Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Thurs, June 4, 2015 – Day 308 – The Meek

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David Lee Roth, sometimes singer of Van Halen, famously remarked, “The Meek shall inherit shzt!” Well, the way the earth has been managed, he’s right. They can have it. We’re thinkin’ a bit bigger, like the solar system for starters. You can’t beat a star based system for raw materials to make an earth, or other planets, an’ comets, an’ asteroids, an’ shzt. They’ll probably be riddled with worms. On any packing list, include a few Wild Apple Trees. We already have spare earth’s with Venus, Titan, Io, and Europa. Take this one with its meek fzckers, “doctors”, global warming azzholes, and Monsanto execs, and stick it in orbit around Uranus. It’s cold, so give them all idiot mitts. You know, the kind with the string so you don’t lose them. They’ll love it! Give ’em a time slot on Comedy Network to rant about it.

A little closer to home, Venus has an atmosphere of CO2, O2, and rains Sulphuric Acid. Lovely. Just change its orbit or turn the sun down a notch, it would be great in a few million years. Doctors on Uranus may even be up to grade of metaphysician by then, but I’m not holding my breath. Last time I checked they were still working on anal progeny after eliminating women. They have Bruce Jenner. “One schmall schtup for a man…” Suffice to say they’re busy… Plus they are finally somewhere cold with No Lyme Disease since Canada caught them with their pants down with 100% testing Wild Apple Positive for whatever the hell “It” is. Note to morons, and even their sub class “doctors,” don’t try to pull that scam where the bug population is the largest on your planet. Besides, isn’t it more important to pack fudge in the shape of your “offspring?” Sustainability. It’s all the rage, idiots.

Meanwhile we have other obstacles to worry about. Nobody will want to try a pill that hurts to make you better. They all want the easy “solution.” Isn’t that just karma? No guts, no glory. lol Especially when there is no easy solution to get rid of worms that will try to kill you if you try to kill them. Every treatment I have seen just kills spirochetes or tries to, leaving all those worms to do it to you again, and again. After every failed attempt they just make the biofilm tougher and more impenetrable, making it even longer and more painful to get rid of. Good one worms. I couldn’t have dealt these shztheads a better hand if I designed it myself. The whole process lies waiting again one infected bug bite away too.

At least those ones don’t live in you all your life as their starter project. No matter what they tell you, all Lyme Disease is chronic. None can be cured unless it is a false positive from something else. If you were “cured” and Wild Apple forces more nematodes out, your Lyme just went Stealthy. Knowing worms, spoofing a test would be what they would look to do, and use your own brain to do it. You are Their Bztch. Rumour has it I am the only one they respect so far, and only for 308 days. In case you have trouble extrapolating, that makes you my bztch by extension. I wouldn’t worry about that. I wouldn’t pizz on you if you were on fire… I’ll just delegate it to the nematodes already inside your head, and every other place they wanted. I have bigger fish to fry.

The alleged intelligentsia deems that I have to prove my, “Theory.” Fair enough, but I am trying to keep away from you after you have Intelligently killed nearly all of my peers, with a couple you haven’t quite killed yet. I know why. I can see why you want it hidden, so your motive is substantial. You are a danger to others to keep your sorry azzes safe. I’m a danger to your theory that doesn’t work with My Theory that has once already, and you won’t even try. Meanwhile, I am treasuring my new right sinus after May Meltdown. Not looking forward to untangling that Left Mump, but it’s progress here. I can’t recall what a new one felt like, so we’re all on new ground here.

I didn’t phone the Chilean consulate yesterday. I have to get my story straight here. Varied one ounce or 25-30 gram samples I could evaluate for strength, taste, snotterboard strength, etc., dried and blendered. I’ll have to look at the other ingredients here like we already get organic hot powder supplied. A good candidate for potential shipping with all the paperwork done would be their Chile Chili pepper people. Don’t take all the leaves. Leave a few for the squirrels, bugs. an’ mice, or as they are known to the birds here, Cra$h an’ Carrion. The littlest patients. Don’t sell ’em to a doctor either, or they’ll wind up in a lab on Death Row, like some poor Canadian schmuck rat getting stuffed full of some Monsanto Competitor$’ shzt. lulz Why doesn’t the brain trust find out what makes them well? Huh? I’ll show you how dumb they are… Why, I oughtta… Think of them as Kittens. Now tell your kids what you do at work… “I murder Kittens for shzts an’ giggles!” “Bwaaahahaha!” “Quitcher snivellin’ or You’re Next! You saw what I did to that fzckin’ cat!” “Wahhhhhhhahaaha!”

I digress. My sister’s cat is sick. Same thing I think. It is dying. Cold and shaking, yet still purring when held, crying. I was there myself, a year ago, too. The Bart… Bartonella Borreliosis is getting her. She needs Wild Apple Leaf stat but her mommy is a medical professional. “I know what’s good for her.” She’ll be claws up soon if I can’t slip some into her food. They live by a huge Human death machine down south, masquerading as a Hospital, where dozens of Lyme Disease sufferers die monthly at their superior hands from “Old Age” or “Second Hand Smoke” at 55. I should kit-nap her and try to help her. The Mice say “Fzck ‘er, Good Riddance!” but it would be proof of concept.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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