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Fri, May 1, 2015 – Day 274 – World Lyme Day

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It’s World Lyme Day. I feel uneasy because I am not doing anything, and I have to delay my trip east because of bad scheduling, at  the worst possible time. by the largest cluster of 100% positive Lyme sufferers I know, my family. In an irony that will go down as a world famous fzckup, they left the discoverer of their only, now even more unlikely, chance of salvation from their own imminent, horrible, protracted, “unexplainable,” deaths out of their planning. So I will have to be late to my own party simply to inform them of the awful news and good news nearly simultaneously as I run for the door, already a day late. It will likely fall on deaf ears.

Worse yet, they are here to muck about outside where I finally identified that it was excessive weedkiller overspray that made me sick every time I had to mow a few acres of lawn around here. I intentionally ignored mowing it this year, and thus have not gotten sick from it this time. Couple that with my new discovery that links glyphosate and exploding spring tick populations, and the fact I am headed off to inform a high risk group that they should look into it, and experimentally challenge it and the status quo, makes me wonder who, or what, is pulling the strings here? It can’t be Satan because it is far too evil for that. I should just admit defeat and ignore them like they ignored me, and then I’ll fit right in being perfectly ignorant. Lyme Disease after all is the perfect family destroyer as has been proven millions of times. It is perfect that today is World Lyme Day as they all come to walk around weedkiller laced tick riddled golf courses in the woods at peak infection season and claim they worked instead. What Karma.

Analysing what is happening when an internationally travelled Lyme family gets together, human insect human vectors, and especially at this dangerous time of year mid Spring, compounds the additive nature of Lyme co infections. It takes an hour in Dr. Alan B. MacDonald 101 to figure out what is happening, but only a matter of seconds or minutes to execute as one biting insect jumps, flies, or crawls from human to human. A few of the family share golf condos as well, so unless there is a miraculous cure that has escaped all medical science until now, they’re doomed. I will have to wait until they all hit rock bottom to find out for themselves. I should know. It is the same set of traits that got me out of this pickle ironically, but I was the only one who went the engineering road. That was important too. Identify exactly what it is you don’t know, and fight like hell to rectify it, if that makes any sense. The sad part as Dr. Joe Jemsek says is that we all trusted doctors to help us, only to find that it is all shattered… broken and horrifically corrupted. If you get sucked into that vortex, I learned exactly how and why it fails badly. It’s like going to a landscaper to replace a blown boat motor. They’ll just throw you in the garden outside psych, almost exactly the same result. lulz

Here’s the rub. They can’t diagnose it using brute force Symptomatology 101 because they ignore computers, and they’re told there are no worm parasites here even if they luck out, so the worm lives on to reinfect you over and over no matter how much destructive antibiotics they use on your mycoplasma biofilm complex. Something about Wild Apple Leaves forces the worm out, so at least it gets the root cause. It seems to break up the thick slime they leave behind too, or most of it. I just hope it works for others too, because failing that, where exactly does one go? Moreover, it works on more than just Lyme worms, whatever they are. Who knows? They’re using all the budget and equipment on something else.

If that is really what is happening with transmission of this thing as well, and herbicides are amping it up by helping the key identified vector of transmission in a country trying to sweep the Elephant in the room under the rug, I feel like the Dutch boy with my finger in the dyke on the Titanic watching the iceberg dead ahead. What do ya do? Well, you try. Look on the bright side. I found out how to build a Pyramid in a Stone Age with a ball of yarn and a dingbat. Talk about a mangled mishmash of mixed metaphors in a maelstrom. “Here… Have a lollipop for The Trainwreck!” Works for Canada Health. lulz

Somebody has to ring the gong on this shztshow. Aaaaahhhggh! The crowd loves it! It’s gotta be us. Just remember that when it is all over, the only story that doesn’t change is the truth. You could give liars a bigger megaphone as a super cheap investment while they are crawling all over each other for the mic. It worked for Iraq WMD, but it sure took its own sweet time as everybody got sucked in. Then 500 tonnes of the shzt from Day One shows up on the doorstep in Canada. The truth there is everyone who loudly denied it is a complete idiot forever. 21 years is a long time and an awful lot of idiots though. Trust Me… I’m NOT a Doctor! That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!

In 3 weeks or so they were able to squeeze me in for an appointment. By that time I may be back from Chile so they can misdiagnose whatever I pick up there. Or analyse any worm that may show up from a new bug bite when Wild Apple Leaf forces it out. They’ll just tell me that cigarettes, my source of bioavailable cyanide, are no good for me. Well, no shzt Sherlock, but given your track record on my Lyme Disease, perhaps you should save your wisdom for that lap around the deck after we hit the iceberg, OK?

My brother says he needs a ride to a colonoscopy. That is what they have diagnosed his weedkiller poisoned intestinal biotics on top of his Lyme Disease as, but let’s take a peek to be sure. Ahhh. Modern medical science is great, huh? See? They’re doing something. They’re stuffing a pipe up your azz, scoping you, and sending the government the bill! How dare you question wisdom like that! An’ now they’ve got GoPro! Sure, we’ve all got Barrett’s Esophagus, but they know one thing for Certain; It has nothing to do with Monsanto or supermarkets stocked floor to ceiling with weedkiller laced crap! “Trust Us! We’re Doctors paid handsomely to ignore inconsequential shzt killing 91% of the cells in your body like that! See this worm on a stick here?”

They did it to me too. My guy said that he’d done over 15,000 of these things. Now that’s a career! Imagine the  16,000 celebration… an azz cake with a candle stickin’ outta it? “No, thanks… I’m kinda sick o’ azz cake, an’ azzholes too, frankly. Honey, I’m Home! You wouldn’t believe these azzholes today!” Maybe you’d rather help me figure out what drills out after taking 500 mg. of Wild Apple Leaf. Looks like you’ve got the Government drill in part down to a science. I know… you’re doin’ it for Your Country! What a Patriot! We all gotta deal with a handful of azzholes daily, but not really in that depth! lulz Kudos takin’ it to The Big Leagues.

I guess given Health Canada logic, it makes sense that with Lyme Disease, they have experts in avoiding the shzt while trying to grab the money shot too. “Scope ‘im!” Who cares if they can’t fix shzt about it by shovin’ something up your azz? Trust us, they don’t wanna see shzt in there, either! Sure, they see more wristwatches from other Gov’t “Services” than they care to… Quitcher bitchin’… ya got a free lollipop, dincha? Nothin’ says S’azz-tainability and Progress in their circles like just doin’ the act, alone. Count backwards from 1,000


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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