Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sun, May 24, 2015 – Day 297 – Born Again

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Eating Wild Apple Leaves seems to rebuild your body one cell at a time. I remarked that I was too tired for a late supper last night. I had just taken my Wild Apple Leaf 500 mg. for the day. It tuckers you out when it goes to work. People die when the weight of all the defective cells on their systems becomes overwhelming, or they put themselves in the care of a branch of the criminal fraudulent Health Canada to get misdiagnosed and poisoned. Health Canada says parasite worms from bug bites are a theory; Wild Apple Leaf rubs your nose in this “theory” as the hundreds of parasite worms from some of your life long history of bug bites scramble for the exits. They apparently robbed a lot of neural material from me, and that is taking some time to rebuild and reconnect my renewed muscles.

Emanuel Swedenborg was a religious philosopher over and above being the prototypical mining and mineral process engineer for the Swedish Department of Mines and Metallurgy. When Johnny Appleseed was confronted with the astonishing unknown physics that eating Cider Apple Leaves presents to you, he thought that Swedenborg was a good fit to put it in a religious framework. Now that we know advanced physics, we can tell more about what is happening here, and how nematode parasites offer an explanation for most religion, apparent miracles, telepathy, and seeming time spanning Telephony evidence, perhaps utilizing the known Einstein-Rosen Bridge “Wormholes” to transmit data through. We also found that nematode parasites have a religious philosophy, and believe in a single, Top of the Heap, God, on top of being more intelligent than humans by multiple factors, being masters of applying gravity and electro-magnetic physics we do not know how to exploit yet. Modern Philosophers like Dr. Christine Breese believe that that all our conscious thought is actually the consciousness of God looking out from your physical perspective. Nematodes agree. They serve as a human resident “Middle Man” to God. Their transmission of Genesis 3 to their ancestors only provides more evidence that a Middle Man only tells you what He wants you to know. lol

We discovered that we are Two Different Intelligent Species in the same skin; Human, and Nematode Parasites of which there are at least 76 kinds. Everybody gets some of them from food, water, and/or bug bites. Chronic disease and the modes of human failure/death dictate everybody has had these since Methuselah. I suspect the whole Genesis 3 narrative is a warning about nematode parasites, and ironically, from a transmission by nematode parasites. Draw your own conclusions why it is murky; I suspect nematodes were comfy with their meal ticket at the time, and edited it slightly. lol Upon human host death, they can simply transfer to a new host. Perhaps they are no longer happy with this arrangement given the popularity of human cremation and Proven Premeditated Monsanto Chemical Genocide (they refuse to eat their own products.) Suzen Chan says Lyme Disease is a Gift, and I agree that with Wild Apple Leaf, it is the gift of Methuselarity. You may die as a human host by accident, poisoning, or doctors, but not from chronic disease from what we have witnessed so far. The factors pointing to this discovery of Wild Apple Leaf Anthelmintic and Antiviral effect alone appear to be Divine in nature, and the subsequent insight into Universal Physics is truly remarkable.

What remains unknown is whether Potassium Salts will be enough to alleviate the respiratory distress of other Lyme/ALS sufferers, like Jason Becker or Stephen Hawking, on the long road back to health. I suspect a bug bite nematode complex behind it all. Likewise, most MS in Canada is misdiagnosed Lyme Disease, giving Canada both the world’s highest and lowest incidences of both diseases respectively in the world. Talk about smoking gun in a premeditated murder one indictment.

Meanwhile, using poor man’s bio-chem techniques to analyse human expulsions/void materials, primarily urine and spat out coughed up mucus, expelled biofilm/contained mucus minerals are increasing their adherence to a porcelain plate, being the water line, and growing fast above that, on the toilet. I attribute this to the intentional increase in intake of potassium salts, possibly dissolving biofilm faster, but maybe just dissolving glyphosate in soft tissues built up from glyphosate poisoned GMO food. We will see how that progresses. We will have to devise a plan to modify input to determine which it is. With all advanced definitive test equipment in the hands of the criminals, we have to formulate a plan “B.”

John Nash and his wife died in a car accident yesterday. He was the subject of the movie, “A Beautiful Mind,” and I strongly suspect, yet another medical misdiagnosis of a bug bite nematode parasite infestation sourced to infested Canadian migratory birds. The doctor criminals defaulted to pseudo science treatment when the easily demonstrable physics of the situation transcended their incurious intellect. The fact that they routinely call themselves “physicians” is a bastardization of the word “physics.” The undeniable mathematics of Dr. Nash left egg all over the faces of the pseudo science physics frauds, yet they refused to recant their overly simplistic read on the physics of the situation. Had Doctor Nash survived, Wild Apple Leaves would have exposed the truth of his parasite nematodes. I fully expect these failed so-called “physician” pretender criminals to continue until Wild Apple Leaf makes it self evident how wrong they all were, how guilty they all are, and for so long that they should hang their heads in shame for eternity during the short breaks from being beaten, whipped, and dragging rocks up pyramids of their own design and method of manufacture. Then when they finish we’ll show their even more Hellish crew of fawning peers how we do it easily, and turn them lose on their genius leaders for payback. When it comes to Engineering Hell, I know a thing or two from experience you could say. I’ll do it Pro Bono Professionis. lulz

That brings us back to our script, “Buggers!” It may never make Hollywood, or vice versa, but trust me, they’re gonna hate it so much, you’ll love it. After all, it will be as undeniable reality then as it already is now. 3:[ As for Deer germinated Wild Apple Leaf, the harvest in South America is current, if not over, as the fall ends in Chile this coming month. As for the successful biological chemical weapon attack and genocide of North America, Bought – the Movie may make it out, but nobody will be alive, or out of Lyme Fog enough, to watch and/or comprehend it. In other words, things are going to plan, flawlessly. Their plan, not your’s. To make Size 0 Capsules, I use this because it comes with the tamper. I compact the powder a few times. You can also get Potassium salts like KCl at WalMart, as it does well to soften up and expectorate biofilm, although I occasionally just lick a bit of cigarette ash. Same thing almost. Remember, Potassium Bichromate/Dichromate may cause Cancer since hexavalent chromium is a known carcinogen doctors use to kill people to fit/fudge their fudged statistics. It’s a fzcked up marble riddled with narcissistic fzckups at the top. Happy Memorial Day.

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Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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