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Sun, July 12, 2015 – Day 346 – 19 To Go – My First Bad Bottle

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It was my first bad bottle of wine. I(t happens, I can attest anyway. I guess that is why they test wine in high end eateries. The taste was a little flat (less alcohol), but the aftertaste was almost septic. You don’t have to be  wine connaisoyer. That blew chunx. I guess every few batches, you get a bad one. I saved this one for analysis. What made it so vile? Can we avoid it? All batches have a lil’ bad lurkin’ there, ya know. This was the first bad one in about 4 batches of 30 bottles. Less than 1%. But it happens That happening is like Wild Apple Leaf. And Herxing.

Bad herxing is septic shock. Combining Apple Leaves with Wormwood can create a bad herx, cold sweats, and that sort of thing. I discovered that it felt like the nematodes had become little electric eels. Now I would recommend that you not take wormwood with Apple Leaves. Why would you? Wormwood/artemesia does almost nothing while apple leaves evict all these microscopic nematodes that live in you for decades. I would get rid of those first. Apple leaves multiplies the effect of wormwood times 100, so 1 pill a month instead of like 3 a day. Artemesia also loses effectiveness as you take it more, and that is what they warn malaria/babesia sufferers. Worms can adapt to artemesia. It looks like the opposite is true for apple leaves. Less apple leaves get more powerful. Removing more biofilm guck, by accelerating it with pectinase, starts another exodus where worms tried to hide under biofilm, and your own immunity can deal with whatever was lurking under biofilm before we dissolved it. Just from tasting that bad bottle, I had to take a couple milk thistle to help my liver deal with it, it seems. My right side there around the liver felt tense; now I can feel it warming. I haven’t looked to see if I’m jaundiced, yellowing of the whites of the eyes.

There is a school for biofilm engineering at Montana State to replace standard ground water containment procedures like a grout curtain. UBC Mining Engineering also has a project using biofilm for mineral processing, separating economic minerals using biofilm. We just want to eliminate human biofilm because doing that, you eliminate chronic disease. It kills about 4 people a minute in the US, More nematode engineers build/use biofilms as well, it turns out, hiding beneath it. It is a pseudo cell wall/snawt curtain no medicine can permeate. Occasionally people tell me they use everything to try and get rid of it from pool chemicals to wormwood, and it all fails. Nematodes use it because no chemical can penetrate it. We found that enzymes can dissolve it, safely, then you win. Finally. Doctors don’t care and mock you. They mock herxing, the deadliest side effect of their treatment. They have that luxury because those they mock just die, and they never hear from them again. There is no malpractice in Canada so they like to rub it in while you are still alive, dying from their treatment. You’ll be dead soon and they’ll still be geniuses. I should have done school like that. I would just kill all the professors whose answers didn’t fit my wrong answer world view, like a doctor.

I didn’t have that luxury. We weren’t allowed to cover up murder. We couldn’t make it being total dumb fzcks, or the professors would plonq us. Meanwhile, I am looking at the places the deer used to eat. Since the cougar scared them away this spring, the plants are growing that they used to eat. One has gone all the way to bloom with a little white flower on it. It isn’t a daisy. I will have to check it out. The apple tree has lots of little apples, and the leaves are growing faster now as well. I know where they ate, and what they ate. Now I can see what it was that they aren’t culling it as it grows. Just when this thing seems cut and dried, another chapter of discovery opens up. In less than a year, we have jumped over 60 centuries of medical failure by plagiarizing deer. Why not? They seem to have no problem with Lyme. My pharmacist friend seems to be the only scientist who is interested other than Dr. Sapi and Richard Longland. There is also the team from the University of Lithuania, who I have to create a report for about what I found eating wild apple leaves. Perhaps I will be preaching to the choir. They have likely tried them too; This can be more information for them.

I am guessing I have witnessed trichbilharzi regentia and strongyloides stercoralis worms exiting from the size; They had to be pinworms or smaller. Then there seems to be Wuchereria bancrofti, or symptoms of this West Denial Virus here. Oddly, mosquito bites don’t seem to swell long when they tap into my Wild Apple Leaf infused blood supply. There is a funny mark where one punched a vein, and caused a small subcutaneous bleed, but no swelling, itching, or pain. The Wild Apple Leaf treatment lets me determine where they had been hiding, and assuming that we are getting their biofilm, quantifying progress in a rough way with all laboratory science absent by design of an evil medical system. They horde all the test equipment while they intentionally look the other way as supermarkets are filled up with weedkiller.

They are the new Master Race, filling up the gap left by the Third Reich’s untimely demise. Like Hitler, they swelled their numbers by stroking egos of the dense, and killing all who should challenge their brilliance and 60 century unbroken record of failure. They managed to hornswoggle everybody by taking all the tax revenues. Hitler yanked out all the gold teeth in a similar fashion. Hitler targeted Jews; Doctors target anybody but their clique of thugs without deference to religion. Anybody who confronts them with facts, they can just kill in a psych ward. If somebody cures heart disease, they can just remove his aorta, or sew his azz shut, and put “Heart Disease” on the death certificate. It’s the number 1 killer now. Doctors, not disease. “He had ze unvortunate Accident!”


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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