Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Thurs, May 28, 2015 – Day 301 – A New Emergency Tick Treatment

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We saw last week. There simply was no place to go for emergency tick bite treatment. We know why all Lyme Treatment ultimately fails, and that is the nematodes that continue to populate your body after the bite simply never leave. That is until you eat Wild Apple Leaf Anthelmintic. It has been a week since the second bite from a small tick more the size of a mite, and after going through congestion, headache, and chronic fatigue symptoms, I think I am getting over it. I know because I have been treated with antibiotics before for the same thing. A week later I was back to square one, same old symptoms like before the antibiotics.

The bug borne, and not only tick borne, diseases continue because even extended antibiotics affect the source like washing our hands affects us. They get dirty again. Nematodes just wait till that treatment stops, and start over, raising, nurturing, and in fact farming spirochetes. You can keep killing spirochetes because they will just release and “farm” more of them. We have found a conceited and incurious medical community, bolstered by multiple accounts from patients, regarding all bug borne illnesses, and not just classic Lyme Disease. They have completely missed all the others. They don’t have a test. We do. They don’t have an effective treatment if it doesn’t get nematodes out. We do. We know the disease cripples because the paralysis is almost irreversible. I continue to suffer from older infections. There is a slow healing process. I can feel pain/irritation now where it was numb.

Make no mistake, this week was no picnic. I still had to fight whatever the hell those two ticks, on last Monday the 18th and Wednesday, were carrying. I remember the day because it was the 8th anniversary of a strange stroke out of the blue, now I know related to a right side tick bite, same location, and also right here. I have captured 2 examples of what I suspect are similar ticks, but can’t be sure. The attached ones either backed out or I scratched them off. They were on the back, nape, of my neck, and above the hairline so I could not selfie them. Over 40 years of surveying, I knew what tick bites were, and just knew these were ticks. Bug stuck in the bite. This time it was really different though. They are gone, not imbedded like usual. This time, I only had a little right hand shakiness for an hour one day, making it difficult to point and click the mouse. and not for what seemed like a long time. That is when I knew Wild Apple Leaves really did something different this time.

I would say keep it going for weeks, because if you don’t, they cause heart disease, MS, strokes, and arthritis. It is a lot milder than antibiotics, yet way more powerful. Those who know antibiotics will see and attest. It is a natural antibiotic replacement therapy. The fact that it also smokes nematodes out is just a kicker. I also recommend Vitamin C and Potassium Gluconate to handle that phlegm you will maybe also produce way too much of. KCL and K2SO4 in ash helped me personally when it got bad to expectorate the goop. I am definitely chronic, so that may be just me, but if you do not want to wind up like me, start Wild Apple Leaf stat and don’t stop! I proved you can get re-infected just as easily last week.

When doctors tell you there are no ticks or Lyme in Canada, ask them how the country whose National Bird, The Canada Goose, is known to be the biggest infected tick transporter in the world, and somehow according to you, knows not to bring them into Canada? Are you saying that Canada Geese are spatially aware of borders? Are you that nuckin’ futz and they still let you out in public, or are you just that fzckin’ corrupt, stupid, incurious, and/or all of the above? We already know here that they failed the audit so horrifically that the next stop for them should be The Hague for crimes against humanity and enabling the wide spreading of epidemic and/or sexually transmitted disease on the scale of being a bioweapon themselves. The US would be completely justified to launch Operation Douchebag Storm against Ottawa and Health Canada to flatten these weapons of mass infections. Wanna hit on a Canadian chick? You don’t just need a bone bag… You need a fzckin’ Scuba Suit! lulz It’s that bad. I can only hope, and you had better hope too, that Wild Apple Leaf can get us back bumpin’ uglies as per usual. lulz

I can’t believe I am actually thinking of letting one of these ticks go on my arm to bite me so I can get one of those selfies of the unit in the act. After last week, I think I’ll pass. I’m finally getting over the double bug bite flu here. Mother used to call it “The Crud.” We thought it was water borne maybe, and we know that can be the case too, but bug bite vector explains why boiling water didn’t help. My father was told by the local doctor to only drink water from the hot water tap; The water heater could sterilize anything in it known then above 155 F. It was well known to all of us, and now knowing what causes it makes me all the wiser. Knowing what it can lead to is invaluable. Knowing what definitely fights it is a miracle breakthrough.

Meanwhile they have a bioweapon mishap in the United States when a supposed dead strain of anthrax shipped out to labs turned out to be live. Ooops. No news on the tons of ticks imported every year from Canada. This massive Canadian bioweapon fzckup is still under the radar… for now, anyway. We have found out a lot of things over the past year. Insurance is not a service, be it public or private. It is a licence to avoid paying out settlements. Public insurance is worse than private because there is no competition to insert checks and balances against rampart fraud on the provider side. If you have a difficult disease, they just ignore it, or fight to claim it does not exist. Should you falter in your step, people will not come to your aid after the first day. You are then abandoned, and in fact, criticised as being a problem. Doctors are not interested in your well being if you do not fit their overly simplistic cookie cutter world of patent symptom alleviating topical spurious medicine. Government support services are interested in their own situation, and not yours. You must alter your circumstances to be convenient for them, no matter how much of your hopes and dreams are invested to in fact get where you are now. Cops are not exactly interested in fraud and murder when it gets to genocidal levels. A perfect murder weapon and alibi is just that; Perfect! I stand corrected. I am now a dumbazz after having a track record of being first in class all my life. All because I got bit by bugs. Thousands of them. At work. The WCB should be calling any minute now… or maybe not.

We are fighting to change all that. Wild Apple Leaf is where the Buck Stops. The Doe too, for that matter, and where the ass kicking they so richly deserve starts. I hope they can help you too. All you have to do is step out there and try some, from your apple tree if you can find one. It seems I am the only one doing all the legwork here, and I’m a cripple. Getting a little better every day though.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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