Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Thurs, June 18, 2015 – Day 322 – 43 To Go – IQVS “Do No Harem!™”

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In the IQVS, we try to keep current with truly Out There shzt, as well as borderline genuine medicine. Dr. Coldwell makes a lot of sense, even though he does not touch on nematode parasites that we found to be ubiquitous and pandemic with Wild Apple Leaf treatment. Western Quacks of course say it is all in your head, so we see where they get that. Like a broken watch, they may be right twice a day. To be fair, that is better than their track record with chronic disease, so they point to Dr. Coldwell as a yardstick of their collective success. One guy, and he’s one of their own. The rest are a total FAIL!, but they have a rockstar.

Given their reliance on medicine, our pill stands to make them heroes. They surely need something, because it isn’t going so well for them now. I was lucky enough to be shown that the future of medicine was in fact hatched 50 million years in the past, and in the form of Apple Leaves posessing hitherto unknown powerful anthelmintic and healing properties. Introducing it to mankind is a lot harder than you would think. Dr. Coldwell spends most of his time fighting attacks from failures, and that is his own peer group. To be clear, we have nothing to do with them at IQVS. Maybe we can use that to our advantage somehow. The definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over, and expecting different results. Just sayin’… I know everybody is a little different, but it isn’t like the difference between Canadian Rats and a meerkat. These guys are nuckin’ futz, and they are supposed to be some arbiter of sanity? In the inevitable documentary about all this, cue the creepy music every time they show up on screen.

The Type II Pectin Enzyme trial continues, but makes you tired like Type I. Similar effect, and around the time you get toxins from the pectin conversion. I took two Wild Apple Leaf last night, one each with each pectic enzyme. The takeaway here is that you need more pectic enzyme than Wild Apple Leaf I am finding, say 2 parts pectic enzyme to one part Apple Leaf. Equal parts gets you to the snotterboard feeling, so you are going to need more enzyme to convert all that biofilm polysaccharide being freed up and expelled. It is a slow process to dissolve and expectorate all that, but slow and steady wins the race. In my case, I find that it has taken 55 years or more to build up all that biofilm, so I’ll just have to give it time. Prior to this, there was no way to get rid of biofilm other than physically cutting it out with surgery. I am getting a little tired of it, but staying the course will lead to a more positive outcome for sure if I can clean it all out. I weigh it against the doom I felt a year ago, and before I finally fingered Lyme Disease as the culprit when the symptomatology became an exact copy of the story of my life till then.

Just got rid of a double shot of Cat Urine. High ammonia and formaldehyde plus methyl alcohol, I presume. Getting kind of tired of that too, but I consider that it all used to be in me as a precursor. You will know when it happens to you, and you will know there is no quick way to safely get rid of it. Weigh that against the improvements you will continue to, and in some cases like I am experiencing, start to feel. This Type II PE is really working on my calf muscles again today. I am starting to walk relatively normally requiring no cane or balance aids for short periods. I hope we are really finally onto a solution here. Another thing I noticed was that my belt around my waist would slide down and cut off my circulation to my legs. I got some rope to make suspenders out of. They don’t sell suspenders anywhere I could find. Only belts. It is cruel being a geezer or Jack White. They don’t keep us in Suspense. If you are too skinny for a belt, I guess I am preaching to the choir. John Chapman Appleseed was like that too. In my case, it was the nematodes that ate me, consuming my entire right gluteous maximus among other things like the nerves there too before I booted them out with Wild Apple Leaf.

Getting rock star skinny has its drawbacks. Changing that tire on my 4×4 for example. When I was a lot stouter, it would have been a minor inconvenience. Now it is a nearly insurmountable obstacle. I have a plan to free the lug nuts with a blowtorch and hopefully get the torque level down to humanly possible. Meanwhile, I counted the minutes to a Type I/Type II 50/50 enzyme that I have now taken. We have soap, but easier with 50% Type I in it. Some sort of glycerine is being produced it seems.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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