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Sat, July 4, 2015 – Day 338 – 27 To Go – Skeeter Boi

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Avril Levigne has Lyme Disease. Not had. Has. We now know there is no way you can get rid of it until you see evidence of nematodes exiting your body. They will just keep re-infecting you. Note the disgraced Canadian doctors immediately told her she was crazy. Her new doctors are licking their chops. Meal ticket. Chad Kroeger, her husband of Nickleback, would have it too. A Two-fer. She’ll likely recognize the bug bite, mosquito, tick, spider, hornet. That is after she eats Wild Apple Leaves, and the root cause worm accesses out. I don’t care what test you had. This trumps them all. Both the doctors and worms run and hide back under the rocks they slithered out of.

Doctors will dwell on co-infections. You probably had them before this. You’ll see as the root cause nematode from each one accesses out. Until then, you just keep up the antibiotics like chugging detergent, having all the effects of giving your worms and their biofilms a bath. Yolanda Foster is finding out. So will Avril Levigne. No amount of love or money can touch this. Until now.

Now here is another theory. You already have the groundwork in place until that fateful day when you get an infected bite from the insect carrier of an Organizer Farmer Nematode egg. It rounds up all the troops already inside you from all the bug bites and cat scratches you had all your life, and protects them with its superior defence biofilm constructions. All the lyme literacy in the world will totally miss this. They’re still killing spirochetes in test tubes. Without all the biofilm snawt from those nematodes, spirochetes don’t stand a chance anyways. Your immunity that couldn’t beat biofilm all of a sudden gets payback. Their worst nightmare. Moreover, the nematodes making that biofilm guck see the writing on the wall instantly with Wild Apple Leaves. They flee for their slimy skinned lives. This went undetected by incurious doctors for all human history. Genesis 3 said it all. Wormed. From Day One being shat out of a spaceship into an orchard. Shzt? Shat? What’s the difference? Past Tense. You have been shat en masse as a human race. Doctors still haven’t gotten over the first second of Engineering 101; Identify the root cause. We can prove them wrong instantly. They protest that they don’t have to pass any test. Oh, yes they will. Call it an audit. So far, worst fail EVER! Repeatable Grade 3 science. Now for the consequences of FAIL! How would you like your Wild Apple Leaf Salad today? Italian Dressing? Thousand Island? Peppercorn Ranch? Oil and Vinegar?

When you are that dumb for that long, you have a lot of explaining to do. Never mind. Just realize you failed, and badly, snivelling and firing your trap off all the way until you finally got “outed,” as wrong and useless, and it took an engineer to rub your nose in it. Worse yet, you killed his father the same way, and you are all guilty, fully accountable to, and carrying the water of the deadly system you devised. You are obviously not only insane, but criminally incuriously insane, far above your station, and criminally dangerous to the health and well being of mankind. Now I can do it for Avril too. That is before question 2: What is with supermarkets full of weedkiller poison you refuse to test for?

Is that engineering? They deserve a beating too. I am doing my time already; Your turn, bztches. It’s MY game now, not yours. I have a few trillion little helpers to exact my several pounds of flesh out of you. They told me exactly how to do it and exact the most mental, if not physical, pain from the people who deserve it most; YOU! You will see yourself just how crazy that is. This is the worst country in the world for the infection you ignored so long that was born here. I’m good to go. So are you. Adios! lulz

It won’t be every bit of swimmers itch, or every mosquito bite, but many of them. That will be enough. I don’t want to run up the score against such a conceited, dysfunctional, worm infested, mentally ill/disabled, squad as doctors. It would be too easy. This is the fat pitch in the strike zone of all time in super HD slow motion, and it is headed for the parking lot outside the stadium, bases loaded, bottom of the 9th. See that day counter up above? That is how far you are behind, despite my best efforts to the contrary. All irrefutable public knowledge. The shot will be heard around the world when it happens. Here, your team was already sipping champaign in the dugout. We’ll take that. Your much ballyhooed brains against the worms? FAIL! How will they know to steer around your neurons? Good question; They won’t. Why not just kill them? What part about biofilm do you not get yet? You will kill yourself before you will even get close to them, and they’ll eat your dead carcass for good measure on the way out. The few you did manage to kill will just enrage the remaining hundreds hiding in you under those years of biofilm they built. Moreover, they will fortify it with damage control. It is obviously one thing they are expert at.

Avril Lavigne will be back. Just like Yolanda Foster. She’s chronic. They have their hooks in. Her Lyme will never be defeated that way. She and her doctors just don’t know it yet. They should, but they don’t. They’re too smart for that, they think. They alone think that, in our circles. The Wild Apple Leaf crowd knows they are only fooling themselves, and we can prove it, skunking hundreds more worms out. If there are still worms, you still have it. Nobody can pass our test so far, with the possible exception of maybe me. We will see. The clock is still ticking, and it will continue, until the first allopathic cement headed doctor gets drilled. By all of his own worms. After a year of that, he’ll likely change his tune.

It is the 4th of July. Fireworks? Pick some Wild Apple Leaves and serve them to doctors and assorted others who didn’t believe it. Rub it in, mockingly telling them, “You’re Delusional!” or my favourite, “I don’t like your thoughts.” Commit them. All of a sudden, they too will realize they have no choice in an insane system of their own design.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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