Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Tues, July 14, 2015 – Day 348 – 17 To Go – Biofilm Bullet

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It can’t be that simple. Or can it? Biofilms are made by parasite worms that escaped all detection for 60 centuries by doctors, and they make them out of pectin. Seems pretty straightforward to me, tried targeting that with the Wild Apple Leaf, and it works, exposing even more undetected parasite pinworms. They were hiding in the biofilm. It looks like everybody has been trying all sorts of exotic stuff to get rid of this, and getting sick by trial and error. We keep it simple, stupid, because we are, and so are worms. It makes sense they make it out of pectin because that is what they have the most of, and people don’t make pectinase or PG’s  in their body. We have to buy it on ebay. Unfortunately we can’t buy wild apple leaf powder on ebay yet. That is our other surprise super anthelmintic antibacterial that trumps even penicillin. It is what gets biofilm out too, but it is so thick and gooey that it can snotterboard you, and drown you. Pectinase gets it down to a weak slightly sweet tasting jelly like slop that you cough out.

I was looking at that thread above, and people want to know where the biofilm is. I just assumed it was everywhere. What good would it do you if you knew it was in your prostate? Heart? Lungs? Kidneys? Liver? Pancreas? Brain? It is in all of the above. It comes out as gallons of snot before it’s over. They’re worried about intestinal biofilm. That is made more of other stuff, not pectin, it seems. I haven’t noticed any trouble at all digestion wise since quitting black walnut and wormwood/ansinth-apple leaf extract. They’ll clean you out. People trying all those exotic enzymes are warning of near death experiences. I noticed I burped a couple times. That’s it. They say you should take them on an empty stomach, which makes sense because we don’t want to waste them on food. We want to use them on undigestable food the worms built biofilm out of.

Now you may have different worms. My world wide bush worms probably kicked all my sissy lower 48 worms in the worm balls, and sent  them packing long ago. But I bet they all use pectin. You can see why. Nothing can penetrate that jelly. Eat apple leaves alone, but not enough to snotterboard yourself, spit it out, and try. You’ll see. It is like rubber. Until pectinase. Then it’s slop. I guess it is my physics background. Simple repeatable experiments to expose the physics of the situation. F=ma. E=mc². All that shzt. I am a real physician, not one of these insurance bztches. They wouldn’t know real physics in the form of a line drive to the gunnions. They would probably analyze the stars floating in their eyes for hours after the fact. Meanwhile, we catch the ball before it crosses the plate or even makes it to the batter. Much easier on ALL the balls involved that way. lulz

Here is a list of the enzymes in Kirkman Biofilm Defence®. I have some 90,000biofilm enzymes SU Serrapeptase so I did one. That gets that silkworm stuff out if there is any there. Most of it appears to be pectin though. Some people try lumbrokinase, derived from earthworms. They are all expensive. My worms are cheap third world worms so they used pectin it seems. Gringos are loaded with it from the supermarket and all those Pectinase and PG eliminated GMO vegetables for long shelf life. Kirkman’s is $47. “Recently, scientists have discovered ways to penetrate these pathogenic biofilms and expose the bad bugs underneath.  They have discovered the composition of most biofilms consists of sugar molecules or polysaccharides, minerals (such as calcium, iron and magnesium), DNA and fibrin.  Some studies have shown that by using enzymes that potentially degrade components of the pathogenic biofilm, infections in the lungs, sinuses and wounds are easier to clear.” Bugs = parasite nematodes, I presume.

That Serrapeptase was similar at $44 for 120 caps. They are expensive. Pectinase/Polygalacturonase (don’t worry… your body makes your own custom PG out of the pectinase) for winemaking is $10 a pound plus shipping. It seems to get 95% of it or more. Serrapeptase produces a bland phlegm alone, so it also gets something, but nowhere near as much or as dramatic as pectic enzyme. The Apple Leaf annihilates the bacteria that used to live in it easily then, as it appeared to do it alone without additional enzymes. It really kicks into high gear. Just add pectinase. Watch the worms flee. If you are a doctor, read it and weep, knowing how you will die, because some doctor didn’t find this obvious shzt out. You can say a real engineering physician told you instead to save some modicum of face.

I was born an engineering physicist to an engineering physicist and an DARTCM Musician. I wanted to be a geomatics engineer, but that wasn’t invented yet, so I took my MMPE schooling and helped invent it and test it at Texas Instruments. I probably already had lyme disease before they put a name on it from my dad and mother, both outdoorsy happy camper types from tick riddled Ontario. After this whole Wild Apple Leaf Deer education, I have never felt better chemically all my life, each day being better than the last. I am still fighting gravity after being paralysed and flat on my back nearly 18-12 months ago. It is a slow process, but one I can feel improving no matter how slowly. The fact that no one has ever been able to beat it is just a kicker for amusement now. Chronic? Schmonic! The permanent nerve damage is less than permanent now I hope, from what I am feeling and seeing. I know that Lyme is tougher than arthritis and cancer, and perhaps even prostate now I am finding. There is a way to test for Lyme in Canada if you go to an ND or Dr.TCM, but why waste the money now that I have a 100% positive test for all chronic biofilm illness based on nematode parasites, which I also found out was all of it. Hey, what do you think makes the biofilm, anyway? Doctors; Here’s a hint. It isn’t you. But one thing is clear, You’re so corrupted, bogged down, and misled you will never find out, or will be the last to know. Fitting.

Back to the Doctor Bullet. Gets rid of any need for doctors, slowly and surely, but a thousand times faster than they’ll ever do it. Meanwhile, my hands are still tied, as I watch them kill my entire family, by barking not only up the wrong tree, but in JimmyJackthe wrong forest on some other make-believe planet. We actual engineering physicists are stuck on this one, in this observable universe, and this is our laboratory, where independent repeatable experiments dictate the way forward. Go some place else to run those outdated made up sin tax shams.

Sheesh! I need a homeopathic whiskey an’ a cigar to chill out… and insulate that wiring. lulz How about a new drink? A Smokin’ Jack…. One half ounce southern Comfort and 1/2 oz. Jack Daniel. Works! Feel a couple swigs o’ that. lool Helps the physio guitar, on the listening end anyway. It was a prescription from Dr. Jimmy Page. It was suitably sanctified with a shot of Patron by Rev. Billy Gibbons.

There was also a whole tick in my back almost out of reach. I’m looking at it now. It died and scabbed off. I’m gonna tape it in scotch tape and staple it to the wall. Spirit of Tiggy, the Sequel. Right now he’s at home on an old kleenex. I paid for all those bullshzt Lying Disease nut wards with my cigarettes. I want a claw back. Double for the insult borne of their outmoded medieval technology. Ahhh… that lyme aftertaste…

If you haven’t eaten a few Apple leaves yet, it all becomes painfully clear how far off track they are, toot sweet. Watch the douchebags blame that on smoking. lulz Are they Bugs, or are they Nematodes? The evidence I looked up pointed to the latter. They live there for 4 or 5 decades or more in some cases. And they have made at least a month’s worth of pectinase sugar snawt in there for their lil’ co0+ie farm.


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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