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Sun, June 14, 2015 – Day 318 – 47 To Go – Another Report

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We have a follow-up for our May 6, 2015 report to GeoConvention 2015 due to go. At that time, we identified the problem was two fold; Nematode Parasites from Bug Bites, and not just Ticks & water borne critters, but the whole GMO onslaught to the food supply, and the unforeseen consequences that we found they presented with biofilm formation from the first part. The whole OMG! Antidote proposal is meant to address some if not all of those problems that will not go away, and eliminated or mitigate the unbelievably manufactured and pandemic GMO helpers to chronic disease. So far, the mechanism was suspected, but unknown prior to what we found out when we set out to solve whatever it was.

When we started 10 and a half months ago, we imposed a one year limit to look into the whole thing, disclosing what we thought would be helpful to the many people caught with Chronic Lyme, and having no way out. If we didn’t make it, it would all be moot anyway because we were surely dying. During that time, it looked like nothing was working for anybody either. I was warned by my siblings to get my affairs in order to Prepare to Die. I was unable. Moreover, since later in May, we found that re-infection risk is still looming, and that nobody has a solution for that either. Removing a Tick just leaves the entire iceberg, underlying the whole thing, untouched. You get another massive dose of nematode eggs, and from all sorts of bugs, food, and water borne parasites.

The longer you live, we found that the more biofilm farmers you get. Nobody has even known they were there, but it is painfully obvious as soon as you eat Wild Apple Leaf extracts and/or powders. It underlies all the trouble of not just Lyme Disease, but all the top causes of human and animal death due to chronic disease in North America and The World. The entire science of medicine gave up, other than telling people it was unsolvable. Bullshzt! Moreover, they spent all the money protecting their Superior Failing Science, and in fact, expanded their mental wards to lock up anybody who challenged their undeniably abysmal track record of unprecedented failure, over the entire history of Mankind itself. We also found that their “treatments” treat the parasites or their symptoms, and don’t get rid of the intelligent parasite perpetrators. It will go down in history as a tattoo of “All Time Dumbazz” across their collective foreheads.

Dr. Samadi of Fox Broadcasting points out that chronic pain management alone is the driver. We have eliminated the root cause, yet nobody will buy it; It costs nearly nothing. It didn’t cost nearly nothing to develop. The 11 most expensive drugs in the world show the lengths people go to when they attempt to eliminate, or even just manage symptoms of, disease that has minimal demand, and what the cost is. We have eliminated most disease with maximal demand. Do the math to figure out what I deserve to be on par with other competing medicine that fails, demand times patient supply. 7.4 billion is the demand because we all die from chronic disease. $1 a day or the cost of two cigarettes each would be fair. Descartes rightly said there was Nothing So Hidden, and we found it hiding in plain view in two places and in multiple modes. That has to be worth something. If it isn’t, nobody will buy it, in more ways than one. I am not the usual heartless bastzrd in their whole seedy, greedy, chickenshzt azz covering, life destroying, medical sciences world. I told people how to do it as my contribution to the cause. I told them the dangers and risks to expect, and worked long and hard on measures to mitigate them. Time for a recap report and disclosure. There are other new things in the pipeline, and quite frankly, dealing with their science a second longer only serves to me sick. Or even Sicker as a “side effect!” lulz

Now granted, it is a bit of a warning shot between the eyebrows, kinda, mistake-solution. But go figure. It needed that. Meanwhile, after several hours, I am back up in the saddle here. Was downstairs puttering around, got tired, had a nap, grabbed blackberry wine, mic stand, etc. and hauled upstairs. OMG! testing makes you tired as a side effect from presumably methyl alcohol and formaldehyde cat pizz, but a new one now; A ketone of some sort. It smelled longer chain than acetone. Unknown for now. Ketones, as you may know, are nice smelling in the longer mer lengths, such as with raspberry ketone. This was somewhere in between. It could just be the hellish product of some Butterscotch Schapps, cat pizz, and carboxylic acid from biofilm snawt pectin enzyme inspired breakup. So I grabbed some wine to see if ethyl alcohol somehow combines to make God Only Knows/Ketone. “GOK²” for short… It is actually an oilfield technical term for unknown natural gas liquids, left over after liquid processing to strip ethylene for example, that come out of it. I am just confirming that a second dose OMG!-A makes me tired an hour or so later with wine.

This brings me to something that would make two of my old professors proud. I view the body as a mineral processing plant. My theories were so bang on correct that it was the fatal warning shot out of the forehead, through the azzhole, the RICO doctors were SOOO desperately screaming for… They picked on the wrong 8 year old. lulz Isn’t it a little too convenient that all the money in the medical profession comes from chronic disease caused by intentionally ignored nematode parasites? That is what the RICO Act was developed to thwart and prosecute; White Coat Corruption and Racketeering is just another chapter of infamy there, with Murder One, and nice touches like trying to declare the victims, cops, prosecution, and judges insane. Luckily, I did a dual major degree, because we were a small class with more professors than students that year. The next year got loaded up though, “Hey… Look at the party those gawdam Miners are havin’…” It was anything but fun and games, though. Worked hard… Played even harder, that’s all. Took full units of each degree.

Looked around for evidence of more worms. One nematode in particular came out of the upper mid right back. Lots of trichobilharzi regentia that look like dirt again from lower front torso from rubbing docks while climbing on while swimming, I guess. They have stayed hidden for years… up to 5 decades, even. Descartes said Nothing So Hidden… We found doctors “Nothing So Incurious,” out of sheer ignorance, helped them hide a lot. I hope the nematodes got the memo we are ordering 10 Kg of food grade diatomaceous earth to hit/dust this place with. That may be hazardous to their health. Not mine. lulz


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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