Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sun, June 28, 2015 – Day 332 – 33 To Go – Sterile Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

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On June 10, this was posted in sci.med.diseases.lyme

NIH suspends operations in its Clinical Center Pharmaceutical Development

I hope it wasn’t Apple Leaves… Nope… interleukin and albumin… fungus. We tried to keep them clear by heating and drying in the microwave ot on a cookie sheet. They can get a mold on them if you don’t dry them out for keeping though. I haven’t had any problem eating them straight off the tree. I even tried moldy ones to see if they were different. They weren’t AFAICT. They have a higher bar of course at NIH. But ironically, the most powerful medicine known to man grows on an Apple Tree near you… Crab or otherwise we found.

I looked at the three chronic diseases they are targeting with a rapid development strategy. I already know this is the winner. It addresses two of those; Alzheimer’s and Arthritis/Lupus. It flat out cures the latter. Maybe they should try it on the others, including Type II Diabetes. You never know. Anyway, we are having a heat wave here. The leaves are growing. In the fall I will have to harvest a large batch this time around. They’re worth their weight in diamonds at the moment, unless you are in Canada where there is allegedly No Lyme Disease. There just happens to be an epidemic of the symptoms, but you are delusional. I call this eerily identical chronic disease West Denial Virus. They make sure to only test with the worst tests so they won’t be wrong. Our’s is 100% accurate… Leaves… Worms?… Check… You’ve got “it” what ever the hell “it” is. Racketeering is cool when you are a criminal Health Insurance system. They’re beyond any law or courts. YOU are the trouble. God help us, but He’s busy. Showed us the Apple Leaves I guess… Now it’s time to help ourselves.

How else can we keep them sterile? I say keep them dry. If you have one of those little desiccant canisters from other health vitamins or something, you could put that in your bottle of size 0 capsules. I just opened the one that came with some enzymes I was trying. It’s full of those little desiccant silica gel beads. I see tobacco cannisters have a puck/patch package that is permeable inside the lid. Wonder where they get those? That would be a lot better than a cannister; Just a patch in the lid. Those cannisters are a pain in the azz. Reach for some capsules and you always get the cannister instead.

My BMI is a little low. It should be 18.5… it is 17.5 so have to gain 8 pounds or so. That worm biofilm starch weighed about 12 pounds, so each 500 mg. pectin enzyme uses up about a quarter pound of starch. There you go. Each trip to Macdonalds is another 500 mg. to wipe it out. It is likely about a half pound of 50% starch. It made my leg feel temporarily better yesterday, but it hasn’t lasted. I may have just over done it. It is better again after waking up in the morning. I’ll have to give it time.

Back to the subject now. They are natural Apple Leaves, so there are naturally little bug bites where the bugs themselves are eating them. No GMO biotoxins here; I’d be suspicious if there weren’t any bug bites. The best we can hope for is to sterilize them with drying heat, and to keep them from moisture until they are consumed. I am not sure if overheating them would diminish the effect, so there is another thing to try out. The tree out my window here has lots of little apples showing up, but maybe not as thick a leaf crop as last year. They’re about golf ball sized at the moment, and this heat wave has really brought them on. I imagine the leaves will get thicker over the next month. It was a lot cooler last year here, but we have El Nino this year. Another second tree further to the right and more shaded is more loaded this year, leaf wise. It also has a lot of little apples coming on.

If I were in the cider business, it would be a bumper crop year sizing up. We’re in the leaf racket. Typically, these Malus Columbia trees are a late crop, so high pectin content in the fruit. Trees with a faster ripening curve may be a better source of leaves, but the deer didn’t think so last year. Given what we have found out, this begs a lot of research in a fully equipped lab. This is the medicine of the millenium so far anyway. Actually, it has proven to be the medicine of all time human wise. Who knew? I also see that Edie’s little preferred grass/hemp patch has a good crop this year. Neighbours told me the Deer are staying up top in the orchards this year. There is something they know about that; I wonder if it is because there are more bugs after a big salmon year down here? Maybe it is just cooler.

I am going to have to round up troops to harvest the crop eventually but that is 5 months away, around Remembrance/Armistice Day November 11. Last year I tested too many varieties around these parts and discovered Snotterboarding. Watch out for that… Too much Apple Leaf from testing. This harvest, I’ll have a good supply of pectinase to fight that. 20/20 hindsight is great as long as we can learn from it. I know I get more sensitive to Wild Apple Leaves as I continue with this trial. They aren’t poison, but the herx is fast and furious the more you take. It could be Pavlov’s Dog reaction too because the deer would slobber and dribble from their noses when they came to eat leaves here; Pavlov’s Deer. Same thing.

Meanwhile, back to the ranch. We’ve got a weight loss winner here, and to get rid of all the wrong calories that worms farm as biofilm disease. A large amount of it can come out of your head. It appears to specifically get that internal sticky biofilm jelly mobile, the No. 1 deadliest substance in the world, to a point where you can digest and cough it out, but nobody wants to know. It’s a two part thing where the apple leaves get the worms that made it to leave, and this gets some more stealthy stragglers too. Go figure.


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