Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sun, July 5, 2015 – Day 339 – 26 To Go – Why is it Working so Well?

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I’ve got to be honest. It had me stumped until recently. My Apple Trees are an old school cultivar. They were selected for cold climate. The most important selection process in commercial grade selection a century and a half or more ago was insect and nematode resistance. You know… That worm in the apple. Apple trees have been selected to get rid of that since Adam’s old lady got a full loaded one, and gave him one too. Human, formerly Animal, Nematode Parasites hit the jackpot. The dumbazzes would never figure it out. What are the odds one of them would eat the leaves instead? Great animal, but dumb as a post, and they don’t follow engineering instructions very well, chucking the Owner’s Manual safely away in the glove box for weddings, funerals, and flat tires or oil changes. What would the engineer who built us know that we didn’t anyway?

People used to live about a thousand years. Why would they wear out? Chronic disease. SeshatLuxorfulloptimNow we have finally figured out chronic disease all comes from biofilm. I found biofilm comes from these nematode parasites. Something would have to rebuild the damaged or worn cells, and rejuvenate them. It feels like that is what Wild Apple Leaves are doing, but who knows? Will the internet last another 940 years to confirm it? All the secrets of 2,600 BC Egypt were lost a bunch of times, until I was given a bunch of them out of the blue by some very grateful nematodes. I will know if anybody else makes the connection, likely another metaphysician somewhere, when they tell me the same thing. That is if they can stop laughing, because it is a very funny story regarding the Pyramids. Most of the humour comes from how people thought why and how they were built, and what certain key tools actually meant, and were used for, versus their interpretations through heiroglyphics. Typically, the precious metals used to make key pictorial parts in the heiroglyphics were stolen, making it look like people walked funny. Here’s a bas relief of Seshat, engineer and wife of the other pyramid engineer, Djehuti, burnin’ one down. Anyhow, I digress. The point of this whole post is try and find the best performing Apple Trees, and without having to truck your pet Deer around to check it out first.

You can look at the leaves. The bugs eat mine, but they give up pretty soon after they get started. I found mine were great treatment for a tick bite, I could get a doc to look at it up here in Hooterville, but before I could get close to one, the bugs detached and died, not necessarily in that order. Doctors were too incurious to care here, which is the norm. You are better off steering clear of their ignorant worm infested conceited azzes anyway. Your apples may have that little coddling moth worm in them. They aren’t really a human parasite. You would need a microscope to check for other apple parasites. You can also just try the leaves then it becomes apparent how much power they will have if your nematodes make a dash for it. You can also feel the herx to gauge the antibacterial antiviral power too. We can worry about those ones hiding under the biofilm later. Scram! kills them in place, but then you have to get rid of their sizeable load of toxins they can just take with them with Wild Apple Leaf. How toxic? Look how sick they have been making you. Mine had a lot of neurotoxins, which had a near permanent effect, but are slowly clearing up.

My trees are wild now, so I can see the inherent natural resistance in them. You may get thrown of by a pesticide sprayed or genetically modified bt bio-toxin tree and misled as to how effective they are. The natural traits are what we are looking for. John Chapman knew that, and was suspicious of even cross breeding. Crab apples are very close to original wild apples I have heard, and all trees will eventually revert back to crab apple in several generations. Apple trees came from naturally interbred 4 wild types in cooler climates in the northern hemisphere. As we mentioned before. the apple genome was mapped, having 57,386 genes. That is almost twice a much as a human, and the human count includes all the flora biotics in your intestines which differs from person to person, yielding different counts from 21-32,000 genes. Humans have a larger DNA Base though, perhaps including the combined bases of all those extra cell types. All the uses from that Purdue link are only of the fruit. We use the leaves, and they literally open a can of worms. They have been a part of society since 8,000 BC, predating the Bible by 4,000 years. They have existed far longer, > 50 Million years by some estimates.

The Hippocratic Oath mantra of doctors is do no harm. They don’t do any good these days and forgot all that old shzt. A case in point is their treatment of the fact that wild apple leaves were discovered to expose countless nematode parasites they have been blind to for all history. Their modified oath here is “Do no harm to our Beloved broken Health Care Mother!” If they wanna play it that way, move over, Sonny. I’m gonna roll that fat Ol’ Gal in flour to find a wet spot, and fzck it! lulz She needs a Wild Apple Leaf makeover too, and could lose a few dozen pounds of worms, plus their slabs of pectin biofilm, on top of a good spanking. Not exactly harmful or tough love (yeah, sure I’ll be gentle,) but can you get my drift? lulz

At any rate, this is gonna be big. Bigger than GSK’s 99,000 worldwide employees, all watching the Beecham Clock. I doubt they are ready for it, but who ever is when that game changer comes along? They’re still using typewriters, and here comes the PC. Ironically, it was an Apple thing initially too. They just wanted a computer for themselves. I just wanted something for my Lyme Disease. Both cases, it turned out to be everything else too.


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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