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Thurs, July 23, 2015 – Day 357 – 8 To Go – Alzheimer’s is the Holy Grail

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In the entire multi zillion dollar pharmaceutical industry, all the pundits say that. I am looking at that Holy Grail right here, yet nobody will believe it… yet. Biogen, BIIB, took an enormous hit when their Phase 3 spluttered it was announced this week. The whole mess is broken beyond repair, and now we find a new herb, Wild Apple Leaf, slam dunks the entire biotech sector into the toilet with a plunger chaser on top.

Neurological issues are just a spin off. They are the easiest. What is wrong with this picture? Even Open Source can’t beat the marketfilm of bullshzt protecting the biotech market. The entire medical IP World is in its death knells, yet they ignore the iceberg dead ahead. We soldier on, thanklessly, because we not only believe in self preservation above all else, but we Believe after witnessing the awesome power of what Wild Apple Leaves are actually doing as far as we can tell. Yesterday we got lost trying to quantify what leaves wouldn’t do. The net positive is still enormous to anybody but those with a stake in the game, and that is the entire science of medicine as we know it.

There have been troubles, like snotterboarding and Smoker’s Paradox, nodiplomabut we stuck to our guns without an iota of help from anybody. The Lord helps those who help themselves it is said. We looked at what biofilm was made out of, and set out to address that part of the multi faceted problem with, again, surprising results science doesn’t care about. We have us a heapin’ helpin’ of that hospitality here, even though we are heathens. We jokingly made our own Nobel Prize’s up because we just know this is the the one that takes the cake at that venerable annual Swedish chit chat, which itself is  now meaningless as long as they can’t answer our question, “Why is it Working better than all the love and money in the world?” We unrang that Bell of neurology that has evaded medicine for All History. We beat up on the powers that be behind this huge trainwreck of biotech backslapping under slabs and endless layers of marketfilm snawt in their self preservatory selfish sanctification. It had all the effect of punching a bag of wet snot, dripping with calcium and irony mineralization. We showed some spine. They snapped an iPhone picture of it, and yakked about GoPro for a few minutes. The world continued to corkscrew itself.

We became aware the next target the world would have to take on was something that worked spectacularly for nothing. Our only defence being “There’s no money in it, except for all the marbles!”, they would still come gunning for ghosts. After all, by their own definition they would then all be hopelessly mentally ill on top of being totally irrelevant. They would simply use all their pull to get around that little glitch. We figuratively laced their jerk off lube with itching powder, that’s all. It would be a minor inconvenience, with the added benefit of extra jerkin’ off with the clean up operations execution.

The whole thing took on an air of Ubuntu where the money is theoretically in the support. Everybody skips getting support and winds up killing themselves because they’re so smart, and/or hired support for top dollar that knows nothing about it all. It has built in Karmic Cofactors, we noticed. We continue to propagate entropy, which is ultimately spectacularly disastrous in in such an unstable karmic world where they beat the crzp outta themselves. We try to float the fact in the guise of a rumour to foster curiosity amongst the incurious billions. It doesn’t work… yet.

One of these days the whole thing will blow like the greatest mind nuke, EVAH! We gave up holding our breath. We fling an’ blog because it rhymes with Singin’ Frog. We stuff the timeless little fella back into the cornerstone, wiser for wear that the whole world is nuckin’ futz, and we watch. We plan to ensure we have a supply should anyone actually get curious about the observed properties which we confirmed are repeatable. In a strange world of post scientific nihlism, for now we know, medical science by definition doesn’t exist. It cannot to let something so elementary get by, without noticing it and denying it, so easily. Perhaps the FDA would be interested if all the trial controls were replaced by Wild Apple Leaf powder, and everything failed in comparison when re examined. That is where we already are. Ingesting Control[TM] where everything failed. Control is nothing. So are they. It’s time to raise the bar where it tangles them in the gunnions. lulz

We have a phenomenal treatment for Swimmer’s (Duck) Itch. Dilbert Worms 2015-07-22 18:08:24That is only if you have ever been swimming in a lake with a dock or raft in the past hundred years. The Nihlistic turd tangles the turbo there when the worms teeming in dock biofilm that do not “Scientifically” exist come out like dirt falling off your skin. “Warning: May cure Alzheimers and Arthritis along with heart disease, and strokes. May alleviate all need for medicine when used as directed. May change your whole cat’s worldview and make him watch youtube. Trust us… It’s better than what they have planned.”

About that rash? No problem. It will just go away like it doesn’t exist. Just like all medicine now. We just go there with hope, and expect it will beat doing nothing, or a control. We have a new control that cures everything. It’s nothing? Check. Medicine declares it. It has to be one or the other. Adios, hospitals and doctors. They say they are worse than nothing. Glad they could clear that up themselves.

Back to the plot, Alzheimer’s may be the Holy Grail of all medicine, but they can’t do anything about it because of what we found. It is a nematode caused biofilm illness. Chemical treatments will ultimately fail and the worms will start over like they do with Lyme Disease or Arthritis or Heart Disease or dementia or other biofilm circulatory problems. Medicine is going in the wrong direction for a Dollar Store Holy Grail. Dr Thomas Janossy is a kindred spirit when he quotes G.K. Chesterton, “Only a live fish can swim against the current. The dead go with it.” We found it was truer than even he knew when he penned “The best medical advise, that is truly the best for you, is maddeningly difficult to acquire, but ever so easy to detect, especially in its absence.” We can now understand why chelation appears to work, removing crucial plaque fortifying calcium from the biofilm construction, but removing the worms that make it is our forte, along with the biofilm itself, leaving nothing to chelate.

I discovered what causes biofilm in parasites from insects and dock biofilms, a way to eliminate those parasite nematodes that make biofilm, and then I discovered a proactive way to get rid of the biofilm that remains, leaving planktonic bacteria at the mercy of your own rekindled and pizzed off immunity. I’m doing all the discovery here I can and that ain’t much. I am getting a little pissed off at the lack of bigger picture thinking by the medical community. Bart knows I’m right now anyways. He was so pesky that he got an overdose at 400 grams, and that made him REALLY pesky, but smart enough to know it, and be more civil. His fleas and worms got the memo. lol He’s a whole new mew.

That’s OK, it will give me time to buy a case of cherry chapstik® for my azz in anticipation. I should wait for the line up first. There was an 18% reduction in mortality while they were on strike in LA in ’73. Most of medicine pretends they don’t even realize that it exists, and they expect me to respect them? You’ve got to be kidding. Alan Macdonald and Eva Sapi fought the CDC for 6 years showing that it did with Lyme Disease. The CDC are 6 years behind my first professors of Biofilm 101. NIH says 80 % of chronic illness is biofilm. We know it is nearly100 % now. from infected bugs. From cancer to c. defficile.

The sad truth is that if you have a poorly understood disease with the modern medical system, it is a death sentence. Someone comes along, exposes the whole thing with crystal clear repeatable physics, understanding it far beyond the medical failure’s comprehension or abilities, and they declare that person insane in a selfish self preservatory non sequitur. It gets worse; Their entire understanding of the who, what, when, where, why W5 of chronic illness (biofilm illness) is worse than poor at best, and that is just the problem without even starting on a solution. Someone has to stop these murderers, but the answer has been increasing their funding. So, what disease? All of them.


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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