Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Weds, June 10, 2015 – Day 314 – 51 To Go – Pectase – More Info

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Pectic Enzyme is a hit for me now. It liquifies all that biofilmy phlegm with a salty taste to it. That could also be the Potassium. There is also the alcohol effect with each half teaspoon. I’m on my 3rd one. Serrapeptase cuts it too, into a bland slime, but pectase REALLY cuts it. I suspect they are addressing two different kinds of slime from different locales.

I learned a new word in town. A doctor said I looked “Cachectic.” That means scrawny in case you couldn’t give a shzt, and don’t Robert+Plant+Smokinwant to look it up. Well, guilty I guess. There is nothing like Lyme disease, existent or not such as in Canada (can you feel a multiple count RICO style endictment coming?), to take the wind out of your sails that way. I assured him that I actually have bounced off the bottom. Still Jimmy Page scrawny though. It’s better than it was. He admired my hair, I showed him Dr. Schaller’s book, then he admired Dr. Schaller’s hair. I said mine started growing again where it was thinning and showed him. I could tell he was interested from the preoccupation. That alone may get him on Wild Apple Leaf. lulz He’s going through that male pattern baldness phase that I have luckily reversed, because it was thinning, no doubt. I told him I was taking a run at practicing for a Led Zeppelin tribute after he remarked my hair was growing a little too much. I told him the new doubleneck guitar is heavy as hell, so that is why my veins are sticking out, head to toe. I figure set a nearly unobtainable goal for this recovery so I’ll know where the fail bar is. Even before pectin, I’m actually getting  lean, mean, and I am a Wild Apple Leaf biofilm stripped machine. I could use about 50 pounds of muscle back. All 100 would help the vocals no doubt as my diaphragm is weakened presently.

I played lead guitar in a southern rock, ZZ Top, J. Geils, and Janice Joplin tribute before all this came crashing down. The tributes always had the best gate. Actually, the J. Geils Full House era tribute was a bass fill in for a new years gig, and the harmonica player’s cousin knew the leads. Lot’s of really cool obscure blues there. Bass players know this; Bass is like playing lead from one end of the song to the other interspersed with good old fashion peddlin’ an’ posin’. lulz I played the bass through a HIWATT 100 on a 200 watt 15″ JBL that shook out of the cabinet before it was over; I spent the whole 3rd set break re-tightening it. There was so much meat on the dance floor that was not enough power.

I really don’t feel that hungry. Breaking down and digesting all that slime seems to be more than enough although it is all complex carbs/pectin. It is uncomfortably warm temporarily, like after a big starchy spaghetti meal. There is that little bit of methanol too again. It has been over an hour. I should add I just had what I would describe as the best movement of my life. Maybe that explains that core warmth. I did take one of my fruit tree leaf and extra cayenne capsules earlier. I could re-use that paper! lulz OMG!™ is working so far, reclaiming my GI tract where glyphosate GMO’s kill off the flora. Urinary flow is improving. There is no such thing as organic left here it seems; Maybe in your locale too.

That methanol feeling is a blessing in disguise to tell where you get a little too much pectinase. Now I know the bar. I will encapsulate some to quantify it more in like 500 mg doses, 2 or 3 x 2 a day at present, like 3 grams a day. I am looking at my arms now where the doctor formulated his cachectic read on me. They used to be the size of my leg muscles now. I just realized that the worms, particularly their flock of nematodes, ate that much of me, and I bet they were snacking on the neurons in my right leg. Bastzrds! On the upside, it is a “killer” weight loss program. They have been hiding all that away under biofilm snawt mimicking a Pectin cell wall where my immunity can’t get at it. A great deal of that pectinase heat effect must be my immune system going to work, as well as the extra sugar biofilm breakdown products it produces. You can just tell you are winning and the effect is dramatic. Finally a good source of drama on this thing since the worms flew the coup. Without getting rid of the nematodes that build it, you would be on a treadmill, so it is definitely a two part thing. Wild Apple Leaves throws the wrench in the gears of that treadmill, sending the nematodes packing. OMG!™ appears to be the missing piece of the Lyme Biofilm Nematode Mycoplasma puzzle. Deer would get pectinase from their foraging of natural berries an’ stuff. They are exceptionally lean on top of being impervious to bug bites. That Rottweiler wouldn’t tangle with one.

GMO proponents are slippery. They’re likely at the root of the Chronic Wasting Disease problem in our Deer, and their cachectic humans. The GMO Obfuscators are a whisker away from the RICO slammer. Before that, they had to nail Al Capone for tax evasion. My whole experience is just another bit to add on to the mountain of evidence for the prosecution. Multiply it over 7 billion times, and you get serious jail time, if not hanging, for these perps. Being a surveyor, we are always the first to find this crap out first hand, unfortunately. Of course in a blindingly stupid self destroying Aikido Move, Big GMO has intentionally hidden the toxic effects of their weedkiller on humans, and to the point where it is not classed as a poison. Not having a freely available toxicology response for a proven poison, a WHMIS, a HAZMAT, or Surveyor_3-Apollo_12any of that shzt leaves them wide open to the entire combined OSHA and WCB damnation they so richly deserve, and that is just the opener. Here we show they have another hidden murder weapon they have destroyed the entire food supply with; Pectin, without Pectinase Pectin Enzyme AKA Pectase. Their plausible deniability is kinda shot there since they advertise it as a feature.

I had two more apparent nematodes exit even at this late date out of left back shoulder and armpit. Gotta keep that Wild Apple Leaf up too. They were probably hiding under pectin like everything else. Turns out people are now all like cloudy wine. Hope this clears that up. lulz I made up some Size 0’s of OMG-A and OMG-B to play with. Muwahaha! And as always, these things are tested on a human, YMMV. Use caution with pets; They may get so feisty, they’ll take the place over… if they haven’t already. lulz Of course, the downside of all this is that these now all fall into the class of potentially dangerous new pharmaceuticals that actually work. They are not homeopathic remedies. Like pharmaceuticals, the homeopathics won’t work either, touching what we found (and likewise found Us,) and medicine laughingly claims does not exist. That is the one takeaway that I have found in testing. Their are no doctors to prescribe them because there are no doctors in this league, and it is All Pro Spitball Hurlin’ Hell to get in. The other is that I am the only person alive in the world who has made it this far… holding the camera. lulz


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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