Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Weds, May 13, 2015 – Day 286 – Leaning Into It: Remote Biofilm Quorum Sensing

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Bonnie Bassler from Princeton has my ears and eyes these days. V.Cholerae have Quorum Sensing, but what interested me was the Luminescence they exhibit at a chemical threshold where quorum is achieved. These Human and Salmon parasite species can somehow do this without a liquid connected medium to transmit their signal through, presumably by some sort of radio means. I suspect telepathy similar to the type exhibited by larger worms. The local sawbones would say “Princeton? Izzat the weight of a 12 way gay clusterfzck? nYuk, nyuk…” I rest my case. We are alone here. They’ll all be dead soon enough.

There seems to be quorum sensing capability in certain micro nematodes as well here when they reach a certain number, they team up to become one bright flying light. That is when they have a quorum, and can exhibit astonishing classical physical skills in the primitive known physics realm. People also call them “Foo Fighters.” They are comprised of salmon worm biofilm components I suspect, exhibiting full T6 Capability if that is the case. This is the stuff of Lyme/Powassan in these parts. At any time, they can break apart into a cloud, but “swim” tightly together like a school of fish, and due to their low mass, can exhibit seeming acceleration that would kill a mortal man… in excess of 100G effortlessly. We have been witness to them using their T6 skills to seemingly shatter the causality model of fizzicks, somehow solving dealing with the Tachyon Telephone Paradox which puts their Metaphysical understanding at a level greater than a human meat computer is capable of parsing. They can force wildlife to make an appointment in the future, and humans too I suspect, organising rendezvous scenarios.

The Princeton team is interested in bacterial quorum sensing. These micro nematode parasites are something else, plus that like V.Cholerae as well, plus having Red, not Cyan, Luminescence, so I had better get up to speed. They can somehow strangely infuse molecules of solid Gold and perhaps other metals, making it appear like a new unknown Red Metal. They treat fish and humans as their zombies. Wild Apple Leaf allows you to eavesdrop on their world like Steve Gibson lurking invisibly in a ha><0r IRC chat room. They discover you eventually because they can smell the horrific stinkbomb you torch beneath their underworld instantly, where they have been hiding undetected for years. The lil’ buggers have got quorum sensing? Feel this! lulz

I found out the hard way when I thought wild apple leaf tasted like it would make a good salad. Last August, I had a whole cup all at once with Italian dressing. I felt like live hamburger for three days. I still haven’t got close to that, settling for about a gram a day. Sure got their attention though. It is surprising how some things get smart, if not downright fzckin’ Brilliant, all of a sudden when you make a big enough stink. I take it this was like (Tear Gas)³ to them. Then I upped the ante. I made up some absinth tinctures by soaking leaves in it. That is Wormwood. Their eyes would be crossed still if they had any. I still have half the original ounce of it I made, cut with Italian whiskey. So you don’t like that licorice, eh? They left so fast they abandoned their brains, a massive body wide biofilm they had been working on for 60 years. I have over 50 years of it dissolved so far, still going though. 1/6 of a worm brain beats a human one any day. They were even crafty enough to prevent people from taking them out for 6,000 years. Mine will tell you it is a better life my way, outside a human body, but you’re all so smart.

In a local town here, they can sense when I come, and look like a cloud of fireflies when I look at the night sky. I ask other people to confirm and they do. Everybody has a theory what they are. City Lights. Chemtrails. Fireflies, Ice Crystals in a warm clear sky, and Mosquitoes in 10 below. One fatazzed lesbian worm riddled bztch with that ‘tude told me this was her space, so fzck off spaceman, as I watched a lunar eclipse out in the smoking area outside Karaoke between crucifying Zeppelin. I wonder if her worms finished off all her lard like mine told her’s to yet? I couldn’t care less what that thing looks like without 55 or so pounds on it… I finally got my Physical Graffiti reissue.

Be nice to your worms. I fed my trapped ones some peanut butter cups and gourmet jellybeans until they got free. Like back in the olden days when a doctor would give you a sucker while you gave everybody in his waiting room the measles. They have friends in low places, and when they are free, they like to show you their appreciation. They can sense a quorum when we go to town, and like their bigger earthworm cousins, they have Worm WeeFee. I am personally afraid of what they might do so I avoid the crowds like the plague. I know they are bad little worms… but in a cute way. YMMV. lulz I bet that poor lady fell through her azzhole and hung herself. lol

Oh, my goodness… I just noticed the apple trees are blooming outside. I should get out there and hammer the trunks with a sledge. It makes them produce more flowers/fruit they say. Maybe more leaves too. It tickles the roots I suspect. Now I have to do guitar physio. I hate this part…


Well, made it through that. Pretty sore shoulder. In my Scruffy Billy Gibbons era resurrection project, I did Thunderbird, Heard it On the X, and Ten Dollar Man. I gave up before Arrested for Driving While Blind, and played with a little 5 watt Vox amp drum machine. It has the beat for Immigrant Song in it, so played with that for an hour. You can riff on that implied F# diminished scale for hours there, but passed at about one. Too tough to play in this armchair. I guess that’s the physio part.  It has the Spill The Wine beat in the “Latin” section, so I actually opened a bottle of home made wine I forgot on the shelf for a year now. That was a surprise.

Anyhow, back to the plot. I sensed the quorum of thumbs downs on my playing there, so I took pre-emptive rotten tomato evasive action, and our sad sack show snuck out stage left, worms and all. Co0+ies can sense when they are bombing, and not just from winces in the back row. Something about Wild Apple Leaf anthelmintic tells them to get outta town and they do, make no mistake. Bonnie’s Team may someday identify the chemical/physical signal they throw up like the Batphone from Commissioner Gordon’s office. Pinworms, threadworms, roundworms, all 76 known species of human parasite worm from bug bites, stings, or food/water, vamoose like the Jo0z outta Moses Era Egypt. They hurry because they know the Red Sea will soon slam shut like an azzhole within you, their former azzhole. 40 years in the desert gotta be better than that they figure. And like Moses, you have to show a little compassion for the ones trapped in knitted broken bones or scar tissue, and slow down draggin’ that stone. They take a little longer. After all, they are an intelligent species too, obviously craftier than man and millions of years older, already PWN’ing both the ISS and your sorry ASS for as long, if not longer, than you can remember, and they will hurt and/or kill you if you are a jerk about it. And don’t worry, your worms will stay in touch after they flee the roost. Heck, some species of them can live like a snowflake in outer space!


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