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Thurs, June 11, 2015 – Day 315 – 50 To Go – Getting New Pharmaceuticals Approved


We see the ads on TV. Most of the ad is dangers of using the patented trademarked drug. How did they ever get this shzt on the market in the first place? Most of the time, they hide it. Look at Vioxx and Celebrex. Enbrel and Remicade. The list goes on and on. This shzt can kill you if you don’t know what you are doing. It can kill you even when they claim they know what they are doing. They cover their azz with legal boilerplate and an implied disclaimer acceptance; You have been forewarned, and you are still taking this shzt. Of course, they are all forthright about it. That must be why they are facing RICO Act prosecution for all that “plausible deniability.” See “Bought – The Movie” when it comes out shortly.

We have tried to lay all the known cards on the table. All the doctors I ask about this say one of two things. “Over my head” or “Doesn’t Exist” when we have undeniably witnessed it. What I found to be a damning endictment of all healthcare here is that they are not even aware of biofilm, 50 miles from the birthplace of the late Dr. Bill Costerton, Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. Bill was the Father of Biofilm Research. Moreover, they do not want to know. That is akin to them saying to the doctor examination boards and professional organizations, “Let’s just forget all that pharmaceutical bullshzt, OK?” They ignore the Number 1 Biggest Obstacle to medicine, the very mechanics of ALL chronic illness/disease, killing over 20 million a year in the United States. OMG! and Wild Apple Leaf combined solve it effectively and permanently addressing the factors underlying it; The Cocoon and The Bug along with the Nematodes inside them. I guess that makes me Biolfilm’s Daddy now by default. Who’s your Daddy? lulz I wish bill were alive to challenge me on it. Hopefully, Dr. Tim Lu, MIT Engineering, will in his footsteps. Note he does pay tribute to Dr. Bonnie Bassler at Princeton with quorum sensing capability of biofilm, which we know is the distributed neurological model like a Nematode Net built specifically by nematodes.

I am watching Bill’s other interview with Richard Longland. He mention the prostate was biofilm related. Wild Apple Leaf alone was addressing that, but slowly. OMG-A and OMG-B are obviously now cutting through it like a hot knife through warm butter. I take them on an empty stomach so the active ingredients don’t get wasted on the fibre in the food. I have an idea for an OMG C now that intercepts the poison components of GMO Food, namely Glyphosate, shortly after it is eaten. Hey, *I* didn’t fill supermarkets floor to ceiling and wall to wall with that crap; You did, bought and paid for, plugging up all the hospitals needlessly with the results. Anyways it is doing what we want and that is taking the biofilm surface adherance away by altering surface chem with OMG-B, and consuming the liquified biofilm reaction products of OMG-A/Pectinase. We have evidence of B for a couple days now, where mucus is now coming out in clumps instead of just one thick mass, and A liquifaction of that sticky surface phlegm. This is not in the test tube/in-vitro… This is right inside the human.

I know this is working well now because it has one remaining big male worm talking, fearing for its life. He may think that going pharmaceutical is too close to doctors who murder them without remorse or sympathy. I assured it that I will go on its schedule, whatever it can handle, quid pro quo though. I queried what I could do for it. It wants fish, and specific vegetables. I said doable; I could use a good chinese smorg too. I planned one Monday, but he was acting up, so I skipped it. In retrospect, it was the doctor visit that had him on pins and needles. This was no exception; Doctor visits make me the sickest I ever feel and if I could have skipped them, I would likely have been better by now. They are my largest setbacks without exception, to the point where it is criminal. The prostate biofilm must be a large part of its neural complex I suspect because that is currently the most dramatic reversal I have experienced so far since Monday when we started the pectinase and OMG in general. Nope… He claims it is the lower legs, so particularly right foot. He passed the pyramid test and actually added some things that were news to me. He admitted the bulk of it was plagiarized from me. Hey… I’d do the same thing in his, err… shoes. lulz

Timeline, neither of us are sure. He vaguely remembers the ’65 right foot ankle injury, so predating that. I am leaning towards ’63 and all those MAST cells from being hit by a car. I can still feel that. Come to think of it, something is happening there now. That predated Shuswap Lake, and was after Muskoka Ontario Summer ’62. I suspect he’s from some Ontario bug by Huntsville or Cannington.

Back to the topic, the easiest way is to eliminate allopathic doctors entirely. A restraining order would also be in order in preservation of one’s good health when even getting near them is a health hazard. Moreover, incompetence and obsolescence can be easily demonstrated. The TCM Approval process for new medicine (Testing for Du Toxicity) is satisfactory for our purposes where the issues are understood clearly and without a blanket condemnation by forces so incompetent and obsolete they should be jailed and stripped of all medical authority indefinitely immediately. Remember, it is on their watch that supermarkets are filled with poison they do not even test for. Besides they’re a little busy getting female Viagra approved. lulz

Moving along, I just filled up another 24 OMG-B Capsules. The double edged sword there is that combined with Vinegar or simple acetic acid, the by product is H2S Hydrogen Sulphide, a substance 1000 times deadlier than cyanide gas, and is in fact the deadliest substance known to man. It has a high affinity for water and readily dissolves, going into solution where it remains deadly. Classic strong rotten egg smell detectable at levels as low as 1 part per billion with alarms set to go off at 10 ppb. In the oil patch engineering world, we know this because we are all H2S Alive! certified. You cannot take it with apple cider vinegar, just to be safe. B is a source of potassium sulphate salts, but combined with vinegar, it can kill. I haven’t got a safe over-and-above level of bicarbonate in there to combat that yet. Now you see my problem with all these things. Methyl Hydrate, H2S, snotterboarding, hydrogen cyanide HCN, the list goes on and on. It takes them out of the realm of homeopathy and puts them into the column of Use Only Under Consultation with a Biophysics/Chemical Engineer… not a Doctor or psychotic murderer!

Same Monzanto Final Zoluzionthing; Some of the crap they prescribe wouldn’t pass Du. They will freely admit it is out of their scope; Glyphosate Testing. Well, then whose scope is it exactly within anyway? And what about the whole GMO permanently starched vegetable thing? Not so with TCM, as it affords a way forward, and that is slowly and carefully, augmenting the chemical reverse engineering part with common sense TCM-H Protocols. Of course, none of this should be necessary, but thanks to this whole GMO two part biological chemical weapon successful attack shztshow on us mere “Schwein!”, making simple bug bites blossom into lethal biofilm chronic disease, it is essential to ever get well again. Finding the pure effect, then cutting it with the bicarb for an antidote to see if it still works after that is where we are headed. Only man would be so stupid to get into a pickle where the antidote to the worst case contraindications for the antidote is necessary. Animals that dumb are toes up in the bottom of the deep end of the gene pool already. On a related note, do you think I should put that pic of the average Monsanto board/shareholder meeting on the label for “OMG!™”, with a red circle and a line through it? lulz


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

3 thoughts on “Thurs, June 11, 2015 – Day 315 – 50 To Go – Getting New Pharmaceuticals Approved

  1. I lose track of all your OMG supplements..which is which..lol, but I think you should link OMG-C with Vitamin C.

    This is a fantastic lecture by Suzanne Humphries on Vitamin C:


    • I already have high dose Vit. C in the walmart protocol, but OMG-C borrows from Poison Treatment with Actibated Charcoal and clay minerals, both food grade. It is more a north american thing. A is the pure pectinase biofilm dissolver.


      • Thanks. It’s interesting. Activated Charcoal is a supplement I’m using daily too. I just came to use it through trial and error. Works great for the pains in my stomach.


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