Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Weds, June 17, 2015 – Day 321 – 44 To Go – Sidetracked

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I missed a day. I got sidetracked by someone who was late for a meeting. It was my sister, the be all and end all of medical science. God help us all.

She loves to give disabled people the run around. So do her evil doctor cohorts. As a matter of fact, the whole rotten medical structure in Canada does that. They make disabled people come to them to tell them there is absolutely nothing they can do for them, or tell them they are delusional, if they should have a disease they can’t figure out. Lyme disease is just one of those diseases. Their mark for dealing with any sort of disease that doesn’t fit their cookie cutter vision of medical science patented treatment model is Incomplete F-. They call it “Falling through the Cracks” which would be OK except for all the buses lazily weaving through these alleged “cracks” akin to a WalMart parking lot at 4 AM Sunday Morning. There is that occasional broken down car or one with lost keys. That is Them, the Quacks. It is mostly cracks, and nowhere near enough Quacks, as if that would help. These failures have racked up over half the national debt and continue to slurp over half of tax revenue, as if that helps. No politician will touch this Third Rail “Walter Reed” style largest failure in History “success story.” They are accountable to no one and the rug is up to the ceiling with crzp swept underneath it.

We move on. The only way in to that shzt show is to have a disease, a drug, and golf vacations to hawk it. It could be poison. Might as well be to fit in with all their other shzt. These days, they are all cozy with Monsanto conveniently clandestinely stocking national brands laced with weedkiller and Agent Orange. Monsanto keeps them close like teachers to be the Second Wave to bump off in their Fourth Reich. After all, what use is a bunch of l053r5 once their planned failure ignoring all the weedkiller poisoning is completed to plan? Lampshades? Skull Ashtrays? Pelvic Doorstops and Jackboot Jacks? “Look! Zis doktor and Hiztory Teacher are vinally doing zomesing USEFUL! Muuuuwaahahaha!”

I digress. Back to the grind. I’ll have to add that as another possible side effect; May make you a crotchety old bastzrd, as if I needed help. lulz Nahhh… Chalk that up to USP Life – Best Before: 18… and we do not mean 2018. At present, there is no “USP Apple Leaves,” but that is just one obstacle we are actively working on. It is further compounded because the entire genus “Malus” has to be gone over, as our applecrab hybrids, as well as apparent Serversii and Domestica cross leaves, have to be evaluated. Concurrently, we continue Du Toxicity testing on at least a few fronts. The USP and TCM organisations are far more receptive and faster moving than their sad sack sisters in official sawbonery. In what I now see as a stroke of luck, I have fallen through the Quacks.

Tiggy is finally impressed with something I am doing. “USP? Man, that’s really something!” We will need to have some sort of pharmaceutical standard to test Apple Leaves by. The Dirt people (absorbentproductsltd.com) have forgone human testing, opting for a USP FCC GRAS Classification for Animal Feed Declumping Agent. He wasn’t impressed with me on Wild Apple Leaves. I guess I tasted “USP: Rotten!” There is the trouble; The stuff is useful in a lot of categories, such as a test for Lyme Disease, or a first line response for tick or other bug bites. Doxycycline may get the spirochetes, but what about the millions of nematode eggs? And then there is the whole anthelmintic angle, plus powerful antiviral angle, and the fact that it is not an antibiotic, but accomplishes exactly the same thing, killing the disease, while leaving the biotics standing, if they have a leg to stand on. Perhaps they, your intestinal biotic pals, cling or swim more, but they are fine with Wild Apple Leaves. Nematodes are not, and if you zap the biofilm matrix they are hiding under with enzymes, they really don’t like that either. I also have a name to get registered for my new drug. Meanwhile, I am still a patient, albeit an impatient one. You spit out 60 years of chronic Lyme biofilm and see if you can go any faster without getting snotterboarded for the last time. lulz

Luckily, your faithful snotterblogger has been an azzholenaut about the whole sordid tale. This past week has been a good initial test of pectin enzyme, but now we see the other sample of pectin enzyme I got is different. It is not USP Standardized. My ebay order appears to be what I was testing, but this is different. More brownish sugary coloured instead of white fine dust, and I had to regrind it and crush it because it clumped  bit in the package.

Ideally, I would want to “TR” the shzt outta the gate, but insaner minds may win out on that one. That is a common trick to extend patent protection. Make your expired shzt “Time Release.” This is the age old ethical question. Do I let zillions die but at least get the shzt out there to save lives, and troll the gawdam thing in perpetuity like a real drug manufacturer? Or do I stick to my self imposed Guidelines for the “IQVS – International Quack Veterinary Society?” “Do no Harem!™ Quacks Without Borders!” is meant to keep us from fzckin’ around, but there is sizeable temptation amped up by strength of numbers. That can always come later, but easier said than done. lulz

Type II Pectin Enzyme has a slightly different taste initially, being differently sweeter, due to the different sugar matrix. It produces a different phlegm/mucus as well that I can only describe as saltier and “soapy” tasting, like sapindus berries, or soapnuts. Type I pectin enzyme produces a thinner almost watery mucus along with clots, whereas Type II is thicker a bit, but no clots, at least ones having defined boundaries relatively. Ideally, both are valid in their own right, and perhaps a combination of the two may be in order for optimal results. Type II is more expensive slightly. I can see both are helpful to alleviate the disturbing snotterboarding effect of Baker’s Pneumonia, brought on by Wild Apple Leaf Positive reactions from it attacking and apparently detaching these biofilms. This is all in situ, although I did test a bit outside to make sure it would work like our theory. If that were helpful “in vitro,” then Vitamin C would work, but compared to this, it was kind of a big flop. You had to consume large quantities of it to have any effect, where as the pectin enzymes are effective at 500mg. every 6 hours, versus 500 mg. powdered Apple Leaf every 24 hours. It is a bit early to see if there is a formaldehyde – methyl hydrate taste/smell to get the Type II level. That takes 4 hours to kick in with Type I. We aren’t sure about USP FCC classifications for all these enzyme types, but their widespread use in fruit juice has them in the FCC Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) category. There is a warning about inhaling the dust. I could see it would be hazardous to COPD drug manufacturers for starters, because in my case, the was a classic misdiagnosis of Baker’s Pneumonia of biofilm snot and excess nematode sex sourced pinworm eggs/etc. being expelled. lulz

Type II PE produces ammonia plus formaldehyde faster at 2.5 hours, and your urine doesn’t really foam, but it forms stable bubbles. Interesting. I don’t think Cat Pizz biofilm bubble bath will catch on, but it is remarkable nonetheless. I popped another couple Milk Thistle to help get it out. Effect physiology is immediately noticeable in my larger calf muscles with Type II so it seems to be more penetrating than Type I. That could also be the effect of Type I doing all the heavy snot lifting first, plus the fact that it has been 8 days continuous. I don’t know. It’s all good. YMMV At 3.5 hours, still soapy tasting sputum, but a hint of methanol taste starting to show.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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