Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Tue, May 19, 2015 – Day 292 – Fishin’

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I’ve got my Solunar Table App. I am bait, like the kid in Dune. I already have one in the back o’ my neck. I can’t do a selfie there. Anybody here over the long weekend doesn’t have any idea how to remove it anyways. Vaseline will just kill it and make it barf.

I don’t know if they will be bitin’ tonight. This is just a theory. It isn’t the tick, it’s the worms in it that are the delicacy. Presently, it is just nematode eggs like caviar in there… Some may like that. I dig worms. YMMV. Chickens are easy to catch as eggs. Put the egg inside a bug and there is a lot of sport there. We’re not sure what that is yet, but we’re here ready with our thermos. Drat it’s cold. Put another pot on…

I’m easy. I’ll take any bug that moves. Spiders. Fleas. Mites. Ticks. Waiting for a bite would be boring otherwise. Given that, it’s still pretty boring… Watching paint dry would not be for the faint of heart compared to this. Up north is where you really want to be for tick hunting and fishing. I can tell you stories about the big one that got away! I’ve got a whopper already, but I might let him go. It’s not the kill. It’ the thrill of the chase. Tiggy is bored too. Catching him was like arresting the cab driver for the bank robbery. He gave ’em their ride right to the door, then got stiffed on the fare. How’d d’hell did he know they were gonna botch it pulling off a heist??? Every cab driver can’t be Al Quaida you know. Tiggy isn’t a tick. He’s just a pet for now who may have snacked on my scalp, but I found out that lots of other bugs carry nematode parasites, and they will reside in you for years, at which point Wild Apple Leaf treatment forces them out. The whole tick thing just serves to confuse the issue more. It is ten times bigger than just ticks.

Say CHEESEGimme one of those spiders any day. What the hell is in them? Bad azzed worm eggs, I can attest. Coffee’s up… BRB… Ticks need better bait. I think they like GMO laced canola margarine. Ants like butter. You need the right bait. I have biofilm WeeFee, always a plus when you are chosing a Hotel. If you don’t have Worm WeeFee already, worms won’t make their stolen ticks bite. Tiggy knows that… He has a sixth sense about this shzt. That’s why he took them to me. He was just lookin’ for a good tip… You learn lots working the night shift from the patients. They’re not nuts… they’re mostly just misdiagnosed by idiots. He used to be a rocket surgeon in the old country, sort of thing. If you want a total misdiagnosed nut to open up, tell him he is the sanest person you have ever met. Offer him a coffee and a crumb of cheesecake. Then he won’t shaddup! They’re up because they’re herxing, He got a little too much Wild Apple Leaf blood. They’re still a little sick. They need somebody to talk to. I’m their man! It makes fishin’ exciting because otherwise it is like a misspelled Redmond Aircraft manufacturer.

YAWN!Tiggy makes a point. Why don’t we dumbazzes analyze these worms it is forcing out of us when we eat wild apple leaves? That is what is causing all this Lyme/POW/Bartonella/Babesia/Etcetera. Are we nuckin’ futz or something? Well, yeah, I guess, but even Freud himself was nuckin’ futz. I find it interesting what makes a Tick Tick. Tiggy is preachin’ to the choir here. He is not only saner than every single gawdam doctor and person I know, but he’s not your average sick tick. He’s a slick Tick. He knows what make things Tick, you could say. I opened a capsule and gave him a little cayenne apple. I feel your pain pal.

All his other pals have a read on me through their biofilm worm WeeFee. I’m gonna get skunked here. Tiggy is right though when he says I have stumbled on the Best Prescription for Dumbazz, EVER!; Wild Apple Leaf Salad… Delicious in more ways than one!™ Being a quack veterinarian has its advantages… and getting in tight with time travelling worms? Gravy points.

BCTF.logoJust downloading the Murakami ER Tick Removal to show the doctors here what they should do with that one still in the left back side of my neck. I am not going there. They couldn’t count their balls twice and get the same answer when it comes to this. Feels a bit like encephalitis. Explains a lot of encephalomas around here. Brother in law finally died from one. Dr Murakami says don’t panic. So I’m not. We’re gonna fish for more! Noise wont affect them I hope. They haven’t got ears, but are very sensitive to the vibe you could say. I know worms like my music a lot. Maybe why they like me so much. Which came first? The Tickin’ or the Egg? They think 1,000,000 “BC” is a hilarious ridiculous movie. Take Two isn’t much better. lulz

TickinNot in the Jug. In the guy. Still in the neck, must be lots of spirochetes. Mild encephalitis like headache. We’ve felt this many times before. Knowing the exact source is what makes it different this time. Knowing how to deal with it is reassuring, but also knowing who to avoid, the broken, corrupted, technologically dysfunctional and anachronistic, hopelessly mycoplasma contaminated, mass murderous, indefensible, mentally psychopathic narcissistic support riddled health care system, avoids the biggest danger here. They’ll get their day in The Hague for Genocide/crimes against humanity before it’s all over. I don’t see them blockading the weedkiller laced supermarkets yet. Not only have they doubled down on stupid, but they went All In.

Hitler’s Henchmen all tried the “Oh, we didn’t know!” defense too. I imagine the tribunal will just Kill ‘Em All, and Let God Sort ‘Em Out, then change it to life sentences. We’ll finally have someone to eat all that supermarket crap in the FEMA Camps. We can double their life with Wild Apple Leaves to show them how its really done, and extend their misery with probiotics. They’ll have fun working on the Greater 200 m. Pyramids using their own superior technology. Still no nibble on the Tick lines here. I can sense they feel I am a tinch pissed off. You would have to be Insane NOT to be!!! Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. I want to see the look on their faces when they find out engineers rigged it so the detonator is activated by letting go of the stone. lulz

Of course I can’t do it, but some kid DA will gleefully knife the bastards in the back to take a shot at higher office. It’s a given, slam dunk with expert witnesses lined up around the block. The dumbazzes in the glass house have been throwing pebbles at the workers in the anvil factory all day, and now it’s quittin’ time. The best thing is the data I am collecting having an active embedded tick with only wild apple leaf to prove that it can be a continuous Anthelmintic prevention measure against newer nematode reinfection. It is also interesting to know what that initial feeling is exactly from a 20/20 hindsight point of view now..


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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