Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Mon, July 20, 2015 – Day 354 – 11 To Go – Almost a Year

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This is becoming more and more like an open letter to the perps.

It has been that long since I saw the deer eat Wild Apple Leaves and then tried some myself. Something drilled out that was residing in my muscles, joints, spine, and neck/head. It took me a while to figure out they were nematodes. Kirkman’s Biofilm DefenseĀ® still figures that they are “bugs” or bacteria. They seemed bigger than that, but still microscopic. The fact that they physically drilled out pointed dto me they were some kind of animal. Nematodes were a match for such a candidate, and we know Burgdorfer was looking for nematode eggs in Lyme Disease. He found them. We finally found the nematodes. Medicine focussed on the wrong thing. They focussed on the spirochete colonies that the nematodes were “farming” for food. They’re so fzckin’ brilliant you can’t tell them anything or they will lock you up for being insane. We found out they are the dumbest idiots in all history to miss something obviously underlying the fact that they have failed for 6,000 years.

I gets unbelievably worse. Their demand for peer reviewed science gets ignored when actual peer reviewed science is produced. They continue to torture Mogellons patients, all for getting bit by a bug. This now moves to a law enforcement problem. While investigating that, an enormous Lyme Disease cover up is unearthed. Obviously criminal, it is bigger than the police, and far beyond their reach. All I was trying to do was help first myself, and when I saw it was working in a way so unique and enlightening, as many others as I could reach. Nobody wanted to know. The embarrassment to the medical community was enormous, and in fact made them a universal laughing stock. They incredibly didn’t want to know, hiding beneath a veil of requiring peer review, knowing that prevented any progress for 60 centuries so far. It was too good. It must have been divine guidance.

The answer was also simple. They were stupid, and they were criminals, and so what? They are bigger than any steenkin’ cops. OK, but where do we go this morning as they murder their daily quota out of ignorance despite my protests to the contrary? How about how many murders a day? We know it is about 2,000,000 a day in the US so almost 4 a minute. Add Canada and it is 4 a minute. We can try to prevent it all but they claim they are too busy to help. Stupid people are like that. They double, triple, and quadruple down on stupid regularly. Anything that outs them for the total fzckups they are puts them into full obstruction mode in a murder investigation. This is not an exaggeration, but on the contrary, it is an understatement. It has already been a year, and more like 6 months when it became clear they weren’t interested in solutions, but simply covering their tracks and using the defence of ignorance. I served official notice that their plausible deniability had become hopelessly implausible by offering sample 500 mg. dry Wild Apple Leaf capsules to a doctor. For research. Denied. Guilty; Incurious.

The most dangerous criminals are ignorant of the crimes they commit. This isn’t stealing pencils from work. This is now Murder One. They had been informed. They will all lie on the stand to save their own skin; Oh, we didn’t think he was serious. Serious as the RCMP isn’t serious enough for them? Now this is getting frightening. They leave me no alternative, despite my giving them way too much slack. Such a simple experiment they refuse to perform. Now they say they will make eating Apple Leaf powder illegal, as proposed by a nurse. It used to be an Apple a Day keeps the doctor away. An apple leaf that made the apple is poison now, by their own declaration. Because it makes them look very, very, very stupid. Murder for money didn’t make them look stupid enough. Now they must stall it for decades by starting to test on rats. The clock is still running. 4 per minute, 24 – 7. Admission of ulterior motives with intent to prove that it is poison, not medicine.

If somebody said they could save a city the size of Edmonton and Calgary put together from being murdered this year (they were just going to die your barbaric way, but now things are different post July 31, 2014), and you ignored them, when the person was proven to be right, would you be able to shrug it off when your job is the public health, and your oath requires you to respect the hard won scientific gains of physicians, or anybody for that matter? We also proved that none of them are physicians, so let’s get real now. Show some Respect for the little guy that did not set out to, but found out you were all idiots. And he showed you how to prove it, underneath the radar, but you declined. Doesn’t that mean you failed review by anybody and everybody, and not just a peer? Don’t feel bad. It took a helluvan engineer to do it. I’ve been doing engineering reports since the 70’s. You deserve it. Good luck getting apples banned. U Mad, Bro? U Jelly?

I’ll just add it to my growing list of sto0pid metaphysical engineering tricks on this universe. Stuff you cannot deny anywhere in this universe that leaves you in a paradox of your own design. By the way, that includes this planet, all medicine, all physics, all thought. I can see everybody else figured that out, with the exception of you. Busted. End of Open Letter to the perps.

I’m sick of writing open letters to murderers. The only way out of the hoosecow is eating wild apple leaves, providing they are not laced with pesticides. What you do then is up to you, and you will have to live with yourself for a very loooonnnng time. There’s counselling for that; Wanting to commit suicide after that inevitable “What have we done? We’re so ignorant, and the whole world knows!” moment. I mix them with enzymes now since day 313. I’m still kickin’. Minus about 20 pounds of worms and their biofilm or more. Try it and record your weight before it is mandatory in jail. Or lawyer up, as they say. Spoiler alert; It won’t help. Can’t claim it is weight loss. That isn’t allowed. Just like you can’t say all supermarkets are full of GMO”s and the herbicides they were built to resist, like Agent Orange. It will confuse you, the other murderers say. Your horrible “mystery” illness, and subsequent death will clear that up, if the worms don’t get you first. And now like all murderers, they both have a fall guy in each other. Let’s see how that goes for them.

It must be just me. Everybody else can see it too, but it won’t kill them. It will kill everybody else, and that is just fine. Wild Apple Leaves break half the bubble, anyway. You’ll know about the one side of it that nobody else, including the murderers sleeping on the switch, bagging double time, does yet. Monsanto will get ’em before we ever do, or they ever wake up to the fact that Monsanto “snuck” in (more like, was intentionally let in for an alibi) on their watch. No wonder God shztcanned the whole lot in Genesis 3. The lil’ wormhead biofilm bags are *So* smart. I just chuckle, knowing they all have to run the exact same gaunlet I did to “Lighten Up” or “Get Enlightened” with AppleAse+[TM]. lol Or die. Likely when it is too late, and the clock is tickin’. What divine justice it is that the two biggest tortuous mass murderers are using each other as the fall guy, while assuring each other, they alone will be spared. Somehow, I’m not OK with that, holding the Wild Apple Leaf key to the rewind. They deserve our input on top of each other’s.

Back to Scott Adams’ comedy school.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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