Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Tues, June 30, 2015 – Day 334 – 31 To Go – World Famous Doctor

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No matter what happens now, my doctors are going to be the most famous doctors in the world. They have a choice. It can be because they helped me, or because they said I was delusional. Do you believe in Karma, because this is the most powerful example of it EVER?! They fought me every step of the way and crippled and almost killed me. All of the support people will be, too, big screen, in/famous. The choice is theirs. Just sayin’… I knew this was going to happen so I tried to avoid them at all costs, and have mercy on their soon to be “situations.” To be fair, it wasn’t their fault, but their whole rotten corrupt bloated health care system that forced them into it with inherent “best practices.” I’m a bit sick of whippin’ that dead nag… It’s not making the meat any better. lulz

Who knew? Eat Wild Apple Leaves and watch all your serious illness disappear as multiple parasite nematodes, that escaped detection by doctors for 6 millenia, Caduceus.svgflee the coup. Be careful what you say because when you watch your own lil’ worms come out, you will not want to have to change your tune. Don’t paint yourself into a corner like those doctors did and lose all their credibility FOREVER! An Apple Leaf a day won’t only keep them away… Two or three will destroy them forever. lol

So go easy on your old sawbones. Big Pharma PWN+ them to hawk and shill snake oil for them. They’re riddled with worms too, so they will become YOUR patients. Of course they’re far too proud to do that. They will suffer the longest out of everybody because of it. Get satisfaction from that. The nematodes have PWN+ your doctors for so long they even got doctors to give them top billing on their symbol! See Genesis 3. lulz

Meanwhile, I feel for the poor victims. It is like the hair club for men. I’m not only the president, but I am patient #1! You are not only a victim of bug bites, banksy-in-nyc-2but you are victim of a health care model and system gone so horribly wrong, and one that so richly deserves the imminent bztch slapping that is coming their way, in spades. They are all confused because they are suffering from Lyme Fog. That is the first thing to get cured, in like 3 days, but sometimes it takes months of cajoling to get them to try even one Apple Leaf to get the ball rolling. The worst ones are the ones who don’t even have Lyme Disease. They may never know because their doctors won’t allow them. If you have Lyme, you are actually lucky because all the tables are about to be turned. All those azzholes that said you were faking it, or that you were delusional, are about to become 4th class worm riddled, diseased, and contagious pariahs. They will become victims of the very system they have been blindly thumping the tub for, and it ain’t gonna be pretty. As a matter of fact, it will be the ugliest thing EVER! I am going to make sure of it. lulz

So how can I be so sure? And didn’t my english teacher ever tell me not to start a sentence with “and” or “so?” Let’s just say a lil’ worm told me so. They are little animals too, with all the wants, hopes, and desires for themselves and their children, and they are intelligent. They are blind, so they didn’t know we even existed. This introduces them to a whole brand new universe that they can survive in even better than they could being stuck inside a human host. Nematodes are the most prevalent animal species on earth, surviving at the highest peaks, and in the deepest mines. They hitched a ride in Apollo astronauts. What doctor would have known they were even there? Catch my drift? Don’t try to kill them. They will still be in touch with their peers inside you. They can all kill you easier than you can kill them. They’ll just drill out and move on with the next chapter of their life after you die. They may wind up in a bird, squirrel, fish, or a cow, or just dig around in dirt or swim in a sewer. You? Not so much. lol

Now I know this is old news, but nematode parasites know what you are thinking because they stole your neurons to make a better brain for themselves. We call it bacterial biofilm. They call it, “The Old Noggin.” If you have neural Lyme issues, you likely have a smart bunch of worms because they stole it. You will notice after enough Wild Apple Leaf that many of the nematodes drill out of your spine, neck, and head. Just a hunch, but the ones tapping into your neural tissue will be the brains of the outfit. We know that pectinase dissolves their biofilm construction, but it takes time. We found a lot of them hide under that biofilm as well too. They are still coming out even as we type, and I have taken pectinase for 3 weeks now since Day 313. The apple leaves I was using had some pectinase with them inherently because they were late season leaves I know now. They had 59 years to build it, so three weeks to get this far getting rid of it is mighty impressive. We also want to go slow because we are breaking new ground here. I am not able to ask anyone what d’hell I should do next? All doctors are infamously AWOL paving the road to Hell with good intentions. I could just keel an’ die at any second here, but somehow, I don’t think that is likely today. Or tomorrow even.

I know there are a lot of crazy conspiracy theory sites that think Lyme is a bioweapon. It could be used as one; Don’t give ’em any ideas!!! lol I wonder if a three letter agency could figure the same thing out that I have, or that they will use more nefarious motives to leverage what I have found out? Somehow I am not worried in the least; see the subject. They have the best doctors and best healthcare plans in the world. Every last one of the azzholes. My work is done there. lulz

Now I know why the animals here are keeping a low profile. I just found out from neighbours a cougar got the memo, and moved in. A Big One. They are nervous at the elementary school up the hill. Even Jack, my bear, hasn’t been around. I don’t know if you have ever had a pet bear, but shortly after that, you become THEIR pet. lol The cougar has stolen his pet human, but won’t tangle with me. He hates Led Zeppelin. Especially my renditions, complete with excessive electric dynamics, through a hundred watt HIWATT. lulz Being a poly instrumentalist and recovering from all this Lyme paralysis, I imagine he’s not going to be very fond of my rusty John Bonham either. I play drums like a guitarist. Any cat around here would be a tourist, or live in misery if it couldn’t head for the hills or next county. lol


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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