Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Weds, June 3, 2015 – Day 307 – A new Spring in My Step

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It has been over ten months. I woke up feeling a lot better today. That is pretty good after two ticks last couple weeks, but they sampled the Wild Apple Blood, and didn’t feel so good about it, detaching and dropping off to herx all to hell themselves. They’ll get my bill via BugPal. lulz Still they made me a little sick in the form of mild encehalitis symptoms, like shakes, headache, respiratory congestion (Wild Apple Leaf known side effect, now that is, from biofilm snawt,) and that funny earache that culminated in an old cyst letting go a week ago this morning. I skipped downstairs grabbing some cigarettes to celebrate my newfound energy. They call them coffin nails since 1883 I see in my research looking at Tiggy’s “Kiss my Ash!™” remedy. We should trademark it, Tiggs. It’s a winner here.

Now note I slipped into the maw of the healthcare system when they had no idea what my Wild Apple Congestion was, and put me on Symbicort and set me back 4 months in recovery. You may recover in only 6 months. I am just assuming anybody trying this will be International Lyme Disease chronic with a Cape Kennedy tick co-infection my Dad may have picked up in Houston. My brother and I both got bit by spiders we thought, down that way in the 90’s, in addition. My old friend and Lyme Positive with official test paramedic pal figures it should be clear cut WCB. I told her she obviously hasn’t tried to deal with those morons yet. All your coverage stops when you cross a provincial boundary, let alone international ones. Hell, they can’t even test for it yet. Only we have that 100% “Hey, lookee what we found! What does yer test say, azzholes?” Borrelia *somefzckin’-thing* test. “Oh, and you’ve got co0+ies, too!” lulz

This is Dr.* Tiggy’s chance to shine. A Glyphosate remedy AND a biofilm snawt softener in one. What a lil’ genius. The asterisk denotes doctor of metaphysical engineering from my prestigious faculty from between the Planck Length cracks of the Universe. lulz It is the pinnaccle of academic achievement in our unknown dark energy field realm… but CAN’T be. Do teh Math!

planck length timeOf course, we are gonna fzck with them now. They’re PWN+. Lucky for them we are too busy to pizz on them if they are on fire. That comes later.

What is pressing is contacting the national level Chilean Consular General contact that was passed to me to get Wild Apple Leaf samples from the current harvest. I will test each individually by taste myself for herx power. A lot is legal T dotting and I crossing. An ounce of dry powder from each sample would be enough. I only wish I could see the leaves, but the Canada Plant Act doesn’t allow that unless we can get a scientific waiver. I would prefer to inspect the proxy bug bite patterns that I know from bugs giving up here. I could always go there but want to save money to buy the harvest here that I know works more spectacular than anything discovered in all medical history.

I already have an idea what the Chilean bug mindset is that way, since neither of us speak English or Spanish worth a shzt… We just know! I am working on it. My paramedic friend, formerly fluent in spanish, thinks they are a Monsanto bztch though. Big Red Flag there. I trust her a lot more than a pyramid of corrupt Ph.D.’s. We’re both paramedics from far out in the bush… her a pro, me just auditing all their courses to supervise a gaggle of long range first responder WCB medics in arguably their most dangerous occupations; Exploration Tree Fallers/Snag Assessors. You get an idea how big I used to be because the crew would have fired me if they thought I couldn’t get them out of a pickle. Lyme took 105 pounds of that away. I wasn’t fat. When you are a lumberjack hours away from a hospital, falling in tight quarters, you learn fast to size up the First Responder Crew first.

I had another baked potato last night re-introducing nightshade vegetables here. That could be why I am all full of zip this AM early. Those WalMart baking spuds have something good going on there. It is also getting accustomed to Atlantic Time here which is the Chilean Time Zone, plus 4 from PDT.

Moving back to the metaphysical, Apples and Apple Trees are magickal. They are obviously preaching to the choir here, but of course our focus is the fronds. Alone they are medicinally dangerous, and the prime reason for that is what I guess we should call Baker’s Pneumonia, another side effect disease that could cut us a swath at medical cocktail parties. The root cause is deposing abandoned biofilm worm neurocomplexii which I found from our nano mechanical engineering metaphysician teams at UMS Engineering. The nematodes do not entirely abandon the neurocomplex and utilize it as long as they possibly can, although they take the knowledge with them. They simply build a new complex and populate its neural cortex film using the former complex. When a human “gives up the ghost,” it pulls the plug on the functional humanoid cortex, leaving only the biofilm as backup.

This, while technically detached and inaccurate from a physics standpoint, is described as soul. That is not to invalidate medium communications though, as the biofilm is a sample accurate snapshot of human cognitive thought up to the point where the primitive on board humanoid brain BIOS ceases to function, controlling breathing, temperature, digestive, heart, respiratory, and other functions. Biofilm persists enabling a permalinked nematode cloud computing model. It is up to the accomplished metaphysician to graft into that lineage of thought., yet realizing it is historical and not forward functional, being in evolutionary stasis minus the former <1% additive humanoid cognitive thought human machine operating system. Nematodes simply go shopping for a new one like we go to Staples. It is their 380+ million year old soul that never dies with the added human parasitic experience. Doctors simply Go To Hell with their Monsanto buddies. They built it, now they have it to play with forever. We check how they’re doin’ from time to time; it is exactly like you would expect with the idiots running the candy store, only worse in ways you couldn’t imagine, they all complain. lulz Oh, I think I could, ;)\~.


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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