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Sat, June 27, 2015 – Day 331 – 34 To Go – Where is Science?

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I can tell you it is very misdirected. It’s like you are attacked by an army, Pearl Harbour or 911 style, and they are looking at farm animals in New York for a solution. Meanwhile, the nematodes are laughing. All those other treatments are blowing up the barnyard, but have all the effect on you or them of washing your hands.

I wonder how much longer it will take for them to find this out? I’m not holding my breath. They have completely missed it since Genesis 3 in the Bible. Worse yet, all medicine is built on that. Who is going to have the guts to say the entire status quo has been wrong for 60 Centuries? Quick answer: None of them. When the fzckup is that huge, and that obviously huge, they’re going to spend all their energy on trying to hide the truth about it. They will be totally disgraced otherwise. They have literally blown trillions on the wrong thing.

Ironically, here is the only chance for health insurance to rescue their sorry azz from criminal prosecution doing exactly the same thing; Ignoring and misdirecting. What do you bet they are going to do the same thing? We’ve caught them red handed doing the equivalent of adding a quart of turpentine to your motor oil. They stand to lose the entire dealership. Their solution? Double down on stupid. It’s what they know; Standard psychopathic operating procedure. Ignore the trump card. Burn it. Get rid of it any way possible.

That is Canada in a nutshell. Coming soon to the US. Canadian Healthcare psychopath insurance. Not insurance against it. Insurance BY it! I feel like James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause. All the authority figures are fzcked up and doing exactly the wrong thing, desperately trying to avoid the obvious massive controversy right in their face, demanding an immediate response,  to protect their own pathetic slice of life. They all do exactly the wrong thing. I can’t help but think that is where science will continue to go. They’ll invest everything to defend the irreparably discredited science.

Far fetched? Alan Macdonald and Eva Sapi fought 6 years to prove Lyme disease formed biofilms, so it went chronic. Scientists, who didn’t get the memo, to this day denounce that Lyme can go chronic. Now I have demonstrated spectacular progress against chronic disease in general with a new anthelmintic, exposing a new model behind it. I wonder how many decades this will take to sink into the set cement headed thinking? Even though it has a 6,000 year track record of failure, failure works when you are a failure by continuing to work on the failure. Just ignore the fact that it has been solved, and is no longer a failure. Progress is the enemy when you went all in on Sustainable failure. Now we are saying we solved it? They are saying Bullshzt! I think they deserve a little Salad Education short course in FAIL!

Denial would get back to Egypt where it belongs, stat. Any worm deniers left would get a repeat to drive the point home until they have worms coming out of their eyeballs. Too bad they’re so small you need a microscope to see them. I just saw something that said 90% of people with Lyme Disease do not know they have it. This would burst that bubble fast. Now they have proven Morgellons disease is a Lyme condition. Doctors ignore that science, clinging to a torpedoed notion that it is a mental illness. Peer reviewed science that shows they are the mentally ill, or dangerously outdated  ones, themselves. I point to it as proof of worm tracks, although I never got that condition, and the clinging outdated mentally ill doctors say it is delusional. They’re screaming for their own tour of duty in their own rubber hotel. “Look, are you going to believe us, or these NIH idiots?” Umm… They ARE you when you bother to get up to date, and stop pouting for being such total proven losers. Worse yet, that isn’t even a snowball, or a mouse turd, on the tip of this iceberg of shzt coming your way.

In the next few years from my discovery, watch for a cascading mountain of FAIL of health “sciences.” I should lean into it and see if the NIH knows yet. Lord knows I have tried to contact just about everybody else. In the ultimate left handed way, incurious Canadian doctors may just have given me the no0k that takes them out, and puts them on Cell Block 13 saying “WTF happened?” I do know that earlier this month that the NIH had a lab contamination scare from fungal contamination, but to me, that points to the fact they at least have a lab working on something. “No Bucks… No Buck Rogers,” like Chuck Yeager says. They sure have the bucks. Where is Canada, but if you are making a large bank withdrawal, do you phone the corrupt Cops first? lulz

Canada has research grants set up for cronies of the System of Failure. Repeating the same thing and expecting different results is the sign of insanity. Using the Good Old Ko0ks club ain’t gonna be much better. Going over someone’s head is easy when it is buried in failure though. They just made a rule out of excluding success if it isn’t from them. Case in point: Dr. Ernie Murakami. He found that hemp oil had effect fighting spirochetes. I had effect on eliminating the source of spirochetes. I doubt I’ll be going anywhere there or near there after seeing what they are trying to do to Ernie. It’s time to dig a ditch over their heads. We can plant it full of Apple Trees to feed on the unlimited supply of bullshzt.

EdieMeanwhile, the ongoing clinical trial has made a breakthrough. My Right leg, paralysed a year ago, is getting a lot better today for some strange reason. The foot had been swelling from a targeted new Herx that had me wondering. Feeling it too in that spot the car hit me in the early 60’s. Can it be? If it is, that means it is finally through that large patch of MAST Cell fortified biofilm from there. I hope it is the last struggle. I hit and hurt it seriously again slipping on ice in Dec 2010. Thinking about it even awakes all the initial misery with the rewind effect of these Wild Apple Leaves now really helped with pectinase. I await the coming Full Moon next week to check how many nematodes are left if there are any. I already feel better, anticipating the change, because of those new nematodes we skunked out with pectinase Apple Leaf helper this month. It’s a hit. That must be why that little deer got better so fast last year I am thinking. They must be able to make their own pectinase.  Probably too simplistic. I also seem to be losing weight. All that starch weight. I see why deer are like they are, but I need more opposing leg muscles. On the upside it is a cure for all that hip baggage. Call Guinness. It’s been a pound a day about for 12 days.

If you said it went towards curing obesity at a pound a day, people might buy that, but be sceptical. I would be. I wonder if they gain it at a pound a day? That could be a cozy sustainable thing. lol The down side might be all those worms drilling out of that lardfest, but you pay for it in herxing. No pain… No gain a loss?

Yes,  I know the difference between wishful thinking and real results. They obviously don’t, I can clearly  see by the projection reaction. lol


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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