Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Fri, June 12, 2015 – Day 316 – 49 To Go – Chemistry

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That’s how you get a Reaction. Sometimes we get the reaction, and we go looking for what happened. I smelled strong ammonia in urine. Where could it be coming from? The chemistry of pectin breakdown is specifically simple, but several other factors like temperature and pH, and the presence of other minerals can make it complex. It could simply be a large amount of dead pathogens that have no defence to immunity now that their protective cell wall mimicking pectin biofilm is dissolving from the relentless pectinase assault. I do feel feverish, but do not have a thermometer. If that is the reaction, we are really taking the battle directly to them because the smell was strong. Last trip, more of the same thing. High ammonia. My white cells are really winning to the point where they’re almost making me sweat. I need fluids.

I have been forewarned that it would take over a year and be hopeless if it was a 60 year chronic Lyme condition. Well, I buckled down and said they fzcked with the wrong hombre! There was that stroke of luck with the Wild Apple Leaf, but there is obviously  lot of things missing in a human diet compared to a deer. Another big one, actually HUGE, is a source of pectinase now that it has been genetically removed from food. Deer are also the pinnacle of digestive efficiency having 4 stomachs. It is not one beer gut the size of 4 like a lot of humans I know. They can nibble little bits of natural hemp growing here and make use of the medicine somehow as well. Richard Longland’s biofilm YouTube Channel was instrumental in finally realizing the mechanism of GMO Excessive Pectin underlying the rampant chronic biofilm disease explosion in North America, and in fact, likely worldwide as well. I connected the dots a week ago, tried restoring some pectinase, and Voila!. It works. Now we have to lean into it.

Biofilm is pectin, but more than just pectin. We have found that taking serrapeptase also produces a thick tasteless slime. We also take a multi enzyme prebiotic, Digest More. Your body can’t get enough of these enzymes to break that stuff down, and it protects chronic disease from your natural immunity. By far the most dramatic effect is from taking pectinase Pectin Enzyme though. We get scads of clots of slime coming out as expectorant. It breaks the Wild Apple Leaf snotterboarding feeling. There seems to be an endless supply of it coming out, and it gets a little tiring coughing it all out. You just know that it has to come out if there is a cure possible though, so we press on. We can always stop and gel for a bit of a rest, then resume in a “phlegm sprint” fashion. I can see why antibiotics can’t touch that; It is like it is encased in polyethylene. Another worm was caught last night exiting too out of my gums above my right front upper molar inside my mouth. The little bugger was hiding under that biofilm in there near the top of the tooth root I deduce, making a little pimple where it left. It was likely too small to see like a pinworm as most of them have been. I’ll leave that up to the folks with the microscopes. Canadian doctors don’t know they have been invented yet to easily diagnose Lyme Disease. Here’s a tip: You can find your balls with one! lulz

Those worms will keep the biofilm manufacturing up if they are still there. Wild Apple Leaf skunked them out of me until we recently found out more were/are hiding in biofilm to protect themselves from the anthelmintic effect.

According to Wikipedia, there are no genetically modified tomato foods currently available. Of course, if there were, they wouldn’t need to let us know since North America and Antarctica are the two continents on earth where it is not required that we label GMO’s. Moreover, you can bet the Monsanto Mafia is all over that Wiki. It seems that it has changed its story from the last time I looked. If all these fruits and vegetables have ample pectinase in them, why would I need any more, and moreover, why is the effect so dramatic? It seems I was literally full of Pectin Slime. No wonder they are so adamantly against labelling GMO’s. The GMO Cops would fill the jails with cheaters growing this extended shelf life shzt on the sly. “Yeah, man… Farm fresh. We just picked it the other day…” Yeah… A month and a half ago… Can you tell I am a little sceptical? At any rate, it seems I was not getting anywhere near enough pectinase to break the extra pectin up.

I can see why they are banking on nobody looking, just like they don’t even look for Lyme Disease in Canada, playing a shell game of misdiagnosing it intentionally. It could be checked by testing for genes, but that is too time consuming and costly, just like Lyme Disease testing was until I came up with this Wild Apple Leaf thing. It is the same with biofilm; Start with the Pectinase Enzyme and start hacking it all out. The treatment is the test. Getting rid of that mucus is the cure. Not bad for what they say kills about 2 million people a year in the United States. We just hope it plays out here.

Meanwhile, quite a few more nematodes are leaving. There have been 5 more last night that I have noticed so far, hiding under that former pectin shield. It has created a whole new chapter of them here. It is going to change the way to use Apple Leaves. I would use the two together from the start, pectinase and wild apple leaves, and especially to combat the congestion/pseudo pneumonia you may experience from the leaves as it loosens that right up. I am also using 5 grams of Vitamin C plus or minus.

And hours later, another update. The strong ammonia smell has morphed to Bartonella Cat Urine Smell. The implication here is that Bartonella has a root cause nematode that hides with great stealth under pectin based biofilm itself. Perhaps somebody will be able to catch one now on scotch tape and actually identify the species. Very early on, in the first couple weeks when I didn’t know what these things were, I suggested catching and taping them to a business card with scotch tape to identify. Later when it became clear there were actually hundreds, and it wasn’t just me, I just let them all go. I lost the original cards I taped a few to as well anyways. Moreover, peripheral edema swelling has gone down concurrently and considerably.


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