Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sat, June 6, 2015 – Day 310 – GMO’s again?

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That’s right. This time it isn’t to lace your Cherios with weedkiller. It is to make tomatoes last longer by making them eliminate polygalacturonase enzymes that make them go mushy and juicy, so their shelf life increases. That isn’t to say they won’t go rotten; They still go rotten, but they are at least firm and you dumbazzes will buy them it they pass the squeeze test even if they are rotten. We suspect that PG’s as they are called can break up biofilm. Tomatoes you buy now make sure you’ll never find out because their PG’s are toes up in the bottom of the gene pool. Biofilm, a disease harbouring substance eerily similar to pectin, exists unhindered without PG’s to break it up. We made up for some of it with potassium salts and good old Vitamin C to soften that thick sticky mucus.

Here is a list of foods rich in enzymes. That’s great, but we wanted PG specifically if we could. I have some miso, natto, and yogurt. Banana? Honey? Garlic + Onions (raw?) Sauerkraut? Check. I haven’t been eating them much though. I forgot the old cheddar on my list yesterday. Ripe organic Tomatoes that haven’t been genetically modified will be a source of PG. But there’s your trouble. All tomatoes, and likely all other PG vegetables, are likely modified now to the long shelf life ones with no PG in them. As a result, we have second hand PG free Super Biofilm. At least they know now. They’ll all be dead from it shortly from a biofilm chronic disease like Cancer, Heart Disease, ALS, or MS. Glad we cleared that up so we know why we are dying. Knowing is 9/10’s of the battle. The other tenth may simply no longer exist, no matter how hard we try to battle. We need a better source of GMO-Supersnawt-ase.

I feel for our local health food store guy. “Waddaya want that we haven’t got, now?” “I need an enzyme that busts GMO-SuperSnawt to Smithereens!” “We’re fresh out! How about all these other fine enzymes?” “Great, but I don’t think they’ll touch GMO-Supersnawt… It’s like that FlexSeal® shzt on TV that seals cannon holes in rowboats…” By genetically robbing plants of pectinase complexes so they have a longer shelf life, they are murdering 20 million people annually with unchecked biofilm formation. Call the cops. Can you imagine the sergeant at the night desk? “Umm… Look, Pal… You already have us a little stretched on getting Monsanto for 7 billion… Do Teh Math! It seems like just another Existential Threat to Mankind. Nothing to see here… Move along now!”

Everybody says eat organic, but we know that will get stretched by supply availability. By reintroducing PG’s and pectinases that make fruits go rotten, you cut their supply in half. Using the same mechanism that made PG Free GMO stuff a hit, reintroducing it could starve us. The big story on pectinase supplements is they will make you live longer. From the link, “Regardless of what it is you are trying to achieve with your health, pectinase is a supplement that could help you reach your goals. If you are trying to lose weight, enzyme supplements are a safe, healthy way to help you get started. Like other dietary supplements, it is not wise to take pectinase for an extended period of time unless directed to do so by your doctor. So before you get started, it would be in your best interest to consult with your medical practitioner first. Pectinase is a natural, healthy, safe ingredient found in the healthiest of foods, especially apples. As the saying goes, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” With pectinase, you are certainly doing yourself a favor! It is also a good thing to bear in mind that pectinase is not a supplement solely beneficial for weight loss. Pectinase helps promote a healthy digestive system, helping not only your gut, but your colon and intestines as well.”

Just reading that, scratch that now GMO Apple off the list. It has the Pectinase snipped out of it at the genetic level, and has become the opposite of good for you to look pretty for you. Luckily they get pectinase and PG from aspergillus niger. That’s good, because I have this sinking feeling.., Good thing we have a backup plan. We have been forewarned about the methanol side effect. Pectinase produces methanol when it breaks down pectin. I am guessing this also applies to the chemically similar biofilm in-situ, and possibly another toxic component in their patented biofilm weapon from lyme disease breakup, and the liver toxins it produces, leading to potentially fatal herxing. Commercial fruit juices will probably not have any to spare to save on process costs. However, we know we are surely damned if we don’t. Weight lifters know this stuff too you can bet. Getting rid of the pectin opens up a clear path for nutrients to muscles and other systems. The wise approach in Chinese Traditional Medicine testing for Du Toxicity is to go slow. We are aware of it. Give us time.

We audited health care in Canada. The mark was not only total FAIL! by their own yardstick, but carried a sentence of Murder in the First Degree, topped with multiple counts of Conspiracy to Commit. The culprit is well known by no less than The Pentagon. It is Analysis Paralysis. By over analysing the outcomes, and seguing into protection of their huge vested interest in those obsoleted outcomes at all costs literally, their flank is wide open to nimble attack by forces who have strength in numbers with everything to gain, and nothing to lose. Mother Nature also operates that way, and the evolutionary pressure is greater as the life cycle of the smallest animals is shorter. It only takes one winner, cloned ad infinitum, to take the whole behemoth down. The Pentagon answer was DARPA to hold a shotgun competition where winner takes all. We are light years ahead of health care by looking forward, and ripping off the rear view mirrors, cherry picking the strengths of the DARPA Process. I heard that researchers are making advances so fast they can’t keep up with the report publishing. Their flank is wide open. All I can say to them is, “Can you say ‘Incoming?’ So far we know you are experts at denying it. In fact, we’re taking it to the Bank.” In Aikido terms, they have become their own fatal unstoppable disease, leaning into creating maximum exposure to asymmetrical total warfare.

I’m back from an extended wibble around town to two health food stores and two wine making supply places. The wine makers take Saturday afternoon off, presumably to test/ do R+D. Yeah, that’s what it has to be. I talked at length to the health food people. Got two kinds of Apple Cider Vinegar, organic with nature, both unfiltered and unpasteurized. Then so we didn’t leave without enzyme treatment, we bought some 90,000 SU unit Serrapeptase. You can see it does everything we were hoping pectinase/PG would do for our specific problem, but at great cost. Still, we are checking it out and it is working. I can feel a herx, but different as it attacks the edema that Wild Apple Leaf herx causes. Better take a couple Milk Thistle here, because we know that juice is going to be hard on the liver. We also know it addresses mucus build up. Silkworms use it to break down their cocoons when they eat them before flying the coup. After inspecting urine produced so far, I wish we had a full analysis. The smell was unique to say the least. Now there is warming where Wild Apple Leaf herx gets cold. We are really onto something here.


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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