Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Mon, July 13, 2015 – Day 347 – 18 To Go – Funny lil’ Worms

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I remember when we were younger, working on a geophysics crew. One year, there was an infestation of poplar worms or caterpillars. They would eat the poplar leaves. They had an odd metric. They would key on the colour green. They would crawl all over anything that was green. My survey instrument was green, so they glommed onto it. Later I painted signs to denote survey pins here with green paint. Bugs ate them all within a year or so. Again, it was the green colour. This has me thinking about bug and worm psychology. What do they like, what do they hate? Scientists are like that. They like green. They’ll eat a plate of crap if you spray paint it green, but it has to be money green. Then they come back for seconds.

Wild Apple Leaves are a funny green colour, but not the right one for medical scientists. Bugs get sucked in by it, but they all give up, unable to get past the herxing it must create in spades with them. They’ll eat green pressure treated lumber, or spray painted paper, so that gives you an idea how powerful apple leaves are to make them give up. Deer are basically a bug magnet with their hairy coat, and delicious meat, until they eat those Wild Apple Leaves. Then the bugs give up on them too. They go looking for some fat nonsmoking human to unload all their worm eggs into. Humans have no choice, so they say they love their worms, thank you. That was until the worms met me. I know what they do, and I’m not overly fond of it. I became the Deer Whisperer. They knew then they had met their match, and it was time to move out or die.

I wish I knew some scientists that were curious what all these hundreds of worms were accessing out of their body. Then we would have more answers other than, “There’s no money in it.” Ironically, we found out according to the media, there is 4 times the national debt in it in civilization, simply by preventing time lost. That isn’t money in the pocket of scientists. That is a little money in all our pockets that we would otherwise blow on catastrophic medical expenses. No wonder doctors hate Wild Apple Leaves. No more 6 figure bills to insurance companies. That is my angle. Insurance loss prevention. Thank God everybody is so fiscally challenged they can’t figure out that it is more money than 4 times the national debt. They’ll rant until they are blue in the face over high cost health care. Save them a few bucks and they will rant over that too while you pocket the bulk of it. I just need a way to confirm their apple leaf assay results, like by urine or a blood test.

Then there is a supply problem. 3,500 Tonnes per day of dried leaves is a massive challenge to organize and QC for 7 billion patients. Moreover, most of the leaves are poisoned by insecticides. Only humans could create such a massive paradox, then justify it by denial without even trying it, ensuring a typical horrible death from the typical chronic illness that kills every last one of us. What is unproven is longevity without chronic illness. If there was no heart disease, cancer, and other chronic illness, would Monsanto become the number one cause of death, and would they just keep it under the radar like they do now? They can just keep it hidden with bought weak science studies like they always have until that fateful Agent Orange trial day. Maybe automobile accidents would take over the number one spot. Monsanto is on the way out now that everybody is getting the memo. “Oh well, he was 284… He had a pretty good run until she txt’d into the oncoming lane and the airbag failed while he was on his way to the ski hill from weight training… Sad. He just retired about 34 years ago. He never quit smoking, either. Claimed it kept bugs away… 4 generations of dead doctors too. Their life expectancy topped at 80 using their own shzt.”

My brother asked me an odd question yesterday. “Do you play as good as you used to?” regarding the guitar. I said No, but now after thinking about it more, that isn’t entirely right. I some ways I have lost it, but in others I am way ahead, like slide guitar, and using capo tricks to make up for lost fingers. I learned a lot of Led Zeppelin as therapy because I had forgotten it all. Now I am getting them, the weak fingers, back, on top of all that, but they are a little weak. So it is different, not worse or better. You play by your strengths naturally, and practice by your weaknesses. All players can get in a rut by only practising and not playing out and stretching out any more. It kind of frustrates you, but what is music without angst?

What is Lyme without angst? You have all these doctors denying it exists, then you find out even they are riddled with worms. Just one bug bite strain away from the same or worse. They are so conceited or stupid or both they don’t even know it, and it is only one apple leaf salad away to their total horror that they were so wrong for so long. A laughing stock. It becomes so obvious they’ll want to hide away forever, more disgusted with themselves than we could ever be. Chances are that billions will know before they do, rubbing it in so richly that they deserve all the humiliation and widespread condemnation that comes with that. It has to be divine intervention that painted them into that corner of idiocy. Legendary incuriosity, and in their own alleged field of expertise. 60 centuries. Undeniable physics for the pretender “physicians”. Repeatable one idiot at a time. I discovered it, but until they do, we can just snicker behind their back.

Greece is in a similar boat. They are serial liars. This time, they say they will pay back the money owed to the EU. They keep saying that like they have for the last half decade. The markets are happy about it, but you know they are serial liars, and they have no intention of honouring their debts. You know that the market moves are resting on hopium. Sell that bubble for all it’s worth now, because it will be worthless tomorrow. Oh, don’t be ridiculous… Greece has changed its ways. Yeah, right. The markets continue to rise until their next default. 25% sales tax and nobody can afford to buy anything with no liquidity left to spare. The government already spent all their childrens’ pensions. Kablooie! The wheels fall off. The waiting is the hard part. Then some worm drills straight out of a doctor’s forehead, after doc finishes munching that delicious apple salad, on national TV, exactly when he is telling everybody how ridiculous the whole thing is. Looks good on ’em. For now the party is on on deck; Iceberg dead ahead.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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