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Tues, June 9, 2015 – Day 313 – 52 To Go – Mycoplasma/Spores

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We saw the “Moldy” documentary. They were preaching to the choir. Pectinase is derived from Aspergillis Niger mold. There are several other known species – 17 they say that are mistaken for it. Mold is actually a natural process you may find hard to get rid of because it is the natural enzyme producing degradation agent. The mold disease portion is incorporated and protected in Biofilm, while the enzyme portion has been eliminated in a GMO baby bathwater firesale. It is genetically eliminated from vegetables these days to extend their shelf life. Far from being a good thing, that leads to unchecked Biofilm growth.

One site points out that pectin is starch. Without mold derived pectinase, it can’t get broken down. Polygalacturonase is part of the pectin degradation process started by Pectinase to break down the complex starch sugars that biofilm is in fact made up of… In our opinion, there’s your trouble. That is what these nematodes have been making all along, harbouring a flock of chronic diseases and planktonic bacteria under an impermeable matrix of Biofilm snawt inside you. With mold so prevalent on earth, as are nematodes, we have to start winning the battle. They say fruits and vegetables, but the essential enzymes and thus, nutrients, have been engineered out of them to make food look pretty. Biofilm never leaves, and winds up looking prettier than the food it is made with, never eroding, with a Best Before Date of “ForEVAH!”

The body can deal with mycoplasma, but not if it is harboured under that biofilmy guck. We suggested enzyme supplements. I missed it yesterday, but today I go to town on related matters where I will bag some pectinase like weightlifters use to dissolve that film and generate an ongoing PG reserve. Meanwhile, the serrapeptase continues to chew away at more bland GMO tasteless guck, while having a significantly fatiguing side effect.

Pectin is starch? They always say starch is bad if too much. Now vegetables are genetically engineered to be all starch, with no beef. The negatives continue to pile up on the GMO Disaster. The RICO Perps behind them continue to obfuscate, using analysis paralysed doctors as a near limitless narcissistic supply mechanism, incapable of seeing the GMO Biofilm Forest for the moldy trees with spirochetes swingin’ from the branches. We are about to take the equivalent of a BiC Lawnmower to the whole shztshow.

I look on my wall here behind the computer with its Dollar Store American Flag stapled up over the ten NASA Gemini Mission Spaceflight Patches. How could such a country get screwed over by Canadian duck bugs? The answer is simple. They are sleeping on the RICO switch. It is often said, when life gives you lemons, whether you like it or not, make lemonade. When life gives everybody GMO Lemons, start selling OMG!™ They all also need Wild Apple Leaves, but have no idea why… Yet. From Nematode 1 crawling out, your life will never be the same. After hundreds, the embarrassment becomes overwhelming that you were so stupid. Doctors may never know as the worms cling to their sweet non smoking doctor meat supply. What Karmic Aikido. The dumb fzcks take themselves out completely without exception. In their world without Descartes by choice, there IS “Something So Hidden.” It hides from them for centuries in Hell, where we use it as a torture weapon, nurtured and sheltered by them, with a little Wild Apple Leaf Salad Surprise Crash Diet. lulz Do we expect them to Talk? Hell No! These people are the bunch lining up to buy the expensive organics, conveniently free of the GM label to hide the genetic elimination of enzymes like pectase/PG, and of ignoring their cohorts that invented the Prettiest Irresistable Suicide Weapons there.

Most of the biofilm seems to come out through the lungs. It must be from inside blood vessels. This is the stuff of arterial plaque, but is also a happy home for mold spores. It is dark, warm, and damp. There is a third nasty in GMO world, and that is “BT” Bio Toxin, where the genetics are modified to make the whole plant a pesticide. Pests adapted to this in under 15 years. GMO’s have only served to make superbugs, and an epidemic of chronic illness, pandemic. We eat it, but having a much longer lifespan, the Human evolutionary pressure is not very great at all. Looking at the number of sick kids, it has basically been the only thing GMO’s have been good at eliminating; People. At least we can serve pretty food at their funerals; You’re next. If course, we want to roll out OMG!™ GMO poison treatment, to save our sorry souls and give us a fighting chance. At least it can fight 2 out of 3. They have no idea what the BT human health effect is or how to combat it either. Gee, aren’t ya glad they really thought this out first? I’m not sure the French have a word for it, but we can generally peg it as “Premeditated.” It isn’t really Murder if it is Genocide, right? Besides, the bugs got around it fast, right? Yeah, I guess… in a dozen generations, or about the time from now to the Magna Carta in Human Terms.

Anyway you slice it, it’s still a shzt sandwich. It used to be that the more bread you have, the less shzt you had to eat, but now it is all just a bigger shzt sandwich with all that bread being More Shzt. It is like being a Self Employed Canadian Entrepreneur; A Threat to US Jobs. They block you from going to or through the United States, while US Companies in Canada require that as a condition for contractual employment by their Canadian Operations. They created their own Murder Weapon, and thwart any attempt to ring the gong on it, or fight back. I’d say fzck ’em, but they’re fzckin’ themselves harder than we ever could by committing mass suicide along with as many they can drag down with them too. So far, their response makes a Chinese Fire Drill look organized. They say by 2050, they’ll be half retarded from GMO’s. I think they already are over that there already. lulz

To be fair, it is also one area where Canada is finally way ahead of the curve versus the US. I can say I have tried pectinase now. About a teaspoon. If you are sober as a judge, you can feel the bit of methyl hydrste/wood alcohol produced when it breaks down pectin. It also produces some carbonic acid, but this is known as normal from consuming fruit, as humans produce about 0.45 grams of ethanol a day from this process. Your liver deals with it slower than ethanol, but with the same enzyme ADH which is ten times as effective at least handling booze. It could be that I am so chock full of pectin from the biofilm not only associated with Lyme and other worm diseases, that the wood alcohol produced by its degradation feels like a half shot of hornet pizz/whiskey. I’ll keep ya updated. I suspect milk thistle may help get that out of your liver along with the formaldehyde it also produces in the process. I haven’t had a seizure or anything … yet.

It has reduced congestion a bit. I can feel it in the areas of edema I have in my lower legs I should add. I expected that. I suspected all along that pectin was behind the biofilm snawt behind that. With no more pectinase available in food, we’re kind of left between a rock and a hard place unless we supplement it. After a couple hours, it has cleaned up though, alcohol wise. Again, like a half a shot of whiskey I would guess. Your nose runs instantly almost. It tastes like sugar a bit, but I suspect that is from breaking the polysaccarides/starch/pectin up in your saliva, producing fructose or similar. Circulation is noticeably enhanced after 2.5 hours.


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