Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

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Fri, July 31 2015 – Day 365 – Full Circle

There are 364.245 days in a calendar non leap year. At 1 PM today, that will be a year since I started. The fact that medicine is so incurious to the obvious massive amount of new science I collected, and impossible barriers I have shattered, points to the fact that all their funding should be withdrawn, with all respect, for all aspects of the Canadian healthcare system, as being non functional, and a waste of time and money, regarding chronic disease. They ignore Lyme Disease at a time when Dr. Alan B. MacDonald clearly has demonstrated that the borreliosis behind it, is in fact the prime keyhole to all chronic disease. I proved and documented that any continuation of funding for health Canada regarding chronic infectious disease, is a premeditated insurance fraud to get out of paying appropriate support for the sufferers and scientists involved in it.

Likewise, I found that all current treatment will fail, and I found out why, as you also would, using wild apple leaves, a new oral herb, that forces helminth parasites out. Far from being rare, they are pandemic; Everybody has them from bug bites and hornet or spider stings depositing parasite nematode eggs in them. Once established in you as a host, they build biofilm to house their parasitic flock, which also collects information, for food. I found that with them gone, one can set about eliminating the biofilm left behind with enzymes, including invertase from honey, and food grade pectolase, also used in fruit juice and wine making.

In this, I discovered that chemical treatments will fail because they cannot defeat the biofilm, and the worms rebuilding it continuously, until the worms are skunked out, which I suspect I have largely done. I could sure use scientific support, but they are all AWOL on this, and in fact have never discovered it for all history. By trying antibiotics now, after eliminating biofilm with the WAL protocol may work, but since there is no effective medical system, only the natural antimicrobial action of the apple leaves, and high alicillin garlic antibiotic substitutes, is available. By being caught red handed, asleep on the job, when confronted with treatable chronic illness, all doctors and the associated biochem support should be suspended, pending firing. This is nothing new to sufferers of lupus, CFS, fibromyalgia, chronic arthritis, or Lyme in Canada.

I discovered a treatment where there is no support of the former science of medicine, and they intentionally ignore it, preferring instead to attack and intimidate the sufferers, and in this case, the provider of a solution they refuse to investigate. If true, that would size them up for horizontal pinstripes, irrefutably perpetuating a fraud on top of gross professional misconduct. Their ignorance of several professional peer reviewed papers since the 80’s renders them obsolete. Their handling of Morgellons alone, let alone the new borreliosis and proven repeatable parasitic nematode physics Kuhnian paradigm shifts, regarding their alleged expertise, is a criminal smoking gun, given current science. They must be made to pay dearly for their ignorance, and the cost to them must be total, to set an example. When you ignore a relevant Kuhnian paradigm shift to science behind your expertise, you are irrelevant, and no longer an expert. They will rue the day they dismissed Sapi, MacDonald, Lu, and Baker, Et Al, offhand. Like the Greeks say, “Forgive them not Father, for they Know what they have done.”

All that being said, I wanted a WalMart protocol if it could be done, for the rest of us stuck with a dysfunctional medical system. I have it partly, but supplying the LifeWild Apple Leaf anthelmintic and the biofilm dismantling enzymes are sticking points. All the attention here is going to Hemp Cannabidiol Paste, which is being studied in New Haven presently. There will be another paper, which doctors here will mock as usual. I am not sure what it does to the chronic sustaining nematodes I found. Nobody is with anything, and they still do not know they exist. A pharmacist told me he was scared what it might turn up. I find that to be common, even though I pointed out that the nematodes are still alive in you, no matter how much you ignore them. Pot naturally gets all the press, but does nothing to your nematodes but give them a buzz I imagine. Hemp doesn’t do that. It does kill their eggs, like clove powder also does, according to Dr. Murakami. Maybe it also kills the worms, but I would have to see after trying it. You can’t get it anywhere, and the goon squad won’t prescribe it. I can’t see it doing anything to the biofilm. If worms come out eating Wild Apple Leaf, then they have their answer, being that it does not get the chronic mechanism problem. Moreover, it is excessively controversial, so who will ever know with our Canadian medical goon system?

They are goons. Way in over their heads, fraud artists, organized crime, outdated technically by their own volition, and admitted inability to keep current. No excuse. We are all current without all their fantastically expensive resources. They chemically crippled me. When I stopped taking a goon prescription, I could walk again. They forced it again, and I haven’t walked well since. I can just imagine how many other lives they have destroyed. You can’t find a disabled parking spot, so I assume hundreds. All goon victims. We are unlikely to ever get redress at this rate, but Hell will have lots of room for them soon. They’ll add another basement floor to the outhouse. They still don’t even know about nematodes that Wild Apple Leaf forces out. They think reality is a theory.

If anything, I have exposed the mechanism of chronic disease in exposing what continues to replenish biofilm. Not bad for one guy in one year. I also have an instant 100%  test for not only nematode infestation, but effectiveness of any proposed Lyme Borreliosis treatment, or any chronic illness treatment. A true baseline. I also have a bite treatment, and a sustainable antidote. It is Apple Leaves. It even cures the common cold that beats up the goon squad. That’s better than the CDC. That’s better than the NIH. One year. One guy. Nobody cares.  They can all go to hell. We know that is where they are headed, with a perfectly hellish end, of and by their own making, to add to it. And it feels ever so sweet; making you feel better every single day.

I am now a devoted disciple of Dr. Alan B. MacDonald MD FACS. I was from over a year ago, when I went looking for what happened to me, and why all my survey peers were getting crippled and sick, and that is where I started. The whole Wild Apple Thing is over and above that. I tried to pass on the information through Richard Longland of the biofilm youtube channel. The nematodes are the carpenters and architects of the building with the A.B. MacDonald borrelia keyhole in it. If you want peer reviewed, and current tech, there it is. Subscribe to his youtube channel. You will go over the heads of all medicine. Granted, that is easy in Canada. This is what a Doctor should be, and deserving of all respect you can muster. He explains the crippling mechanics of the Canadian goon squad to a T. Crippling to themselves, but worse, patients, with steroids and antibiotics. They have inadvertently developed a Lyme Test born of their total borrelia ignorance that cripples.

And now we move to the sentinel event. Luckily, I happen to be a Quack Veterinarian, right, Bart? lulz Just go to an Apple or Crab Apple tree. Eat the leaves. Start taking pectin enzyme to fight the phlegm. It’s biofilm. That rash? They’re nematodes escaping from where they lived in you for decades, tending their biofilm extended “brain”. It’s that simple. Your brain will De-Fog, and starts to work again in 72 hours. You will see. After all, they eat borrelia “brain”. Your’s, and their’s. Dr. MacDonald found pictures of “chains” of them in worm guts, but doesn’t know that yet. The worm seems invisible until the Apple Leaf skunks it out. Their leftover biofilm brain dissolves in 52 days or less. Then you have a lot of physio recovery to do from all the decades of damage.


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Thurs, July 30 2015 – Day 364 – 1 Day To Go – Close to the Wire

It has been a year since I started this journey, but not this blog, as a “What if?” after looking up the composition of the Apple Leaves the local deer went to so much risk to eat here. They had healing properties for the female fawn that went lame, although I see this is a relatively common affliction with them now. I suspect a bug population gone wild from herbicide application and its widespread use. Every human lawn is the equivalent of a brown field now as the manufacturers used weak science to get approval of this known WHO carcinogen, glyphosate. It also kills numerous alleged weeds that are also herbs known for their healing properties, like dandelion root, teasel, milk thistle, and more. It seems like I have pored through thousands of dense pages and long poorly edited rambling videos to find all this hidden as well as the weedkiller GMO manufacturers can.

Their was no way I was going to live another year by even my whole family’s assessment. Some are still so fogged from their chronic borreliosis they still assume that. They are all too busy dying officially with an undeniably, except by themselves, ignorant medical system we have in Canada. It rivals France and Britain’s NHS in ignorance, and apparently that is almost unbelievable. Like Microsoft Security, it is security by obscurity. If they can keep ignoring it, the threat doesn’t exist. Windows remains the most hacked platform in the world, with hackers actually stealing the built in NSA back door encryption key along with all the source code for all software out of it decades ago.

Ignorance wasn’t all of it. Doctors lie to treat symptoms, but not causes of all disease. Chronic disease is a rare occurrence to them, and biofilm is still just a “theory”. Meanwhile, I have been busy expelling gallons of it over a couple months. Dr. A.B. MacDonald MD FACS, I feel your pain. They have ignored him for decades while he has been dead on target, nailing borreliosis as the culprit of Chronic Illness as far back as 1985. It started as a keyhole in his analogy. I took out the nematode parasite carpenters that built the “House of Pain” building. Sorry, Alan. lulz

I tried to get my word out too. People instead hawked their own pet cures back, none of which work or will work, because they do not address the, unknown until now, root cause. People use everything from organic sulfur to pool chemicals to excessive dose antibiotics to poison themselves. No chemical can do it. Dr. Tim Lu of MIT knew that early on, and that in fact the solution would be an enzyme formulation. That is what his Phages manufacture I suspect. I cut out the middle phage, so to speak, with the anthelmintic acaricidal antibacterial Wild Apple Leaf powder. It is literally a Triple A solution. That got rid of the cooties behind a lot of this, if not all of it. In my personal experience, it was all of it. Gee, thanks Deer.

It has side effects in humans, and the big ones are Herxing, and Baker’s Pneumonia. The root cause of BP was found to be pectin, or starch. Cats are apparently not affected by this. I did give Bart a little, approx 200 mg., of pectin enzyme on his NoName SPAM today, as he was a little hoarse, and he is fine now, back to mewing normally. He hardly touched his leftovers yet. I heard him get hoarse slightly after going to a second full 500 mg. Apple Leaf powder dose. He felt cooler, so I suspect the antibacterial herx like a human feels, where it feels warm inside, but it is cool to the external touch. It was not as dramatic as a human.

The upside is the capsules are the same size, although I open them to sprinkle on his popcorn and/or SPAM. I have an 8 kg. bag of cat dry food for him after this trial. He stopped scratching pretty fast. I suspect the fleas are all gone in like a day from the acaricidal action. This also explains why deer were healed so fast. They must also somehow break down any starch they encounter. Their saliva and digestive juices contain more than just amylase I suspect. I noticed their sinuses would dribble profusely, and they produced a lot of saliva with it when eating fruit tree leaves. They also like to eat the rotten apples under the snow in late fall, but digest it to clear amber droppings with their 4 stomachs. They don’t fully digest the seeds because trees sometimes grow when and where they defecate.

So I will have to get a lot more for a pet population dose. I was thinking of planning to get a tonne of dry powder this year, now it will be a couple tonnes. At least they will not require pectin enzyme as that will be a serious bottleneck for human production. They don’t produce enough of it in the world, let alone 14 tonnes PER DAY for a world daily dose for humans for 7 billion people. Still, that is the market saturation number for logistics and business planning purposes. How much of that market pie you can gear up to nab is another thing. After all, it does address ALL chronic illness, and that is presently half the population THAT THEY KNOW OF.

These are the engineering numbers to get this up to speed. The pet thing is new. I can see that may be a drag on the market, but noticed the pet aisle is a great place to meet and greet people suffering from chronic illness like fibromyalgia and heart disease. I know pets are a huge vector for borrelia co-infections, but never knew it was that bad. Pets are key to moving this to market, so can not be ignored. I thought disabled parking spaces, but that is the last place where people open up about what ails them, and quite frankly, you feel terrible when you are there, worrying about going through supermarket department store hell with a disability. Then I find that is their destination where they are so much more willing to talk about it, and their pets. I haven’t had a pet for decades because it would be cruel with work and travel. Some people used to try and bring their pets to the oilfield but the practice was banned because it was too dangerous for them and you, especially with bears they would get into trouble with, and run straight back to you with the bear in full pursuit, pizzed off.

On the health update, I was wondering about nematodes exiting my head, and why there weren’t many. The mystery is solved somewhat. With pectolase, there is currently an increase in dander, I notice. It is not dry and flakey like it used to be. You can physically scratch it and it looks like you can scrub and wash it off though. I always had to use dry scalp shampoo, but this will no longer be the case, as it doesn’t get that dander layer. I suspected the nematodes are in and/or under that dander layer after exiting. I found. and continue to find, what I know are some old exit scabs hiding underneath it. Somehow, the treatment has rejuvenated the old, long since dormant, sebaceous glands.

Another interesting point, is that in the history of amyloidosis, associated with Alzheimer’s, amyloid is actually a Latin term for starch. That was an erroneous label. They were not starch, but arose from simple iodine stains that test positive for starch. There was starch present with them. To us, that is the main stuff of biofilm. It does however point to the association of amyloid plaques and biofilm. As untouched biofilm on your teeth dissolves, it leaves behind a plaque that dissolves slower. Etrapolating this, it is likely the internal dissolution mechanism as well. Perhaps this the the function of a little serrapeptase to dissolve left behind fibril plaques of biofilm. Parthenolide from feverfew is mentioned as a plaque eradicator.

On the Bart update, he actually coughed up a loogie the next day after a full human dose of Wild Apple Leaf. Perhaps he got starch snacking on human scraps. Perhaps that is from him emulating a dog; He ate garbage out of necessity when his owner died and he went stray. His coat appeared dusty, but I believe now it was positively electrically charged from the Wild Apple Leaf. It shined right up after petting him. He is a so much more well behaved cat now, and not a pest at all as well. You would also see I suspect if you tried straight apple leaf powder on a cat. People maybe never stuck with Apple Leaves as a medicine due to the herx, and exiting parasite nematodes, which they did not understand. I didn’t either until I finally found out that is what they were. It narrowed down due to the obvious association with bug bites.

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Weds, July 29, 2015 – Day 363 – 2 To Go – Biofilm Literacy

You would think it would go without saying. Something that underlies chronic disease of 187 million patients in Canada and the USA demands an explanation. Ask a Canadian doctor; bupkiss. They just committed professional suicide. They can’t help or cure anybody. Biofilm prevents it. Much is said of Lyme Literate physicians. A more important metric is Biofilm Literacy. Even if you don’t have Lyme by their ineffective primitive detection methods, it is probably biofilm.

I am finding cats do not have much biofilm. Bart had like one little cough, likely from eating people stuff. Zero hairballs as he is young. He has been consuming about 250 mg. of Powder a day since then. He was so hungry he coulda eaten the arsehole outta a skunk when he got here. His stools aren’t here to check; He goes outside like a dog, but I bet they are like mine…. Best EVAH! Poor lil’ fella had a rough go living homeless when his owner died I guess. The deal there is they don’t get pectin, or starch, in their diet.

Humans can’t eliminate it. Medicine tells people it is good fiber. It is about the lousiest fiber ever I found, because nematodes use it to biofilm the ever lovin’ shzt outta everything from fibromyalgia to mumps to arthritis (so named for arthropods transmitting biofilm manufacturing/cocooning nematodes?) to cancer to ALS to herpes to CFS to colds. I have a sig on my emails that nobody reads that links to the biofilm YouTube channel. Doctors are too incurious to read it. “Only a theory.” Yeah, your theory has 187 million people walking around or flat on their backs with untreatable chronic disease, and your dope manufacturers answer is to start fiddling with their genes to shut the built in alarm system down. That is about as brilliant as nuking a melted down 6 nuclear reactor complex. You can’t get any dumber than that. Well, unless you are a canadian illiterate doctor.

Let’s move offshore where they can’t touch us. That is cure #1. Warm weather, and no canadian idiot incurious medical fzckups. How about funding? We are on our own. I talked to Darlene about Bill C-442 from last June, 2014. I said it was dead. Just lip service to placate Elizabeth May, Green Party candidate from BC. They couldn’t argue that it was a mess. The powers that be have done nothing about it. Panama is warm, but too far away, and a US protectorate. How about Grand Bahamas? Away from tourist trap Bahamas, and where they train doctors about robotic surgery and using new diagnostic equipment. We don’t need that; We have the best test in the world bar none. The cure is our test.

Cure Part 2 is training the staff. No current doctors allowed. They’re too busy being bztches for Big Pharma anyways, and too conceited to learn. Christmas Cards all. That is an Engineering term for when they expel you at Christmas for non performance in your first term. All they would do is golf anyways. “Oh, we’re too busy…” Engineers, chemical particularly, geological, bio-resource, and mining, would be best. Most geologists will be tough patients if they are field personnel, but I suspect they would make the best engineering physicists along with geomatics engineers from the field operation side.

Cure Part 3 would be an old hotel or motel. We don’t need a stinkin’ hospital. Even an abandoned bug infested place could be fixed using diatomaceous earth dusting. It would be better than any hospital, because we would set it up with full wifi. The patient will have to get up to speed to become their own doctor. I can explain what is happening with everything, especially worm exits above the shoulders and upper left torso. Worms like heart, brain, and traps for the delicious food supply.

Cure Part 4 would be good Cigars to make neurons around vital organs bitter. I know that smoking is like insulation for your neural wiring from experience. Worms can only navigate by taste. Still need more research on that from smokers, but I know the cheaper Cuban and Dominican ones are good. Oddly, reading up on CFS and Epstein Barr biofilming showed acquired autism was a biofilm condition. Might be wise to restrict the first patients to smokers only to keep rat doctors out. Whiney nonsmokers will not have enough guts; let the worms biofilm their sorry azzes to a perfectly hellish degrade to death.

Cure Part 5 Entertainment and Booze. Think a club like the Copa Cabana. Rock and Roll though. Our ears are more sensitive being older. We are still the Led Zepp generation. Fzck easy listening; We wan’t hard listening in a velvet glove. lulz We want to do everything we can to keep music haters and nonsmokers out. Make it motorcycle friendly to really pizz them off. We want to get younger like I am, not older like they all are.

Cure Part 6 Legal. Get the boiler plate disclaimer to sign. Cover our azzes. Although it will not be necessary, it is still prudent to get rid of lawsuit trolls. Most people are looking to make a buck by hook or by crook over this. We just want to beat it, and I am the only person who found out how, with a Methuselarity added kicker.

I would like to tackle Alzheimer’s. I have a hunch this is really it because of Me5Dr. MacDonald‘s hard won legwork with Dr. Sapi and her biofilm confirmations. Millions and Millions of people. Preventative would be better, but current would be OK if they aren’t diagnosed or treated yet. Age related dementia. I can just imagine how wrong current treatment is. Ironically, people with no doctor or medical care are right up my alley. This is more dietary/herbal than anything, with Wild Apple Leaf being described officially as a great source of phenolic antioxidants, even though we have found that is is so much more by personal testing. It smokes out the carpenters who built the building with the door and keyhole into a room. Pectolase just amplifies it by making up for the natural human induced apple breeding deficiencies from bad information from doctors regarding pectin. I’ll never eat jam or marmalade again, although I never did anyway. Spaghetti and other starchy shzt is out, although I didn’t have much of that either. I like the sauce still. Rice starch doesn’t seem as bad, but it is still starch. Ironically, I used to have a lot of arthritis trouble from tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants, bell peppers, nightshade things. They said solanum aggravated it; Not any more. All my allergies have disappeared. The arthritis is done too, but a side effect of that is that the former stops in my joints preventing counter motion and stubbing are rebuilding. I haven’t needed my knee brace anymore, so it has recovered that far so far. It’s on my right knee from that picture a couple years back. God, how far I have come from that space. I would have collapsed from that headlock Bambi had me in a year ago. I was having great difficulty driving that standard shift diesel old 5 ton 40 foot apple van. In about 4 months I would be flat on my back. Chris bought it from an old orchard operation in Vernon. We were looking at buying the local club that had degraded, but he died of brain cancer around the time I was almost paralysed. That is how they are all dropping around here, but I can cure it now. Even my sister has all the symptoms of it, but being involved in medicine, she’s so smart you know. She quit smoking. Her son still smokes. It is a given he has it from STD, and his father is dead from it. His daughter and her mother also have it.

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Tues, July 28, 2015 – Day 362 – 3 To Go – Journey of Discovery

It has certainly been that. New things kept turning up, and you can’t go anywhere near a doctor, because when they don’t know what it is, they default to shipping people to the nut ward. They told Avril Lavigne she was crazy. Wear it as a badge of honour, kid. They just failed medicine 101, and missed a new parasite nematode to them, but an old culprit that has plagued mankind for its entire history. Knowing it is half the battle. Even Lyme Literate physicians fail this one. They do know about borreliosis, but they will not solve it going down the road they are on, because the borreliosis is just a symptom. It just hides sometimes too.

It can’t hide from my New Wild Apple Leaf Baseline protocol. Stuff they don’t even know exists can’t hide from it. Stuff *I* didn’t even know existed can’t hide from it. My protocol is a new basis for all medicine, traditional, natural, nutraceutical, or allopathic. They can keep all those textbooks. They make handy door stops. Antique book collectors may like them. They will be useful while the expiration dates on all obsolete relevant pharmaceuticals haven’t run out. “Trust Me; I’m not a Doctor!” You’ll see. Or die. YOUR way. lulz

Medicine will like their new Maytag repairman status, or so they say. People are dumb enough for them to run that scam for years. They’ll be the last to know as their healthcare system splutters an dies itself along with their unfortunate last patients. They committed professional suicide. People were repeatedly warned it would all be over when some kid figuratively designed a no0k in his basement or garage. This is like that, only bigger. The largest capitalized company in the world was started in a garage. It had to invent a market too. This word won’t get around either, but eventually only the extremest of dumb fzcks won’t be on board one way or the other. You can try it yourself and kill yourself if you do not know what you are doing. Some might say it has a built in competition elimination factor, and I suspect doctors will be motivated that way. Their own peers will eat them like overpopulated hamsters. That’s a nice thought. Cannibal vermin. Looks good on them.

It is a scientifically sanctified epistemological Kuhnian Paradigm Shift. Not a widget or a new screw. All of medicine regarding chronic infectious disease is obsolete now. Paradigm shifts tend to be most dramatic in sciences that appear to be stable and mature. Medicine is the most overstated stable and mature science of all, sweeping all unknown diseased patients under the rug out of sour grapes, to have all manner of competition come back with a vengeance from all directions. Lawyers. Cops. Patients with no patience, and a whole wave of New Immortals to make sure they suffer maximally for their hubris. The whole enchilada, pissed off, all at once. It’s time. Paradigm Shifts of this magnitude come along every several millennia. Sux to be shifted to the dumpster with the typewriters, but there it is. The newest medicine is older than man by magnitudes, and makes a joke of his entire primitive medical history with a punchline in the Bible.

Now when a doctor is puzzled by a case, they should ask, “Ever been bit by a bug? Ever had Swimmer’s Itch?” and listen to what the patient says. It will all become clear. banksy-in-nyc-2They would have found out I was surveyor, travelled extensively, and had been bitten by bugs they haven’t got names for yet, all over, from all over. They would have known I swam in lakes and sloughs even before I went to school. Instead, they just declare everyone crazy because they are so smart. They’re such dumb azzes they never figured this out. They need a lesson they’ll never forget, and one that will hurt as long, if not longer. Drop ’em off from a helicopter, naked in a muskeg swamp, on a hot day. They’ll smarten up regarding the unique physics of Canada amazingly quick. Don’t tell ’em for 50 years. Just keep telling them it is all in their head. Then give them an Apple Leaf Salad special. Several pounds of it will eventually drill out of their head. “See?” Trust me, they won’t ever forget that, and they’ll live a very long time for it to sink in, with every patient they ever saw hammering the point home in a more direct fashion.

They could always just admit that they were wrong, and treat people with the Wild Apple Leaf Protocol. That won’t ever happen, though. Ask one, “Hey… I heard you dumb fzcks had to be shown how stupid y’all were by some redneck Engineer! Izzat true?” Yell that into their stethoscope to make it really hit home, as if the fact that it is louder will overcome their idiocy. I actually could never do that. I sort of feel sorry for the poor confused old guy above. He’s well meaning, and we all know something is really fzckin’ wrong with that ticker. A few Apple Leaves a day can help them both out of their troubles there. Banksy nailed it.

There was an FB post about Epstein-Barr Virus, AKA mononucleosis AKA CFS, so I looked more up. I wanted to see if there was a biofilm link. That was one page from 7 years ago. The theory behind WAL Protocol would be to simultaneously blast the worms, their biofilm to make the bacteria/virus planktonic, and substitute the Apple Leaf component for an antibiotic to whack it when it’s planktonic, like it does to a cold, or over time to a chronic parasite worm based disease like borreliosis. You would have to try it. I don’t know about EBV, but Lyme Fog and CFS are part of it as well. I suspect WAL Protocol would help there too, but I would need someone who has it to confirm. I’m still trying to confirm all the facets of this new thing. I’ve been through so much, I am a little stretched out here after finding that second wave hiding under film when I hit it with pectin enzymes starting Day 313. The best thing about WAL is you can always use it as a food based first line, a catalyst to bust the worms and their biofilm up, and multiply the efficiency of everything else by hundreds or thousands of times. Then maybe you can give the poor old fella above a gig. Of course, it is the only thing that fights bug bites we found. They get more than they bargain for, as do the lil’ Swimmer’s and Duck Itchers hiding out and sponging off you for years.

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Mon, July 27, 2015 – Day 361- 4 To Go – Infectious Disease

In 2006, this was the state of the art of the understanding of infectious disease. Worms as you can see get top billing. Then they only really suspect a couple, tapeworms and roundworms. That was only 9 years ago. I found out that this is understated massively with dozens of species of parasitic worms, and several which access out by forcing their hand with my Wild Apple Leaf Antibacterial Anthelmintic, and enzymes to address biofilm containing mycoplasma, viral infection, and other bacteria.

Then I was led to deduce these helminths, also found hiding under biofilm. are the source of biofilm. That is something affecting 170 million Americans with chronic disease, so 10% as many Canadians, or say 17 million. Clearly something that is so pandemic, and massive in scale affecting at least half the population theoretically, would be of utmost importance to the medical community, and clear evidence of it presents us with a horrific failure of medicine to miss it all in Canada. When confronted with the clear facts, and an offer to prove it, they threaten the scientist. They don’t even care about the problem. Such criminal neglect demands their institutionalization to find out what is wrong with these conceited lunatics.

I found the worms exited the body near historic bug stings, bites, and areas of external natural sourced biofilm contact, like Swimmer’s Itch. This is also too revolutionary for the incurious absolutely corrupted insurance fraud whitewashers, formerly doctors. They deserve total disdain now, three hots and a cot, and chain gang employment perpetually now, with a rat line for leniency as they rat out the bureaucracy that built this incurious corrupted mess. They are obviously well versed in psychopath environments. They are too busy destroying innocent lives because of disease I found and mapped completely, and that they do not understand or acknowledge, to get a stick and get in the game. Obsolete. Outmoded. Ineffective. Intentionally. State of the Art versus vintage idiots bragging about their new brick phone. Unresponsive to a nation wide health emergency, too busy lining their nest.

Perhaps a smaller nest, say 6×8. They can sort out top and bottom bunk. Time to rally the troops from the ignored millions to pink slip them, and kick their ever loving ass back to school. They are a cancer to not only innovation, but to the scientific truth. They have become the biggest obstacle to advance in their own science foundation. Moreover, I discovered most of it was wrong when it comes to chronic infectious disease, but that is just the common knowledge part about biofilm. I found where it was coming from when I skunked out nematodes. They haven’t found the internet. Hell, they haven’t got into the 80’s. 1980’s or 1880’s. With them, what’s the difference? Perhaps they can all get smokin’ deals on typewriters and become writers!

Short story, they’re a waste of pixels or typewriter ribbon now. We have millions of sick people they are blindly killing to save themselves and the drug industry, regardless of their regular criminal obstruction of justice and murder. Perhaps it is better because once they discover nematodes are behind it, say in a few centuries, their next “logical” step, killing them all, will kill the patient. Perhaps the nematodes will take out the doctors by then to save their own skin. They are obviously magnitudes of order smarter. Time to go Darwin on their azz. lulz

Your faithful scribe tried to go public with his findings, but Wild Apple Leaves  are a tough sell. You mean worms are going to leave blemishes on my beautiful skin? They’ll heal. So will you then. Sorry, I can’t do Biblical. Doctors can; They’ll send you straight to Hell. 10 outta 10 there, given their track record, and the way they are going. Such miracle workers. Maybe I need a new analogy. Bugs are like bullets. Not every one lodges the bullet, or nematode, in you. It has to come out or it will eventually kill you. It is a tricky operation. Smoking may be half the cure, so kiss medicine goodbye. That is Biblical Karma.

Bart fzrted, SPAM an’ popcorn, also Karma. He occasionally eats bugs, so you can imagine how nasty that was. Still on Wild Apple Leaves, which makes him a little tired comparatively. He goes outside, like a dog now, so I can’t examine his feces. Wild Apple Leaf makes him think he is a Dog-Cat. “MeoWoof!” he says. Sorry, Cat-Dog. He is aware he is still a cat apparently. I’ll have to avoid that slippery slope of assumed quack-patient superiority over riding physical reality that apparently affects doctors too.

The stock market is nose diving like a greased turd today, but has sidled up against the lower porcelain. I am short weighted at the moment in my hedged theoretical bets. It seems like option expiration, and the lead up to the end of the calendar month, correct somewhat. There is a whole business week of month left. Being an Organic Apple Leaf Farmer is pretty boring stuff. Watching the markets helps. Other local organic farmers pick blackberries, cherries, blueberries, and such to keep current and busy. In my childhood, between the raspberries, cherries, and working at an old local egg farm, we had a full slate. Think sleepy mountain whistle stop setting along a large mountain lake. Orchards are a natural by lakes for the milder winters to protect fruit trees. It was a complete 180 from the oil business which would be seasonally hectic.

As I near a year of the Wild Apple Leaf Test, I would have never guessed what I would find out. Surveyor_3-Apollo_12Initial encouraging results, feeling better every single day. What are these “things” fleeing the coop? Pushing the envelope. Total unknowns. Plateaus, why, and overcoming them. I have been the only tester in human history? Parasite worms fleeing, seemingly never ending. Strange occurrences regarding their departure. The Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Composition study. Snotterboarding, Countermeasures, and why. The Smoking Paradox. Effective Bug bite emergency response, and infection prevention. Nematodes utilizing Fibrinogen in biofilm. Broken, fraudulent, obsolete, and outmoded, allopathic medical system, full speed ahead in the wrong direction. Swimmers Itch parasite worms living in me for decades? Incurious scientists, doctors worse. More worms hiding under biofilm. An epidemic 10,000%+ Magnitudes bigger than Lyme Disease, or West Denial Virus in scope? 187 million infected biofilm audience in Canada and the USA that finds out when it is too late. The Biofilm Bullet. Broken and Shattered Big Pharma. Bart thinking he has become a Cat-Dog, becoming nutty while not nuckin’ futz, presently dog napping. The apparent total permanent and ongoing elimination of the root cause of infectious disease, shattering the known model. Where will it all wind up? Will Bart fetch more than mice? Just remember when you get there, some surveyor, or his rodman, was there first. They obviously found something that makes somebody curious. Very curious.

That’s just what I told them I found. As if that isn’t enough. There’s lots more, but if they can’t get the simple stuff, fzck ’em. Maybe they’ll find out in another 6,000 years, but I doubt it, because I also found they are thwarting themselves as hard as they can, in other ways they will never dream of. As if they aren’t already. lulz

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Sun, July 26, 2015 – Day 360 – 5 To Go – The Acid Test

I am looking for really sick people. Fixer uppers, like the Dude with the lepers. You can likewise be a typical heathen, and thankless. I have a plan to force you to thank me without bias. I can provide the medicine for half price, after receiving and assessing your response to a medical survey. If you really think it sucks, I may refund the full amount, provided you return the unused portion to confirm it isn’t just some other shzt that didn’t work so you can scam me. I may offer you a job, because I will need help, especially around the harvest. Easy multiple choice with comments. You’ll have to pay full price, up front, whatever that may be, because I don’t know what it will cost yet as volumetrics get established. It is a Mail In Rebate, like those ones you hate, except you actually have to mail in your story, and what happened, after trying our formulation, to me. Really old hopeless cases, and official medical death sentences especially welcome.

That sounds like a lot of work just to try to keep people from suffering from biofilm chronic disease, and eventually dying like the 170 million Americans a year in the US. Oh well, they have alternatives. None of them work, but I don’t want to force anybody like a doctor. This does it for me anyway. I was never diagnosed, except by myself. Nobody could figure out what was wrong with me <cough, cough>. My medical charts likely would need several binders because there were as many different diagnoses as doctors in all my travels over the years. None of them were right because they either said permanent, or easy cure that didn’t work more than a few days, if at all. Only the nice Mexican doctor knew what it would become, and tried high dose antibiotics from the beginning. Only for a week though. I wish I could tell him what I found out. That was over 23 years ago though.

I found the technical people of Mexico that I worked with to be curious engineers, and great technical partners. Maybe that is where I should go. Well schooled. Mathematically literate. Well versed in classical physics, and geophysics, on a shoestring budget. My kind of people. They wore uniforms to the local middle school. This wasn’t tourist Mexico. This was oil and gas field Mexico where the rubber hits the road. We struggled with my Spanish illiteracy, but when it came to math, we were on the same page, instantly. I was physically Mexican national basketball team material in comparative stature, which fascinated them. I was also, more anomalistically, a Gringo with brains, they reckoned. I fooled them by learning the tech spanish first maybe. The Mexican parasite, with ninas and ninos,  was among the first to emigrate last year, and they were also cut from the same cloth. Their foot and ankle biofilm operation was tough though, being one of the latest to leave.

Anyway, I had International Lyme Disease. I knew it was a death sentence, if what the world’s leading Lyme Expert said was true, a year ago. Some international parts were the earliest, and the latest, to solve. Since then, I have found Canada is the source of the worst case scenario, no matter what doctors say. They’re so smart, they cut their own ears and eyes out. Took most of theie brains with it too. You need Bing or Google, YouTube, and a week, to get past their speed. Just fzckin’ brilliant. The biofilmers here use Fibrin. They probably do there too. They get you when you are down and never leave without us giving them their slithering papers.

John Stossel just said that a company found a Lyme Disease vaccine, but withdrew it because of legal risk. That must be why Trump likes Canada so much. They just kill all the tough patients, make the lawyers illegal, and save the incurious doctors, declaring all innovation against their chosen drug companies insane. That was how they started. Now it is so much better than that, running a nut farm for money, treating everything they do not understand, which is almost everything. The British NHS was envious, so they made up official signs, “If you have Lyme Disease, Go Elsewhere.” It’s almost like they have a way with words there, like the French have a different word for everything. I found Lyme Disease is almost everything. Alan MacDonald is finding out now too. Alzheimer’s. Dementia. Heart Disease. Arthritis. Still birth. Morgellons. Gulf War. He calls it Borreliosis to get around the stigma. Somebody will find out that it is all parasite worms from bug bites, and wet surface biofilms some day too. Been there, done that.

Maybe I should offer courses in dealing with witchcraft. Once you have fallen under the spell of a witch, you’ll never go back. It was that way with the latest one, anyway. lulz It explains Jimmy Page’s peculiar interest in Alestair Crowley. I’m on Chapter XIII – Know your Worms. I have a Magick Potion. It is my version of Dr. MacDonald’s “Biofilm Busting Protocol.” I start by busting the Biofilm Manufacturers, parasite nematodes. Then I start on their leftover biofilm. I may be to where I can do it in backing up a Year per Day, but that was after hammering at it for 10 months with with the Wild Apple Leaf Powder alone. Who knew worms hid in biofilm? Now I do. Those ones are currently still vacating. The magick link says apple stuff is used for love potions. Oh, oh; Here we go again. Well, I guess you’ll love the fact that worms will drill outta your butt.

From fleas, speaking of which, Bart is turning out to be a “mouser.” He also likes Popcorn and SPAM®. He is still on Wild Apple Leaf Powder, and he seems to really like it sprinkled on SPAM®, anyhow. It has really mellowed him out, and smartened him up, like a dog. He has become more curious, actually responds to being called, and all while being less of a pest. He is also more talkative and expressive, with little cat expressive grunts, questing meows, and cat verbal expressions of protest/disgust. I noticed he had a little of that “Baker’s Biofilm Pneumonia” cough there today, so he will be getting a little pectolase, too. He is out on the night patrol for more mice and moles right now, I presume. Last night he came in, all rained on, packin’ a large, now slow since it is deceased, mouse, batting it all around to make sure I noticed his conquest. “Ya see this, man? I sure fzcked up that mouse! Here’s how…” I have him on 250 mg. a day to start now after he made me dump about 350 on the tuna the other day. He’s alright with it. Humans are more sensitive to Wild Apple Leaf it turns out. We get a lot more biofilm building material starch than cats do, I take it. Maybe it was the extreme reverse flea hit that it must have been. He isn’t scratching any more like he did in the “Before” picture. He has adopted me as his Pet s+o0n+ Exterminoctor. Er.? Do I have a choice? lulz

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, remember tonsils? I still have mine, but in my formative years, I had a battle with them and tonsilitis on several occasions. Now they are back a little in the reverse biofilm operation. It has been like well over 50 years since I felt that, but in typical Wild Apple Leaf Rewind fashion, we have been backing through that. Now I know where all that mucus was coming from, along with the now old sinusitis. Tonsils might be nirvana for borrelia biofilms; They produce a lot of honey phlegm. I suspect Wild Apple Leaf is the cure ultimately for both conditions, sinusitis and tonsilitis. Chalk up another medical milestone for the old Er.,Dr.Dr.,Ret. Officially, and now undeniably, medicine is lagging light years behind Quack Animal Engineering Physics that cures things they can’t. They’re still killing live babies to see what makes them tick, as if they would know, or it would help, when I proved their world world is one bug sting or bite away from defeat.

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Sat, July 25, 2015 – Day 359 – 6 To Go – “I want a Second Opinion!”

In Canada, there has been a concerted effort to eliminate all second opinion and legal recourse to protect an increasingly out of date, ineffective, and fraudulent Health Care One-Size-Fits-None system so horrifically broken it is worse than cigarettes. What is the first opinion based on? One school of thought in medicine where there is no biofilm illness, no Lyme Disease, no treatment for anything that isn’t pushed by Big Pharma, and in fact so blatantly fraudulent and murderous, the doors to their expanded mental facilities should be welded shut with them all inside. One school of thought according to the same FDA, and subsequent Canadian Rubber Stamp, that ensured supermarkets are stocked floor to ceiling with weedkiller laced food. How much weedkiller? Not enough to kill the GMO crop designed to withstand it, barely.

So you have naturopaths and herbalists you pay out of your own pocket left to pick up all the slack. Politicians used to jump the lines in the United States, but that loophole slammed shut last month. All innovation has been thwarted. We found none of it will work for what Wild Apple Leaves expose in no uncertain terms, and with everybody. Nematode parasites living in your body get skunked out when you eat apple leaves, and they cause more health issues than you can shake a stick at. They work a biofilm farming operation for food made out of you. You are also their waste plumbing system. Nobody cares.

A couple days ago, I was solicited to donate to a charity for cancer. When I had cancer, there was nobody at the door with a cheque. What do they do with all the money? They donate it to research we know will get marginal results at best without a full biofilm sweep and apple leaf anthelmintic program first. Biofilms and Helminthes do not Officially exist. Could have fooled me. How to do a full biofilm sweep? I saw one video saying that water purification chemicals, ClO2, will get rid of it. Gong!!! By the time they are done, you will be too. We use plain old pectin enzyme slowly. You didn’t need that heart disease anyways. Official medicine makes your blood vessels physically bigger to handle more biofilm transporting blood, and make your heart more efficient at supplying all the biofilm. Got an arrhythmia? They can just use a beta blocker to trick the clock, akin to throwing out the second hand.

This is so bad it is indescribable. I know because I have tried with all sorts of vitriolic rants, but you can’t describe how wrong it all is when you take one part Wild Apple Leaves with 4 parts pectin enzyme to see what happens for yourself. This is so fzcked up that it will never come down! People will never know it. The system they put all their faith into will kill them, and with Wild Apple Leaves, they will know why for themselves. Growing outside on their apple tree, or crab apple tree, or some other apple tree of genus Malus right now is 20% of the solution. I’m still trying to tweak the other 80% enzymes, cayenne, and more natural additives. I found the Dilbert Worms 2015-07-22 18:08:24Wild Ones with even a little natural insect resistance you can see from leaves are best for me. YMMV Watch out for poison pesticides, or even herbicides. Then some bugs bite you and fall off dead. When they drink your blood, they get a little more than they bargained for. All 100% natural.

It solved a mystery for me why Deer sought those trees out specifically. They obviously have a tick problem, but it rarely affects them like people. The little dickens have been skunking the worms out, that those bugs have been passing along, for millions of years. If you have Lyme Disease, you can get a hundred opinions and they will all fail. Until now. That’s my lasting opinion now. You can read all you want, but like me you’ll find if there are no nematode parasites coming out, and there is no biofilm elimination, there is no cure. For anything.

How about an n‘th Opinion? It is said that opinions are like azzholes. Everybody has one. I give up on the whole thing looking for an opinion on Lyme Disease. From what I have seen, they are all wrong. I’ve literally looked for over thousands of hours. How long is that? There are 364.24 times 24 hours in a year or so. That’s 8,741.76 hours in a year. Sleeping and eating takes a bunch of that… Say half. Other stuff… like waiting in lines, traffic lights… say almost a hundred. So 4,300 hours. You can spend half that looking for Lyme Disease “cures” and you will know none of them work once you try Wild Apple Leaves alone. The enzymes speed it up, and that is the leaves, and not the searching, unless you count the fact that Lyme Fog disappears first along with the first wave of parasite worms. We hope the subsequent waves take a couple of months now, or about 30 grams. We had 46 days of that and I still have some surfacing. I was a surveyor though, in the Canadian boreal forests and muskeg, where there are millions of biting insects so thick, you occasionally eat one. Usually in the morning before the first coffee break. Eyechh! There are bug jackets, but they are pretty fragile in the bush and get holes, and places where the armour doesn’t protect, or the bugs just bite through them when they touch your skin. The bugs here bite through blue jeans even. Feisty lil’ buggers, I tell ya.

When medicine claims there are no bug borne diseases in Canada, you are forced to believe then, thinking silently to yourself that these fzckups are batshzt crazy and sto0pid on top of it, or really sto0pid criminals hiding it. Pick ’em. If you have a broken bone, you are stuck with them, but other than that, I prefer to avoid idiot criminals that may be one or the other. I prefer to think that they think they are smart, and nobody knows they are hiding it all. Really fzckin’ evil criminal fzckups that want us all dead, feigning altruism. The whole GMO thing just seals the deal there. They don’t test, and they have no idea why everybody has gut trouble. There is the other possibility. They’re really fzckin’ dumb. There is your alleged brain trust. It is not illegal to be an idiot, unless you steal half a bank. They have done that with the National Trust, claiming, “Oh, I guess we ARE that fzckin’ dumb!” Where is the toilet flushing emoticon on this thing? lulz

So we watch them circle the drain. I think I’ll make some popcorn. Richard Overton 109 2015-07-25 14:03:44Meanwhile, on those car shows on TV, they get a wreck, and strip off all the years of body work and paint jobs layered on there. They call it “soda a car,” stripping all the years of guck off right down to the bare metal That is like what I am doing now, and it is working. Now I have to build back about 80 pounds of muscle I used to have before spiraling down over 7 years from a sick tick. The old stuff was about 20% pectin starch and bug worms though, so I would settle for 64 pounds. It is a nice feeling to think about it that way with all my atrophied muscles that are slowly coming back now as my heart gets back up to strength. I’d settle lookin’ a lil’ skinny like Richard Overton. Maybe I need cigars and whiskey… He’s 109 years old though, an’ tuffer than a marked down WalMart steak. He is tending the garden there it looks like… Other plants have similar chemical compostions, but not all, like Wild Apple Leaves. They do make you get back to Born Again status though with a little… or a LOT of … biofilm stripping.