Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Fri, July 3, 2015 – Day 337 – 28 To Go – Looking for a Lyme Bullet?

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Medicine already found it. Insurance companies/governments killed it as a treatable disease. That doesn’t help you, but to them, it doesn’t exist. Most of all, it isn’t chronic to them. It’s all an infantile game. If you don’t believe hem, they’ll commit you to a mental institution. Where is RICO?

Along comes a cure. They’re not going to pay. RICO Perps are like that. It’s a win-win in the racketeering world. How do you beat that? You simply steal their entire customer base and bankrupt them. Moreover, take their sickest. Leave all their healthiest low margin clientele to sue their ever loving azz off. Why would they sue? When it becomes obvious that Grandpa is getting better and Grandma is looking hotter, and feeling better, while they are getting sicker every day, the lawyers won’t leave anything but the crying there for them to pick up with feeble Lyme riddled arms. They’ve all got it, chronic disease, and we can prove it.

The biggest chink in their armour is Smokers AND chronic Lyme. Sure there is CimaVax, the Cuban smoking vaccine, but after over 20 some odd years, still not proven. The catch is they will have to submit to a clinical trial for Wild Apple Leaf medicines. Our clinic. Our researchers. Your pre-existing conditions determined on their nickle. It works better for smokers. More evidence for the lawyer fest to pick them clean to the bones. Put your money where their mouth is, but they aren’t.

We have the reinfection risk covered. They know where you live. That is the first thing they will try to wipe us out; letting a swarm of infected bugs go at your house. We have a special surprise in store. We could really lean into it by hiring our own cops to offer to do it for them. When you are the largest HMO, you are bound to have a lot of thankful Cop clients looking to get even.

You could offer a Carribean Vacation plan. Our clients would be a lot better at our Hotels than their Hospitals. We’d have petting zoos. They’ll have morgues. Tom, my pet/master cougar, won’t be invited. He is about as pet-able as a turnkey lawyer with one of their bones in its maw. Come down to our place and get de-wormed. How much? How about half what you are paying now for openers. It gives us incentive; we have to keep half of you living twice as long. Of course, that will be easy as a few people now know. Hey, we’re holding all the aces here! With a supply of Ace stickers to put on our cards. lulz

COPD alone would make us rich. We found a reverse loophole in their system. Misdiagnosed COPD. I bet we can cure it. They obviously can’t. Their cure is to get you on expensive steroids, and it isn’t a cure, or even a very effective treatment. You can look it up. They would know if they smoked, like most surveyors who know that smoking kept the bugs away, a bit. It was worth it up here. Call Reynolds American international, NYSE RAI.

Insurance always has cheaters, people trying to pull a fast one. People will lie and say they smoked longer than they did. Their neurons don’t lie, but how could we test for that? It is not proven that short term smoking, like if you start tomorrow, will have infused your neurons enough. We would have to charge a premium for fake smokers like insurance does for fake non smokers. The easiest way to skunk out a non smoker is to force them into a smoke filled room. They won’t be able to handle it. Jacks or better to open… Deal. Pass the whiskey.

Smoker’s Cough? We know you have a way to get all that biofilm soon to be coursing through your arteries out. We can use that. Cancer? What option do you chose? Poisoned, nuked, and Hacked to bits, or benignly chemically eliminated with us? It’s not proven either, but at least we can explain what we think is happening. They don’t know. Anyone who tries to tell them is obviously insane if they think doctors are complete fzckin’ idiots, especially when we can prove it in under 72 hours.

Haven’t got enough Lyme positives? Our Wild Apple Leaf test is a 100% proof positive, slam dunk, warning shot between the eyes, head start on the cure. The cure contains more than just wild apple leaves, but it is at least something that isn’t buried in search engines by a computer company, also specialists in idiot proofing things. Meanwhile, here is breaking news from across the pond on CNBC. They must read our blog. lulz Aetna bought Humana for $37B cash and share deal. 73 % will be owned by Aetna shareholders. That’s pretty large shareholder ownership. I’d only cede 49% of my company to start. It’s obvious I would have to retain technical control, because all state of the art health technology is wrong when it comes to chronic illness, and we can prove it. Alleged State of the art Shareholders, using outmoded failure tactics, would kill us like a flock of idiots mutinying on a starship, and run it into the first star. It wouldn’t be their first in an unbroken string of FAIL!

Canada, and other like countries like France, would be screwed totally. In short, nothing would change. Follow the money, not the proven criminal failures. As soon as they’re locked up, then we can help. Until then, they’ll continue stacking bodies like Hitler did. They’ll just fudge the death certificates like usual, accountable to only themselves. In time they’ll have their day in court trying to unring the bell of technical murder, borne of their own hubris. We’re on our own trying to stay out of reach of it. We’ll have to bury them in damning results, then hold them fully accountable. Their entire botched Morgellons response is just the tip of the iceberg, ticking from Feb 12, 2015. Published on not just any average journal. One that is the vanguard of all medical research. They still haven’t figured out that they are nematode tracks, but give them time. They have to play by the rulebook made by the rule makers of the Federal Administration of IL, or FAIL! AWKI. They can’t see the asteroid for the forest.

How do we get the ball rolling on this? Give us your tired, your poor, etc.? Give us your worst. We’re gonna smoke ya. You’ll feel that sinking feeling like a goal tender waking up, only to see the starting and second line of the early 80’s Edmonton Oilers warming up at the other end, organ playing suitable cheeze in the stands. Your defencemen are crying over the hit their stats are about to take. You’ll know it’s gonna suck bad, and there’s no way out. You adjust your noseplugs for the imminent burning rubber smell. You try your damnedest to fool yourself. You unload your entire arthritis roster of pre-existing conditions, only making things worse. Arthritis is our speciality. I’m just guessing the heart disease and strokes we can sometimes reverse, unless you wrecked ’em, come with the package. lol You can figure out how to get those stints out.

Non smokers we aren’t sure about. They’ll cost more due to the uncertainty. Speaking of which, back to the Grexit…


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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