Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Mon, June 29, 2015 – Day 333 – 32 To Go – Scary


I wonder what people will think the first time they try Wild Apple Leaves? All those worms start drilling out, and they keep coming. What is scary is that they have been alive in you all those years, and you know how many by where they come out. Moreover, there are layers and layers of their biofilm constructions in there. You realize it will be a while to skunk them all out. Doctors don’t know and they don’t care. It doesn’t fit their model of disease so they ignore it. That is actually a good thing. They are just as deadly as that chronic disease they don’t know how to treat, or know square one about. “Biofilm? Just a theory.” The more you keep this up, the more you will know that medicine is on the wrong track, and headed to the wrong city.

What is scary is that they have obviously been so wrong for so long, and they continue unimpeded in their failure by skipping Nematode Parasites 101, the entire New basis of all medicine. If you are doing Wild Apple Leaves, you are the vanguard and it is lonely. So many idiots, and so little curiosity in all the highest places. You size them up by guessing, “I wonder how much of that conceited sack o’ shzt is worms and biofilm glop?” 50 pounds? 100 pounds? You wonder if they’ll give up and admit defeat? You wonder if they are so incurious they won’t believe the hundreds of worms drilling out of their head alone? You take solace in the fact that by doing nothing they are doomed to a regularly awful chronic end, because we all get bug bites, and go swimming, and eat. The only ones left standing will be the Wild Apple Leaf eaters, and not only do we know, we know why.

If Medicine 101 is Do No Harm, they all fail. You can prove it if they should accidentally eat a whole Apple Leaf Salad. After the predictable snivelling, about the shocked dozens of killer helminths doing harm drilling out of them,  ask them what exactly is that “thing” coming out of their neck/forehead, elbow, etc? Lucy got some ‘xplainin’ to do. They’ll be delayed a while spitting out abandoned biofilm chunks for a few days, weeks, or months… They’ll have to get back to us. Fact of the matter is that it will take several lifetimes to find what those things are given their methods and research structure.

Chin up, I say. No reason to be scared. They are murdering themselves. It doesn’t get better than this. A test where the pass line is life, and the fail is long and painfully obvious. Everybody will have to go through the same thing we are if they don’t want to die the usual horrid wretched fate. 333 days ago a whole new paradigm of medical science was born. I went looking for a Lyme thing, and wound up curing all chronic illness. It is only a matter of time before the whole dam of shzt and corruption bursts. When that finally happens, it will just run the 14 day news course and be forgotten. They’ve gone all in on stupid. They aren’t gonna lose it that easy. I have a 333 day head start for them to catch me. Plus nearly two weeks of pectinase and over hundreds of nematodes that saw the writing on the wall. All medicine is the new Tower of Babel, but it has no intervention. It’s all going to come crashing down.

The store was out of hornet pizz. I have some that I was soaking Apple Leaves in. since last August. Still tasty. A little hot though. I just cut it 50 50 with blackberry wine. It seems to really have an apple leaf kick. We’ll know fast if there are any co0ties made it this far. I was at umsonline.org then. It really made them “talk.” There’s still a few that just came out of their biofilm closet. Have to admire their tenacity. Well, it turned out to be a powerful laxative! lol Maybe past the Best Before date there. A bunch of Swimmer’s Itch ones came out, That is the weird thing. They say those only stay a couple weeks. Until they make biofilm. Then it turns out they’re good to go. For decades until now! lol That chapter slammed shut like a Greek Bank. Totally in the shztter. lulz

Note to self; Be a little more careful there. It was so powerful I broke into a cold sweat and thought I was gonna die. A bunch must have came out internally as well. Feel OK now but man, all at once there, it was an urgent feeling. Lots of laxatives tout gentle relief; This was more like a pizzed off Sumo wrestler, off the top rope with a move illegal in the lower 48 states. Nothing gentle about that at all!! At least my eyes are finally uncrossed. lulz I’ll mark the remainder with a down arrow, skull an’ cross bones, and an exploding hornet graphic to save it for later. You never know when you gotta shzt a football along with the worm express. It was like Moses parted the waters, and they made a break for it I guess. It was the 5 alarm Abandon Shzp Drill that was not a drill. Tasted smooth going down but looked to be anything but at the receiving end of the network. It had a capful of Absinth in it I think for that Velvet Sledgehammer subtlety. About as smooth as a Space X first stage landing. Those Green Apple Leaves have the Green Apple Quickstep shzt in ’em. Chalk up another accidental discovery. I guess that means the fronds are like the fruit, but at the time of its formation. Mature later fall leaves will be nicer I suspect.

Tomorrow will be three weeks from the start of that pectic enzyme. Trichobilharzi hides under pectin biofilm, and so do other pinworms it seems. Nobody ever expected that. Another first here for our little trial. They were looking only for bacteria under biofilm, but we skunked out Parent Nematodes. I should get a hold of Richard Longland. He was one of the first I contacted 10 months ago. Memo: Watch out for the green Wild Apple Leaf extracts. Can you say, “Splashdown?” It’s about the only thing going down faster than the S+P 500 last night and today. lulz


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

2 thoughts on “Mon, June 29, 2015 – Day 333 – 32 To Go – Scary

  1. Has any of your research and experimentation been successful. I have neuro lyme and can only read a little bit at a time.


    • Yes, it has been spectacular. I started this as a log in Teh Cloud to keep track. There have been ups and downs, but I have finally narrowed down what is happening. It is not only Lyme, but has opened a can of worms, literally, regarding chronic disease and biofilm illness in general. You must be careful because the Apple Leaves have side effects like a Pneumonia from excess production and expectoration of thick biofilm phlegm left by all those worms coming out. Then there are the worms themselves which people may think are a rash, but each little pimple is a worm trying desperately to get out. You will find they have been freeloading in you for decades.

      I should also add that Lyme Fog is the first thing it addresses in like 72 hours. Start slow with only a couple or three leaves a day, and ramp up to a herx you can handle. Watch out for pesticide risk if a tree has been sprayed. Crab apple leaves work too. I can help you with side effects. My email is mvbeng@gmail.com


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