Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sun, July 19, 2015 – Day 353 – 12 To Go – What If?

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What if all hospital doctors, the government, and their staff, thought they were geniuses, yet had a track record of failure unbroken for 60 centuries? What if there was a name for that obvious delusional mental disorder? What if they declared that everybody who knew that was insane? What if they said they were too busy to keep current as a defence? What if they just spent all their budget expanding their psych ward to throw sick people, they weren’t current enough to diagnose, into and strip all their communications down to a pay phone? What if capital punishment was re-established with their victims having the option to execute them as they saw fit? What if Canada was NOT this exact international joke, minus that delusional hope about capital punishment?

What if your whole family had Lyme disease and these criminals denied it? What if one of them was one of the criminals, and thought the doctors were all geniuses? What if she were suffering from Lyme Fog so bad she didn’t have a 5 second short term memory, and refused to believe her little brother had discovered a 72 hour cure for that? What if she was so delusional she thought that was dangerous, yet she worked at a place that prescribed patented poison 24-7? What if your whole family looked for answers for their Lyme Disease from that? What if you were facing that every waking hour?

I’ll tell you what if. If everything is that fzcked up, how much worse can it get. They say on the stock market in financial engineering circles, no matter how bad things are, they can always get worse! This seems like that. Same ol’ shzt, just as chunky, interspersed with GMO corn, still clinging to the glyphosate weed killer in it. They just print more money to build more death centers/psych wards with no wee fee. They might learn something! That would be dangerous! How do you unfzck that? It’s too current for an allo/psycho-pathic doctor. Therefore you must be mentally ill.

What if you discovered even all combined Lyme Literacy had holes in it big enough to drive a jumbo jet through? What if you discovered a way to prove it to everybody but allopathic doctors that declare it is poison, so don’t touch it? What if you just finally broke through to your sister that if apple leaves had cocaine in them, every tree in her city would be stripped naked before dawn? lulz Now even she wants to try it, provided it isn’t laced with cocaine. I told her there was no chance of that. She’s skeptical. I am too good a musician. I told her not anymore. She happened through, and can’t stop talking about how affectionate Bart is. Yeah, he’s a suck. She opened him a can of tuna. She protested it wasn’t official rotten tuna canned cat food. I told her Brat preferred it. She said that’s dangerous. What if anything made sense? I’d die and have a stroke.

The Wild Apple Leaves would save me from the inherent clot busting abilities, and we would be right back. So it is not all good. She wants to do my blood work. I told her the latest one had doctors scratching their heads as much as my oxygen numbers that went up every time I had a cigarette. They said all my numbers were enviable. She said that is impossible because I look like I should be in a concentration camp. That is official medical speak for a 17.5 BMI from someone sporting numbers well into the 30’s. I assured her I am intentionally getting rid of gallons of biofilm, but she doesn’t know what that is. Her cat stomped all over her computer and set my email as spam. Crtics, says Bart. lulz

She said what if Bart was a stray left at my friend’s place because his owner died? That made sense. Bart was dumped or showed on her doorstep while she was away on a vacation, and ate all her two girl cats’ food, through the kitty door. He has a large appetite, guaging from the size of his paws. Bart screwed ’em both and raided their fridge. Typical male in her assessment. Had to go. I thought, right on man. Both cats? Cool! Bart has a chequered past. lol What if Bart had an angst free life? Then he would have to go. It’s all angst here. He fits right in as it is.

What if we weren’t all nuckin’ futz, and didn’t think our pets understood what we said or vice versa? It wouldn’t be as amusing. People default to baby talk with pets, as if somehow that enhances the total experience of communicating one way with them. That is acceptable nuts. Lyme Disease is not acceptable nutz. It crosses the money brain barrier. They’ll go broke, so you gotta be nzckin’ futz. In other countries where governments or likewise corrupt insurance frauds don’t run the show, they all try to help but we found out why it does not work. Nematodes. What if they all grabbed a brain and found out it was the nematodes and their biofilm farms too?

What if Wild Apple Leaves were allowed in, and won all three NIH AMP competitions? What if I opened a special medical college/hospital with the proceeds, dedicated to finding out more data about how and why it works so well?? What if I could find a way to flavour the biofilm enzyme simplified sugar mucus lime, cherry, apple, orange, cinnamon, and even tropical fruit as you got skinnier? What if I found out it works better with home made blackberry merlot, blasting a gallon of blackberry merlot flavoured biofilm? What if people take too much? What if there were riots to get in? What if you couldn’t get them to leave? What if they became addicted to the cure? What if I dumbed it down a couple notches, and didn’t think what if so much? I guess I am the curious type. Maybe it is just me. I’ve been so immersed in the totally incurious nature of everybody involved here, I crave a change.

What if I cut out all sugar? Rumour has it Lyme Lunatics think it is wise.  So  what if I did? I use liquid honey now. The stuff is laced with bee spit. Even though it may seem ludacris, maybe the enzyme in that bee spit, invertase, has something to do with all this slightly sweet  biofilm coming out. I did that a lot longer than pectinase though, and I now have slightly honey flavoured mucus. What if all of it worked together? A Honey, Wild Apple Leaf, Pectinase Trifecta? Honey is rich in invertase, the lovely stuff of bee gutz. What if other people were curious? What if anybody read that extremely informative link? What if anybody else found out the secret to biofilm destruction was in complex sugar simplifying enzymes in concert with Wild Apple Leaves? What if people grabbed a clue? What if all the doctors were panhandling to make payments on the Mercedes? What if you passed them by, or dropped a fake hundred in the pot? What if you asked them if they knew How Many More Times, Royal Albert Hall Version, by Led Zeppelin, and threw in a plugged nickel, or a zinc washer, after they ripped it out, doing it total justice? What if you threw a lit cigar innit instead, and the cops, already giving them the hairy eyeball, dragged them off to the nut ward when they went ballistic? What if you wrote Kirkman Biofilm Defence‘s webpage on a lil’ piece o’ paper, and stuck it in the pot with a snicker instead? What if you dropped a handful of Wild Apple Leaves in it too? What if I STFU like the doctor told me before I showed them loudly where to repo the Mercedes?

Nothing like that ever happens. But then, what if I ever stopped dreaming? What other shzt would stay hidden for 60 more centuries? Like they say in engineering, new eyes, different angle = new solutions. They may suck, but at least they’ll be new, and you’ll know that they suck. Or don’t. lol What if medicine wasn’t all politics, and was actually more interested in clinical trials of “Wild Apple Leaves” than mustering up for an, “Illegals For Trump” fundraiser? Could happen… Not too fzckin’ likely, but could. What if I am just too positive and hopeful from the powerful inherent antidepressant properties of Wild Apple Leaves? What if I’m just the “wrong pitch man” as my medical sister offers, between sidling up to Bart? Gee, ya think, but perhaps it is a tinch more than just that? What if it just works too well for them? What if they were the last to know, and it was almost like it was by design? 😉 lulz


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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