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Sat, July 25, 2015 – Day 359 – 6 To Go – “I want a Second Opinion!”

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In Canada, there has been a concerted effort to eliminate all second opinion and legal recourse to protect an increasingly out of date, ineffective, and fraudulent Health Care One-Size-Fits-None system so horrifically broken it is worse than cigarettes. What is the first opinion based on? One school of thought in medicine where there is no biofilm illness, no Lyme Disease, no treatment for anything that isn’t pushed by Big Pharma, and in fact so blatantly fraudulent and murderous, the doors to their expanded mental facilities should be welded shut with them all inside. One school of thought according to the same FDA, and subsequent Canadian Rubber Stamp, that ensured supermarkets are stocked floor to ceiling with weedkiller laced food. How much weedkiller? Not enough to kill the GMO crop designed to withstand it, barely.

So you have naturopaths and herbalists you pay out of your own pocket left to pick up all the slack. Politicians used to jump the lines in the United States, but that loophole slammed shut last month. All innovation has been thwarted. We found none of it will work for what Wild Apple Leaves expose in no uncertain terms, and with everybody. Nematode parasites living in your body get skunked out when you eat apple leaves, and they cause more health issues than you can shake a stick at. They work a biofilm farming operation for food made out of you. You are also their waste plumbing system. Nobody cares.

A couple days ago, I was solicited to donate to a charity for cancer. When I had cancer, there was nobody at the door with a cheque. What do they do with all the money? They donate it to research we know will get marginal results at best without a full biofilm sweep and apple leaf anthelmintic program first. Biofilms and Helminthes do not Officially exist. Could have fooled me. How to do a full biofilm sweep? I saw one video saying that water purification chemicals, ClO2, will get rid of it. Gong!!! By the time they are done, you will be too. We use plain old pectin enzyme slowly. You didn’t need that heart disease anyways. Official medicine makes your blood vessels physically bigger to handle more biofilm transporting blood, and make your heart more efficient at supplying all the biofilm. Got an arrhythmia? They can just use a beta blocker to trick the clock, akin to throwing out the second hand.

This is so bad it is indescribable. I know because I have tried with all sorts of vitriolic rants, but you can’t describe how wrong it all is when you take one part Wild Apple Leaves with 4 parts pectin enzyme to see what happens for yourself. This is so fzcked up that it will never come down! People will never know it. The system they put all their faith into will kill them, and with Wild Apple Leaves, they will know why for themselves. Growing outside on their apple tree, or crab apple tree, or some other apple tree of genus Malus right now is 20% of the solution. I’m still trying to tweak the other 80% enzymes, cayenne, and more natural additives. I found the Dilbert Worms 2015-07-22 18:08:24Wild Ones with even a little natural insect resistance you can see from leaves are best for me. YMMV Watch out for poison pesticides, or even herbicides. Then some bugs bite you and fall off dead. When they drink your blood, they get a little more than they bargained for. All 100% natural.

It solved a mystery for me why Deer sought those trees out specifically. They obviously have a tick problem, but it rarely affects them like people. The little dickens have been skunking the worms out, that those bugs have been passing along, for millions of years. If you have Lyme Disease, you can get a hundred opinions and they will all fail. Until now. That’s my lasting opinion now. You can read all you want, but like me you’ll find if there are no nematode parasites coming out, and there is no biofilm elimination, there is no cure. For anything.

How about an n‘th Opinion? It is said that opinions are like azzholes. Everybody has one. I give up on the whole thing looking for an opinion on Lyme Disease. From what I have seen, they are all wrong. I’ve literally looked for over thousands of hours. How long is that? There are 364.24 times 24 hours in a year or so. That’s 8,741.76 hours in a year. Sleeping and eating takes a bunch of that… Say half. Other stuff… like waiting in lines, traffic lights… say almost a hundred. So 4,300 hours. You can spend half that looking for Lyme Disease “cures” and you will know none of them work once you try Wild Apple Leaves alone. The enzymes speed it up, and that is the leaves, and not the searching, unless you count the fact that Lyme Fog disappears first along with the first wave of parasite worms. We hope the subsequent waves take a couple of months now, or about 30 grams. We had 46 days of that and I still have some surfacing. I was a surveyor though, in the Canadian boreal forests and muskeg, where there are millions of biting insects so thick, you occasionally eat one. Usually in the morning before the first coffee break. Eyechh! There are bug jackets, but they are pretty fragile in the bush and get holes, and places where the armour doesn’t protect, or the bugs just bite through them when they touch your skin. The bugs here bite through blue jeans even. Feisty lil’ buggers, I tell ya.

When medicine claims there are no bug borne diseases in Canada, you are forced to believe then, thinking silently to yourself that these fzckups are batshzt crazy and sto0pid on top of it, or really sto0pid criminals hiding it. Pick ’em. If you have a broken bone, you are stuck with them, but other than that, I prefer to avoid idiot criminals that may be one or the other. I prefer to think that they think they are smart, and nobody knows they are hiding it all. Really fzckin’ evil criminal fzckups that want us all dead, feigning altruism. The whole GMO thing just seals the deal there. They don’t test, and they have no idea why everybody has gut trouble. There is the other possibility. They’re really fzckin’ dumb. There is your alleged brain trust. It is not illegal to be an idiot, unless you steal half a bank. They have done that with the National Trust, claiming, “Oh, I guess we ARE that fzckin’ dumb!” Where is the toilet flushing emoticon on this thing? lulz

So we watch them circle the drain. I think I’ll make some popcorn. Richard Overton 109 2015-07-25 14:03:44Meanwhile, on those car shows on TV, they get a wreck, and strip off all the years of body work and paint jobs layered on there. They call it “soda a car,” stripping all the years of guck off right down to the bare metal That is like what I am doing now, and it is working. Now I have to build back about 80 pounds of muscle I used to have before spiraling down over 7 years from a sick tick. The old stuff was about 20% pectin starch and bug worms though, so I would settle for 64 pounds. It is a nice feeling to think about it that way with all my atrophied muscles that are slowly coming back now as my heart gets back up to strength. I’d settle lookin’ a lil’ skinny like Richard Overton. Maybe I need cigars and whiskey… He’s 109 years old though, an’ tuffer than a marked down WalMart steak. He is tending the garden there it looks like… Other plants have similar chemical compostions, but not all, like Wild Apple Leaves. They do make you get back to Born Again status though with a little… or a LOT of … biofilm stripping.


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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