Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sun, June 7, 2015 – Day 311 – OMG!™


We all know GMO’s suck. Unless you’ve been dead or in Edmonton, you know that they are harmful to your health. Everybody rants about them, and how the juggernaut can’t be stopped. Is there an antidote? No… Until now. We have the Wild Apple Leaf thing which was supposed to be for Lyme Disease like that little fawn had. It turned out to be a lot more useful than just that, curing damn near everything by skunking out several species of human parasite nematodes that build a biofilm brain/farm in you, and live by farming the diseases that these harbour. So what do we do for an encore?

I give you the other piece of the puzzle: The OMG!™ Pill. While not a total GMO Antidote, the field is left wide open, and screaming for an antidote to the number one known health concern in the world today. The trouble with limiting our focus on Lyme is that it is is the number one Unknown Health Concern in the world today, that being nematode parasites. They will be decades arguing about that. Fzck ’em. We know and that is good enough for me. It is Part One of the crucial key to breaking chronic diseases.

Now we can bztch about Part Two; Is it a disease, or simple cut and dried poisoning? We know as far as North America is concerned, it is poisoning. The poisoning is additive, from pesticide and herbicide residue toxicity, plus elimination of genetic material crucial to good health and crucial enzyme manufacture by your machine, or body, necessary to deal with this shzt that looks like food. We have to address at least those two  additive problems to get back to healthy.

McCrapThere’s not much we can do wrong here. Tiggy says eat dirt. I go one further by suggesting we eat clean dirt. The dirty dirt we eat is already in us. It just needs some minerals to mobilize it to the liver, kidneys or colon, and out the hatch. To see how well it is working, pizz on dandelions to see if it kills them. I noticed that first here a few years ago. What was in my urine that killed dandelions? It would kill them deader than a doornail, and I puzzled over it for a long time. Since then, I thought it was a prostate or drinking water hormone issue. Now we know. MomsAcrossAmerica.com did the groundwork and shows that glyphosate bioaccumulates in the soft tissues. It will need some mineral help to re-mobilize the ions, crack the tenacity of the 3 times more toxic adjuvants, and skid them out. That is what we have to focus on initially, but now we also know that the elimination of galacturosides and pectinase in food can really screw you up by helping nematodes grow biofilm, and preserve it indefinitely by eliminating any food source of enzymes necessary for dissolving it. That way, the Best Before date shelf life of biofilm becomes, “ForEVAH!”

We may never sell much of this stuff because the story will tell it all; “Now Fortified with 2,4-D Agent Orange Antidote! YMMV Good Luck!” Imagine yer azz in Wally World in the health and nutrition aisle, perusing the ingredients of brightly coloured supplements in the aisle. You pick up a bottle of “OMG!™” Shzt! We had NO IDEA we were eating Agent Fzckin’ Orange! Now you do. You slink to the corner to snivel about it. Then you ask the Pharmacist. “We eatin’ Weedkiller here? What do you have that DOESN’T HAVE Weedkiller in it?” “Well, nothing actually, except in Hardware… Seeds… Some assembly required.” “Well, I’m gonna buy my groceries SOMEWHERE Else then!” “Hahaha! Good Luck! Let me know how that goes for ya!”

Sad, but true. We are going to have to do the best we can to get this shzt out of us if we don’t want to starve until some azzhole wakes up. We know how tough it is to unring a bell. Some would say it is downright impossible, but they are obviously new to us here at mike1baker.wordpress.com. We have the walls papered with the fzckin’ things! This one should be good for another No Bell Prize™.mike1baker Tiggy told us to Eat Dirt. Dirt neutralizes glyphosate, and while there used to be a lot of Fuller’s Earth pharmaceutical grade dirt on the market, not so much any more. I have a plan though and I have a source to replace it with fire sterilized dirt, making my own synthetic Fuller’s Earth minus all the mouse shzt an’ stuff. Then I have plant ash on top of that to mobilize these chemicals like 2,4-D and get them on the way out. I would also like to add some enzymes. This is not only your basic Toxicology and Antidotes 101 problem. You have to return what they took out of the food to make it look pretty, and stretch out the best before date. Without whipping that dead horse again, suffice to say we have our target enzyme supplements narrowed down a bit to reclaim the basic good locked up in all this GMO shzt. We also have more “No Bells™” than you can shake a stick at, not to be confused with “No Balls!” which we are obviously fresh out of. lulz

I knew a girl once (Oh, here we go… If I had a nickel…) who said I was sto0pid. I realize the error of my ways there now. I was trying to reason with her and appeal to her intellectual sensibilities. Dumb! She just wanted to fzck. A lot. I wish she were around and I could show her how much I have smartened up. While she wasn’t keen on Atom Smashing or Einstein-Rosen, she was desirable as hell. When you get older, you don’t feel like that so much. Wild Apple Leaf brings that silly, yet immensely enjoyable, youthful mindset back somewhat. I suspect the testing of OMG!™ is what has been making me hornier than a ten peckered Billy Goat. That is another metric we can use to determine the effectiveness of OMG!™, that being sperm volume and production, not to mention regeneration speed. I am pretty sure I can’t be given Lyme Disease from sex now after that double Tick bite FAIL, and I am pretty sure I am not going to be shooting anymore nematode eggs either. They have caught the last train for the coast. The serrapeptase is basically dissolving and breaking down the biofilm snawt causing my right leg troubles. I can feel it working in there, and while a bit stiff and sore today, it is still going at it strong. There is a whole leg to mop up there, not to mention the areas I feel on the left leg too. I hope the pectinase will hit it even harder by breaking up all that shelf life extended biofilm. Nothing can take the wind out of your sails like GMO’s, and there are myriad physiological reasons for that. The destruction of your shikamate pathway leads to the psychological reasons.

I must admit OMG! makes me warm as it restores the enzymes that were so sadly missing. That is in the area of my central core. The guts. Kitten thought I had too many brains and not enough guts, craving a good naughty girl spanking and nibbling. It is addressing that shortfall rather aggressively at the moment. Maybe a tinch less probiotic if any now… I added some prebiotic (natural raw garlic clove) that really amplifies the probiotics. That funny urine smell, akin to cattle and horse “hay” smelling urine, other than sulphur dioxide from garlic, is really intense now from the serrapeptase breakdown of what ever the hell that is it is breaking up. TMI? NEI I say. We want to throw it all on the table here. This tells me the nematodes are using some plant fibre components in their biofilm manufacturing process. At first, the mucus produced was thinner and tasteless compared to the thick deposed Wild Apple Leaf biofilm mucus which was saltier and stickier. This is neutral and thinner, more like broken down gelatinous. We haven’t had a left mump explosion yet; Instead it is draining the congestion there now to catch up to the right side, and the mump location is shrinking a little. Give it time. The smell is somewhat gamey like when we blended the dried Wild Apple Leaves to dust, but it is more grass or hay like if that makes any sense. Perhaps it is somehow from beef or other meat.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

2 thoughts on “Sun, June 7, 2015 – Day 311 – OMG!™

  1. http://naturalsociety.com/former-epa-scientist-speaks-out-against-gmos/

    It’s good someone speaks out, but even this guy doesn’t have a clue of what the real problems are.


  2. However NaturalNews is on the right track:
    …that would be a fun show.


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