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Mon, May 18, 2015 – Day 291 – Injuries Repair with Biofilm

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I have seen it more than once. Torn ligaments. Bad sprain. Broken bones. Nematodes take advantage of that, and use your body’s natural healing process to protect themselves with a Biofilm. Got scars? That is a Biofilm. Is that what worms use to wreak havoc and protect chronic disease? As it unwinds here, the evidence is becoming clear that the parasite worms and their spirochetes use your body’s own defences to injury to expediate their own biofilm creation process. As they hatch and burrow, your body runs to repair, playing right into the parasites’ hands, protecting them. The parasite must be able to sense when your body does this, and runs/wiggles to join the process and use it to its own advantage.

Dr. Murakami posted a picture of an active imbedding tick in himself a couple days ago, dated May 14. The body will naturally rush to heal that wound also creating a biofilm scar around the nematode eggs, giving them protection. In that way, that nematode payload is already immune from antibiotic and anthelmintic attack with conventional anthelmintic. What is the gestation period of a nematode egg in a human host? Not sure, but Wild Apple Leaf Continuous would be a start to making them exit the way they came, faster. Otherwise they will stay in there for years until you begrudgingly start the wild apple leaf anthelmintic. Then it will also have to chew away that biofilm. That is the conclusion I am making from personal experience, but I haven’t had one I could see in the act yet. I have had ones I could feel in the back of my neck, like in 2007 before suffering a stroke ironically on May 18th like today, 2007, but luckily the effects are largely reversing from that relatively recent 8 year old one since starting Wild Apple Leaf.

That stroke repaired with biofilm, and I remember the worm exited early on in the first month after trying this. The serious injuries are taking longer to penetrate like over 275 days, or 9 months. That is good news for younger kids. I know something is hiding in my right hip where I was hit by a car in the early 60’s. The lil’ bugger took advantage of me when I was down and out, and nestled in by a nerve for insurance. Other kids all told me they’d been hit too in the early 60’s. It was regular fare in Calgary where we lived. The “Walk” light would be on less than a minute, then the “Don’t Walk” stayed on for like 3, beggin’ you to challenge it. Kids were cheaper than reprogramming the shzt in those days, it seemed, and the front bumpers were a lot less sharper on those old boats. Definitely more solid though. Parents were, having just laid waste to Europe and Korea with Kruschev threatening to nuke us any minute now, kind of the mindset “Go play in the Freeway! Builds character!” We obliged.

In private though, the folks would bitch. “Build a gawdam pedestrian overpass there… Damned kid got hit in the middle of watching the 3rd round of the gawdam Masters!” Dad could always build another kid after the nuke, but the Masters only happened once a year. Nobody ever reprogrammed that light or built an overpass. They saved those for newer freeways. All the kids be headed back to NFLD anyways these days. I got too arthritic to play golf, which was a sacrilege in our family. “Look, you had a week of Naproxen… Let’s go hit some balls, OK?” My swing was so bad from that, and later other injuries, I couldn’t keep it on an airport.

It is the Victoria Day Long Weekend here, and the bugs have started to come out in force, waking up. Dr. Murakami got bit this week in mechanism likely like Surveyor’s… Tick jumped off somebody else fresh in from Tickville. I evidently got bit this week 8 years ago because the wild apple leaf forced a nematode out where they told me I had the stroke. Something that nematode was continuously secreting in there wasn’t helping matters. It isn’t like they have plumbing and flush toilets in my brain, contrary to the rumours it may look similar to that Win98 screen saver. There is likely a lot more who will get bit this week alone, although I know ticks are here when it rains in June. I tried a new thing today, a couple raw garlic cloves, and now I have a runny nose like a cold. That could be because I ate the outside skin too to try it. Maybe it had cold germs. Wild Apple Leaf takes a few hours to cure that, but the runny nose can last 24 hours. I notice they’re really hot if you break them, so I swallowed one section whole. We’ll see.

Every time I see a tick and try to get a picture or catch it, the darn things jump. they would jump off our outer clothes in the office when we came in, and try for the boss in a t-shirt, I wonder if that is what happened to Dr. Murakami? Sounds logical dealing with new patients coming in from a tick area. I have witnessed that in survey offices several times. It may be how I got additional infections because I would work at the computer and do everybody’s downloads, uploads, and make the plans. In Mexico, one got me in the foot when I went to bed, but they thought it was a violin spider, and it stung soon after the bite/sting. The nematodes inside there were tenacious, trying to stick like glue, or beggars at Mexico City Internacional, but eventually failed. There was a whole Mexican family in my right foot! I suspected a lot of these cooties hang out in luggage and get transported all over.

Checking around, I may have one in the back of my neck here, left side, but just a bug… not a tick unless it is really small. This will definitely be the acid test for Wild Apple Leaf then for a general bug bite… It’s in the tendon on the back left side there, base of the skull, maybe spider, mite, or tick. They do not know the first thing about treating it anyways here, and just prescribe antidepressants for the Nematodes that wound up in this shzthole and saw that Win98 Screen saver. lulz

That could be the source of the cold and minor headache then, although it may be getting better already, 2 hours in. No silly, not the zillion bugs in WinME, but the tick shzttin’ itself! Just taking another WAL to be sure here. There is no way I can see it under the hair there, and I can’t locate it anymore… No, got it again. Having a little earache here. If this is like when I intentionally tried to get a cold/flu last year, and it seems like it is, it will be cured within the day, but will use handfuls of paper towel hankies. I know Bambi got the same thing last year and was sick for 3 weeks. She’s at a ball tournament midwifin’ Bobby’s Beer Baby anyways. This thing started the same, but doesn’t seem as bad, or my system is drilled for it now. There is a small bump where that thing bit me. I bet that is where the cold/flu/encephalitis like germs came from, not the garlic. Carry on, Slugger… Got Cigars? lulz

BeerBaby  Mother

Anyways, in general, just look at what we have here. Supermarkets full of weedkiller laced food that is supposedly perfectly safe, but proven to be anything but by Purdue and MIT, so you could use it as a murder weapon and argue it was perfectly safe using the manufacturer’s false advertising. Same with a bug that causes a fatal and/or maiming proven chronic illness transferred from a bite or pet or more that is argued to not exist by Health Care companies/government agencies, so another perfect murder weapon. Moreover, unprovable murder weapon 1 causes unprovable murder weapon 2 populations to explode without lifting a finger, by removing plant species that kept MW 2 in check. Add any chicken shit psycho that doesn’t wanna get caught, looking for money, real estate, whatever, and voila! Perfect murder spree! What in the fzck is wrong with this picture? They can just argue they can’t lift a finger, and we are all the victims. Soon, all that is left will be a psycho circus.

Course, you could always make it backfire. Just make a Hollywood movie about exactly that, catching the perps mid act doing it. Muwaahaahaa! “Bought – the Movie” does that already minus the whole Lyme/POW angle. Where the hell you get screenwriter that could weave that tale of woe from start to finish? I’m too busy dodging ticks, jerks, poachers, and poison from *somewhere*! Perhaps it is about time to take a vacation from home when you have to write a full movie about it, and the truth is stranger than the reality. lulz

At least those paragraphs got me past that funny-peculiar bug bite cold-flu. It had to be a nasty one. Had it 5 hours ago with a rest. Looks like somebody else knows our little discoveries are workin’ here too, Dr. Murakami… and $50 Trillion isn’t enough to go around for “Them”, knowhatimsayin’? How convenient. Take out Old Open Sores and Ernie. FAIL! My future might not look so Hope-less… but probably wise to keep my azz quarantined. What They gonna do? Gimme POW? I think I know a “local” who has been collecting Ticks of The World and likes to flatten tires. Maybe I can return the favour with an International Surveyor’s/SpaceCo0+iebola/Lyme/POW/WOW backfire for a RoundUp FzckUp, but the chances are slim. It’s not like the cops are sizing up the Ticks or Vector Collectors or Supermarketers for Cuffs. Murder on(e), jerks… I have to get ready for a Baby Shower. I am gonna bring Beer Cozies. lol

Make a helluva Movie though. Guess who’ll resemble the cast in it, purely coincidentally? lulz

Now what’s this? A little bug just fell out of my hair into this Tobacco Container… Big Tick. The lil’ feller says he’s sick… Just barfed. Must have the Green Apple Quickstep! My blood made him sicker than a dog. lulz That’s OK you’re in the hospital now an’ I just happen to be a Quack Veterinarian. Want an antidepressant? Name? “Tick Olde Pink, Jr.” Height? “3/8″”

Say CHEESE  Patient #9819473

Slam Shut

I dunno… I’ll chuck ‘im in my little makeshift psych ward for “Observation” while I chat up that cute physiotherapist. I mIght as well act “Official!”

Anyways, there are more bugs getting active from the New Moon phase it seems, like solunar tables predict when the fish feed. I suspect the nematodes in both of them get them more active. I wonder if anyone has made that connection? I am learning something new about this every day in the late spring as the nematode bearing bugs wake up here. I saw more, but they are hard to catch. It is not only ticks; There are literally hundreds of other species. I will add to the collection in the hoosecow there as I can catch more, but I am weighing what to do about one in my neck on the opposing side of the one that caused my stroke with no place to go here unless it is to get ignored, mocked, and sicker at a hospital run by criminally ignorant and incuriously corrupt staff. No thanks. We seem to be all alone and on our own here.

I’m light years ahead of these azzholes anyways, and they have 291 days of biofilm to expel to smell the burning rubber from my heels; I will be able to expel the worms from that tick with Wild Apple Leaves, no fear now. I’ve made a lot of Friends in Low Places, such as everybody’s butt. Try to kill ’em, and you will suffer the consequences. Yes, it will make a helluva movie. Script is a little long now at 700 pages here and elsewhere from the start. How about, “Buggers!” for a working title? Of course, can we twist the plot to “Buggered Buggers!”, but that’s too wordy. 3:| Don’t wanna give out any spoilers… “We’ve got you where you want us… The more Open the Source, the more welded shut will be the fall.™” 291 days is a long and deep enough bead to cut as it is. Try and cut into that line, all 7.3 billion apparent patients of it. lulz


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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