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Thurs, July 2, 2015 – Day 336 – 29 To Go – Mis-Clinical Trial

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It’s a “Trial” Missing a Clinic. They’ll just say you’re nuts when you go to an Apple Tree, eat a couple to three leaves a day, and parasites start to access out of you. They’re small. You would need a microscope to see one. They can flee just as fast as the bug that bit or stung you there, and left them as a worm egg in you. You have been their whole life for 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, ??, years. They left that fast. Then a few of them hide under biofilm until you skunk them out of that. I sorta felt sorry for mine, and really curious how they did without ol’ dad? They were, after all, intelligent enough to evade detection by the best and the brightest for the History of Medicine, other than when they cared to even look. They have been through thick and thin with you. Musta been a pretty thin experience to give all that up so soon? Or maybe not. Around then this wasn’t exactly a picnic 11 months ago, but got a lot better from my standpoint. I tried to put myself in their shoe (only one?!) for a second.  Then I got interested about them a read a lot. Nematodes. Everywhere on earth and then some. No one would believe me, but who cared? It was our Misclinical Trial here.

What we found out would blow your mind as if that wasn’t mindblowing enough. The entire Medical system was headed the wrong way, full speed ahead. They were missin’ a Clinic too. Now all of a sudden it made no difference; There actually was no such thing as a functional clinic, or so you found out in your mis-clinical trial. Just perfect. Level the playing field. They have all that equipment an’ clinical stuff. We got shzt. They got less. So what do we do for the other 11 months? lulz

I guess we are stuck writing the script as we go. There have been so many memorable mis-haps and haps here alone! On the upside, we are Hap-pier. Lightening your baggage load by untold Nematodes gets your cylinders firing again. You already have seen if you found an apple tree and tried it. You start feeling better every day to a point, then you can get better from there on, but I had to find out what caused the plateau. A Mis-Clinic can’t get Un-Missed when there’s no shortage of Trial. A Clinical Mis-Trial? We haven’t got a clinic, but there is no way I’m missin’ this trial.

There is no middle person or analysts anywhere. You are getting straight feedback through 5 senses and a mass balance, observing what goes in and what comes out. We were looking for biofilm, not what and where it was, but leaving. We thought worms would be gone after a month of that, but more turned out to be hiding in biofilm still. Impervious to any and all treatment said anybody even looking. We found worms made it out of starch. Crafty lil’ things. Unfortunately, not crafty enough. lol

That’s all water under the bridge now in my misclinical trial. There’ll be more hiding there maybe. Here is another thing that chases nematode parasites out:

SCRAM™ – The Ultimate Anti-Pathogen Formula

SCRAM™ uses the potent, time-tested herbs black walnut, cloves, and wormwood to support removal of pathogens.* Black walnut and wormwood are toxic to the adults and developmental stages of at least 100 pathogens. Cloves are toxic to the eggs. Note that if we remove only the adults, the developmental stages and eggs will soon grow into new adults. If we remove only the eggs, the adults and developmental stages (which will soon grow into more adults) already loose in our body will make more eggs. These herbs must be used together in a single formula for optimal support in removing these pathogens.  Note that these herbs are also toxic to fungus and yeasts.

SCRAM™ contains milk thistle and chanca piedra extracts to provide powerful liver support (both Phase I and Phase II), enabling our body to comfortably remove the elevated levels of toxins and the dead pathogen carcasses produced during this process.* Finally, enzymes are added to help digest food. Food which is digested and absorbed into the bloodstream properly does not present a feast for intestinal pathogens.  Also, enzymes can help to “digest” certain pathogens.*”

Well, we tried most of those, except the cloves. I’ll have to get some to try. They don’t have Apple Leaves in there. Black Walnut and wormwood clean you out for sure. Separately, our imaginary clinic found that Black Walnut was the intestinal impact culprit. Wormwood gets their immediate, and utmost attention with Wild Apple Leaf. Imagine they are little electric eels. It’s a short circuit. lulz Ditto on the enzymes, but different enzymes. I think they listed protease, and others elsewhere. They were prebiotic enzymes I believe. I stuck to the misclinical trial, so I couldn’t try SCRAM lest I skew up my results, but it looks to be complementary. I know of one SCRAM user who I told about the leaves, and they would know if Wild Apple Leaves made more worms scoot. In an earlier daily post, I went through all this, after finding the “anthelmintic” buzzword on some newly acquired Black Walnut.

What’s the diff? Plenty. Wild Apple Leaves are digestion friendly at 500 mg a day. Black Walnut is harsh. We found early Green Apple stage leaves, plus wormwood, made an extract that was anti biotic like SCRAM, last week, and it was not exactly a gentle laxative effect. It was nasty. Mature Apple Leaves are similar to the fruit that is produced with a complementary digestive effect. Many Lyme disease protocols suggest Milk Thistle for liver detoxification. It is a good idea anyways as you get older, but Wild Apple Leaves generally do not seem to have as much of a liver effect if any at all. They are liver friendly. Later addition of pectinase was producing toxins, so I thought I had better start it again to be safe. I seem to be past the toxic phase I noticed when starting pectinase though, 3.5 weeks in. I am back to Type I Type II mixed again after just doing Type II for a week. We really don’t miss a clinic. They wouldn’t try anything new if you held a gun to their head. They prefer their proven failure methods, trying the same thing over and over, expecting different results.

Now I know we have to have a baseline for meaningful results. Duh! We still forge forward just with a few things, like smoking. We would have never found the smoking paradox without it. Good luck asking for clinical trial results that aren’t corrupted looking for stats there. They dismiss it as COPD. Symbicort just makes you sicker with this, and does almost nothing. How can we trust anything about current medicine knowing what we know now? Like SCRAM says, their entire patient base is infested and they have no idea. Call it luck, but being a surveyor and getting bit and/or stung by every bug known and unknown to man has actually been a blessing for this mis-clinical trial. We are the quintessential Tough Case.

Pre conceived notions kill clinical trials, as if they weren’t already DOA without a clinic now. We don’t want to fall into that trap with them. This is really an engineering trial to determine what works, and at what strength; Not a double blind study. We’re not doctors; We are looking for new angles entirely because what we are looking for is above all doctors’ time tested and failed abilities. Olivia said Listen to your body talk, screaming “Camel Toe! Camel Toe!” in case you wonder how we used that Hearing 5th sense. lulz The Nematode Parasites’ actions speak louder than mere words ever could, of course. That is how we found we could alleviate, if not completely prevent, 4 deaths a minute happening in the clinics right now. That is just in the US. New eyes see new things.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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