Activation first responders to disease and injury, simplified. Biofilm knows, and says “While you’re at it, I just have a few things I can bring to the table here too!” Of course it is all bad, but who is being arbiter of this shzt anyways? Do a PhD! I actually found you can do loops around that academic community by just knuckling down and reading and forgetting about collecting all the accolades to save time. When you are dying, and old, you really don’t want to win the Boat Race competitions anymore.

Just listening to CNN Titans on CNBC. It is about Ted Turner and the start of CNN. Nobody believed him at the start either, and in fact, ridiculed the upstart CNN. He stuck at it for years to get where it became the standard. Of course, he didn’t have to fight doctors every step of the way or they would just commit him to keep their gravy fraud rolling. How to give Bernie Madoff the key to City Hall; Run interference with bought/blackmailed doctors. At that point, the cops are insane, and we are all headed to hell. Like Now in Canada. Time to wake up and chomp the Apple Leaf Salad.

Well, that spud was tasty. Now I brace for the biofilm hit. When we started here nearly 10 months ago, I never had an idea what this would pan out to become. It was cheap. Freely available as long as you were mindful of the pesticide risk. It was doing something, from the obvious herx, but we had no idea it would get this far or this deep, backing up through a lifetime of damage to everything it seems, including allergies like nightshade vegetables. Now it has become so much more than that. I remember bumping my head more from that tricycle accident. I was 3 or 4 around then. My brother had gotten his first bicycle and I got the hand me down trike. It got away from me down the hill and I couldn’t pedal fast enough. I really piled it up when I opted to try the catch basin where the curb was lower. Major judgement error. Time to get the wahmbulance. “Wa-fzckin’-ahhhhh!” I cussed like a surveyor/lumberjack even then…

As long as your guts didn’t spill out, right then and there, it was deemed to be survivable. A nice girl helped me home sobbing and limping. She witnessed the pileup and was a little surprised, even dismayed, there were no guts spilling, I guess. “His gutz spilled right there!” “Coool! What was in ’em?” “Candy… Loose change…” The trike was bent all to shzt. I guess Dad straightened the handlebars back out because they were 90 degrees outta whack. I dunno what you remember more… The insensitivity of people, siblings that is, to the obvious pain, or the fact the leg hurt was overshadowed by the bump on the head here. The head was the main concern at the time by the First Responder Gut Gatherer girl and me. Big fast purpley blue goose egg, like kids bruise. These days, it would be full ambulance and hospital for at least a few days concussion watch. In the 50’s, then? “He’ll live… Maybe…” I remember a large piece of skin coming off that goose egg next week like an onion.

Later on after a nap to let it work, yeah, that potato worked, and it wasn’t painful. Scratch another allergy off the list. It is like that right gland under the ear in my neck was a Lyme cyst and burst a couple mornings ago. The swollen gland seems gone.

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Fri, May 29, 2015 – Day 302 – Here comes another Full Moon

It is bug season here. Now is when they all party. It is likely the nematodes in them getting the Full Moon Fever. Even in the egg stage. I look at my hornet biofilm. I remember watching them build it because we want to know every little thing they do here. Their sting burns like fire, They built this window biofilm by dribbling some substance from their anterior. Hornet pizz. It is popular with the local bugs inside out outside it seems. Can you imagine walkin’ up to a bar an’ sayin’ that? “Yeah… Hornet pizz… neat… dirty glass…” I think I have some right over here… lulz


You likely can’t tell, but that biofilm is thru that bottle on the window behind it. I have a couple ounces yet I didn’t soak apple leaves in, seen middle right, also just behind the bottle. I have to be careful with hooch because you become more sensitive to liquor with Lyme. One hornet pizz a month is my intake these days.

The spiders there are getting very active outside that window. They are feeling the full moon coming up.

Note to self: Next year, go to South America for the apple harvest. The bugs will be asleep there more by then. I wouldn’t have to live in fear of reinfection. Reason I say so is I feel that there is another hidden bug bite I haven’t found yet. I feel the effects. I am starting to see why that deer went lame. Likely a Canada Goose as well down in the bay. The ticks here, and spiders too maybe, carry a strong side weakness to them. Granted I am a lot more sensitive being bug bait for 40 years. That is the life of an exploration surveyor. Like software, bugs are something we could all do without, but good luck on that.

A nice doctor, not one of those “There is no Lyme” ones, told me it is like bobby orr’s knee. Once it comes out, it comes out easier the next time. I am finding “Surveyor’s Disease” is like that. It’s me and the old apple tree against the bugs. Glad to know that. On the upside if there is any, there is a year round use for this non-product! But you can’t stop or you go back. I can do without the few pounds o’ worms an’ 15 lbs of biofilm guck for sure. A little Tonalin® CLA and you are in the best tone of your life. Bugs still bite you and your glands swell a bit, but only for hours… not days. They all make you tired like the hornet pizz.

After waking up, I have an earache. That is this bug bite effect. Eyeache, earache, swollen gland, then finished, in fast motion. You would see if you tried wild apple leaf. You know it is some kind of “bug” coming on, but it goes fast, and like over hours, not days and weeks. It really does a number on the common cold, being an apparently really strong anti viral. It never really dawned on me that an actual bug bite causes the “bug.” One other thing I noticed as I was waking, my left arm is starting to get more muscles than my right again. Guitar players know this one. Your left side grows strong when you play guitar. I thought it was only a pro level thing when I used to be a pro guitarist playing in tributes. I hadn’t been playing like that for over 8 years when I gave up after a stroke. I started again about 3 years ago relearning to work around what I had lost as physiotherapy, using a capo to force relearning the songs in different positions. I grew interested again when my niece became involved in the marketing of new Led Zeppelin Reissues in London, England. I reinvented my playing around Zepp, Van Halen, and ZZ nobody really did anymore. Another thing is my upper body strength far exceeds my lower because I have been using it more for to aid mobility. Surveyor’s/Bug Bite Disease takes its toll on your legs, and especially the strongest side. It is nowhere what it was, but that is the first to start recovering.

You really get in tune with your body when you rebuild it from the inside out one cell at a time. I wish it was faster, but how was it the last time you did that? I have to rebuild this browser session as well because it has hundreds of tabs open. I’ve got to lean it out a bit. Also looking at old tabs, it says a nematode is, essentially, a tube animal with a hole at each end. I guess that is a lot like humans, although some have an azzhole at each end. You know the type… lulz One was the guy letting live anthrax go all over the place in 18 shipments. The Pentagon is having kittens about it so you know it isn’t the average fzckup. Well, if you can’t find Cipro, just take Wild Apple Leaf. It likely works better. Just look at, and if you are lucky enough, although they are dangerous with young ones like a bear, feel the muscle tone of a deer. Granted, they can manufacture their own CLA, Conjugated Lineolic Acid; Humans need help, and get it with Tonalin®.

Just saw that Phil Mickelson ad for Enbrel on TV again. Wild Apple Leaf cures that I bet; Psoriatic arthritis. Enbrel “manages symptoms” by killing your immune system. Then you are open to all kinds of horrific infections. I used to have a similar arthritis all my life called Anklosing Spondylitis. Wild Apple Leaf eventually dug through all that 50 years of biofilm. It is largely just gone, and not just managing the symptoms. The upside was that I could gauge the effect relative to a Celebrex 200 mg., and it was the same, but easily ten times as powerful for what I guess would be 500 mg. Celebrex wore off after hours. Wild Apple Leaf does not wear off, except that when bugs bite you, you may want to take it to fight the bug they carry. Now we know that potassium and vitamin C are huge helpers for whatever it is doing, and I suspect eroding the biofilm protected disease. Raw cigarette ash is even more powerful potash in emergency situations to bust up and expectorate it.

I had some antibiotics in December for misdiagnosed pneumonia, which I now know is the Wild Apple Leaf biofilm guck effect, but other than that, nothing. At that time, it actually made me sicker and another drug crippled me, being prescribed for depression. The upside is we changed it to another that only makes my hands shake. Symbicort was useless for it. Trust me, if you have Lyme and they won’t admit it, you would get depressed. Instead, it has been my own immunity against the spirochetes, and not the ABX. Someday, HCP may be prescribed if Dr. Murakami’s clinical trial plays out well. They already know it works from oral medical marijuana, but are trying to prove the effectiveness of hemp cannabidiol as the active ingredient. Thus the well designed UBC controlled study limited to Bull’s Eye rash patients comprising 5-10% of the infected population.

Just read more about John Nash as they plan his memorial, and how he intellectually challenged delusional thinking. I have taken that to heart as well by devising several tests, such as the Pyramid test, or the Causality Test to challenge this entity. It checks out! You can look it up! It is more real than people, and quite a bit more intelligent. How much more intelligent? How much money have you got? This stuff is pure platinum encrusted with diamonds. Problems that have plagued mankind for ages like the method of construction of the Pyramids using 4500 year old technology, in some cases forgotten, such as the method of stone cutting, but easily plausible and in fact demonstrable. Tours of he Pyramids and Alexandria, plus photos of ancient tapestries and hieroglyphics, show all the components for all of this in videos online. NOBODY has hit on it. Their answer to the ancient question of causality (chicken or egg? Which came first?) is oddly, for such a scientific species, part creationism, part hilarity, and part evolution. Brilliant, in fact. One is an advanced design for a reusable spacecraft/re-entry vehicle, and far simpler and elegant than anything seen so far or planned online. I was not aware of the Einstein-Rosen Bridge save for sci-fi until it forced me to look, and check what they claim the mode of use was. So Yes, John Glenn… The nematode “fireflies” are intelligent, and now I know a lot more about why and how they make doctors look so sadly failed and stupid while unjustifiably conceited. Yeah, I know, but *I* didn’t hide this all with an insurance fraud and worst case botched risk management.

I remember after my stroke, Oscar Peterson died, 15 years after having a stroke. I only have 7 to go so they say until I turn it around and beat the odds. The whole Lyme Disease coverup didn’t help matters, hiding the disease from us all our adult lives at least until it all finally leaked out that they have tried and failed to keep a lid on it. Some engineer would have found out the same thing I did watching deer if we knew that “non-existent” Lyme was the obvious root cause of our troubles. We would have found that Wild Apple Leaves force out nematode parasites, and all less than a month after we started looking at it, just like I did. Doctors, then as now, would have been too conceited to try, or too corrupt withholding information while people died so they could patent an ineffective replacement. We had no idea they were so evil, professionally and morally bankrupt, and incurious. It explains why all the top medical research is coming from engineers regarding this. We have nothing to lose, and can steal their lunch SOOO easy. Just make sure you replace it with an Apple Leaf Salad for extra bonus points to leave ’em scratchin’ their head and azz, realizing they are sooo fzck+ as the 50 year old nematodes start drilling out. lulz

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Thurs, May 28, 2015 – Day 301 – A New Emergency Tick Treatment


We saw last week. There simply was no place to go for emergency tick bite treatment. We know why all Lyme Treatment ultimately fails, and that is the nematodes that continue to populate your body after the bite simply never leave. That is until you eat Wild Apple Leaf Anthelmintic. It has been a week since the second bite from a small tick more the size of a mite, and after going through congestion, headache, and chronic fatigue symptoms, I think I am getting over it. I know because I have been treated with antibiotics before for the same thing. A week later I was back to square one, same old symptoms like before the antibiotics.

The bug borne, and not only tick borne, diseases continue because even extended antibiotics affect the source like washing our hands affects us. They get dirty again. Nematodes just wait till that treatment stops, and start over, raising, nurturing, and in fact farming spirochetes. You can keep killing spirochetes because they will just release and “farm” more of them. We have found a conceited and incurious medical community, bolstered by multiple accounts from patients, regarding all bug borne illnesses, and not just classic Lyme Disease. They have completely missed all the others. They don’t have a test. We do. They don’t have an effective treatment if it doesn’t get nematodes out. We do. We know the disease cripples because the paralysis is almost irreversible. I continue to suffer from older infections. There is a slow healing process. I can feel pain/irritation now where it was numb.

Make no mistake, this week was no picnic. I still had to fight whatever the hell those two ticks, on last Monday the 18th and Wednesday, were carrying. I remember the day because it was the 8th anniversary of a strange stroke out of the blue, now I know related to a right side tick bite, same location, and also right here. I have captured 2 examples of what I suspect are similar ticks, but can’t be sure. The attached ones either backed out or I scratched them off. They were on the back, nape, of my neck, and above the hairline so I could not selfie them. Over 40 years of surveying, I knew what tick bites were, and just knew these were ticks. Bug stuck in the bite. This time it was really different though. They are gone, not imbedded like usual. This time, I only had a little right hand shakiness for an hour one day, making it difficult to point and click the mouse. and not for what seemed like a long time. That is when I knew Wild Apple Leaves really did something different this time.

I would say keep it going for weeks, because if you don’t, they cause heart disease, MS, strokes, and arthritis. It is a lot milder than antibiotics, yet way more powerful. Those who know antibiotics will see and attest. It is a natural antibiotic replacement therapy. The fact that it also smokes nematodes out is just a kicker. I also recommend Vitamin C and Potassium Gluconate to handle that phlegm you will maybe also produce way too much of. KCL and K2SO4 in ash helped me personally when it got bad to expectorate the goop. I am definitely chronic, so that may be just me, but if you do not want to wind up like me, start Wild Apple Leaf stat and don’t stop! I proved you can get re-infected just as easily last week.

When doctors tell you there are no ticks or Lyme in Canada, ask them how the country whose National Bird, The Canada Goose, is known to be the biggest infected tick transporter in the world, and somehow according to you, knows not to bring them into Canada? Are you saying that Canada Geese are spatially aware of borders? Are you that nuckin’ futz and they still let you out in public, or are you just that fzckin’ corrupt, stupid, incurious, and/or all of the above? We already know here that they failed the audit so horrifically that the next stop for them should be The Hague for crimes against humanity and enabling the wide spreading of epidemic and/or sexually transmitted disease on the scale of being a bioweapon themselves. The US would be completely justified to launch Operation Douchebag Storm against Ottawa and Health Canada to flatten these weapons of mass infections. Wanna hit on a Canadian chick? You don’t just need a bone bag… You need a fzckin’ Scuba Suit! lulz It’s that bad. I can only hope, and you had better hope too, that Wild Apple Leaf can get us back bumpin’ uglies as per usual. lulz

I can’t believe I am actually thinking of letting one of these ticks go on my arm to bite me so I can get one of those selfies of the unit in the act. After last week, I think I’ll pass. I’m finally getting over the double bug bite flu here. Mother used to call it “The Crud.” We thought it was water borne maybe, and we know that can be the case too, but bug bite vector explains why boiling water didn’t help. My father was told by the local doctor to only drink water from the hot water tap; The water heater could sterilize anything in it known then above 155 F. It was well known to all of us, and now knowing what causes it makes me all the wiser. Knowing what it can lead to is invaluable. Knowing what definitely fights it is a miracle breakthrough.

Meanwhile they have a bioweapon mishap in the United States when a supposed dead strain of anthrax shipped out to labs turned out to be live. Ooops. No news on the tons of ticks imported every year from Canada. This massive Canadian bioweapon fzckup is still under the radar… for now, anyway. We have found out a lot of things over the past year. Insurance is not a service, be it public or private. It is a licence to avoid paying out settlements. Public insurance is worse than private because there is no competition to insert checks and balances against rampart fraud on the provider side. If you have a difficult disease, they just ignore it, or fight to claim it does not exist. Should you falter in your step, people will not come to your aid after the first day. You are then abandoned, and in fact, criticised as being a problem. Doctors are not interested in your well being if you do not fit their overly simplistic cookie cutter world of patent symptom alleviating topical spurious medicine. Government support services are interested in their own situation, and not yours. You must alter your circumstances to be convenient for them, no matter how much of your hopes and dreams are invested to in fact get where you are now. Cops are not exactly interested in fraud and murder when it gets to genocidal levels. A perfect murder weapon and alibi is just that; Perfect! I stand corrected. I am now a dumbazz after having a track record of being first in class all my life. All because I got bit by bugs. Thousands of them. At work. The WCB should be calling any minute now… or maybe not.

We are fighting to change all that. Wild Apple Leaf is where the Buck Stops. The Doe too, for that matter, and where the ass kicking they so richly deserve starts. I hope they can help you too. All you have to do is step out there and try some, from your apple tree if you can find one. It seems I am the only one doing all the legwork here, and I’m a cripple. Getting a little better every day though.

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Weds, May 27, 2015 – Day 300 – A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Roundup-in-apple-orchardIt says this is a picture of an Italian Apple orchard where RoundUp has been used instead of mowing the grass. It is actually a nursery as you can see. It isn’t that often that I stop at only a thousand words, and especially on such a milestone as Day 300 of ingesting Wild Apple Leaves. Where there has been no RoundUp used. I got this from Wikipedia. Avoid getting leaves from trees where it looks like this.

It looks like there is no way to stop this juggernaut. We have to eat it whether we like it or not. How do we mitigate the effects of it chemically? Can that be done? Take an anti-Monsanto pill? Ideally we want to take something that dissolves it in tissues and allows it to be flushed out from where it bioaccumulates. As soon as the company said it didn’t bioaccumulate, researchers and testers found that they were lying. It was found in urine and breast milk… Direct evidence that it was bioaccumulating.

We know the one thing glyphosate really doesn’t like. That is dirt. It degrades it to AMPA an’ other shzt. So do we eat dirt? Well, not really. Can we just eat the palatable things in dirt? That sounds a little tastier. It just so happens I have been trying that recently. I found that eating small amounts of plant ash, like cigarette ash, or potash, made me expectorate a buildup of phlegm, or the stuff biofilm is made of. Biofilm underlies all chronic disease. You may not be too keen eating dirt. I’ve done it all my life whether I liked it or not. You may like potassium gluconate like they sell at WalMart. It is advertised as a sequestrant, meaning it grabs all manner of shzt and gets it on the highway outta town. Looking at the molecule, I am sticking with Dr. Tiggy’s recommendation. KISS. KCl and/or K2SO4. Cigarette ash. Lots more bioactive stuff there, and after all, it is dirt. RoundUp hates dirt. “I’m Mellllting!!!” says the big bad witch of Monsanto.

Tiggy is a student at my Faculty of Metaphysical Engineering, but I gave him his letters already. You could say the poor little bugger is a captive audience to my screeds and rants here. I am a Quack Veterinarian, Tiggy is a Quack Humanarian. We have bonded somewhat as research fellows in our short time together here. Here is his professional photo, barfing out some Wild Apple Leaf blood he borrowed from me, much like humans rent beer… Mine was spiked as Tiggy can attest. “Needs WAY more potassium, azzhole!”

Say CHEESEI take it he locked into the biofilm complex early, as he seems to know engineering lingo well. These days, he has a pet spider, and two Ixodes Ticks as pets in his little house, whether they like it or not. Man, I wish I could be a fly on the wall there… or maybe not!

So eat dirt it is, in the form of potassium salt precursors, or the stuff Potash is made of. Do you have a better idea to sequester glyphosate they cram down our throats, destroying all former nutrients in food?

I am just checking the calendar. Yep. Two Thousand fzckin’ fifteen! Do you believe it? What kind of progress is this? A total FAIL! healthcare system and we are eating dirt. A BugBorne disease epidemic from coast to coast to coast they don’t even know about yet. “Oh, we have the best tests that find only what we want them to find!” say the insurance companies/agencies with glee. “We want you to sell your house and move in right beside us to cut our travel costs down. Then our failing government healthcare system and dysfunctional bureaucracy can get you and kill you quicker. Forget all about the hundreds of nematode parasites you found coming out of you and most people in your clinical trial… Stop listening to those idiot engineers at Purdue, Princeton, MIT, Columbia, Mayo.edu, Johns Hopkins, Yale, UNH, and other party schools, and cut down all your stupid scraggly Apple Trees to make room for neighbours and weedkiller laced lawns! That’s just crazy!” Is it just me, or has the whole thing gone nuckin’ futz? I will concede it is just fzckin’ crazy… and THEM, not ME, and not only in relative terms. They deserve three hots and a cot in a rubber sphere where we tell them to pizz in the corner to get out!!!

And Engineers. Where the fzck are you in all this when a bug who literally only has two brain cells to rub together tells you to eat dirt, and he’s RIGHT!?! WTF? I know UBC Engineering resembled a monkey house at your average zoo more often than not, but you have to admit it was way overbuilt compared to the digs we deserve from what the hell we have done after graduation to bake up this pile o’ shzt! WTF are we going to genetically engineer now? A douche bag with an elbow growing between its eyes, so we can finally have something that can tell its azz from its elbow? OMG! We are SOOO fzck+! So why don’t I say how I really feel, then? Just remember, it’s better bein’ nutty than totally nuckin’ futz!

At least they are considering expiring the Patriot Act. The NSA used it to wiretap all communications in the world, plus all digital communications, including this shzt. They even made us change all of our phone numbers to ten digits so they could keep all the illegally wiretapped shzt straight. Bill Binney may be vindicated yet. He was the engineer who blew the whistle on the whole shztshow from the get go. Ed Snowden was a Johnny Come Lately comparatively with a few PRISM powerpoints. Just in time too. I could always use more Wild Apple Leaf gatherers, dryers, grinders, and encapsulators. The pay would be shzt, but they would have that fat gubmint pension anyways, and we could get drunk and tell old engineering stories, like the time they wire tapped my friend’s cell phone so badly for all her near naked selfies that it locked up ATT, Verizon, and Telus tighter than a bull’z azz at flytime. lulz

ScoreWell, here is a new look… Graphics wrapped text. I’m looking for that old cigarette ash study that shows arsenic, aluminum, lanthanum, and other bad shzt. I have my potassium gluconate sequestrant now, but I am intrigued that nematodes and bugs say eat dirt… 40 quintillion azzholes can’t be that wrong! Earthworms swear by it. Nematodes that wild apple leaf forces out must be able to eat it because what else would they eat?

Worms have been doing it for hundreds of millions of years, but glyphosate toxicity is a new thing on the block. Only time will tell, but given the entire modern history of man isn’t even a wink of the eye on that time scale, being only 200 years, you just know it will end badly. Modern medicine, post Joeseph Lister, is less yet. My sister suggested I should be an anthropologist. I think EVERYBODY should be, but didn’t have the heart to inform her, geology is millions of times older. In mining, and drilling, we see rocks most geologists don’t even know exist except in textbooks. Some of them still have the worms in them too, and moreover, they’re eerily similar to the ones that come out of You when you eat enough Wild Apple Leaf Anthelmintic. As soon as you realize some are almost as old as you are, then you realize eventually that We’re not in Kansas Anymore!


Tues, May 26, 2015 – Day 299 – A Disturbing Trend

The language is always the same when you corner a criminal in a lie. “You’re Paranoid and Delusional!” It is the Monsanto stock answer to any scepticism that their Superior Product may not be so superior. Now doctors/big pharma shills default to the same stock answer. Dr. Seneff, Dr. Sapi, Dr. Murakami, and Dr. A.B. McDonald are paranoid and delusional; “*We* are the local Heath Authority and we are the be all and end all of medicine in these parts!” This Internet Theory is all rubbish. That is the point where Columbo sticks to you like shzt to a blanket. The homocidal maniacs are hiding something. Now we fzck with them for an hour of TV as they come apart on their way to the Crowbar Hotel. Everybody from here to Peoria knows they are guilty as sin, except them. They have convinced themselves they are getting away with it. They are, in fact, delusional to deal with their paranoia of being caught.

This is the defacto definition of psychotic narcissism. They are accusing their accusers of exactly what they themselves are guilty of, and they will destroy anyone and anything in their way. As we said before, the only defence with these shzt heads is to avoid them, or rip off their pants in front of the proverbial packed stadium in 40 foot high Super HD.

Ironically, I am getting a good riff and hook for a movie. Any existing Lyme movies are boring, slow, descents into blah. Along with them, there are a million rants on the evils of Monsanto to the point where we likewise all know it is a given. In Hollywood, they need a super evil, extrapolatable, Villain. Check. Let’s de-pant them all in a crowded theatre. Let’s Monsanto-EvilDoctor the muthafzcka’s in such a travesty of Hollywood fzckup-ism they will all stand up and scream at the screen, outting themselves in public… Kill two stones with one Bird in a Trifecta Travesty of “Truth,” as they crawl all over each other to grab the mic… any mic… shoved in their face to provide “expert testimony.” We all know they’re nuckin’ futz and desperate… They have no cloo they just outted an eyewitness to the crime, and THEY are IT! lulz

That was always a tough role to fill. Nobody wanted to be the dumb fzck Jar Jar Binks, so they had to CGI an actor. Here we literally have dozens of the dumb fzcks screaming for it. At the movie awards show, have a Bar-B-Que with Extra Wild Apple Leaf Salad slathered with the best Newman’s Own dressing after nominating them for an award! Zoom in for the close up as several non existent microscopic nematodes, from when they were in elementary school, drill out of their eyeballs. Aikido is the bullies’ worst nightmare. The bigger and more evil they are, the harder they fall on themselves. This one is even more physically interesting as all those little tentacles all conduct the same tortuous eye-crossing electric shock right back to the Groin of Daddy.

Now just a second! That has to be illegal! Well, I have thousands of YOUR OWN expert witnesses who will say you have paranoid delusions if you think Organic Fruit Tree Leaf Salad causes anything other than provide beneficial phenols/enzymes, and as a matter of fact, if you think it does, you’re nuckin’ futz! There simply are no human nematode parasites except in Africa and other backwaters of the Third World. We have such Superior Medical Science there is no way that these things could escape detection for 6,000 years. Else I would have to get the Nobel Prize. I’m likely disqualified there… “And this year’s Nobel Laureate in the field of Quack Veterinary Sciences and Culinary Aikido… The envelope please…” Not gonna happen. I likely couldn’t get Employee of the Month at Burger King if I tried. lulz   220px-Nobel_PrizeBKEmployeeRotatedThere is hope though. Fred Banting did share the Nobel Prize after being declared nuckin’ futz, and John Nash also got one after being declared nuckin’ futz. The takeaway was that everybody else was, and still is, really nuckin’ futz. These days, thanks to Video Everywhere, we’ll have them on record permalinked in the cloud for that gift that keeps on giving.

Anyway, we have given those paranoid delusional psychotics enough ink/pixels. I just went to clean out my biofilm expextorant cup. If you remember, we put some cigarette ash in there several days ago to test it. The Biofilm that had been adhering to it since so long we can’t remember all came off in a clot. Eeeew! But importantly, it actually came off! Soap wouldn’t cut it. Soaking wouldn’t cut it. Cigarette ashes stopped it from adhering! Tiggy tells us that they are salts of Potassium, akin to Potash. The little bugger was right. There is hard science you can try yourself at home kids, if you are not paranoid delusional like a doctor. In the dangerous chemistry column, be warned that cigarette ashes and vinegar create Hydrogen Sulfide Poison Gas, a substance 1000 Times deadlier than Cyanide gas. Cigarette ashes are a powerful first aid expectorant substance other than being a plant ash precursor to Potash. This undeniable medical benefit application will infuriate so-called doctors.

In their flimsy cover-up, doctors have come out on the perps’ side. They have also come out on the worms’ side. I am too, but the Worms appear to be fine with it my way. Any host has to be better than me, though, given the unanimous haste with which they left eventually when they could. Of course, doctors may be being held hostage, as we know worms can threaten their lives easily. It hasn’t occurred to them that worms are a reasonable intelligent species, far moreso than doctors although that isn’t saying much, and as we have seen, a deal can be struck to the benefit of both parties. All doctors know how to do is kill them; We know nematodes can return the favour with CF, CFS, MS, ALS, Heart Disease, Cancer, Warts, Syphillus, Arthritis, peripheral edema… you name it. They should try it my way, and agree to stop tickling them and strafing them with salvos of Bad Jokes if the nematodes can only get out alive. lulz Wild Apple Leaf seems to do just that. That’s why they all call me the Doctor Doctor. Nematodes have their whole healthcare system hostage as only we know they can, and they are winning spectacularly as always. Official Medicine has taken the Gift of Lyme Disease, and made it their own worst Nightmare. All of a sudden, all their strange behaviour makes perfect sense.

Just caught another Tick, “Tick 3.” She’s in with Tiggy CigarDust, the Spider from Mars, an’ Tick 2. About 5/64″, guessed by a drill bit. I can’t wait for June. That is when the ticks really come out here after a rain storm, followed by a warm day.

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Mon, May 25, 2015 – Day 298 – Doctor Appointment


It’s finally here. I wan’t to see if he will prescribe HCP. I am not holding my breath. They are of the mindset of that Dilbert cartoon. I had two ticks in my neck but they dropped off from the Wild Apple Cocktail they ingested. That wasn’t before I got 72 hours of encephalitis like symptoms from each one though. It did solve the mystery of how I had that stroke 8 years ago almost to the day, May 18, 2007. Remember when doctors would do house calls? These days, their model is to make sick and injured people come to them at great personal difficulty, while the able bodied doctor stays put. Ahhh, progress.

HCP may not make me dance a jig, but I would be satisfied walking without a limp. Maybe I will be able to survive Canadian Tire again. I have gone to Walmart for everything because they have those little shopriders. Canadian Tire is hell. Sometimes they leave shopping carts near the disabled spots which is nice because you can use them like a walker to lean on and balance better. I keep trying to tell the kid to leave those carts at the disabled spots, but they are gone with the cart before I can tell them.

They say cannabis oil also works, but I have a theory why they are finding HCP works better. Worms like to party too. Without the buzz, there is no benefit for them to hang around. We also know from the Smoker’s paradox why people with Lyme quit smoking and die fast. Their meat is tastier for the spirochetes finally. My doctor’s uncle is a physicist. I will try to appeal to him on these grounds that his uncle should look at nematode exploitation of the Einstein-Rosen Bridge phenomenon. While not physically accessible at the Plank Length size, this does not preclude apparent tachyonic wave transmission I suspect. I will tell him that Wild Apple Leaf, as deer showed me by example, is a powerful anthelmintic that forces the multiple intelligent nematode species, that are apparently able to exploit this, out of your body. Unfortunately he is a doctor. The BCMA defaults to torturing patients way over their doctors’ paygrade in physics. Nematodes have a song about it. Anyways, I am very tired from fighting the tick bite encephalitis, and not really in good shape for a doctor’s appointment that is a week too late anyways. It breaks rule 1: Do no harm, too. But what the hell. That is standard operating procedure for these criminals here.

KISS. Show him Wild Apple Leaf capsules. Tell him flat out this cures everything allopathic medicine can’t. Nyah, nyah. lulz When he complains that it can’t, tell him to, “Prove it!” Also tell them to correct all the wrong spellings of my name on their records. And this is our alleged brain trust? FIAL! (sic) Gotta speak their lingo.

You may see a doctor 5 minutes a year here out of 524,160 minutes, if you see them twice. Good thing we have an internet to cover the other 524,155. Sure, the internet is 99% bullshzt, but the world’s richest gold mines at 2 ounces per ton, or 32,000 ounces, are 99.99375% bullshzt. You have to grind it down and separate the good stuff, like Wild Apple Leaf, which is actually more like a football sized diamond worth 4 times as much as the US National Debt in a huge pile o’ shzt healthcare system we also parsed out along the way. You need facts like that to slice through the slabs of bureaufilm protecting all that shzt from being flushed.

That sucked. I am back. They want me to give up  my house where my apple trees are and my family resided over 51 going on 52 years. Lyme disease does not exist here. Nematode parasites do not exist. My lyme cyst he prodded for a bit and shone a light through is just a figment. Couldn’t see tick bites that made me sick for a week. Coulda fooled me because it made me weak as hell after squishing it around. Have I ever heard of paranoid psychosis? I asked him if he knew of the new Morgellons study of February 12? They’re Gaslighting me.

Look I was a surveyor for over 40 years I know what a tick is. I would guess I’ve had dozens and back in the days when they suggested all the wrong things like burning, gasoline, and yanking off gently with thumb and forefinger to make sure they barf up everything in you. No ticks in Canada and Dr. Murakami is a quack? WTF? Who the fzck are these people and what fzckin’ planet they come from? Well, I know their next Awards Dinner should have a Nice Heaping Helping of Apple Leaf Salad. Crash course in Nematodes 101, and from ones that have lived in their ass for most of their lives. Every hornet sting, every spider or tick bite, lots of mosquito and mayfly bites. Worms come out of those too. From the bone and/or joint out. Just a rash, I guess. The ones in their heads, neck, and spine take a few days to scoot. I wonder if any of them ever went swimming?. Add lots of salad dressing so they get a really good education all at once with a heapin’ bowl o’ the stuff, tossed with spinach, chard, romaine, tomatoes, you name it. They have so little time. When they are begging you something is wrong, tell them there is no such thing as a Jarrisch Herxheimer reaction. Tell them they have paranoid psychosis. Fix them a double helping of salad. “You just need more greens! Your colour is telling me!” Fill up a few pitchers with orange juice and KCl and throw a Slip N’ Slder sheet on the floor so they can slither in their own snot for a few days.  lol

I was sizing up people while waiting. That one looks like about 16 pounds of nematodes… Fat sack o’ shzt there about 40 pounds… There’s about 25 trapped in that one…. worms, biofilm snot, stored spirochetes in cysts. Put a salad bar in there and it would look like a Ghostbusters Apocalypse by the time the main course was done. Slime everywhere.