Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Weds, July 22, 2015 – Day 356 – 9 To Go – What will Apple Leaves not do?

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That is a better question than what they Will do, because they seem to address almost everything medicine says there is no hope for. It starts with them shocking nematode parasites, unknown to medicine, to physically exit your body, leaving a small pimple like exit wound. It cured a particularly bad flu that sickened a friend for 3 weeks in hours. At first for 313 days, I just used apple leaves at 500 mg. a day, a packed and tamped Size 0 capsule. There was a strong Jarrish Herxheimer reaction and swelling in areas where I didn’t know what the cause was. I added about 30% cayenne pepper along with them to aid in circulation. There was no real tax on the liver like you may experience from antibiotics, but they were obviously strongly antibacterial. Strange skin conditions resembling cancer disappeared, and lifelong debilatating arthritis also disappeared. I thought I had better start this blog even before that. They cannot make me stop typotherapy

I have some raised moles resembling cancer I have been keeping an eye on. It does Not have an effect on them, but recently there have been a lot of nematode exits around them. This is since adding 2,000 mg. of cumulative pectinase per day at 6 hour intervals. This leads me to deduce that nematode parasites from bug bites actually use biofilm to hide in themselves. They may be the root cause of those strange raised moles.  It cures 85% of stroke damage in my case, but there is still that 15% neurological damage. The doctor said it was permanently hopeless. There is also some strange added nerve damage I attributed to Lyme Disease. It is having trouble with that. Sometimes, inexplicably, it comes good, but it only lasts temporarily. I can’t figure out why that is yet, but I will surely update if I find it.

I thought it would win me a Nobel prize because it actually cures conditions there are no root cause eliminators for, and no root cause known until now. It does not do that. Instead you get attacked as being delusional by the low end of the bell curve in Lyme school relatively. Then they put you in the charge of people with two year degrees and an attitude that they are somehow smart, while they’re committing accessory acts to the fraud. They make you want to get something done about it. Someday, Apple Leaves will make them sorry.

It does not eliminate death by car or plane accident. It does make you want to avoid holiday traffic. Without chronic disease, including age related chronic disease like cancer, heart disease, colon/stomach, stroke, and neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s, what would kill you other than Monsanto? It does not prevent Monsanto and other GMO Poisoning. It will not stop a bullet, but may help in the recovery eliminating excess fibrin from the bullet damage the biofilmer worms will use the fibrinogen from. They help you be aware of those hazards, curing Lyme Fog in 72 hours in my case. It can unring that bell. It may not bring Whirled Peas, or similar sounding things, but can do it one Fogged up Lymie at a time. lol It will not stop war AFAIK, but would sure smarten them up, and may lead to them surrendering for being such dumbazzes by their own new found skills of critical assessment, taking their own brain back from nematodes living in them from biting and stinging insects, one of which I just caught in scotch tape on my leg. Wild Apple Leaf did make it croak… well, that, and the scotch vise.

Wild Apple Leaves will not stop you from being a crotchety old co0+. You have to do that, preferably with a modicum of diplomacy. I’m still struggling with that. Wild Apple Leaves will not give you tact, but facts. lol Wild Apple Leaves help you edit wordy too-crochety posts if Umad Bro and U Jelly?

Wild Apple Leaves are a very powerful antidepressant, but it is not clear that they will help if you are totally nuckin’ futz. I may be nutty, but I am apparently not nuckin’ futz. Wild Apple Leaves will not stop the laxative effect of nuts. The antidepressant works by making you feel better every single day, leading you to wonder just how good it gets after a life of debilatating arthritis, where you feel worse every single day. It is not clear if I was depressed, or just arthritis stricken, and misdiagnosed.

Wild Apple Leaves will make you very aware and suspicious of bald faced scams, like the Canadian Lyme Disease Cover Up Fraud. They won’t Motherget rid of the scams or scammers, AFAIK. Several are above the law like Health Canada, Monsanto, and Big Pharma. Wild Apple Leaves couldn’t stay hidden for 60 centuries. Wild Apple Leaves will not make you high with a good buzz. They will not get you an NIH grant if you are not a US Small Business. They likely will if you are. As long as I’m recovering my typing skills for physio here. Wild Apple Leaves have only been tested on Wild animals and Humans. Squirrels don’t count as rats technically. Some people I know think that’s laughable. She sent Rocky, mice, and the bats packin’. lulz Bart’s more of a c-rat than them possibly. I’m not much of a cat person myself, but this one is an orphan, and he likes the tuna.

Wild Apple Leaves is not a 100% proof positive test for Lyme Disease, unless almost everybody has it. I am still looking for someone who does not have decades old parasite worms accessing out of them at bug bite or sting locations, or from Duck or Swimmer’s Itch. They come out like a rash, and they are from rubbing against the biofilm on docks.  I will have to start trying a much younger test group, but don’t know any. They steer clear of crotchety old people, belying wisdom. All us old buzzards, male and female, are riddled with the things from docks and logs. Wild Apple Leaves do not make people think their worms are actually good lil’ worms they love slithering through their brain and joints for decades, killing them. Apparently, those worms do that instead. Wild Apple Leaves will not make scientists curious, and actually answer the near infinite questions that they raise with no clear answer. Wild apple leaves won’t clear out your liver like milk thistle does. They don’t make you feel like dancing although YMMV.

They don’t make you want to climb Everest, or go out like Hemmingway in Ketchum, Idaho as much as some may wish, but they may conjure up evil nematode spirits in a metaphysical exorcism “This-Is-Not-A-Drill” simulation of sorts to put people on. They will not cure you of being a quack veterinarian. or being a wisequacker. They will not make up for bad writing skills, or at least they won’t at about 500 mg. a day, dry weight, or a packed size 0 capsule. If you have nothing else, they WILL make you feel better every day. They will address PEBKAC to some extent, and will make you more computer and cat literate if your cat likes to pounce on that wide open keyboard area in the proximity of your big scratcher things after terrorizing the neighbourhood at night. Cats still beat wild apple leaves all to shzt there with gingerly indiscriminate typography.


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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