Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Tues, June 23, 2015 – Day 327 – 38 To Go – Health Alert

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Here is the latest post you see at sci.med.diseases.lyme from Saturday… I could say it is futile, but nobody will listen. Wild Apple Leaf is the only effective response and preventative measure you can take from repeated re-infection. They will find out soon enough.

“Dear Health Alert Network (HAN) Subscriber:

2015 DOHMH Advisory #12: Tick-borne Disease Advisory

Please share with your colleagues in Internal and Family Medicine,
Pediatrics, Infectious Disease, Infection Control, Laboratory Medicine,
Hematology, Cardiology, Neurology, Rheumatology, Critical Care and
Emergency Medicine:

• The following tick-borne diseases are reportable in New York City (NYC):
Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever (RMSF), babesiosis,
ehrlichiosis and anaplasmosis.
o All with the exception of RMSF are associated primarily with travel
outside of NYC.
• New and updated resources for tick-borne diseases are available on the
DOHMH website.
o Refer to the Reference Manual for Physicians on Tick Borne Diseases in
the New York City Area for extensive details and guidance on
identification, diagnosis, treatment and prevention

June 17, 2015

Dear Colleagues,

From May through November, New York City (NYC) clinicians should be on the
alert for patients with tick-borne diseases. This advisory presents key
epidemiologic findings regarding reportable tick-borne diseases in NYC and
reminds clinicians of reporting requirements. Providers are encouraged to
refer to the Reference Manual for Physicians on Tick Borne Diseases in the
New York City Area for extensive details and guidance on identification,
diagnosis, treatment and prevention (See

Moreover, those are just tick borne. Ticks get a bad rap as the only vector when spiders, fleas, mites, bedbugs, hornets, and mosquitoes also carry debilatating illness too. Ticks are a lot easier to catch is all. You’ll see after you start Wild Apple Leaf treatment. You’ll need a lot of help with the side effects, but trust me, I’m working on that. Really. All day and all night to get it out there as fast as we dare.

I hope my friends in South America were able to stock up on the recent harvest of Apple Leaves there, although there is a lot of pesticide and herbicide risk to their crop in a world where the pesticde and herbicide manufacturers own the testing for their products. I actually like to see bug bites on my leaves to know that they don’t poison bugs. They are my little proxy safety testers. I know they won’t be infested with nematodes, the bugs that eat the leaves that is. Same thing with the deer that eat the leaves. They really don’t eat very many. It doesn’t take that many, even if you are as heavy as a deer. They weigh at least a couple times what a human does, and have zero fat I am estimating. Here is another alert from sci.med.diseases.lyme…

“Widespread Borrelia miyamotoi Tick-borne Fever Found in US

Janis C. Kelly June 12, 2015

Borrelia miyamotoi disease (BMD), a tick-borne infection that can cause
more severe symptoms than Lyme disease, was first reported in the
northeastern United States in 2013 but is becoming more common and should
be considered in all areas where deer tick-transmitted infections are
endemic, according to a case-series published online June 9 in the Annals
of Internal Medicine.”

The most amazing thing about using Wild Apple Leaf as an emergency tick or insect bite response is that you will temporarily feel the effects of the diseases that bug is transmitting. The two ticks that got me last month were both packin’ encephalitis. An ibuprofen for each of the headaches, and I was good to go. Encephalitis is fatal some of the time, BTW. Around here, it causes strokes. Chalk it up as another fatal disease that Wild Apple Leaves bitch slap. Doctors are still trying to figure out what causes it. Tentatively, they’ve settled on smoking. Tentatively, I’ve pinned their skill set to being as effective as going to the shopping cart kid at WalMart to get a root canal, only to wind up with an enema, plus a bill for both, instead. lulz

Here is a doctor who got it. Here is what He thought. Gee, what if they could all get it? Give ’em time. Float a rumour that wild apple leaf is quackery, then rest assured they will suffer forEVAH! at their own hands. Such fitting eternal damnation, killing themselves more painfully with every “treatment”. See how *I* feel? Karma is not only a bztch, but she’s MY bztch!  lulz Moreover, their whole narcissistic supply will circle the drain with them, punching their own tickets faster than God Himself could hope for. The whole, “Doctor knows best!” mentality will wind up fzckin’ ’em 6 ways from Sunday here. lulz

Know this: All those little worms leaving you are more intelligent than any human. Their brain is massive you are about to find. Depending how old you are, it could takes months if not a year to get rid of it all, the biofilm, and that’s only the little bit of it they built in you. They can hook up with compatible biofilm anywhere in nature, so they’re OK. All their eggs are not in one basket, or gourd, like people. They stuck with you because it worked… Until Now. Wild Apple Leaves throws the proverbial fist full o’ iron filings into their Computer. lulz It is their Rapture.

When they are gone, they’ll just hook into some other biofilm like the trail a slug leaves for example. That may hook to another one earthworms built, or in a chipmunk, or the slime on a fish, or this hornet pizz one on my window, and so on, and so forth. They’re bigger than any army by orders of magnitude. And they’re really happy I got them out of their Problem with People. Turns out God wasn’t happy with either of us 6,000 years ago. But given my marching orders, let alone the trillions of nematodes, that all pales in comparison to what He has in store for Doctors. You can’t imagine the tenth of it, let alone the hundredth. lol I guess we’ll see how many of them smoke soon enough. Bwahahaha!


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