Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Weds, May 27, 2015 – Day 300 – A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

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Roundup-in-apple-orchardIt says this is a picture of an Italian Apple orchard where RoundUp has been used instead of mowing the grass. It is actually a nursery as you can see. It isn’t that often that I stop at only a thousand words, and especially on such a milestone as Day 300 of ingesting Wild Apple Leaves. Where there has been no RoundUp used. I got this from Wikipedia. Avoid getting leaves from trees where it looks like this.

It looks like there is no way to stop this juggernaut. We have to eat it whether we like it or not. How do we mitigate the effects of it chemically? Can that be done? Take an anti-Monsanto pill? Ideally we want to take something that dissolves it in tissues and allows it to be flushed out from where it bioaccumulates. As soon as the company said it didn’t bioaccumulate, researchers and testers found that they were lying. It was found in urine and breast milk… Direct evidence that it was bioaccumulating.

We know the one thing glyphosate really doesn’t like. That is dirt. It degrades it to AMPA an’ other shzt. So do we eat dirt? Well, not really. Can we just eat the palatable things in dirt? That sounds a little tastier. It just so happens I have been trying that recently. I found that eating small amounts of plant ash, like cigarette ash, or potash, made me expectorate a buildup of phlegm, or the stuff biofilm is made of. Biofilm underlies all chronic disease. You may not be too keen eating dirt. I’ve done it all my life whether I liked it or not. You may like potassium gluconate like they sell at WalMart. It is advertised as a sequestrant, meaning it grabs all manner of shzt and gets it on the highway outta town. Looking at the molecule, I am sticking with Dr. Tiggy’s recommendation. KISS. KCl and/or K2SO4. Cigarette ash. Lots more bioactive stuff there, and after all, it is dirt. RoundUp hates dirt. “I’m Mellllting!!!” says the big bad witch of Monsanto.

Tiggy is a student at my Faculty of Metaphysical Engineering, but I gave him his letters already. You could say the poor little bugger is a captive audience to my screeds and rants here. I am a Quack Veterinarian, Tiggy is a Quack Humanarian. We have bonded somewhat as research fellows in our short time together here. Here is his professional photo, barfing out some Wild Apple Leaf blood he borrowed from me, much like humans rent beer… Mine was spiked as Tiggy can attest. “Needs WAY more potassium, azzhole!”

Say CHEESEI take it he locked into the biofilm complex early, as he seems to know engineering lingo well. These days, he has a pet spider, and two Ixodes Ticks as pets in his little house, whether they like it or not. Man, I wish I could be a fly on the wall there… or maybe not!

So eat dirt it is, in the form of potassium salt precursors, or the stuff Potash is made of. Do you have a better idea to sequester glyphosate they cram down our throats, destroying all former nutrients in food?

I am just checking the calendar. Yep. Two Thousand fzckin’ fifteen! Do you believe it? What kind of progress is this? A total FAIL! healthcare system and we are eating dirt. A BugBorne disease epidemic from coast to coast to coast they don’t even know about yet. “Oh, we have the best tests that find only what we want them to find!” say the insurance companies/agencies with glee. “We want you to sell your house and move in right beside us to cut our travel costs down. Then our failing government healthcare system and dysfunctional bureaucracy can get you and kill you quicker. Forget all about the hundreds of nematode parasites you found coming out of you and most people in your clinical trial… Stop listening to those idiot engineers at Purdue, Princeton, MIT, Columbia, Mayo.edu, Johns Hopkins, Yale, UNH, and other party schools, and cut down all your stupid scraggly Apple Trees to make room for neighbours and weedkiller laced lawns! That’s just crazy!” Is it just me, or has the whole thing gone nuckin’ futz? I will concede it is just fzckin’ crazy… and THEM, not ME, and not only in relative terms. They deserve three hots and a cot in a rubber sphere where we tell them to pizz in the corner to get out!!!

And Engineers. Where the fzck are you in all this when a bug who literally only has two brain cells to rub together tells you to eat dirt, and he’s RIGHT!?! WTF? I know UBC Engineering resembled a monkey house at your average zoo more often than not, but you have to admit it was way overbuilt compared to the digs we deserve from what the hell we have done after graduation to bake up this pile o’ shzt! WTF are we going to genetically engineer now? A douche bag with an elbow growing between its eyes, so we can finally have something that can tell its azz from its elbow? OMG! We are SOOO fzck+! So why don’t I say how I really feel, then? Just remember, it’s better bein’ nutty than totally nuckin’ futz!

At least they are considering expiring the Patriot Act. The NSA used it to wiretap all communications in the world, plus all digital communications, including this shzt. They even made us change all of our phone numbers to ten digits so they could keep all the illegally wiretapped shzt straight. Bill Binney may be vindicated yet. He was the engineer who blew the whistle on the whole shztshow from the get go. Ed Snowden was a Johnny Come Lately comparatively with a few PRISM powerpoints. Just in time too. I could always use more Wild Apple Leaf gatherers, dryers, grinders, and encapsulators. The pay would be shzt, but they would have that fat gubmint pension anyways, and we could get drunk and tell old engineering stories, like the time they wire tapped my friend’s cell phone so badly for all her near naked selfies that it locked up ATT, Verizon, and Telus tighter than a bull’z azz at flytime. lulz

ScoreWell, here is a new look… Graphics wrapped text. I’m looking for that old cigarette ash study that shows arsenic, aluminum, lanthanum, and other bad shzt. I have my potassium gluconate sequestrant now, but I am intrigued that nematodes and bugs say eat dirt… 40 quintillion azzholes can’t be that wrong! Earthworms swear by it. Nematodes that wild apple leaf forces out must be able to eat it because what else would they eat?

Worms have been doing it for hundreds of millions of years, but glyphosate toxicity is a new thing on the block. Only time will tell, but given the entire modern history of man isn’t even a wink of the eye on that time scale, being only 200 years, you just know it will end badly. Modern medicine, post Joeseph Lister, is less yet. My sister suggested I should be an anthropologist. I think EVERYBODY should be, but didn’t have the heart to inform her, geology is millions of times older. In mining, and drilling, we see rocks most geologists don’t even know exist except in textbooks. Some of them still have the worms in them too, and moreover, they’re eerily similar to the ones that come out of You when you eat enough Wild Apple Leaf Anthelmintic. As soon as you realize some are almost as old as you are, then you realize eventually that We’re not in Kansas Anymore!


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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