Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Weds, May 20, 2015 – Day 293 – “Snotterboarded”

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It was bound to happen. It is a nasty side effect of eating too much Wild Apple Leaf at once. Too much biofilm gets hung up waiting expectoration, and makes your feel like you are drowning in phlegm. Simultaneously you get hotter and drier than a $2 pistol in August. Emergency treatment is baby carrots raw and chewable Vitamin C to liquify and hack out all that thick biofilm mucus. I have also heard that celery is good to increase fluids to soften up all that phlegm, but I haven’t confirmed it. Kind of a rabbit food diet. You also have to drink fluids. Coffee and cigarettes to stimulate hacking the guck out works fine for me. The upside is that the Tick Sickness is gone, mother tick and baby nematodes are apparently doing fine, and the snot is flowing relatively unimpeded…

I still have a tick imbedded in the left side back of my neck, above the hair line. I tried going to as much as 2000 mg of wild apple leaf for the impending hatch out of all the nematode eggs in that tick, but that much produces that disconcerting snotterboarding effect. In retrospect, I panicked. 500 mg. a day was probably enough. One nice girl on FB suggested a vet could do the Xylocaine and Adrenaline blister extraction method. My existing worms were ecstatic; Free pseudo Cocaine AND adrenaline! It was not to be though. They, veterinarians, aren’t allowed to treat humans. Unless you have been dead or in Edmonton, the hospital doesn’t have a clue how to treat humans either, OR animals here. This is Canada. We are in that grey area, as Wild Apple Leaf shows us, and we are both; Two species in the same skin. One, the human condition, was born with it, and the other, nematode parasites, comes from bug bites and rides it like they stole it. Anyhow, the upside of all this is that we have a new Emergency Tick Infection Response in the making as we type, which we can add to our 100% proof positive Chronic Tick Borne Illness Test. Tiggy is doing fine by the way. He likes his new home, but I am going to spring him eventually after taking some courses from him, wise old soul that he is. He can go back to driving cab, or just hang out here if he wants.

I go one further having what looks like Congenital Lyme Disease from the symptomatology. Three parents and my extended family all positive, so I am a born human and animal entity. I am a Lyme Baby. Blatant Criminal insurance fraud at the government scale under-reports Canada’s rampant Lyme Disease epidemic showing that we have the lowest incidence of it in the world with the highest bug population. I fully expect a blatant fraud, cover-up, and abuse of the public purse on that scale will be the world’s first 13 digit class action lawsuit, and grounds to re-instate hanging. It’ll warm up the gallows for the Monsanto Genocide War Crimes Trials. We can put them all in a concentration camp in Tickville to eat their own products and suffer their own treatments while awaiting the inevitable re-institution of Capital Punishment and subsequent execution. We can pay for it by seizing all of their assets, proceeds of crime. Hey, *I* wasn’t the one who decided to botch the risk management with intentional fraud, thereby exposing Health Canada to Total Liability! I should go for it… Like Tiggy told me, the ad on the Used Car lot says, “Car Pay Diem!! – EZ Terms!! – Seize It Today!!”

Everybody is freaking out that I have a live tick in the back of my neck. Just a little bit of cold symptoms and cleared up now, thank you. Wild Apple Leaf really does cure what you lesser, laughably “alleged”, parasite infested one species humans call a common cold. I personally think you all have two species but are too afraid or conceited to admit the truth. Denial is more than just a river in Egypt. Being afraid is understandable. Being conceited is being the government. Group One Scaredy Cats accomplishes so much with so little under duress from psychotic Group 2. Group 2 Gubmint accomplishes So Little With So Much!!! Group One is an invertebrate species so there is little chance of them giving Group Two the boot without having a spine. Forget both those azzholes, take Wild Apple Leaf, show some spine, and kick azz!™ lulz

Once you realize it, two heads are better than one. Both species have their strengths. Humans have opposable thumbs, and unlimited supply of bullshzt. Nematodes have a common distributed brain they share, which you can hook up with too once you train yourself, after taking the Wild Apple Leaf supplement to lock in. Two heads are better than one. I have been all over and have a diverse cosmopolitan group of nematodes that come from here to hell and back again, being an oil field exploration surveyor. I realized early on that I wouldn’t be much of an engineer with my ethics, so I just said fzck it. I actually HAVE ethics!!! lulz Professional Engineers can keep a straight face and withhold information that we could accomplish the same thing for pennies on the dollar. I couldn’t. I blew a quarter million bucks getting an education I couldn’t ethically use, and by their own ethics yardstick!

I liked working in the woods. I know any workable Lyme Disease thing has to work in the woods where there is no way you can defend yourself from being the main course for all sorts of bugs. I like critters, squirrels, deer, Christy Clark, other wild animals, that sort of thing. Turns out their bugs and parasites are intelligent as are they, which is impressive as they can survive without two pieces of shzt to rub together. They can’t speak, with the debatable exception of Premier Clark, because their vocal cords don’t do the antiquated articulated airborne wave thing. They can all hook up through their biofilm brain, they all know the same language free of the Tower of Babel bug introduced specifically to screw humans, and it is sort of like my HP Elite… It comes with weefee. That is what we are testing these days, I guess, whether I like it or not.

I am the first Azzholenaut. The question is will the nematode babies from this tick hatch alive, and then scoot, or will they be sterilized by Wild Apple Leaf birth control, or be born immune to it? Will they be born smart enough to hook into the preprogrammed biofilm, or will they be completely id ridden like a human child, leaving me or other extricated elder nematodes to get them over the hump, being orphans? Only time will tell. I know the Farley Mowat thing has been done, Never Cry Wolf, but then there is this whole new angle like a Ticking Time Bomb. I will have to buy cigars for the big day. Some worms are born hermaphrodites, at which time they eat the parent and or vector host (tick). Hey, I ain’t making this shzt up. That is nature’s sustainable way with some of them. Other’s are Dioecious, meaning Boy or Girl. They are my favourites. Oh, the drama. I feel like an expectorating experimental expectant father of a mother host. Say that three times fast! lol

They say John Chapman was an eccentric individual. That is why I suspect he ate Wild Apple Leaves. They alter your stance from type one chickenhzt to type 3 righteously indignant individual questioning authority. It slices through Lyme Fog like a razor blade through bullshzt. It isn’t just being “difficult,” but is saying what is long overdue, such as is the case of Monsanto cowing farmers to wreck their land, poison their GMO Monsanto Seed crops with Monsanto weedkillers, sell it to baby food manufacturers, and then there is me, speaking Truth to The Plower and slabs of bureaucracy “bureaufilm” that made it happen. The government has thus created a perfect nightmare for itself, once that more people eat the wild apple leaves, and simply wake up kicking azz. Now I could make up a whole bunch o’ bullshzt about Wild Apple Leaves forcing out the evil spirits an’ shzt, but the truth is that guck/mucus is excess biofilm, worm poop, and eggs that gives you everything from cancer to heart attacks to warts. It also makes you realize that your supermarket is laced with more weedkiller than WalMart. I ate a handful of raw baby carrots and it softened it all up, so most of that guck is coming out, but it is still coming.

I guess the upside of all this is that I may, with about a 10% chance, get a bullseye rash, and then get a little help, even if it is 59 years too late. The moral of the story is, don’t get impatient, and you won’t get “Snotterboarded!” And like Tiggy says, “Every Azzhole has a One Eyed World View with no Depth Perception, an’ a shztty outlook on Life!” He’s got a couple new friends in the hoosecow too. A spider, 1/4″, and a little tick, 1/8″. “Tick 2” I call it… There’s two more on the window sill. They’re stealthy too… I have one inside my left pant leg. I wonder if it’ll take the bait? I wonder if I’ll be a threat to all those US “Live Tick Bait” Jobs, too? lulz



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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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