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Sat, July 18, 2015 – Day 352 – 13 To Go – An Apple Branch

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It is said that offering an Olive Branch is a symbol of peace negotiations. We don’t have olives here. 0 Apple BranchApples, yes, olives, no. I tried the olive route with the medical community and their answer was backstabbing, defamation, ridicule, and in short, total war. So with them, it is now Game On, Total War. Next try. This time it is the Naturopath community. James Schaller, well versed in both fields, thinks neither can succeed against biofilm disease. They do not know about Wild Apple Leaf yet either. I know Dr Risk, TC, MD, is a lot more receptive because of the Du Testing Protocol of Traditional Chinese Medicine. They incorporate the fact that New Herbs may be discovered. This is definitely the discovery of the ages. It rewrites all the books.

At Dr. Murakami’s suggestion, I looked at enrolling in the Boucher Institute where he lectured. Then came the Bill Gates moment of decision. Give up Harvard? I shzt canned it in a heartbeat. This is bigger than fledgling Micro Soft. However, I did notice that naturopaths also rely on their own pharmaceutical model with pharmaceutical herbs. This is a brand new one. TCM is a subset of naturopathy in these parts. I am not much interested in the accupuncture end, although I know that is helpful for animals and humans dealing with pain and addiction in a lot of cases. I was interested in the herbal route, since we have completely blown the lid off of Malaria/Babesia. I was more interested in the fact that nematodes have developed resistant strains to Artemesia/Wormwood. I suspected they could do the same to Apple Leaves, but so far, no dice. Instead we found them lurking under biofilm when we mopped that up with pectinase to help the other inherent apple phenols and enzyme action, regarding excess fibrin, for example. In so doing, we opened the door to walloping all resistant disease, and in fact, the mechanism by which it develops resistance. This is heresy to the quacks, formerly allopathic doctors and dope salesmen. It also eliminates them even more surely. Who’s your Daddy now, bztches? lulz

Taking on the mindset of a sperm, there has to be a hole in this egg somewhere to knock this puppy up. Of course, there is the outside chance there will be birth defects. We already know it is a monster from all the legwork we have done to make it this far, and prove it is one. When worms drill outta yer azz, it is awful hard to deny the physics, flat earth style, there. We already proved it frightens the medical community into full attack mode, with no science to back up the attacks. I invite all the science they can muster, and they ain’t got shzt. They’re just looking for another meal ticket from the government. The government is looking to save face where they have been so wrong for 60 centuries, proven irrefutably by Wild Apple Leaves themselves, proving the whole mess to actually be a danger to public health. I am one voice alone, and my task is to take the whole shztshow down before it kills millions more. Worse, it could very well kill me first. So I blog for the cops when this unbelievable keystone medical nuthouse finally succeeds to murder me, despite my every protest to the contrary. The Apple Leaves themselves become the smoking gun in reverse, where the murderers can’t touch them or they will be instantly busted. For Murder. On a scale mankind has never seen before, all in plain view. It is the cure they are all caught red handed in the botched cover up of. Likewise, they have to destroy it before it destroys them. Good Luck!

Who would want to take that on? I for one am not looking for fame on that scale. All those green rooms and appointments. I am too old for that shzt. I’d rather hang out in what’s left of my place/orchard with Bart and the Cougar, watching CNBC, and wibbling the web on my computer with the rest of you. Still, sometimes you have to “man up” and boot the bullshzt where it so richly deserves it. I could use a lot of help. Not with the azz kicking. You can do the next “Ellen” an’ all that shzt. I can feed you all the shzt you want to make them think you are a genius if that’s what floats your boat. I just want to get this stuff out of the closet and into the mainstream to destroy medicine as we knew it. As soon as you try it, you will know why. Both why I want to, and why it will.

I thought about price tags. If it is free, people will think it is worthless without trying it. It is worth $100 a day for what it does but nobody will pay that. They will all renege. They will want more proof, you will give more, and they will want more to get out of paying. I talked to patent agents, and they basically confirmed that. Look at the run around they are giving Cimavax. The Cuban anti-cancer vaccine. The examiners are operating using the guidelines of the horrifically failing medical system they built, then something comes along like this, way outta their league. They stall it into oblivion. Hundreds of curable millions die waiting. The NIH has the AMP program, but even though this arguably addresses all three of their targets with a smoking hole through the bullseye, nothing has come of it. Lip service. This has the ability to take all the hardware they have to offer with Alzheimers, Type II Diabetes, and Rheumatoid Arthritis/Lupus. Amount from the HIH? Bupkiss. It only applies to their wrong headed technologies that Wild Apple Leaves themselves make obsolete in a second. Tell me who wants to win it with their obsolete tech, or even distilled water, then I’ll just add Apple Leaf as a filler. We can split the budget. lol Alas, it isn’t that easy, but they should be aware I already have all three of their problems solved, and it is all over but the crying for First Place in all three categories of their little circular cash scam.

To do that, you would have to scam them that it is some creation or Frankenstein Genetics. I see that they have added an “Other” category now. Perhaps they got the memo. It has been there for 50 million years though. It just took some jackazz to find it. Well, go figure. Something I can finally do in my spare time, and forced retirement! I am more than any jackazz, I am THAT jackazz. lulz Anyway, it is that time again to make another couple batches of Size 0 pectinase 500’s. What I wonder is if it will ever end; All that biofilm phlegm. It has been gallons. Consider that with a western starchy diet, the nematode supply of polysacharride starch is limitless, and they have been building this biofilm for decades, along with any fibrin and fibrinogen from any injuries you may have had. Outside, it is a scab, then a scar. Inside, it is largely coopted for biofilm.

The only people ignorant and rude enough to think there are no bugs in Canada are allopathic doctors. Who died and made them boss? The Health Care system! In a conceited move on the imminent verge of going down in history as the greatest crime against mankind ever, they appointed themselves the be all and end all of knowledge when we can clearly demonstrate their IQ is far below that of a worm, and they are in denial of those worms’ existence. That is not borderline crazy; That is clearly bat shzt crazy nuckin’ futz! Why am I so hard on them? See above. When idiots have spent their whole lives in a criminal cover up of the elementary science behind nematode infestation for money, and you have them caught jerkin’ off in Macy’s window, you lean into it. They deserve every bit of it. They recently tried to declare April Lavigne insane. Having money, she sought and got a second opinion from a literate doctor. Illiteracy is the norm. I want to change that to where THEY are institutionalized as the norm. Clearly a danger to the general population, borne of their undeniable ignorance about the number one health crisis, and caught red handed in their plans to expand mental health for baby boomers simply because they can’t diagnose them, while we can cure any age dementia issues in hours before they can process the admission paperwork. Politicians may be scared to touch that third rail of healthcare, but luckily, I am into construction. We can just park a bulldozer across the tracks, and toss the keys into the moat. lulz

I am sure all the other cellmates on death row will be happy to finally have a sex life, and sweet virgin doctor azz too! Trust me. The doctormates can explain the whole misnomer about Do No Harm; they can return the favour; Do as much harm as possible! There’ll be oaths from Hypocritical oafs. HARD won scientific gains by their new peers too! No shortage of rank amateur proctology majors; Keeners! The Groin Mile. lol


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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