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Tues, June 2, 2015 – Day 306 – It has been almost a week

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Since what EVAH that weird thing in the right side of my upper neck was just blew up. The biofilm encapsulating it for over 5 decades finally split. There are some lingering symptoms like swelling and minor numbness on the right side of my face, and it tasted like earwax mixed with sugar indigestion. TMI, but that is what it was like. Wow. I was sleeping at about 4 AM when it happened. FlyerFollowing the timeline back like all the other things, I can’t recall this one, somewhere in the mid upper right eustachian tube. I thought mumps. Sister can’t remember when my brother and I both got mumps at the same time. I vaguely remember people saying we both got them at the same time, but I was like 4 or 5. Bunching up that trike, grounding the “Flyer,” in the 50’s, was a lot more memorable. Stuff before that may have been erased from the goose egg then. Biofilm would have taken full advantage of that flood of MAST cells to go to work. The earache has subsided to an ear annoyance. This was definitely a major hit to my system as this has been the toughest thing it has healed so far to last almost a week, or 6 days. I am wondering if there will be another Mump, or just this one? Yeccchh! Hope that was the only one for a while anyway. Here’s OweBomb on his similar trike albeit newer… ’57-’58-ish before Hawaii was a state. Ahh, the wonders of time travel… and Old School Photoshoppe. lulz Mine had faded somewhere halfway to teal by the time I packed it in… The clothes scream 50’s though. It was so trendy and fast evolving those days…

Now that I mentioned that, I can feel the other one still in there I think. She’s still all nestled up there nice and snug, rotting like it has for over 55 years. Somehow I don’t really find that too assuring knowing there is another mump there to blow at any time. Doctors would argue till the cows come home about it. It just feels Mumpy to me. I really don’t know. I do remember bugs/ticks liking that spot behind the ear where they would attach. It could be a Bump, and not a Mump. It made my teeth sore on the right side there in the back after the Great Late May Mump-down 2015. Now that it has deflated, I feel there is still one on the left side, while there is a definite void where this former bilious bag is being worked on by a full White blood cell assault.

I gave it a couple grams of Milk Thistle to help my liver deal with it. Grabbed a Devil’s Claw too for some muscular pain by the right knee. The upside there is it used to be arthritic, and never would bend the way to does now. I have that rag doll feeling now so will have to build muscles where they were not being used for decades. I am also averse to “working out,” having done enough “working IN.” Yeah, I know… I’d bztch if they hung me with a new rope, but it is a good kinda bztchin’. Paining and gaining. Some of those are from the ’76 timeframe, where I was wondering when they would reappear. While walking at university, it would be a sharp stabbing pain around the joints and tendons like on the top of my foot opposite the Achilles. I would have to stop and rest; It was too painful to continue, and I still don’t know what it was. Some weird worm thing, and now, obviously it had biofilmed over heavily at the time, perhaps being a cycling injury. Crotch cart seemed like a good way around campus at the time, and UBC was sprawling… Still is, only worse.

People are blissfully ignorant to facts. They let it slide every time a hospital kills a patient with a botched procedure, treatment, or misdiagnosis, making things much worse. The only way to take them down is by starting your own health insurance company. You would have to charge more if the existing system ever got ahold of one of your patients. They are by no means the solution in most cases, in fact being the problem. I see it time and again. You know something is really awry when you can charge less to take smokers than non-smokers. Smokers alone could float your boat. Same deal with Chronic Lyme and especially if untreated. Previous treatment may make our cure dangerous; Who knows? We’ll have to charge double for the uncertainty. Definitely not Canada as the birds load up on ticks and bugs to shzt all over the USA for the gift that keeps on giving all their money to Health Care Costs. If they want tax revenue, put it on GMO Weedkiller Corn Flakes, or anything in a supermarket without a label saying otherwise, ie: None, a substance ten times as detrimental to health than cigars. Start the RoundUp tax RoundUp, and watch shzt change overnight. Follow with a one-two knockout punch of 13 digit lawsuits, pandemic endictments and criminal attempted genocide charges.

Maybe partner with Reynolds American International, RAI. Wouldn’t that be a hoot? Charge less, and get 100% of cigarette tax revenues back. Start with the slow but sure Wild Apple Leaf cure with Potassium salts for COPD, minus the bichromate carcinogens so popular in medicine. Turn a few COPD/Heart Disease/Stroke death sentences around, then hit them with a 13 digit lawsuit after the multiple murder indictments to keep them reeling. You would be rich dealing with emergency tick bite response alone until a resistant bug surfaces somewhere. There hasn’t been one yet since the first Homo Erectus was shzttin’ yellow 2 million years ago AFAIK. Chimps have had this beaten longer. Malaria sufferers alone could pay salaries. Yeah… Dreamer. But we know that going to a doctor for this is like going to a mechanic with a bucket of muriatic acid and a monkey wrench to fix your wristwatch. lulz

Did you know that cigar ash mixed with chalk was used as a dentifice/toothpaste? Makes sense the way it cuts biofilm plaque. The monkey wrenchers? Their solution is to grind it off, along with the apatite on your teeth, with pumice, which is basically microscopic broken glass. Sweet, huh? Meanwhile, really drilling into the 1973 cigarette ash study shows that is where you can get a source of KCl/Pottasium Chloride, and presumably a lot of elemental potassium and a tinch of bromine. It is raining so don’t worry… I won’t let Tiggy go today. It was his idea that the cigarette ashes had potassium up the yin yang in ’em. He is a lot closer to the chemical elements than me with the size advantage alone. lulz As for glyphosate mitigating effects, nobody knows because it is deemed harmless by the FDA. Can you smell what I’m cookin’? The world’s first 14 digit lawsuit? They must have hired Doctors of Monkeywrenching to do their Risk Exposure Analysis on the way to that dip of that bad risk report in the Muriatic Acid, along with themselves… eventually. All they have to do is dip The Cloud in it first… Our gig is to make them wish they had jumped in while they had the chance by suing their ever loving azz off… Right after they have swindled all the money first. lol

Revenge, hot or cold, or all of the above, is a dish best served by the Perps to themselves. Tiggy says he doesn’t wanna be let go because he is ROTFLHFBO. Me too, Tiggs, me too. lulz


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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