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Fri, July 10, 2015 – Day 344 – 21 To Go – Bextra Read All About It

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American Greed said Pfizer got fined for $2.3 billion over Bextra. I wonder if those affected got a cent? In Canada, you can be paralyzed by a drug, and they get off scot free. I was. There is no recourse for malpractice in Canada. Stay away if you can. Now this is what you have in the US, except with lawyers still I presume. Doctors without lawyers to sue them keeping them honest are dangerous. If you should get paralyzed, you’re screwed.

I noticed the drug was paralyzing me. I stopped it and recovered. Then I got thrown in a hospital. Full dose again, paralyzed again. I fought to get off it the whole time I was there. I’m finally off it. I still have the paralysis from it. They crippled me. Even wild apple leaf can’t get rid of that. They owe me everything. Their liability is total. They lie about it to cover their asses. I warned them the entire time. That is why admitting in Canada is the psych ward, not emergency. That is how they got away murdering my father out of incompetence. They cover their ass declaring you are insane, when their actions alone define them as criminally psychotic insane.

Witness their handling of Lyme disease. Everybody is delusional. I can see why they are scared to death of Wild Apple Leaf. When worms drill out of your own face, it is hard to say that is just a delusion. Their culpability in obstructing science alone there takes them firmly out of a grey area, placing them firmly in a black and white criminal fraud, a million questions and no answer. All because of a little leaf of Man’s Favourite Tree. Who knew? I do. I wonder how Stacey Keach will play that one? Canadian Greed?

Of course, they’re insane. When you catch them in a lie, they just lie again. Every cop’s joy. A liar who won’t shut up, and won’t stop lying, frantically trying to save their skin. All while micro nematode parasites continue to drill out. Oh, just a rash. No, it isn’t. Is that your informed medical opinion, although that means nothing now, although it does show how quick you are to lie and cover? I would guess a child of three could probably figure this out, and you have no explanation? Typical. Maybe a few years in jail to get your story straight.

There is a support group for the drug that crippled me. Probably run by the manufacturer to shoot people down. Still, hundreds signed up for the blatant phish. When a giant law firm runs it, and I can confirm they aren’t hired by the pharmacriminals, then I’ll sign up. When you make it to American Greed, you’ve hit the jackpot of scumbags. It wasn’t Pfizer, but a similar company. They must have hidden those stats away to get the crap approved. As for doctors, those patients must be mentally ill; That dope company just gave me a sweet golf vacation at a 5 star. So the patient is paralyzed? Fzck them. They never went golfing with me.

There is no golf deal with Wild Apple Leaves. Where’s the money shot? For doctors, it is the ultimate negative money shot. I stopped counting at over a dozen incurable illnesses it got results on. To be fair, most of those were misdiagnoses on purpose when doctors tried to hide unapproved diseases. That in itself is too good, but I can’t change that. I am not a Big Pharma company, and I can’t golf worth a shzt. There is one huge failure. Wild Apple Leaves cannot cure a badly shanked tee shot. I thought maybe it can’t cure doctors too, but then it proved me wrong again. Doctors are scared to death of the tree of Evil. There is no Good there for them. It used to be take two aspirin, and I’ve got a tee time in the morning. Now it is take two Wild Apple Leaves, and I’ll be panhandling out front in the morning; I know you’ll never call again. Poor ol’ Doc. Relegated to Maytag Repairman status.

Let’s flesh that out. Doctor starts taking two Wild Apple Leaves at bedtime. Worms start drilling out, and hey, that one there was from a bug bite/sting in 1959. OMG! That thing has been alive in me for 56 years! I must be mentally ill. Delusional! I’m fzcked as a doctor! Wait a second… We can cover it up in the paperwork. Yeah… That’s the ticket! We’re good to go. Just stop those fzcking Evil Apple Leaves! They are the trouble, not me. “Nurse? Get that Evil Apple Leaf fzcker on the phone. I’ve got to kill… errr… Get an Appointment with him. Heh heh heh…” Whew… dodged a bullet there. What? He won’t come in? Put out a fzckin’ APB! Call the cops! Call the social workers! Call Batman! Call his father… no scratch that. We already killed the old fzcker. That whole fam damily is trouble, I tell ya…

I just talked to a lady on the phone here. Her crab apple leaves are a little powerful it seems. Herx like reaction, and pain. She also takes artemesin/wormwood. She may have to take less of that worm wood, but definitely stay the course. She was surprised that it takes less apple leaves the more you stay with it. It sounds like she is still trying everything. I told her I am trying to speed it up, but steady is the key. The biggest thing would definitely be keep it steady. More won’t go faster. I pointed out that the price of this is zero. It sounds like everything else definitely isn’t. I also pointed out that I only do this, and occasionally, maybe just a little artemesin from my czech absinth, not the other way around with massive artemesin like her. You want to keep on the worms’ timetable, and whatever they can handle. You don’t want to kill them because their die off toxins can kill you. Give them a chance to get out. Consider how long they have been there, and how long you have done this. Decades versus weeks. Also, the best accelerator is pectin enzymes I am finding, and it gets deep worms, hiding in the gallons of their deadly biofilm you have to cough or otherwise move out through intestinal means. I know it is tasting sweeter as it gets broken down from pectin to other digestible sugars. That is natural amylase in your saliva making it taste sweet. You can always stop and start again, but once it becomes clear all those worms are still there, you want to keep them moving out eventually.

I don’t know, but maybe that is the problem. You have to put a price on this, more expensive than all that other stuff, to force people to use less. You want to keep with it to have it in your system to prevent reinfection from the next bad bug bites. I’m working on it, but still to keep the value there by making up for it with pectinase Type I and Type II. That is the new thing that is continuing to work well. One thing clear is that as you age, that pit of nematode made biofilm gets deeper. There is no way to eliminate the starch from your diet now because it makes food look pretty. Big Food won’t stop it, playing straight into the worms’ err… hands? Or stumps. God cut their hands off in Genesis 3, but you know what I mean. lol Big Pharma AND Big Herbs can’t touch it, and will hate Wild Apple Leaf plus enzymes. It takes less as you use it more, and it replaces EVERYTHING! The only thing worse to them than nuthin’ is Less Nuthin’! lulz It’s the FDA’s and USP’s dream too. Analysis shows everything in it good. Our common sense knows when enough is enough by the herx. That shows it is working on the bacteria and virals that everything else can’t touch. Like spirochetes. In situ, not in vitro.

Worms is my thing. I talked to a pharmacist in town.She likes her 20 pounds of worms. Hey, baby, whatever floats your boat. I guess it is just me. Official medical worm bags like death. Worms are lethal. I find them a little creepy. I give you that as an example of modern medical science, and why their track record of failure will never be broken. Been that way since the first worm lover ate the apple. They’re soooo smart.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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