Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Fri, July 17, 2015 – Day 351 – 14 To Go – Low Biofilm Knowledge

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You would think it would dominate the headlines of all medical journals. The NIH fingers it for 80% of all illness. Others say 99%. The fact of the matter is most physician education is limited to current synthetic medications, and that is not only according to Dr. James Schaller in his latest book, “Combatting Biofilms.” He is My doctor since all the ones you know in West Canuckistan are AWOL on their Number 1 Killer, biofilm. Allopathic Physicians are limited to overly simplistic current synthetic medications in their knowledge. Couple that with their unbridled power and you have a recipe for the current disaster of their own making. Wild Apple Leaf is a hitherto undiscovered natural medication that is so complex, we are still finding subtle ways it works where medicine cannot go. It is simply far beyond their understanding or ability when it comes to dealing with bacterial biofilms. Their hospitals are full of biofilm trainwrecks and they don’t even know, or want to know, what it is.

The coolest thing about my AppleAse [TM] is it makes slightly sweet phlegm out of biofilm by breaking the starch into sugar. It is like candy after miles of regular snawt. lol And AppleAsement begets more AppleAsement as we all know. Perhaps nematodes hate sugar, but whatever their trouble is with Apple Leaves, it must be worth giving all this up for. I was looking for a source of Lime flavour Vitamin C to add for my other medicine, AppLyme [TM]. Then you could have Lime SLyme [TM]. Making candy out of a catastrophy is just a side effect. I wouldn’t recommend going out looking for ticks to get infected just for the candy though. Your biofilm worms may make yours out of different stuff. Mine make it out of pectin though, and AppleAse [TM] makes me into a biofilm jam factory. It is getting sweeter as it eats deeper. I haven’t tried it on toast. I think I’ll pass hucking loogies on a slab of bread outta the toaster to try it. Just butter an’ a lil’ cinnamon be fine, thx. The Apple leaves mop up all the infectious components it seems. In 14 days, I am going to stop the Apple Leaf part for a while for more research. By then I will pretty much be cleaned up infection wise. I always have a few more years to resume it.

Every so often, a new worm comes out now. If they stop for a couple weeks here, Apple will have done all it can for a little bit. I also need much less now; 500 mg. a day is maybe too much. The enzymes have to catch up now, then another Wild Apple shock will be in order. The reason I am keeping it going so long is to see if there is any long term herx effect. Spoiler alert: There really hasn’t been. This is a much gentler herx than synthetic pharmaceuticals cause. It doesn’t do much of anything to my digestion except make it better. That could also be probiotics to counteract GMO Weedkiller. I haven’t had any of those probiotics for weeks though after a quick blast of OMG! [TM].

I find Dr. Schaller comforting in that he is preaching to the choir here. It isn’t just me. Everything is so screwed up. I notice he is a psych major. Wild Apple Leaves may be the most profound psychiatric medication to come along in centuries. Something that cures Brain Fog/Alzheimers in  3 days is more that just profound. That has had them baffled for the entire history of medicine. It cures the common cold and flu in a similar timeframe. They are similar, Alzheimer’s and a Cold. To Wild Apple Leaf, it is that simple. This herb makes doctors obsolete when it comes to infectious disease.

The way it handles fibrin from fibrinogen that makes scabs and scars is nothing short of miraculous. Somehow, it does not affect the healed tissue; Just the excess. It also speeds healing. It works so far behind the scenes that you have to be told to look at old scars again to see what happens. You can feel it while it is happening, and if you are like me, you can remember the injury from the location and feeling, albeit much gentler. It is a little known window into the mechanisms of biofilm. Unfortunately, I found that out the hard way on the eve of GeoConvention 2015, May 6, along with the fact that potato skins are a good source of hydrogen cyanide. Apple Leaves use that cyanide in the process somehow. There are probably a hundred thesis papers in that alone.

This deserves a whole new university for medical engineering. Where should I launch it? I thought Freeport or Lucaya, Bahamas. I’ll be here harvesting just before it is time to bug out to school and the clinic there before Christmas. Then it would be time to start encapsulating AppLyme [TM]. I would simply coach patients or like minded medic types using what I have found out about this new miracle drug. Is it really a herb? It is more like the New Asprin [TM] for everything, except it has gentler side effects. I am up to speed on the contraindications like with barbaric anticancers Taxol/Paclitaxel and Rutin. I am at a point where I have become expert in the chemistry. Simply having a clinic with weefee would be a huge step up from Soviet Canuckistan. Lee Cowden is in Panama. Bahamas is more musical and has a huge underutilized hotel base. There are casinos and golf courses. I know that is the last thing you feel like doing, but you have to admit the weather is an upgrade from Canada where it is a death sentence to contract Lyme Disease in the land of lunatic criminal allo/psychopathic doctors. The only comparable thing Canada has is West Edmonton Mall in the Lyme Capital of the World, Edmonton, Alberta. My worst infections were all contracted around there, I now know. They would make it illegal to treat the Canadian Disaster there. The extra Vitamin D, Led Zeppelin music, and bad jokes would come no charge at my place. lol The bonus is it is a Free port, tax free for worldwide shipping.

How to distribute this? Why not a pyramid scheme, which I have to thank the worms for? LamboThey aren’t legit, but Multi Level Marketing is, and we actually have a product you will want to use. Worked for HorribleLife and ScAmway. lulz The main attribute is market saturation before anybody knows what happened. Imagine what if you could get in on the ground floor of that? These days, you can get rid of all that, and the FTC, with ebay, plus you have a direct connection with the end users, which is more desirable to establish support, plus instant feedback, although additional feedback will be the most valuable. It requires a lot of initial planning which is where I am at right now as we type. Trouble is, a new cash crop worth more than drugs can’t interest the Lyme Fogged Up set around here. They all carry water for obsolete medicine too. Remind me to cc them the first pictures of the Lambo with Bambo on the beach. Then send them an invoice for double if they want in. Then undercut them all with a whole new network of offshore suppliers to your Freeport operations. In that respect, Gordon Gecko was right… Greed IS Good! For shztcanning azzholes with their own greed! lulz This is an emergency the way I see it. Every day it gets worse for sufferers. Misinformation from alleged official sources is rife. The fact that those same sources are accredited is a travesty when the all get an F- in Biofilm 101..


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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