Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Fri, May 29, 2015 – Day 302 – Here comes another Full Moon

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It is bug season here. Now is when they all party. It is likely the nematodes in them getting the Full Moon Fever. Even in the egg stage. I look at my hornet biofilm. I remember watching them build it because we want to know every little thing they do here. Their sting burns like fire, They built this window biofilm by dribbling some substance from their anterior. Hornet pizz. It is popular with the local bugs inside out outside it seems. Can you imagine walkin’ up to a bar an’ sayin’ that? “Yeah… Hornet pizz… neat… dirty glass…” I think I have some right over here… lulz


You likely can’t tell, but that biofilm is thru that bottle on the window behind it. I have a couple ounces yet I didn’t soak apple leaves in, seen middle right, also just behind the bottle. I have to be careful with hooch because you become more sensitive to liquor with Lyme. One hornet pizz a month is my intake these days.

The spiders there are getting very active outside that window. They are feeling the full moon coming up.

Note to self: Next year, go to South America for the apple harvest. The bugs will be asleep there more by then. I wouldn’t have to live in fear of reinfection. Reason I say so is I feel that there is another hidden bug bite I haven’t found yet. I feel the effects. I am starting to see why that deer went lame. Likely a Canada Goose as well down in the bay. The ticks here, and spiders too maybe, carry a strong side weakness to them. Granted I am a lot more sensitive being bug bait for 40 years. That is the life of an exploration surveyor. Like software, bugs are something we could all do without, but good luck on that.

A nice doctor, not one of those “There is no Lyme” ones, told me it is like bobby orr’s knee. Once it comes out, it comes out easier the next time. I am finding “Surveyor’s Disease” is like that. It’s me and the old apple tree against the bugs. Glad to know that. On the upside if there is any, there is a year round use for this non-product! But you can’t stop or you go back. I can do without the few pounds o’ worms an’ 15 lbs of biofilm guck for sure. A little Tonalin® CLA and you are in the best tone of your life. Bugs still bite you and your glands swell a bit, but only for hours… not days. They all make you tired like the hornet pizz.

After waking up, I have an earache. That is this bug bite effect. Eyeache, earache, swollen gland, then finished, in fast motion. You would see if you tried wild apple leaf. You know it is some kind of “bug” coming on, but it goes fast, and like over hours, not days and weeks. It really does a number on the common cold, being an apparently really strong anti viral. It never really dawned on me that an actual bug bite causes the “bug.” One other thing I noticed as I was waking, my left arm is starting to get more muscles than my right again. Guitar players know this one. Your left side grows strong when you play guitar. I thought it was only a pro level thing when I used to be a pro guitarist playing in tributes. I hadn’t been playing like that for over 8 years when I gave up after a stroke. I started again about 3 years ago relearning to work around what I had lost as physiotherapy, using a capo to force relearning the songs in different positions. I grew interested again when my niece became involved in the marketing of new Led Zeppelin Reissues in London, England. I reinvented my playing around Zepp, Van Halen, and ZZ nobody really did anymore. Another thing is my upper body strength far exceeds my lower because I have been using it more for to aid mobility. Surveyor’s/Bug Bite Disease takes its toll on your legs, and especially the strongest side. It is nowhere what it was, but that is the first to start recovering.

You really get in tune with your body when you rebuild it from the inside out one cell at a time. I wish it was faster, but how was it the last time you did that? I have to rebuild this browser session as well because it has hundreds of tabs open. I’ve got to lean it out a bit. Also looking at old tabs, it says a nematode is, essentially, a tube animal with a hole at each end. I guess that is a lot like humans, although some have an azzhole at each end. You know the type… lulz One was the guy letting live anthrax go all over the place in 18 shipments. The Pentagon is having kittens about it so you know it isn’t the average fzckup. Well, if you can’t find Cipro, just take Wild Apple Leaf. It likely works better. Just look at, and if you are lucky enough, although they are dangerous with young ones like a bear, feel the muscle tone of a deer. Granted, they can manufacture their own CLA, Conjugated Lineolic Acid; Humans need help, and get it with Tonalin®.

Just saw that Phil Mickelson ad for Enbrel on TV again. Wild Apple Leaf cures that I bet; Psoriatic arthritis. Enbrel “manages symptoms” by killing your immune system. Then you are open to all kinds of horrific infections. I used to have a similar arthritis all my life called Anklosing Spondylitis. Wild Apple Leaf eventually dug through all that 50 years of biofilm. It is largely just gone, and not just managing the symptoms. The upside was that I could gauge the effect relative to a Celebrex 200 mg., and it was the same, but easily ten times as powerful for what I guess would be 500 mg. Celebrex wore off after hours. Wild Apple Leaf does not wear off, except that when bugs bite you, you may want to take it to fight the bug they carry. Now we know that potassium and vitamin C are huge helpers for whatever it is doing, and I suspect eroding the biofilm protected disease. Raw cigarette ash is even more powerful potash in emergency situations to bust up and expectorate it.

I had some antibiotics in December for misdiagnosed pneumonia, which I now know is the Wild Apple Leaf biofilm guck effect, but other than that, nothing. At that time, it actually made me sicker and another drug crippled me, being prescribed for depression. The upside is we changed it to another that only makes my hands shake. Symbicort was useless for it. Trust me, if you have Lyme and they won’t admit it, you would get depressed. Instead, it has been my own immunity against the spirochetes, and not the ABX. Someday, HCP may be prescribed if Dr. Murakami’s clinical trial plays out well. They already know it works from oral medical marijuana, but are trying to prove the effectiveness of hemp cannabidiol as the active ingredient. Thus the well designed UBC controlled study limited to Bull’s Eye rash patients comprising 5-10% of the infected population.

Just read more about John Nash as they plan his memorial, and how he intellectually challenged delusional thinking. I have taken that to heart as well by devising several tests, such as the Pyramid test, or the Causality Test to challenge this entity. It checks out! You can look it up! It is more real than people, and quite a bit more intelligent. How much more intelligent? How much money have you got? This stuff is pure platinum encrusted with diamonds. Problems that have plagued mankind for ages like the method of construction of the Pyramids using 4500 year old technology, in some cases forgotten, such as the method of stone cutting, but easily plausible and in fact demonstrable. Tours of he Pyramids and Alexandria, plus photos of ancient tapestries and hieroglyphics, show all the components for all of this in videos online. NOBODY has hit on it. Their answer to the ancient question of causality (chicken or egg? Which came first?) is oddly, for such a scientific species, part creationism, part hilarity, and part evolution. Brilliant, in fact. One is an advanced design for a reusable spacecraft/re-entry vehicle, and far simpler and elegant than anything seen so far or planned online. I was not aware of the Einstein-Rosen Bridge save for sci-fi until it forced me to look, and check what they claim the mode of use was. So Yes, John Glenn… The nematode “fireflies” are intelligent, and now I know a lot more about why and how they make doctors look so sadly failed and stupid while unjustifiably conceited. Yeah, I know, but *I* didn’t hide this all with an insurance fraud and worst case botched risk management.

I remember after my stroke, Oscar Peterson died, 15 years after having a stroke. I only have 7 to go so they say until I turn it around and beat the odds. The whole Lyme Disease coverup didn’t help matters, hiding the disease from us all our adult lives at least until it all finally leaked out that they have tried and failed to keep a lid on it. Some engineer would have found out the same thing I did watching deer if we knew that “non-existent” Lyme was the obvious root cause of our troubles. We would have found that Wild Apple Leaves force out nematode parasites, and all less than a month after we started looking at it, just like I did. Doctors, then as now, would have been too conceited to try, or too corrupt withholding information while people died so they could patent an ineffective replacement. We had no idea they were so evil, professionally and morally bankrupt, and incurious. It explains why all the top medical research is coming from engineers regarding this. We have nothing to lose, and can steal their lunch SOOO easy. Just make sure you replace it with an Apple Leaf Salad for extra bonus points to leave ’em scratchin’ their head and azz, realizing they are sooo fzck+ as the 50 year old nematodes start drilling out. lulz


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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