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Thurs, July 16, 2015 – Day 350 – 15 To Go – What is Fibrin?

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Fibrin is how your blood clots. Nematodes take advantage of it when you are injured to make biofilm I found. Kirkman Biofilm Defence targets it to depose the protein cross linked fibers made by it. You can look all of this up. We just attributed it to MAST Cells which respond to injury, but more specifically, it is fibrin that ultimately forms scar tissue. Wild Apple Leaf makes scars thinner, so I am guessing it somehow deposes this excess fibrin. I also witnessed older injuries backing up as they were revisited. Luckily, they reversed a lot faster than they formed.

At first I worried that my proposed formulation wouldn’t address fibrin, but now I realize it is inherent somehow in the mechanism from the apple leaf components. This also explains a lot of the recovery of the deer that was so lame. It could simply have been an earlier injury being revisited as the fibrin was being repaired. It’s something to think about. I was looking at a way to deal with fibrin, but after looking it up, realize it was already built in with the Apple Leaves. I suspected that the phlegm being produced was biofilm, but this is just another confirmation of that as I come to understand the hows and whys of it all, largely targeting by trial and error. So far, there has not been much error. I guess I have been lucky.

This presents yet another revolutionary medical model. We are all born, and proceed down the path of life from injury to injury. They all whittle away at you. Nematode parasites take advantage of this to get you while you are down, taking advantage of your natural response mechanism, and they incorporate it in their own biofilm construction. The only people denying that bacterial biofilms are the mechanism of chronic disease are doctors. Bacterial biofilms are, in fact, the only reason we thought we needed doctors. Might as well do a two-fer and get rid of them both. They can argue about it in the dumpster. We would still need doctors for operations, which in fact would cause more injury to tissues, and start the whole process over if the nematodes aren’t skunked by Wild Apple Leaf first. The Wild Apple Leaf would also mop up the excess fibrin scar tissue after the healing is done.

You can see my problem here. Every time I think this engineering report is a wrap, another chapter opens up. Medicine knows nothing about this, other than their own assessment that anything that makes them look that fzckin’ stupid must be crazy. Oddly, I find it par for the course with them. Most would be total failures in engineering due to their disturbing tendency to cling to obsolescence and outmoded ways of thinking out of laziness or personal pride/convenience. To be such absolute dumb fzcks to miss something so obvious for 6,000 years is laughable at best. The fact that they have all the money demands an investigation and freeze pending explanation as well. My father was right before they murdered him. They simply aren’t up to snuff engineering grade wise.

What to do when you have no qualified peer to review this? There is no way you want to dumb it down, or fluff it up conversely. Much of the piles of stuff I read is fluffed up with details of the test process. You could get bogged down in that shzt forever. Just ask Einstein. They are still working on confirming his second paper he wrote fleshing out his first, 6 decades after his death. Then it dawned on me. Fzck ’em. They can look it up. Or have it drill out of their tit. It will kill them if it doesn’t. Perfect. Save me wear and tear on the strangulation muscles. lulz

Waiting for dumb fzcks to hang themselves is the hard part. I know I am right because a child of three can witness it. Back to the drawing board, dumbazzes. The trouble is they won’t do that. They love to pile on their own failures, looking stupider every time ultimately, trying to hide the correct answer from everybody’s view instead. There ought to be a law, but there isn’t. You are stuck with the Singin’ Frog, but the difference is, the frog actually sings! Nobody wants to know because they would be ruined, being on record loudly proclaiming no such thing as a Singin’ Frog. It takes time. Then the whole thing achieves critical mess, and someday, that nuke is going to blow up in their face. Where will you be when that happens? With the majority on the wrong side, or with the few on the right side, doctors still frantically trying to hide it criminally for trillions? Until that time, your life is actually in danger. Welcome to my hell.

I stay hidden in the mountains. I guess I can go to legal aid to get a restraining order, but then you have to bank on the intelligence of a judge. I could see going broke easily there. All I can do is document it all here for the cops when it all comes down. I know they’re too busy with traffic tickets to worry bout mass murder, but one murder they can solve? They’ll dig in on that. Take Wild Apple Leaves, it all becomes clear why they had to murder that for the money.

This moves us to the aftermath. Why won’t people take it? I know the answer. They’re either in on it, or have been instructed by someone in on it.Columbo Gotcha! 2015-01-10 19:41:08 Instant arrest for accessory to murder if they won’t rat out the perp, or just straight murder if it is on their own volition. Oh, what a can of worms, literally. Simply, they are a danger to themselves or others, on top of wilfully propagating a public health crisis. They’re intentionally infectious and contagious. Doctors are intentionally in on it. The only plea they have is ignorance, so there goes the credentials out the window. Outmoded. Outdated. So much for that oath to keep current. “I will respect the hard-won scientific gains of those physicians.” Yeah. Sure have a funny way of showing that. Especially when a physicist or engineer trumps it all, with irrefutable evidence of a current rampant nematode infestation predating Hippocrates by 3,500 years. Wan’t proof? Find a safe apple tree. Start eating the leaves,  a few at a time, each day. Have side effects? We have medications for that. Sound familiar?

They, this white coat Mafia, sure don’t act criminal. Isn’t it always that way, except in Hollywood? lulz Far fetched? Look at their performance at USPTO.gov, and their latest scam, where their answer to arthritis is simply to destroy your immune system genetically. Wild Apple Leaf cures that naturally, and not just a bullshzt bandaid solution. It actually cures it. Watch them pile on that one throwing all their money at trying to disprove it other than prove it. The proof is self evident as the arthritis disappears while they are just getting started to argue about it. Same with some cancer. Why not all of it? I haven’t got all of it to prove it. Your turn. It’s time for you to kill or be killed with these jackazzes. Wild Apple Leaf is your gun, that simply.

banksy-in-nyc-2Enough sour grapes. If they’re as bright as they claim they are, they’d be on board in a heartbeat. So would their incurious staffers. They’ll see in several centuries. It’s going to be the hugest ego nuke, EVAH! They’ll feel about as tech as Amish. lol The worms take fibrin with them when they leave. That’s what they’re looking for, and they crave that last little bit of it as they wriggle for all they’re worth to get out. Wild Apple leaves eat it up somehow too. Two words? “Nematode Parasites.” One word? “Leaves.”


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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