Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sat, July 11, 2015 – Day 345 – 20 To Go – “I don’t have any parasites!”

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Bwaahhhhahaha! So you a doctor? They’re the only ones who claim they don’t. That is like saying you’ve never been bitten by a bug. Maybe there is somebody who has never been bitten by a bug. I live in Canada. The only people who are stupid enough to say that here in the world’s largest bug incubator are doctors. That is like saying you are a fraud straight out. To be fair, they listen to doctors. I used to also, until it became obvious they were a conceited fraud in denial. Walking infested worm bags. Ticking time bombs. Just add Apple Leaf.

Could you hold an Apple Leaf Challenge? People still deny it with scars where worms drill out of their foreheads. You could take SCRAM!, but pinworms still drill out with Wild Apple Leaves after that. That is because we found a second type that lives protected under biofilms. SCRAM! only gets the easy ones. Then our Wild Apple thing gets a hundred more out. I wonder how many still lurk there that can escape Wild Apple Leaf? Hello future people in the next century scanning this blog with your AI Blog Scanner Apps. Did they find something that can skunk out more, or are they all still shortened life geniuses in denial, thinking they are so pure that they have no worms? Do you still laugh maniacally in their face?

I heard there are two kinds of people; Those who masturbate, and those who lie about it. This is exactly the same thing. Those who have nematode parasites, and those who are in denial and think they can get away claiming they don’t. Apple leaf triers and liars. I knew that head pharmacist tried it. They get very interested whenever you have something to say about nematodes. They lady looking after the store while he was on break never got the memo. I picked up some more empty bottles for various test capsules. I have some clove to powder with cayenne pepper. Clove kills the worm eggs. They didn’t have a pestle and mortar. I just bought a couple on Ebay. We’re an old school pharmaceutical operation.

We still dream modern. Of course, the crop could fail. A cohort surveyor friend had a degree from Olds college in Ag.Sc. A few years back he remarked that we had a nice apple “crop.” I never really looked at it as a crop. Now it has my undivided attention, but not for the apples. I guess I have invented this new crop, but there is no way one person can fill the demand, assuming fibonacci growth when people have that “OMG!” moment when they see what happens. This year is a good crop year too for Apples, but the leaves are normal. Boy, do they ever make a lot of apples, even when they don’t seem overly abundant. If I get a line on bulk pectinase and α-galacturonase, I could try my hand at cider. They were bred for it. High pectin content – They keep all winter. They ripen to a unique fluorescent pink/red/white colour as well, born of their malus columbia apple crab cross roots. Keeping to the plot, a semi automatic machine like that can fill hundreds of thousands of capsules, so like glad bags full. Most of the time is spent tamping, although I have some ideas for flow agents to consolidate the apple leaf powder more, and cut down on the tamping to pack the powder. It can be combined in a custom order of enzyme for my unique formulation now that I know the distributor for all the wine store distributors. It is an interesting project more up my engineering alley than we did at work, contrary to what you would think. Starting a pharma manufacturer from scratch is a whole different ball game. QC is tough, but I am going to test every batch myself. It is the only measure of Wild Apple Leaf power I have. This year I won’t “snotterboard” myself like last year because we are past that with additives now. Those doctors cost me my mobility. I have to dry and grade the whole crop, and that is made tougher now because I am more sensitive as you use less after you use it more to get the same herx. I will also have a proven shelf life by then from my inventory of pure test stuff I have from the beginning. It will all be export grade for starters because there is no <cough, cough> Lyme Disease in Canada. Luckily, it also treats Dumbazz Doctor Disease and West Denial Virus… “Off Label,” of course… which are two rampant Canadian epidemics.

A tough thing is the work force for harvest. This is around November 11 here, a long weekend in Canada for Remembrance Day, or Armistice Day as it is known elsewhere. They didn’t remember long as they threw a second world war 20 years later. This time I also have an idea for custom storage with porous containers of feed grade diatomaceous earth to keep leaves dry and alleviate any bugs that try to stow away. Bugs like the leaves for the medicine too. After all, they are little patients too. Worms are a lot bigger deal to them than humans, and maybe even more lethal, faster. It just takes worms a little longer to eat a whole human and leave all those cellulite dimples and varicose veins all over its fat azz. The DE storage will make sure any bug in the final product won’t have come from here; it is the most powerful natural insecticide.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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