Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Weds, June 24, 2015 – Day 328 – 37 To Go – Hail Mary

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It has been that for me. A Hail Mary Pass. Almost 10 and 3/4 months ago, things looked bleak. I mean really bleak. I was just about to  be introduced to Lyme Disease, and the fact I apparently had it. Finally it made sense why I was suffering increasing weakness on my formerly strongest side. All of a sudden, my increasingly misdiagnosed symptoms and subsequently mistreated with increasingly ineffective treatments made sense. It would be two more weeks until, in that Hail Mary pass moment, out of desperation, I would try some of those Wild Apple Leaves myself. That deer looked to have the same trouble I was having. It got better. Could it be? She had 4 stomachs and could digest poison mushrooms safely they said. It could hurt, but I gambled, after checking the risk. Absolutely nobody knew anything about any of it. Hey, it’s only Apple Leaves, right? I weighed the risks. Croaking from eating apple leaves was a better outcome, and actually seemingly more merciful an end, compared to what I had suffered until then. I checked it out some more, and it was becoming clear. Nobody was winning fighting this thing. The best and brightest had failed. Ironically, that was something I knew how to do. Engineer my way out of a really bad situation. I decided to do an Engineering Report! lulz

They kept doing it to me at work. They would pass me the ball at the worst possible time, and send me to salvage some contract that, for what ever reason, had gone horribly FUBAR. This was just like that. Doctors seemingly stumped, but intentionally lying about it in a pathetic mock attempt to cover it all up while people were dying. If it only took some shzthead with a dial up, and barely two pieces of shzt to rub together, two weeks to figure that out, it was obvious that there was a huge criminal cover up and conspiracy afoot, for the usual reasons. Getting out of an insurance loss by intentionally ignoring the facts and obvious diagnosis. A huge one. Not only had they betrayed the public trust, but they were into life in Alcatraz territory now. Note to self: I’m gonna personally put ’em there and weld the door shut, with visitation rights to kick their azz to eternity and back twice on Sundays, IF I ever get out o’ this pickle… Mary must have heard that. I proposed the worst Hell I knew… Hands on Engineering School with only one way out… Graduation! Sizing them up, a couple may actually make it! The other billion? Sux to be you, Skippy! Need a professor? lulz

All those doctors I was studying had one thing in common. They were all engineers. A couple were medical doctors. I would fill in the gaps in my knowledge there with Bing/Google. I just needed a fresh box o’ batteries for my bullshzt meter. They knew what it was. Biofilm. To unring that bell it was clear we needed an anti bell, and not just a regular one. It had to be the biggest motherfzckin’ anti-Bell EVAH! If I only had a nickel… Finally a shred of hope. Knowing was 90% of the battle, I naively figured. It was more like half. There is no fat lady singing yet. Only 37 days to go too before I lose the bet. “I bet I’ll lock you motherfzckers up within the year for Crimes against Humanity in The Hague!” “I said ‘I’m workin’ on it’,” mustering my best Gene Krantz Apollo 13 voice. Alligators? Check! Azz level? Check! Endictment filed at The Hague? Check! Deadline and clock tickin’? Nominal…

So I sucked ’em in. Using their own game. IP Theft. So sue me. The first Trade Secret was the Unringable Bell. I didn’t invent that. It comes built in with the package. Can’t patent public knowledge… Unless you are the Source, permalinked. I guess they have 37 days to destroy the Internet. Read ’em an’ weep… <collects humongous pile o’ chips> lulz Next problem: Who’ll cash ’em when they’re all broke? Who’ll need ’em? Already proved they are as useless as tits on a bull.

All that is neither here nor there. So far I am still alive when all the odds were against it. Now I am left to pick up the pieces. I’m kind of exhausted from this trek though, and still finding things out way too far in to the whole thing to ever turn back. There was no help, and there still is no help from most of the places that are supposed to do that as their mandate. There is left handed help for crazy people who have imaginary diseases and are delusional. With help like that, who needs help? It’s real. They are the delusional ones and the evidence of that is written in stone. On record dismissing Morgellons as a mental illness after the Feb 12, 2015 fact, and declaring the NIH as garbage. Now it will be their turn to drink the Apple Leaf alleged hemlock to prove it, and indeed prove there are no nematode parasites, Lyme Diseases, chronic illnesses, Miyamotoi, and more. Good luck chumps. All you have to do is find someone who is able to wolf down a salad with no nematodes coming out of them. I already know you will try to disclaim the inevitable results. That is why I set out to make you the most infamous azzholes in history painted into your own corner at figurative gunpoint with the trigger pointed at you, tied to your sorry azz, to simply step out. In The Hague. Live. Big Screen Super HD Drama where who needs a TV? Your absence at Your Trial in front of the World Court is implied guilt. Uncontested. On the lamb. Worldwide Arrest Warrant on sight. Contagious Untreated and Uncontested danger to public health and safety.

The delicious irony of course is that when you think about it, like on that contagious post a short while ago, at present THEY are the contagious ones, denying testing and treatment, not the other way around. lulz To put this in context, I am in Canada where they still claim there is no Lyme Disease. Canada, the source of all borrelia infested, migratory fowl, with every bug, and bug borne disease, possible. Canada where the medical system is a corrupt dysfunctional huge ineffective hog at the trough slurping all the money and getting no results, denying all current peer reviewed medical science without a registered trademark on it and a dollar sign for them in it. Canada, where you go to die from “smoking” with a bullet between your eyes, a botched and covered up medical history of Lyme Disease, no RICO and no questions asked. To me, it’s a Healthcare System that’s just a wasted, blubbery, blank wall for jail tattoos piece of real estate, screaming to get filled in *Lovingly* by their future peer group. In jail. Where the love don’t come easy. Their mileage may vary. lulz


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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