Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Thurs, July 9, 2015 – Day 343 – 22 To Go – Out of the Blue

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Yesterday my brother showed up from Burlington. Unannounced. I was getting ready to do a day of shopping, grab the Chinese smorg. Cancelled, starving, and now I’m out of everything. You don’t want that Chinese crap they say. Attendance for a miniscule snack, 3 hours late, is mandatory. Evil sister asks me, after starving me, 12 times about Lyme disease her medical people know nothing about. The same 12 answers get old. She has such bad Lyme Fog she can’t remember answers to questions, or asking it, so she keeps asking the same question. The same answer, Apple Tree. Right fzckin’ there, eat a fzckin’ leaf so you can remember, then we can finally move forward. Same loop, stuck for over a year now. Same question. Same answer. Thousands of times. Walks around tree, hops in car, drives away. Brother asks, she always that fzckin’ dumb? Yep. Will be until 72 hours, apple leaf, 500 mg. dry powder/day. Lyme Fog first thing to get cured.

Brother himself has heart arrhythmia from Lyme. “Oh, I’m cured!” No you aren’t. They are treating a symptom of Lyme Carditis. My mother had it too. Like all Lyme families, both parents had it, all are in total denial. All stepbrothers too. None will touch an Apple Tree, let alone a Leaf from one. Stuck in puragatory of confusion till the day they die because they won’t spend 5 seconds for each of 3 days. Then the snap to will be so sudden and clear they will never stop. Next will come the waves of worms and snotterboarding as you blast all the worms and their worm snot biofilm out. Got pectinase?

Other brother was forced to park his new car. Can’t drive anymore. Got lost and disoriented, so they pulled his license. “Oh, I listen to my doctors!” What the fzck is wrong here? This is all so fzckin’ crazy. Hey, you dumb fzck, I found the root cause. 10% of your body weight is worm parasites from bug bites. More pectin from your “pretty, healthy food” is being used by them to farm your azz for food, and is behind all fatal chronic illness. Hello? Anybody in there? I’m glad you’re happy with those same doctors because I watched a dozen people die here and they didn’t have a clue what killed them. Brain cancer maybe, a lot of them. They were all doing a lot better than you are. See that apple tree? That could have saved them all. Do yourself a favour and go to it right now. Do not delay. Do not pass Go. Collect all the fzckin’ marbles, Your own Marbles, an’ fzck the $200. The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Hidden in plain sight for 6,000 years.

You can lead a horse to water, or someone to an apple tree, but you can’t make them eat a leaf. They’ll grab more worms in the apples instead. The worms will use the extra pectin to build a cell wall to protect their flock inside you. Even antibiotics at 1,000 times the normal dose can’t penetrate it. The antibacterial apple leaves can. The nematodes will hide in it like they have for 6,000 years, until that fateful day when the apple leaves force them to exit, and fast. Then the pectinase will eat away to the deeper more established worms. It seems at that point even they give up. They tried to tough it out for 11 months of this. Antibiotics would have destroyed my guts well before that. I wish I would have figured it out from the start. You would hope that in 30 days, then we would be here, since we started pectic enzyme on Day 313.

I can feel my brother from down east crying. He has had to go through so much, and deep down he knows I’m right, outside of keeping the brave face born of normalcy bias in a world gone so unbelievably un-normal. Everything is so fzcked up. Doctors are seemingly clueless, intentionally ignoring a huge epidemic in their face. Our sister can’t remember her own name now, and obviously has some kind of meningioma destroying her brain from this. Our disabled brother puts blind trust in the same doctors orchestrating the greatest insurance fraud in history. Even I am on the mend, but to him it sure doesn’t look that way. It just hit him that we all have Lyme, and there is no help. I corrected him when he stated that Avril Lavigne was cured. Nobody is cured their way pal. Not for very long. Follow up on that, and they all fail. I can’t believe I am the only one who finally figured it out, just by that rare chance of observing how a deer got by it. The present wisdom is like treating cancer by washing your hands. Have to get the nematodes out or they will just keep the biofilm going. Nobody, and I mean Nobody, even knows they are all walking worm farms, from God knows how many infected bugs, fleas, mites, and ticks bit them. I wonder how long it takes to get the remaining biofilm? A little birdy told me it will take a year. 22 days to go. Birdy, don’t fail me now. You’ve come through for me in the past. We all need you now, more than ever.

Pectinase in concert with Wild Apple Leaves brings it down to 6 weeks we hope. People will get impatient, even if they have had what is now known as Lyme for 60 years. At least by eliminating antibiotics, it seems that we can keep this up indefinitely. The outcome is unknown, but that alone is a quantum leap forward in medicine with this. I found my own immunity can pick up everything with the worms out of the picture. They made the biofilm at the root of it all, the Holy Grail of medicine. I believe it was on the biofilm youtube channel they went on about how biofilm underlies the number 1 problem medicine faces, and that is chronic illness, which is everything from heart to brain to lung to digestive to diabetes to cancer. We found warts and colds and flu too. Doctors will never know; Our fudged medical histories are all useless in hindsight, and until you are dewormed, they can’t even begin the new one. The shocker is it isn’t just Lyme disease. It is everybody.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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