Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Fri, July 24, 2015 – Day 358 – 7 To Go – “W5” of Chronic Illness

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It’s the “Who? What? When? Where? Why?” of all pathology. It has to be rewritten for chronic illness, the type that resists all antibiotic or other chemical treatment, because that is what is killing everybody. I set out to do that. Allopathic Medicine has not. It is a wide open blank slate. They have no answer.

Who? Simply it affects everybody, all ages.

What? It appears that it is all biofilm illness that hides behind an impermeable curtain of pectin starch, emulating a cell wall.

When? I found you contract it from infected biting and stinging insects, and the infection is a nematode egg, left to hatch a parasite worm in you. Later, existing or new infections may join the party,

Where? Multiple surfaces accessible by your blood inside your body. I found that it is estabished by those nematode parasites, and/or chlamydia pneumoniae, and other similar biofilming pathogens.

Why? For the ultimate purpose of feeding parasite nematodes, while simultaneously sheltering pathogens, which may also contribute to the further construction.

Too simple? The things that work best in nature are. You are food. They, bug or other natural biofilm transferred parasites, are hungry. They farm disease for food inside you like a proxy army. The eat your brain and nerves with their biofilm army, and figuratively pee in the pool to make you sick. Congratulations. You are now on a plane of intelligence above all medicine. If they can’t answer that like we just did, or hopefully better, they should be not qualified to practice. The sad reality in Canada is none of them get 1 out of 5. An Under 20% score. Closer to zero. They probably intentionally hide it, feigning ignorance for money for The Bureaufilm Reich.

Monzanto Final ZoluzionGreat. How do we go about solving that? Simply, the evil government union bureaucrat Nazis, now medically far more empowered than the politicians, prod us to do all their own IP for nothing, while they intentionally look the other way, in a huge state sponsored murder for money scam, aping their beloved Hitler. Furthermore, they give an I.G. Farben knockoff, Monsanto, a pass to poison all the people with groceries. Let’s see what ancient animals do in the same boat. Some ate Apple Leaves from an Apple Tree. We tried it. Encouraging results. We tried to address the biofilm with enzymes. More encouraging results. Our budget for all this? Just about nil, save for a lot of head scratching, to do something all of this evil, huge medicine, and money, Reich, can’t. Parasite worms, now drilling out to escape the apple leaf anthelmintic, aided in making it scratch a bit more. It helps when the problem helps solve itself. It showed that some parasites still hid under the biofilm when we started to demolish it with enzymes.

Why enzymes? Dr. Lu was talking about the jelly model of a biofilm, with the fruit or bacteria suspended in an impenetrable pectin jelly. I tried targeting the pectin part, after confirming that the biofilm is polysacharride or starch, or pectin, and it is working. The bacteria, now planktonic, would respond to traditional antibiotic treatment theoretically, but we have lost all medical doctors’ interest, presumably under threat from their unelected Nazi bosses. Humans don’t get enough pectinase/pectolase to break down thick pectin biofilm jelly. I found that the western diet has insufficient quantities of pectin enzymes because we select fresh food for high pectin content, with high starch to make it look and feel pretty. I’m not makin’ this up. Makin’ the medicine to combat it all is my forte, because it is clear we are on our own. Get some apple leaves before Nurses tell people to strip apple trees naked to snort all the leaves, because they work so well they think there is cocaine in them. Typical of such a failed 0% brain trust. It’s not my idea.

There is a simple pyramid model for a bacterial biofilm brained powerpoint generation. That turns out to be virtually everybody in the first “W.” The peak of the Pyramid is the Nematode Parasite. The next two stones are their Eggs, and their Biofilm Construction. The third and subsequent layers are the biofilm bacteria, nematode egg included bacteria, and nematode compatible diseases which may also come later from other sources. To take off the first two layers of the pyramid requires apple leaves, and pectin enzymes. With no antibiotic source, the subsequent layers require high allicillin odourless garlic and wild apple leaves. It is very well possible that standard short course – low dose antibiotics will be sufficient at this stage, which is back to standard allopathic medicine that is defeated getting to the top two tiers of the pyramid. Every bug bite, sting, or biofilm you rub up against while swimming, wading, or hiking, is a whole new pyramid. Warts from handshakes may also be another vector. One question that is not clear after wild apple leaves and pectinase woke up old warts and moles, is if they are from a nematode or are a lone planktonic virus? Is HPV a product of a nematode? Stubborn warts are now coming off with added pectinase.

Peripheral edema, attributed previously to heart disease, Low Fivehas disappeared. That is part of the maddening thing about this; Like that skin cancer on my nose, one day you just notice that you can’t notice it anymore, but you don’t know when. It is gone, but the skin that used to be tight over it is wrinkly. I am not sure if that recovers or I will be like a wrinkle puppy or bald cat indefinitely. At least I will be alive because they said that alone would kill me. Fail, so far. Stay  the course, fingers crossed. Stay away from doctors that have no pyramid attack plan. Pyramids are easier to disassemble from the top, and you have to keep giving the cooties a boot off of it. Take more odourless garlic after these ones run their course. I can feel a garlic herx now which is a new thong. Take a milk thistle. Check. We have to fall back to an era with no medicine. Or as we know it in Canada, today. With what they’ve done to me so far, they would murder a hairless kitten, especially one with a hairy head, and feel good about it. They’d pickle the cadaver in a jar as a conversation piece.

Picture that the poor lil’ thing started out with Lyme Disease. A Pariah. Banished to the Lyme’r Colony. I thank my lucky stars that happened now so at least I can access a computer to look things up, and maybe help fellow banished kittens. I hope it stays that way, because I know they are going nowhere with that pyramid on top of it all, armed with a squirt gun full of expensive patented chemicals to start at the bottom, and a defeatist scientifically exclusionist attitude that defies existence of a pyramid above. Pray they don’t think you have something they can treat their way. Biofilm beat medifilm, but biofilm blinded medifilm is far more lethal. The weight of the entire pyramid fills in any void they make. On top of that, their barbaric hospitals are all teaming with biofilm infections they deny, thinking their omnipotent denial won’t make it so. They are the one stop WalMart of Defeat and re/new-infection. There was some guy who also tried that amongst the lepers I hear, but can’t recall who it was. One guy thanked him out of ten they say. Not sure how much Wild Apple Leaf and pectinase He was packin’. I take it they all still died. YMMV One Greek said He wasn’t happy. “Forgive them not Father, for they know what they do!”

Ironically, it is the other way around. They’re all fully pyramid infected, or one fateful bug encounter, or dock brush away. You can find out by eating a small garnish of Apple Leaves. Then Lookout for Wormwood! It is anything but biblical, for the worms, or you. Stick with just one part apple leaves and four parts pectolase as a baseline. 500 mg. apple leaves and 2000 mg. pectolase daily. You will have to put them in capsules yourself. Odourless Garlic pills become a whole new medicine then. I started to feel pain in a formerly paralysed area today after finding that out. So does everything else, becoming perhaps over ten times as powerful. Maybe hundreds, or thousands of times, like antibiotics without biofilm eventually. That has been the story after 45 days of adding pectin enzyme Type I plus what I call Type II from abccork.com, or the local wine making store here, along with powdered Wild Apple Leaves from my old blender. I tried a little clove powder food seasoning to kill worm eggs, along with a little cayenne pepper to increase circulation as I feel I may need it from swelling herxing. You may be different, but I doubt it.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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