Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

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Tues, June 30, 2015 – Day 334 – 31 To Go – World Famous Doctor

No matter what happens now, my doctors are going to be the most famous doctors in the world. They have a choice. It can be because they helped me, or because they said I was delusional. Do you believe in Karma, because this is the most powerful example of it EVER?! They fought me every step of the way and crippled and almost killed me. All of the support people will be, too, big screen, in/famous. The choice is theirs. Just sayin’… I knew this was going to happen so I tried to avoid them at all costs, and have mercy on their soon to be “situations.” To be fair, it wasn’t their fault, but their whole rotten corrupt bloated health care system that forced them into it with inherent “best practices.” I’m a bit sick of whippin’ that dead nag… It’s not making the meat any better. lulz

Who knew? Eat Wild Apple Leaves and watch all your serious illness disappear as multiple parasite nematodes, that escaped detection by doctors for 6 millenia, Caduceus.svgflee the coup. Be careful what you say because when you watch your own lil’ worms come out, you will not want to have to change your tune. Don’t paint yourself into a corner like those doctors did and lose all their credibility FOREVER! An Apple Leaf a day won’t only keep them away… Two or three will destroy them forever. lol

So go easy on your old sawbones. Big Pharma PWN+ them to hawk and shill snake oil for them. They’re riddled with worms too, so they will become YOUR patients. Of course they’re far too proud to do that. They will suffer the longest out of everybody because of it. Get satisfaction from that. The nematodes have PWN+ your doctors for so long they even got doctors to give them top billing on their symbol! See Genesis 3. lulz

Meanwhile, I feel for the poor victims. It is like the hair club for men. I’m not only the president, but I am patient #1! You are not only a victim of bug bites, banksy-in-nyc-2but you are victim of a health care model and system gone so horribly wrong, and one that so richly deserves the imminent bztch slapping that is coming their way, in spades. They are all confused because they are suffering from Lyme Fog. That is the first thing to get cured, in like 3 days, but sometimes it takes months of cajoling to get them to try even one Apple Leaf to get the ball rolling. The worst ones are the ones who don’t even have Lyme Disease. They may never know because their doctors won’t allow them. If you have Lyme, you are actually lucky because all the tables are about to be turned. All those azzholes that said you were faking it, or that you were delusional, are about to become 4th class worm riddled, diseased, and contagious pariahs. They will become victims of the very system they have been blindly thumping the tub for, and it ain’t gonna be pretty. As a matter of fact, it will be the ugliest thing EVER! I am going to make sure of it. lulz

So how can I be so sure? And didn’t my english teacher ever tell me not to start a sentence with “and” or “so?” Let’s just say a lil’ worm told me so. They are little animals too, with all the wants, hopes, and desires for themselves and their children, and they are intelligent. They are blind, so they didn’t know we even existed. This introduces them to a whole brand new universe that they can survive in even better than they could being stuck inside a human host. Nematodes are the most prevalent animal species on earth, surviving at the highest peaks, and in the deepest mines. They hitched a ride in Apollo astronauts. What doctor would have known they were even there? Catch my drift? Don’t try to kill them. They will still be in touch with their peers inside you. They can all kill you easier than you can kill them. They’ll just drill out and move on with the next chapter of their life after you die. They may wind up in a bird, squirrel, fish, or a cow, or just dig around in dirt or swim in a sewer. You? Not so much. lol

Now I know this is old news, but nematode parasites know what you are thinking because they stole your neurons to make a better brain for themselves. We call it bacterial biofilm. They call it, “The Old Noggin.” If you have neural Lyme issues, you likely have a smart bunch of worms because they stole it. You will notice after enough Wild Apple Leaf that many of the nematodes drill out of your spine, neck, and head. Just a hunch, but the ones tapping into your neural tissue will be the brains of the outfit. We know that pectinase dissolves their biofilm construction, but it takes time. We found a lot of them hide under that biofilm as well too. They are still coming out even as we type, and I have taken pectinase for 3 weeks now since Day 313. The apple leaves I was using had some pectinase with them inherently because they were late season leaves I know now. They had 59 years to build it, so three weeks to get this far getting rid of it is mighty impressive. We also want to go slow because we are breaking new ground here. I am not able to ask anyone what d’hell I should do next? All doctors are infamously AWOL paving the road to Hell with good intentions. I could just keel an’ die at any second here, but somehow, I don’t think that is likely today. Or tomorrow even.

I know there are a lot of crazy conspiracy theory sites that think Lyme is a bioweapon. It could be used as one; Don’t give ’em any ideas!!! lol I wonder if a three letter agency could figure the same thing out that I have, or that they will use more nefarious motives to leverage what I have found out? Somehow I am not worried in the least; see the subject. They have the best doctors and best healthcare plans in the world. Every last one of the azzholes. My work is done there. lulz

Now I know why the animals here are keeping a low profile. I just found out from neighbours a cougar got the memo, and moved in. A Big One. They are nervous at the elementary school up the hill. Even Jack, my bear, hasn’t been around. I don’t know if you have ever had a pet bear, but shortly after that, you become THEIR pet. lol The cougar has stolen his pet human, but won’t tangle with me. He hates Led Zeppelin. Especially my renditions, complete with excessive electric dynamics, through a hundred watt HIWATT. lulz Being a poly instrumentalist and recovering from all this Lyme paralysis, I imagine he’s not going to be very fond of my rusty John Bonham either. I play drums like a guitarist. Any cat around here would be a tourist, or live in misery if it couldn’t head for the hills or next county. lol



Mon, June 29, 2015 – Day 333 – 32 To Go – Scary

I wonder what people will think the first time they try Wild Apple Leaves? All those worms start drilling out, and they keep coming. What is scary is that they have been alive in you all those years, and you know how many by where they come out. Moreover, there are layers and layers of their biofilm constructions in there. You realize it will be a while to skunk them all out. Doctors don’t know and they don’t care. It doesn’t fit their model of disease so they ignore it. That is actually a good thing. They are just as deadly as that chronic disease they don’t know how to treat, or know square one about. “Biofilm? Just a theory.” The more you keep this up, the more you will know that medicine is on the wrong track, and headed to the wrong city.

What is scary is that they have obviously been so wrong for so long, and they continue unimpeded in their failure by skipping Nematode Parasites 101, the entire New basis of all medicine. If you are doing Wild Apple Leaves, you are the vanguard and it is lonely. So many idiots, and so little curiosity in all the highest places. You size them up by guessing, “I wonder how much of that conceited sack o’ shzt is worms and biofilm glop?” 50 pounds? 100 pounds? You wonder if they’ll give up and admit defeat? You wonder if they are so incurious they won’t believe the hundreds of worms drilling out of their head alone? You take solace in the fact that by doing nothing they are doomed to a regularly awful chronic end, because we all get bug bites, and go swimming, and eat. The only ones left standing will be the Wild Apple Leaf eaters, and not only do we know, we know why.

If Medicine 101 is Do No Harm, they all fail. You can prove it if they should accidentally eat a whole Apple Leaf Salad. After the predictable snivelling, about the shocked dozens of killer helminths doing harm drilling out of them,  ask them what exactly is that “thing” coming out of their neck/forehead, elbow, etc? Lucy got some ‘xplainin’ to do. They’ll be delayed a while spitting out abandoned biofilm chunks for a few days, weeks, or months… They’ll have to get back to us. Fact of the matter is that it will take several lifetimes to find what those things are given their methods and research structure.

Chin up, I say. No reason to be scared. They are murdering themselves. It doesn’t get better than this. A test where the pass line is life, and the fail is long and painfully obvious. Everybody will have to go through the same thing we are if they don’t want to die the usual horrid wretched fate. 333 days ago a whole new paradigm of medical science was born. I went looking for a Lyme thing, and wound up curing all chronic illness. It is only a matter of time before the whole dam of shzt and corruption bursts. When that finally happens, it will just run the 14 day news course and be forgotten. They’ve gone all in on stupid. They aren’t gonna lose it that easy. I have a 333 day head start for them to catch me. Plus nearly two weeks of pectinase and over hundreds of nematodes that saw the writing on the wall. All medicine is the new Tower of Babel, but it has no intervention. It’s all going to come crashing down.

The store was out of hornet pizz. I have some that I was soaking Apple Leaves in. since last August. Still tasty. A little hot though. I just cut it 50 50 with blackberry wine. It seems to really have an apple leaf kick. We’ll know fast if there are any co0ties made it this far. I was at umsonline.org then. It really made them “talk.” There’s still a few that just came out of their biofilm closet. Have to admire their tenacity. Well, it turned out to be a powerful laxative! lol Maybe past the Best Before date there. A bunch of Swimmer’s Itch ones came out, That is the weird thing. They say those only stay a couple weeks. Until they make biofilm. Then it turns out they’re good to go. For decades until now! lol That chapter slammed shut like a Greek Bank. Totally in the shztter. lulz

Note to self; Be a little more careful there. It was so powerful I broke into a cold sweat and thought I was gonna die. A bunch must have came out internally as well. Feel OK now but man, all at once there, it was an urgent feeling. Lots of laxatives tout gentle relief; This was more like a pizzed off Sumo wrestler, off the top rope with a move illegal in the lower 48 states. Nothing gentle about that at all!! At least my eyes are finally uncrossed. lulz I’ll mark the remainder with a down arrow, skull an’ cross bones, and an exploding hornet graphic to save it for later. You never know when you gotta shzt a football along with the worm express. It was like Moses parted the waters, and they made a break for it I guess. It was the 5 alarm Abandon Shzp Drill that was not a drill. Tasted smooth going down but looked to be anything but at the receiving end of the network. It had a capful of Absinth in it I think for that Velvet Sledgehammer subtlety. About as smooth as a Space X first stage landing. Those Green Apple Leaves have the Green Apple Quickstep shzt in ’em. Chalk up another accidental discovery. I guess that means the fronds are like the fruit, but at the time of its formation. Mature later fall leaves will be nicer I suspect.

Tomorrow will be three weeks from the start of that pectic enzyme. Trichobilharzi hides under pectin biofilm, and so do other pinworms it seems. Nobody ever expected that. Another first here for our little trial. They were looking only for bacteria under biofilm, but we skunked out Parent Nematodes. I should get a hold of Richard Longland. He was one of the first I contacted 10 months ago. Memo: Watch out for the green Wild Apple Leaf extracts. Can you say, “Splashdown?” It’s about the only thing going down faster than the S+P 500 last night and today. lulz

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Sun, June 28, 2015 – Day 332 – 33 To Go – Sterile Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

On June 10, this was posted in sci.med.diseases.lyme

NIH suspends operations in its Clinical Center Pharmaceutical Development

I hope it wasn’t Apple Leaves… Nope… interleukin and albumin… fungus. We tried to keep them clear by heating and drying in the microwave ot on a cookie sheet. They can get a mold on them if you don’t dry them out for keeping though. I haven’t had any problem eating them straight off the tree. I even tried moldy ones to see if they were different. They weren’t AFAICT. They have a higher bar of course at NIH. But ironically, the most powerful medicine known to man grows on an Apple Tree near you… Crab or otherwise we found.

I looked at the three chronic diseases they are targeting with a rapid development strategy. I already know this is the winner. It addresses two of those; Alzheimer’s and Arthritis/Lupus. It flat out cures the latter. Maybe they should try it on the others, including Type II Diabetes. You never know. Anyway, we are having a heat wave here. The leaves are growing. In the fall I will have to harvest a large batch this time around. They’re worth their weight in diamonds at the moment, unless you are in Canada where there is allegedly No Lyme Disease. There just happens to be an epidemic of the symptoms, but you are delusional. I call this eerily identical chronic disease West Denial Virus. They make sure to only test with the worst tests so they won’t be wrong. Our’s is 100% accurate… Leaves… Worms?… Check… You’ve got “it” what ever the hell “it” is. Racketeering is cool when you are a criminal Health Insurance system. They’re beyond any law or courts. YOU are the trouble. God help us, but He’s busy. Showed us the Apple Leaves I guess… Now it’s time to help ourselves.

How else can we keep them sterile? I say keep them dry. If you have one of those little desiccant canisters from other health vitamins or something, you could put that in your bottle of size 0 capsules. I just opened the one that came with some enzymes I was trying. It’s full of those little desiccant silica gel beads. I see tobacco cannisters have a puck/patch package that is permeable inside the lid. Wonder where they get those? That would be a lot better than a cannister; Just a patch in the lid. Those cannisters are a pain in the azz. Reach for some capsules and you always get the cannister instead.

My BMI is a little low. It should be 18.5… it is 17.5 so have to gain 8 pounds or so. That worm biofilm starch weighed about 12 pounds, so each 500 mg. pectin enzyme uses up about a quarter pound of starch. There you go. Each trip to Macdonalds is another 500 mg. to wipe it out. It is likely about a half pound of 50% starch. It made my leg feel temporarily better yesterday, but it hasn’t lasted. I may have just over done it. It is better again after waking up in the morning. I’ll have to give it time.

Back to the subject now. They are natural Apple Leaves, so there are naturally little bug bites where the bugs themselves are eating them. No GMO biotoxins here; I’d be suspicious if there weren’t any bug bites. The best we can hope for is to sterilize them with drying heat, and to keep them from moisture until they are consumed. I am not sure if overheating them would diminish the effect, so there is another thing to try out. The tree out my window here has lots of little apples showing up, but maybe not as thick a leaf crop as last year. They’re about golf ball sized at the moment, and this heat wave has really brought them on. I imagine the leaves will get thicker over the next month. It was a lot cooler last year here, but we have El Nino this year. Another second tree further to the right and more shaded is more loaded this year, leaf wise. It also has a lot of little apples coming on.

If I were in the cider business, it would be a bumper crop year sizing up. We’re in the leaf racket. Typically, these Malus Columbia trees are a late crop, so high pectin content in the fruit. Trees with a faster ripening curve may be a better source of leaves, but the deer didn’t think so last year. Given what we have found out, this begs a lot of research in a fully equipped lab. This is the medicine of the millenium so far anyway. Actually, it has proven to be the medicine of all time human wise. Who knew? I also see that Edie’s little preferred grass/hemp patch has a good crop this year. Neighbours told me the Deer are staying up top in the orchards this year. There is something they know about that; I wonder if it is because there are more bugs after a big salmon year down here? Maybe it is just cooler.

I am going to have to round up troops to harvest the crop eventually but that is 5 months away, around Remembrance/Armistice Day November 11. Last year I tested too many varieties around these parts and discovered Snotterboarding. Watch out for that… Too much Apple Leaf from testing. This harvest, I’ll have a good supply of pectinase to fight that. 20/20 hindsight is great as long as we can learn from it. I know I get more sensitive to Wild Apple Leaves as I continue with this trial. They aren’t poison, but the herx is fast and furious the more you take. It could be Pavlov’s Dog reaction too because the deer would slobber and dribble from their noses when they came to eat leaves here; Pavlov’s Deer. Same thing.

Meanwhile, back to the ranch. We’ve got a weight loss winner here, and to get rid of all the wrong calories that worms farm as biofilm disease. A large amount of it can come out of your head. It appears to specifically get that internal sticky biofilm jelly mobile, the No. 1 deadliest substance in the world, to a point where you can digest and cough it out, but nobody wants to know. It’s a two part thing where the apple leaves get the worms that made it to leave, and this gets some more stealthy stragglers too. Go figure.

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Sat, June 27, 2015 – Day 331 – 34 To Go – Where is Science?

I can tell you it is very misdirected. It’s like you are attacked by an army, Pearl Harbour or 911 style, and they are looking at farm animals in New York for a solution. Meanwhile, the nematodes are laughing. All those other treatments are blowing up the barnyard, but have all the effect on you or them of washing your hands.

I wonder how much longer it will take for them to find this out? I’m not holding my breath. They have completely missed it since Genesis 3 in the Bible. Worse yet, all medicine is built on that. Who is going to have the guts to say the entire status quo has been wrong for 60 Centuries? Quick answer: None of them. When the fzckup is that huge, and that obviously huge, they’re going to spend all their energy on trying to hide the truth about it. They will be totally disgraced otherwise. They have literally blown trillions on the wrong thing.

Ironically, here is the only chance for health insurance to rescue their sorry azz from criminal prosecution doing exactly the same thing; Ignoring and misdirecting. What do you bet they are going to do the same thing? We’ve caught them red handed doing the equivalent of adding a quart of turpentine to your motor oil. They stand to lose the entire dealership. Their solution? Double down on stupid. It’s what they know; Standard psychopathic operating procedure. Ignore the trump card. Burn it. Get rid of it any way possible.

That is Canada in a nutshell. Coming soon to the US. Canadian Healthcare psychopath insurance. Not insurance against it. Insurance BY it! I feel like James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause. All the authority figures are fzcked up and doing exactly the wrong thing, desperately trying to avoid the obvious massive controversy right in their face, demanding an immediate response,  to protect their own pathetic slice of life. They all do exactly the wrong thing. I can’t help but think that is where science will continue to go. They’ll invest everything to defend the irreparably discredited science.

Far fetched? Alan Macdonald and Eva Sapi fought 6 years to prove Lyme disease formed biofilms, so it went chronic. Scientists, who didn’t get the memo, to this day denounce that Lyme can go chronic. Now I have demonstrated spectacular progress against chronic disease in general with a new anthelmintic, exposing a new model behind it. I wonder how many decades this will take to sink into the set cement headed thinking? Even though it has a 6,000 year track record of failure, failure works when you are a failure by continuing to work on the failure. Just ignore the fact that it has been solved, and is no longer a failure. Progress is the enemy when you went all in on Sustainable failure. Now we are saying we solved it? They are saying Bullshzt! I think they deserve a little Salad Education short course in FAIL!

Denial would get back to Egypt where it belongs, stat. Any worm deniers left would get a repeat to drive the point home until they have worms coming out of their eyeballs. Too bad they’re so small you need a microscope to see them. I just saw something that said 90% of people with Lyme Disease do not know they have it. This would burst that bubble fast. Now they have proven Morgellons disease is a Lyme condition. Doctors ignore that science, clinging to a torpedoed notion that it is a mental illness. Peer reviewed science that shows they are the mentally ill, or dangerously outdated  ones, themselves. I point to it as proof of worm tracks, although I never got that condition, and the clinging outdated mentally ill doctors say it is delusional. They’re screaming for their own tour of duty in their own rubber hotel. “Look, are you going to believe us, or these NIH idiots?” Umm… They ARE you when you bother to get up to date, and stop pouting for being such total proven losers. Worse yet, that isn’t even a snowball, or a mouse turd, on the tip of this iceberg of shzt coming your way.

In the next few years from my discovery, watch for a cascading mountain of FAIL of health “sciences.” I should lean into it and see if the NIH knows yet. Lord knows I have tried to contact just about everybody else. In the ultimate left handed way, incurious Canadian doctors may just have given me the no0k that takes them out, and puts them on Cell Block 13 saying “WTF happened?” I do know that earlier this month that the NIH had a lab contamination scare from fungal contamination, but to me, that points to the fact they at least have a lab working on something. “No Bucks… No Buck Rogers,” like Chuck Yeager says. They sure have the bucks. Where is Canada, but if you are making a large bank withdrawal, do you phone the corrupt Cops first? lulz

Canada has research grants set up for cronies of the System of Failure. Repeating the same thing and expecting different results is the sign of insanity. Using the Good Old Ko0ks club ain’t gonna be much better. Going over someone’s head is easy when it is buried in failure though. They just made a rule out of excluding success if it isn’t from them. Case in point: Dr. Ernie Murakami. He found that hemp oil had effect fighting spirochetes. I had effect on eliminating the source of spirochetes. I doubt I’ll be going anywhere there or near there after seeing what they are trying to do to Ernie. It’s time to dig a ditch over their heads. We can plant it full of Apple Trees to feed on the unlimited supply of bullshzt.

EdieMeanwhile, the ongoing clinical trial has made a breakthrough. My Right leg, paralysed a year ago, is getting a lot better today for some strange reason. The foot had been swelling from a targeted new Herx that had me wondering. Feeling it too in that spot the car hit me in the early 60’s. Can it be? If it is, that means it is finally through that large patch of MAST Cell fortified biofilm from there. I hope it is the last struggle. I hit and hurt it seriously again slipping on ice in Dec 2010. Thinking about it even awakes all the initial misery with the rewind effect of these Wild Apple Leaves now really helped with pectinase. I await the coming Full Moon next week to check how many nematodes are left if there are any. I already feel better, anticipating the change, because of those new nematodes we skunked out with pectinase Apple Leaf helper this month. It’s a hit. That must be why that little deer got better so fast last year I am thinking. They must be able to make their own pectinase.  Probably too simplistic. I also seem to be losing weight. All that starch weight. I see why deer are like they are, but I need more opposing leg muscles. On the upside it is a cure for all that hip baggage. Call Guinness. It’s been a pound a day about for 12 days.

If you said it went towards curing obesity at a pound a day, people might buy that, but be sceptical. I would be. I wonder if they gain it at a pound a day? That could be a cozy sustainable thing. lol The down side might be all those worms drilling out of that lardfest, but you pay for it in herxing. No pain… No gain a loss?

Yes,  I know the difference between wishful thinking and real results. They obviously don’t, I can clearly  see by the projection reaction. lol

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Fri, June 26, 2015 – Day 330 – 35 To Go – FAQ

Q: I can’t breath after taking too much Apple Leaf by Accident!
A: You have been “Snotterboarded!” First Defense: Take 500 mg. of Pectic Enzyme Immediately and plenty of fluids!
2nd Defence: Cigarette Ash/Plant Ash/Potash 500 mg. orally with plenty of clear liquid/tea/coffee/fluids.
3rd Defence: Vitamin C Chewable 2,000 mg. and plenty of fluids
What Happened?: Too much biofilm and/or cancerous or diseased cells dissolved at once and went into blood solution inside you, oozing out of your lungs’ alveoli, and plugging you up like pneumonia. Biofilm is food and/or brain material that nematode parasites stored inside you, before they left and while active, for later consumption. This treatment gets rid of the worms but it takes longer to get rid of all that biofilm they had stored before we skunked them out. Sometimes, a cyst full of it will release or burst all at once, requiring help to get rid of with a 1-2-3 Emergency Kit prepared for an incident like this, and kept stocked and within constant reach for such emergencies. Winemaking stores have small packets of Pectic Enzyme. Watch out because too much pectic enzyme at once can also cause this. I could handle 500-1000 mg every 6 hours, but kept it on the low side. You have to be patient as a patient. YMMV

Q: Apple Leaf hurts me. It makes certain areas sore.
A: That shows it is working. It is called a Jarrisch-Herxheimer Reaction. The antiviral and antimicrobial processes are what is causing the swelling and pain. Reduce the dose and avoid getting “Snotterboarded.” I only need 500-1000 mg a day with 500 being my usual daily dose at bedtime (it makes me tired) as I get more sensitive to it the more I take. It is replacing all your defective cells one or two at a time, so it is rebuilding you a little bit at a time, and no pain, no gain, within reason.

Q: When will this ever end?
A: It depends how chronic you are. Like most people, you have had more bug bite or other worm illnesses that they do not know how to detect, or even suspect to exist, and they cause all chronic disease I found, as they all started to disappear as nematodes came out. Over 59 years, I have compiled a lot of chronic baggage. I am also the first success story with this that I know of, and have had a lot of stumbling blocks over these 330 days so far, including being set back 4 months overnight and crippled by doctors and their misdiagnoses, plus crippling near lethal interventions treating a simple 1 minute Snotterboarding like it was COPD for a month. COPD is incurable. I’m cured of whatever it was. You will get reinfected occasionally by bugs like a tick, but this time it will be in fast forward over a few days and not a lifetime. You will have a lot of time. You won’t die from chronic disease that kills most people if you stick with it, and or disease that is usually chalked up to old age. Ask me again in a hundred years if I don’t die in an accident or at the hands of archaic simplistic murderous doctors’ treatments. I may know more then. By then I imagine we’ll have found a better way to get the worm snawt/biofilm out. For now this is it. Doctors gave up trying because they don’t know it even exists. This is most ironic, because it is the other only reason doctors exist, chronic illness, after accidental injury. That is what they burn all the money on.

Q: How did you find all this out?
A: I read a lot after almost a year ago, I went looking for what was making me sick. Doctors here said, and still say, Canada is like Oklahoma; No Lyme Disease. I found that Lyme Disease is what it was, the symptoms were overwhelmingly exact, and that it is an epidemic with a medical insurance criminal cover up, intentionally using flawed false negative testing. If that was the case it was more; A cover up of a conspiracy to commit murder, with a motive of insurance fraud by the provider to avoid a huge loss. I noticed a local deer was lame, and it liked to eat Apple Leaves. It had the same thing; Sudden Weakness on the strong side. It got better in a couple days. I tried them, and found this out. I started to slowly get better but some things were missing. I have since found out what they were.

Q: Does it cure Lyme Disease?
A: Maybe. It looks like nothing cures it no matter how expensive, and Apple Leaves are definitely a positive. It does skunk out previously unknown Human Nematode Parasites that have lived in you for nearly as long as you have been alive. They have been stealthy and avoided detection until now. Doctors still say they do not exist because it means that all medical science has been on the wrong track for centuries.

Q: How can Human Nematode Parasites make all diseases chronic, and all chronic diseases?
A: A two parter! They build Biofilm to protect their food bacteria. We call it disease. They call it “Lunch!” lulz They have a very strong will to survive. Humans are the only known species that gives up.

Q: Does any Apple Tree work?
A: It is starting to look that way. It has been independently confirmed by a handful of people plus a naturopathic doctor around the world, and they see what I saw, at least the ones who keep in touch. Nematodes access out of you from the powerful anthelmintic (a fancy word for anti worm agent) properties of apple and crabapple leaves. Watch out for pesticide and herbicide risk though. That is why I usually specify Wild Apple Trees like my apparent Malus Columbia Cold Weather Apple Crab species here. The pesticide and herbicide could make you sicker than Lyme Disease although that may be hard to believe, since all supermarkets are full of food sprayed with this stuff, requiring no labelling whatsoever in North America and Antarctica… the only two continents on earth where it is not required. It’s a criminal conspiracy… Not a theory. Nothing to see here… move along to the gravesite now.

Q: What is “WDV?”
A: West Denial Virus. That is what I called Lyme Disease in Oklahoma, France, and Canada being hidden by healthcare provider/insurer/government sanctioned criminal fraud. Recent Supreme Court decisions in the US stand to make this the “New” Pandemic with no attempted cure in sight. It is an STD and bug borne/transmitted nematode biofilm complex chronic disease thing exactly like Lyme Disease, but in a criminally corrupt racketeering healthcare system begging for RICO Act prosecution. WDV is spread by intentionally disorganized crime wherever it shows up.

Q: What’s the deal with Pectin?
A: Pectin is starch. It is also polysaccharide from plants used to build cell walls by plants, and by nematodes to make an impermeable  pseudo biofilm cell wall that is stealthy in a human body, and won’t be rejected by your body, to protect their farmed parasitic diseases to shelter them from any and all chemical assault. I try to eliminate it with pectin enzyme, keeping a diet low in pectin starch, and in concert, Apple Leaves get rid of the parasite worms using it. It remains to be seen if by keeping a diet relatively low in new pectin, and booting the nematodes out with Wild Apple Leaf anthelmintic, will ultimately cure chronic Lyme Disease. It could take time; Like nematodes say, “Loam wasn’t built in a day!” or dismantled either as we are finding. But it appears to be working, and more worms came out that hid under its protection from  months of Apple Leaf Treatment. Go figure. It appears to come out as excess phlegm in your intestines and lungs.

Q: What’s the deal with the Full Moon?
A: This points to the fact that Lyme Disease is sourced to a foreign animal, such as a nematode parasite, that is sensitive to the lunar cycle for timing its activity. I suspect it is also why fish are sensitive to lunar cycles for feeding, like solunar tables for fishermen. They must have similar nematode parasites. It is also a way to monitor if there are parasite worms still hiding somehow inside you if the effect is still strong.

Q: What are these things?
A: There are known human nematode parasites. Those are just the known ones. Some unknown ones you get from swimming or pets and they hide after surviving de-worming. Now that we can skunk them out, apparent microscopic worms, using Wild Apple Leaf, plus pectic enzymes, somebody will find out. People seem more curious than doctors here, until we can make a hundred drill outta doctors’ own azzes and eyeballs, each! lulz.

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Thurs, June 25, 2015 – Day 329 – 36 To Go – Nobody here but Us Worms

Well, me and my former close worm family. A little too close. They were making me sick. Then I found they make EVERYBODY sick. From Everything. They’re sorry. They didn’t know. They were born here. Ya can’t pick your parents, or your host either, it turns out. Seemed like a good idea to the bug at the time. Or you if you accidentally ate it. lulz

“One day I was shzt outta a cat, then *poof!* Upgrade!” one opines. Life’s funny that way in worm world. One day in a sand fly, then next thing you know, back to the US in some Gulf War soldier. Or some oilfield surveyor where it’s crowded. Shzt happens. It has been exhausting. They have the doctors so scared of them that they are in denial here. The doctors. Not the worms. The Worms PWN+ the doctors, and the doctors would rather kill people than acknowledge a worm beat them like stolen mule, or that they were its little girl bztches forever. I was the last person who figured doctors were of the mindset if at first you don’t succeed, get a bigger fzckin’ hammer, but there they are with that bigger fzckin’ hammer backfire goose egg in their forehead. I warned ’em… Play fair with worms or suffer the consequences. Now they’ve lost everything. Hospitals. Patients. Respect. Reputation. Credibility. Food supply.

I freely admit it. I am nobody’s fool either, but compared to a worm, I am a fzckin’ r3+4r+. They can eat your left nut, and shzt out a computer before you even knew what happened. Worse yet, they ate my azz and shzt out a mo0nshot cloud server farm. They built it outta frogshzt, hornet pizz, and snawt, and with a few parsecs WeeFee range! I have created a nerdy worm army. They say you are what you eat; They are 100% engineering azz! They left the hole. They, too, say they have enough of those to go around. It’s a universal thing. There is no shortage of azzholes no matter where you go. lulz

There should be a new literacy test for all doctors. After commencing Apple Leaf, their Mark is (Number of Worms that Exit) x 1%. By the time about 100 worms have slithered outta your head, neck, azz, elbow, etc., you finally get the picture. I think I shot to the head of the class that first day. A salad is a tinch too much, heartbut it sure smartens you up! lol Then you realize what a complete fzckin’ idiot you were all this time. That is where all the doctors and their little azz kissers are, up here now, in Canada. Total fzckin’ zeros. As word gets around more, more people will know, and think you were, and are, a total fzckin’ 0% idiot times number of worms. Avoid this at your own peril, azzholes!  Moreover, the clock is tickin’, and everybody will know your place in line as the multiplier slowly goes from 1% to zero %. Look at the number of days in the page title here. Understand yet, “Doc?” lulz

From hero to zero in Macy’s Window. That would be fitting for some of them from the stories I hear. Not all of them, but you know the type. These are the ones who will really punch their own ticket with a haymaker. I call it “Aikido!” – They’re gonna deliver their own best shot to their own nutz! Moreover, they are going to mark their own papers! It doesn’t get better than this! From this point forward, we gotta plan for this one. Get the party favors ready and the Town Square Banners for the big day when they’ll be “Coming OUT!” Bwahhhahaha! You’ll know you’ve achieved comedy gold when you can sit on Main Street, and people LTFAO every time an Unscored idiot with a stethoscope passes by. This is the gift that is gonna keep on giving forEVAH! lulz

Meanwhile, if about 2,000,000 people die a year in the United States alone from this chronic biofilm illness, that’s about 4 a minute who will die from a preventable illness because doctors in Canada aggressively obstructed the inventor and discoverer of the cure, covering up not only the proven insurance fraud they continue to commit in a totally insensitive robot like fashion, but also their own immediately obvious intentional ignorance, incurious nature, and incompetence. Starting to understand the nature and magnitude of the crimes they are committing yet, every second that clock keeps ticking? If that isn’t an Act of War, what is? Starting to understand why their symbol is the enamorously entwined worms around their pole? lulz

I did not know who Jim Humble was until today. I see at least he got attention. Straight Chlorine dioxide is toxic. Nothing I have is toxic. That is provided by the components of the disease as it breaks down as is well known with Lyme Disease. It is so well known, it was patented as a bioweapon. My trick is to break it up into little different toxic, and non toxic bits, but with me, that bit has stopped. I can’t taste methanol anymore, but more like sugary and salty Lipsyl. It has been 9 days pectic enzyme now. It has helped massively with nearly 60 years of biofilm here in a bit more than one week. It took ten months of apple leaves to get to that point before the Tuesday before last. Today I pushed the enzyme toxicity testing to the point where it feels stickerlike I am about to sneeze from my right nostril for an hour, but haven’t yet. Otherwise, Mother was more toxic when she would wash my mouth out with soap, or even threaten to, which she understandably did a lot. lulz

I thought telling people that smoking made it work better had that toxic angle covered. I didn’t make that up. It is simply true. Maybe if I add a truly nasty FDA Approved toxic substance to it, it would attract more attention. Or just plain added RoundUp® <Now with added Agent Orange!!!> to it. Same difference. I’ll offer two versions. One with added RoundUp, and the other without like the Pepsi Challenge. People need choices! That’s at least better than your supermarket where you have no choice, or even knowledge of it. lulz

I just heard Trump likes the Canadian Healthcare System. Huge fatal mistake. Knowing what we know, he’ll get the complete dumbazz vote locked up, since it is only the most fzcked up, if not downright criminal, genocidal, and lethal, thing in the world, EVAH! lol Imagine all insurance competition gone first, and any redress for obvious malpractice next. Then imagine a disease that will bankrupt them comes along and is treatable, like Lyme Disease. They intentionally don’t treat it and misdirect with some bullshzt other diagnosis. You die and their dollars work. Imagine someone figures it out, and they conspire to obstruct and kill him instead. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court already gave you Mandatory Affordable Care at all costs today. Read it and weep. Email me at mvbeng@gmail.com if you desperately need help. I’ll help you for free if you can help everybody else like your friends and family. My whole family is too smart and they all gave up. I am that guy that didn’t. They’re all dying. Their mandatory government doctors won’t let me touch them as they are killing them by the Old Book of Failure. I’m back from the grave. Who looks like the dumbazz here?

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Weds, June 24, 2015 – Day 328 – 37 To Go – Hail Mary

It has been that for me. A Hail Mary Pass. Almost 10 and 3/4 months ago, things looked bleak. I mean really bleak. I was just about to  be introduced to Lyme Disease, and the fact I apparently had it. Finally it made sense why I was suffering increasing weakness on my formerly strongest side. All of a sudden, my increasingly misdiagnosed symptoms and subsequently mistreated with increasingly ineffective treatments made sense. It would be two more weeks until, in that Hail Mary pass moment, out of desperation, I would try some of those Wild Apple Leaves myself. That deer looked to have the same trouble I was having. It got better. Could it be? She had 4 stomachs and could digest poison mushrooms safely they said. It could hurt, but I gambled, after checking the risk. Absolutely nobody knew anything about any of it. Hey, it’s only Apple Leaves, right? I weighed the risks. Croaking from eating apple leaves was a better outcome, and actually seemingly more merciful an end, compared to what I had suffered until then. I checked it out some more, and it was becoming clear. Nobody was winning fighting this thing. The best and brightest had failed. Ironically, that was something I knew how to do. Engineer my way out of a really bad situation. I decided to do an Engineering Report! lulz

They kept doing it to me at work. They would pass me the ball at the worst possible time, and send me to salvage some contract that, for what ever reason, had gone horribly FUBAR. This was just like that. Doctors seemingly stumped, but intentionally lying about it in a pathetic mock attempt to cover it all up while people were dying. If it only took some shzthead with a dial up, and barely two pieces of shzt to rub together, two weeks to figure that out, it was obvious that there was a huge criminal cover up and conspiracy afoot, for the usual reasons. Getting out of an insurance loss by intentionally ignoring the facts and obvious diagnosis. A huge one. Not only had they betrayed the public trust, but they were into life in Alcatraz territory now. Note to self: I’m gonna personally put ’em there and weld the door shut, with visitation rights to kick their azz to eternity and back twice on Sundays, IF I ever get out o’ this pickle… Mary must have heard that. I proposed the worst Hell I knew… Hands on Engineering School with only one way out… Graduation! Sizing them up, a couple may actually make it! The other billion? Sux to be you, Skippy! Need a professor? lulz

All those doctors I was studying had one thing in common. They were all engineers. A couple were medical doctors. I would fill in the gaps in my knowledge there with Bing/Google. I just needed a fresh box o’ batteries for my bullshzt meter. They knew what it was. Biofilm. To unring that bell it was clear we needed an anti bell, and not just a regular one. It had to be the biggest motherfzckin’ anti-Bell EVAH! If I only had a nickel… Finally a shred of hope. Knowing was 90% of the battle, I naively figured. It was more like half. There is no fat lady singing yet. Only 37 days to go too before I lose the bet. “I bet I’ll lock you motherfzckers up within the year for Crimes against Humanity in The Hague!” “I said ‘I’m workin’ on it’,” mustering my best Gene Krantz Apollo 13 voice. Alligators? Check! Azz level? Check! Endictment filed at The Hague? Check! Deadline and clock tickin’? Nominal…

So I sucked ’em in. Using their own game. IP Theft. So sue me. The first Trade Secret was the Unringable Bell. I didn’t invent that. It comes built in with the package. Can’t patent public knowledge… Unless you are the Source, permalinked. I guess they have 37 days to destroy the Internet. Read ’em an’ weep… <collects humongous pile o’ chips> lulz Next problem: Who’ll cash ’em when they’re all broke? Who’ll need ’em? Already proved they are as useless as tits on a bull.

All that is neither here nor there. So far I am still alive when all the odds were against it. Now I am left to pick up the pieces. I’m kind of exhausted from this trek though, and still finding things out way too far in to the whole thing to ever turn back. There was no help, and there still is no help from most of the places that are supposed to do that as their mandate. There is left handed help for crazy people who have imaginary diseases and are delusional. With help like that, who needs help? It’s real. They are the delusional ones and the evidence of that is written in stone. On record dismissing Morgellons as a mental illness after the Feb 12, 2015 fact, and declaring the NIH as garbage. Now it will be their turn to drink the Apple Leaf alleged hemlock to prove it, and indeed prove there are no nematode parasites, Lyme Diseases, chronic illnesses, Miyamotoi, and more. Good luck chumps. All you have to do is find someone who is able to wolf down a salad with no nematodes coming out of them. I already know you will try to disclaim the inevitable results. That is why I set out to make you the most infamous azzholes in history painted into your own corner at figurative gunpoint with the trigger pointed at you, tied to your sorry azz, to simply step out. In The Hague. Live. Big Screen Super HD Drama where who needs a TV? Your absence at Your Trial in front of the World Court is implied guilt. Uncontested. On the lamb. Worldwide Arrest Warrant on sight. Contagious Untreated and Uncontested danger to public health and safety.

The delicious irony of course is that when you think about it, like on that contagious post a short while ago, at present THEY are the contagious ones, denying testing and treatment, not the other way around. lulz To put this in context, I am in Canada where they still claim there is no Lyme Disease. Canada, the source of all borrelia infested, migratory fowl, with every bug, and bug borne disease, possible. Canada where the medical system is a corrupt dysfunctional huge ineffective hog at the trough slurping all the money and getting no results, denying all current peer reviewed medical science without a registered trademark on it and a dollar sign for them in it. Canada, where you go to die from “smoking” with a bullet between your eyes, a botched and covered up medical history of Lyme Disease, no RICO and no questions asked. To me, it’s a Healthcare System that’s just a wasted, blubbery, blank wall for jail tattoos piece of real estate, screaming to get filled in *Lovingly* by their future peer group. In jail. Where the love don’t come easy. Their mileage may vary. lulz