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Mon, June 8, 2015 – Day 312 – Moldy – The Movie

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There is a new movie out – Moldy. I hate to break it to ya, but that is just one component that nematodes protect with biofilm; Mycoplasma/Spores. If you have mold issues, you are at the right place for a cure that eludes all medical science. Thanks for a cheap source of moldy real estate at pennies on the dollar though. You could take it all. lulz

I wonder how much of that is misdiagnosed and mistargeted like Lyme/Powassan? I bet all of it. That is like treating a cold with Vicks Vapo Rub. Addressing one symptom of the far reaching complex. You already know we have cured the common cold by eating Wild Apple leaves… a puzzle to medical science to this minute. Moreover, since it is Open Source, they will never know, or even want to know. lulz Get it yet? They are obsolete for free, and specifically due to their own greed.

Cimavax is the successful anti cancer drug from Cuba that is still in clinical trial, bogged down in Analysis Paralysis. They won’t know about Wild Apple Leaf for a hundred years. By then they will all be in jail, because I am going to make sure they live forever in there. They’re healthy. They might live forever with Wild Apple Leaf while their trials are bogged down in analysis paralysis. Why would I need Cimavax then? Good question. I don’t. They’ll know why. Eventually. In a few hundred years in Jail. It’s in the Bible. You can look it up, once you realize the nematodes rewrote the script on the way to sending it back to their ancestors. lulz Even funnier, they didn’t rewrite the last 13 words. Told ya so. This is becoming like a Greg Gutfeld dream sequence. lol

It all turns out to be about Karma.

Something that is even funnier is the Pyramid these idiots try to build. Fails the Survey Test. Flunk. Start over. They’ll learn the hard way Engineering is almost the same units as medicine in 4/7 the time. They’ll never make the Metaphysical entrance exam though. I’ll make sure of it; Just like engineering, they’ll sit down and question, “Are you sure this is the right test?” We have a lot bigger fish to fry than those flounders though. We have a whole planet to dice up, process, package, and re-orbit on the far side of Uranus. They keep anything worth a shzt though. What the fzck did you think this is all about anyway? Got a few “Missing Links?” We made it so you’ll rip it all off for us first. The sequels are literally a “scream.” We are playing the role of spirochetes for some other “Intelligent” species to eat. As soon as you think you have it all, they steal it. lulz

The Farmer Nematode model is very successful and scales well. It has very few weaknesses, and a perpetual re-infestation risk. You’re PWN+ by worms, but you can take it back. There is an engineered way out of this pickle. I hope you paid attention because I’m not gonna tell you how again. My job isn’t to make it damn near impossible; The idea is to find the hard way safely then make short cuts. WordPress could cease to exist in where you wind up. There is the one in a billion chance they have even these primitive computers figured out there yet. Good luck. You’ll need it. I call it “Science Friction.” lulz To be fair, there are billions of shztholes just like this one, in this galaxy alone even, and we can give you a head start on the mining operations. You’ll love it.

I’ve heard a million monkeys and a million typewriters may whack out one line of Shakespeare. You’ll get that chance! Just add HornetPizztypewriters. There’s a lot of missing dots between that and an LHC, but you may find out when you want to wake The Devil Particle again. What if The God and The Devil are one and the same particle? Oooops. lulz Ah, the Schadenfreude of it all. They call it bipolar. Einstein said it. One positive, other pole negative. It’s more than a smokin’ deal on cold real estate, an illness, or a bug. It’s a Feature! lol I’ll make sure you get a Unipolar planet/galaxy all to yourself if you want. Trust me… You’ll get nowhere fast. At least it will be fast; Black Hole one way ticket that even light cannot escape. lulz I need a Hornet Pizz… Went to fill Tiggy’s dish. Tiggy was either sleeping or “in Edmonton.” The ticks were silent. No sign of the spider.

<cough cough> Dayum, that is fine hooch. I’ll have to get another bottle when I get the pectinase, and tell the lady there I can cure her son’s stroke that was similar to mine. Classic Lyme stroke.  They misdiagnosed it like mine, seeing a meningioma I bet. He was 23. I know a teen girl who had one the size of a golf ball removed. They had no idea what it was. Here, we’re coughing chunks of it.

The Farmer Nematode model is very successful and scales well. It has very few weaknesses, and a perpetual re-infestation risk. You’re PWN+. You can take it back though. You’ll love it.

The writing is going better, but so is the procrastinating. It is my physio that hurts and I try to avoid. I also moved to the heavy guitar, but initially it was easier said than done. The serrapeptase is working. Wish I could say the same for some other things like doctors here. My biofilm is down to a patch on the shin that was sunburt(sic) in the early 80’s. Was reading on a chaise lounge, felt nice, fell asleep, woke up an hour later it was tender. Sun came out of the trees. I know what that is in the meat geology here that has been your faithful scribe. Old battle scars form a leg up for the nematodes when the MAST Cells are released. It feels like they use them to build their biofilm if they can. A second dose of serrapeptase is addressing it successfully, safely speeding up the old MAST fortified biofilm erosion process. Even more impressive is nematodes don’t have legs. As we know, they’re different from humans in that humans are a tube animal that can have an azzhole at each end. I am a case in point. lulz

I wonder if we should change the day count to a countdown to July 31 @ 1 PM? That will be one year from finding out it was Ediehopeless chronic Lyme, nearly two weeks of looking to find that out and that medicine was corrupt, formulating the Canadian equivalent of a damning RICO endictment by simply rewriting the book of All Medicine to demonstrate Murder One, and suffering a year of denial from any murderous GMO/Pharma racketeering doctor that can’t pass a two week engineering audit in Canada, save 1 Dr. Murakami, while we started Wild Apple Leaf prescribed by a Dear Deer. Then we started feeling better every single day. We need drama, otherwise this blog will be like watching paint dry. I may have the day count screwed up is the other reason. 22+31=53+312=364+1? Nope. It’s right if the 31st was day one, which it was. So’s the drama if we can handle it too. The clock is running and the bill will be steep. They still haven’t corrected matters to pass audit. Worse, they’ll need 72 Hours of Wild Apple Leaf to clear their own Bug Borne Lyme Meningioma brain fog, at which time they will horrifically find their entire scientific opinion position is delusional and indefensible. The first parasite exits, and the Buck (and Doe) Starts There too. Retroactive. lol


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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